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This legendary 1947 letter on the lack of creativity in advertising is even more true in 2016

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A major issue around advertising and marketing nowadays is that there is a drive to “learn and perfect” it. Apparently this has been an issue going all the way back to the start of the advertising age, two years after World War 2 in 1947. There are a lot of great technicians in advertising. They are the scientists of advertising. They know all the rules.

Shifting Budgets from Advertising to Innovation

Innovation Excellence

Innovation Advertising annual planning Budgeting Strategic PlanningOK, I don’t have a self-driving car and already I’m sick of hearing about them and their potential. Just like I don’t have a virtual reality headset made out of cardboard and an iPhone, but I’m tired of hearing about virtual reality.

Shifting budgets from advertising to innovation

OVO Innovation

There's an adage that marketing and advertising the price you pay for being unremarkable. I'd say aggressive advertising is the cost you bear for promoting a technology, rather than addressing a problem or need. What if only a fraction of the money spend on advertising these technologies was spent on need identification and good innovation practice? OK, I don't have a self-driving car and already I'm sick of hearing about them and their potential. We can ask ourselves a few questions about VR and self-driving cars, as examples of overhyped technologies.

Super Bowl 50 Advertising Winners and Losers


Maybe for the first time in many years, I was more excited about the football than the advertising. There were questions about why the advertisers seem not to understand the value of integrating social media and digital with their $5 million thirty-second advertisements. Related posts YouTube Is Ruining Super Bowl Advertising! We had a Panther fan in the house. Good job.

6 Keys to Making Collaborative Innovation Successful

Speaker: Soren Kaplan, Founder of InnovationPoint

And, at first, they resisted including advertise- ments next to the search results. BOOK GROUP PRESS GREENLEAF The H o w t o C r e a t e a C U l t U r e o f i N N o v a t i o N S o r e n K a p l a n , p h D An Excerpt from. Th e advice and strategies contained herein may not be suitable for your situation, You Should. special, incidental, consequential, or other damages.

Ditkoff: Storytelling @work

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Continue reading → Feature Of The Week Advertising change Communication community corporate training Information Sharing linguistics marketering messaging Neuroscience Psychology sociology storytelling Teaching theologyMitch Ditkoff's new book teaches us why storytelling improves efficacy for whatever it is that we are trying to communicate. Here are some reasons why.

Marketing Innovation: Chicken and the Absurd Alternative Tool

Innovation in Practice

Here's a great example fromTyson Chicken that is so simple and effective: To use the Absurd Alternative Tool, first identify the key benefit you want to promote in the advertisement. If your product or brand is already well-understood in the marketplace, you should select a secondary benefit to emphasize instead to get more value for your advertising budget. Activation. Metaphor.

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Learn to Gain a New Perspective

Innovation in Practice

Advertising Marketing Innovation Strategy TrainingDuring my career, a lot of my senior marketing colleagues would come to me and complain about some of their newest staff members. They were frustrated because these new marketers just couldn’t seem to get the right perspective of the market and translate that back to their day-to-day actions. I’ve put a name to this skill. Here’s an example.

Great Commercial: Using Cliches to Your Advantage

Michael Roberto

The advertisement features a fake brand (Once), and it ridicules those who drink bottled water from disposable plastic bottles. Beer writes, If you watch enough advertising aimed at anyone aged 14 to 30, certain patterns of tone, image, and style emerge. The advertisement is fascinating precisely because it highlights another side to these cliches about how millennials should live their lives. Moreover, as the advertising agency managing director, James Townsend noted, "It's more effective to make something look uncool than it is to say it's bad for you.".

Innovation Sighting: The Subtraction Technique in Amazon Go

Innovation in Practice

Advertising Culture of Innovation Subtraction Technologyby Darla Wilkinson. Amazon: it’s practically a household name in today’s world of online shopping. And their innovation efforts don’t stop short of brick-and-mortar retail. This week the online giant unveiled via video their newest creation called Amazon Go. Using what is called Just Walk Out Technology, Amazon has removed checkout lines and registers from the shopping experience. Utilizing the Amazon App, buyers walking into the beta store in Seattle simply check into the app, select the items they want off the shelf, and walk out.

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How to Hack Value Creation

Innovation Excellence

Continue reading → Creativity Digital Innovation marketing Complex Problem Solving creative advertising Creative Problem-solving Value CreationEvery day, more and more companies are faced with a classic dilemma, how do you thrive in a declining market?

Behavioral Science & Effective Super Bowl Commercials

Michael Roberto

advertisements advertising behavioral science commercials Super BowlGreat Super Bowl commercials engage us with wonderful stories and some humor as well. Is there more to it than that though? Could we use cognitive science to understand why some ads have a bigger impact than others? Ad Age magazine sat down with Carey Morewedge , associate professor of marketing at Boston University.

IBM Has Created A Revolutionary New Model For Computing—The Human Brain

Digital Tonto

Related posts: Advertising on the. [[ This is a content summary only. Rather than hyper-rational calculating machines, computers will think more like we do and help us to collaborate more effectively—with each other and machines. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]. All Posts Technology IBM Innovation Moore's law Neuroscience

Creativity Redefined for Innovation

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The words “creative” and “creativity” have been hi-jacked by the world of advertising. The word means something specific to those familiar with Mad Men or Thirty-something advertising stereotypes. Continue reading → Creativity Innovation michael graber Southern Growth Studio

Keep Brand Chaos From Eroding Your Innovation Platform

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For example, a competitor might begin an advertising campaign telling consumers that the benefits of your brand just aren’t that important. This affects everything from how the logo can be used, the look of a website, how social media is used, advertising, product design, and so on. Creating an innovative brand is a great way to build loyalty with your customers. How does it happen?

You Can’t Win With Average

Tim Kastelle

…if Hummer were to come out with an advertising campaign boasting a family-friendly ride, it would hurt its claim to being the toughest motherf*cker on the road. If Ferrari were to come out with an advertising campaign that underscored its commitment to child safety, it would hurt its claim to being the baddest sports car on the market. We must be different. We must be lopsided.

This air cooling system for the slums uses plastic bottles and requires no electricity

Idea to Value

In Bangladesh, 70% of the population live without regular electricity, often in tin-sided huts which can reach 45°C inside. This simple solution is made from recycled materials and can cool a room by 5 degrees, making life much more bearable. You can experience this yourself too. But if you purse your lips together and blow in a smaller stream, the air feels cooler. Inspiration

Your New Idea Is Not Where You Think It Is

Innovation Excellence

The researchers advertised a wholesome summer camp experience. In the 1950s, in rural Oklahoma, at a place called Robbers Cave, several researchers performed an experiment we would find unethical today. They invited twenty-two eleven-year-old boys to participate in a three week camp. The experience they delivered was very different. What the researchers actually did was.

Segmentation is Killing Your Brand: Five Reasons To Find Your Unicorn Customer

Innovation in Practice

Advertising Culture of Innovation Marketing Innovation Practitioner Strategyby Deb Gabor. A store is a place you go to buy stuff, usually out of convenience or habit. In contrast, brands inspire irrational loyalty and yes, even love. How does a company build itself into a brand that people can fall deeply, madly in love with? The old model says segmentation is the key to business success.

This video shows how bacteria evolve resistance to antibiotics

Idea to Value

Senior study investigator Roy Kishony, of HMS and Technion, had seen a digital billboard advertising the 2011 film “Contagion,” a grim narrative about a deadly viral pandemic. One of the most pressing concerns in medical innovation is how to address the problem of bacteria becoming resistant to antibiotics. And apparently, the experiment was inspired by Hollywood. The Atacama desert.

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Interview Jeffrey Baumgartner: How to get one amazing idea

Idea to Value

Brainstorming’ was developed as a concept in the 1930s by Alex Osborn, one of the founders of advertising agency BBDO, to get as many ideas as possible from a group. Jeffrey Baumgartner is not the sort of guy who settles for the status quo. He has spent the last few decades helping companies come up with new ideas. Combine and improve ideas: This is fine as well. Send me my A.C.T.

PBTO40: Transforming Observation into Innovation with Andrea Simon

Rmukesh Gupta

She has won numerous Addy and Aster awards for her marketing and advertising campaigns. She has won numerous Addy and Aster awards for her marketing and advertising campaigns. Who is on the Show: In this episode, we are hosting Dr. Andrea Simon. She is a well-published author with articles in Forbes , Business Week and numerous publications and online blogs.

Outcome-Driven Innovation: Know what customers want before developing the product

Innovation Excellence

An old marketing adage is that half of a company’s advertising is effective, we just don’t know which half. A similar conundrum faces innovators and product developers, with the best companies finding success with about half of the products they create (and the odds are much worse for average companies).

Lessons Learned About Innovation Communications from the City of Calgary


This included nine different channels which included in-person events, meetings, blog posts, newsletters, social media, print media, video, website advertising, on top of the tried and true email. If you’ve been following IdeaScale’s Innovation Management Awards , you know that this year saw some really thrilling innovation come from some unexpected places.

Microsoft buys LinkedIn – Smart move or Dumb move?

Destination Innovation

It was an attempt to take on Google in online advertising and it failed. Yahoo’s online advertising business is worth very little today. Microsoft’s core PC business of office applications and Windows operating systems is in decline so it needs new sources of revenue. It is splashing out $26B to buy social media business LinkedIn. The omens are not good.

Three principles to help you generate better ideas

OVO Innovation

His quote about advertising is especially apropos. "In In advertising an idea results from a new combination of specific knowledge about products and people with general knowledge about life and events." Note that Young's advertising concept - combining specific knowledge with broad general knowledge - is what we now describe as "T-Shaped". It's interesting to me how little we appreciate the depth of knowledge and discipline that has been developed over the years where innovation is concerned. Recently a client asked me where we (OVO) based our methodologies.

Is A.I. The New Buzzword?


Buzzwords are a necessary evil in technology, advertising and management. Still, for most startups, the attention generated by this AI-hype is far too seductive to refrain from using this buzzword to advertise their product or service. Kevin Kelly is quoted as saying that “The business plans of the next 10,000 startups are easy to forecast: take X and add AI”. Buzzword bingo.

4 Simple Questions That Can Re-vitalise Growth for Your Cash Cow

Rmukesh Gupta

The general response, in this scenarios is for the leaders to do one of the following: Spend more money in advertising the cash cow, assuming that by spending more money (in the form of advertisement or offers), they will be able to continue the growth in the cash cow for some more time. It is also inevitable that at some point in time the growth in the cash cow would slow down.

You Are What You Pay Attention To


We’re always being stalked by advertisers and product peddlers, always being sold something by someone, whether we know it or not. Illustration by Christian Laborin. Fake news is killing people’s minds! This is what Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, said and he wants to do something about. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that fake news isn’t new. – Tim James.

Innovation – Simple and Effective

Rmukesh Gupta

I was driving home from office yesterday when I caught a glimpse of this advertisement on a small restaurant (Lemon Rice) on St. Johns Road in Bangalore. I was so happy to see this. This is a great example of innovation in action. Click To Tweet. This also tells us that any one who wants to can innovate. This also tells me that small entrepreneurs who hustle can be extremely innovative.

Successful Product Development Campaigns Highlight the Power of Crowdsourcing


Super Bowl advertising is ridiculously expensive, and just buying a spot isn’t enough. Smart crowdsourcing yields successful product development. Product design teams can often feel they lack the most important voice in the process: The consumer. Fortunately, crowdsourcing tools allow the innovation process to involve consumers every step of the way. Doritos. Need a better product?

Embrace Weird To Find The Next Revolution


Look at what's new in games, advertising and porn. Established companies don’t like misfits, renegades, weird people. It’s a fact. I always ask leaders of established businesses if they keep their eyes open for a Steve Jobs to hire; their answer is no. I’m not surprised. So, bringing in misfits is out of the question because it means chaos. A New Perspective.

Can you innovate with the under-utilized assets in your business?

Destination Innovation

Their strap line ‘A diamond is forever’ is considered by marketing experts to be the greatest advertising slogan of the 20th century. Sometimes the by-product, the surplus or the unwanted extra can become the unexpected success. All it takes is a little imagination. Brandy was originally a by-product used to help transport wine. Water was then added later.

Hack: How I got free LinkedIn ads with fake account

Board of Innovation

LinkedIn knows this and monetizes this with Sales Navigator, paid advertisements, etc. At the moment, LinkedIn is the best platform for B2B sales. By far. After spending hundreds on our first campaigns, I started to experiment. Eventually, I found a way to get free LinkedIn ads and tons of personal exposure on top. The hack I used, is suitable for both sales. Read More. The post Hack: How I got free LinkedIn ads with fake account appeared first on Board of Innovation.

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Debunking Disruptive Innovation – Why Disruptive Innovation is Not a Strategy


And, at first, they resisted including advertisements next to the search results. Disruptive innovation has become business’ biggest paradigm. Harvard’s Clayton Christensen coined the term and the New Yorker’s Jill Lapore recently tore it down. No single strategy or theory (even the theory of disruptive innovation itself) has captured how it really works or how to do it.

Monetizing Personalized Transportation Experiences by Exploiting Big Data

Corporate Innovation

Automakers are big advertisers. But as autonomous vehicles start to share the road with traditional cars, and as car access becomes as important an element of personal mobility as car ownership has been to date, the characteristics each automaker advertises to entice car buyers into dealer showrooms such as design, engine horsepower, fuel economy, safety, reliability, cabin size and luxury, infotainment, will need to be rethought. The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is starting later this week and will be followed by the Detroit Auto Show (DAS).

The Tale of Amar, Akbar, Anthony and What They All Need to Succeed

Rmukesh Gupta

One way to learn how to write copy, which is a bit crude, but works wonderfully, is to copy by hand, copies or emails or news paper advertisements that have worked really well. You can check our some great examples of good email copy here and some advertisement copies below. Three Friends. Meet three friends – Amar, Akbar & Anthony. Amar is an entrepreneur. Conclusion.

Strengthening the Organization and Accelerating Value – a fresh look at Capability Building


Despite the fact that these companies make money in different ways — Apple makes most of its money on hardware, Microsoft on software, and Facebook and Google from advertising — they do share a lot of similarities. Embedding an effective innovation program in your company requires a fresh look at capabilities. Changes in companies. The Impact of Digital Transformation on People.

How this guy makes a living by stealing other people’s ideas

Idea to Value

These manufacturers would advertise their no-name product on Alibaba, the huge online wholesale storefront. “Nick, I have a great idea for an innovation, but I am scared someone is going to steal it!” ” I hear this from fear from entrepreneurs all the time. And it’s a tough problem to solve. The original. In almost every sense, it was a blockbuster success. The copy.

Great Quotes on Customer Service

Idea Champions

No amount of advertising can repair the damage done by failing to properly address a customer's concern." - Albert Schindler. The following quotes are dedicated to the good people of Nations Roof , a forward-thinking client of ours who continues to impress us with their commitment to providing extraordinary customer service. Make a customer, not a sale." - Katherine Barchetti.