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Amazing PLM Governance

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Now we need effective governance models in place to help. Governance Innovation Product Innovation Strategy Business Results Governance Models Governance Team Medical Device PLM PLM product innovation Product Lifecycle Management

The Lean Startup Is Now Helping To Transform Government Funded Science Into Real Businesses

Digital Tonto

The Lean Startup isn't not just a series of techniques and tricks, but a fundamentally different way of thinking that can help anyone launch a new product or venture. Related posts: How Lean Startup. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]].


New Report Examines Trends in Government Innovation

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Government is perhaps not renowned for being particularly innovative, but a recent report from the OECD sets out to showcase some innovative government policies from around the world in recent years.

Learn How to Build a Data Governance Dream Team

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Continue reading → Governance Technology UncategorizedIn today’s digital economy, innovation is fueled by the insights company leaders have concerning their own organizations. To effectively run a business, you need good information and data.

6 Keys to Making Collaborative Innovation Successful

Speaker: Soren Kaplan, Founder of InnovationPoint

Even the governments of. BOOK GROUP PRESS GREENLEAF The H o w t o C r e a t e a C U l t U r e o f i N N o v a t i o N S o r e n K a p l a n , p h D An Excerpt from. Th e advice and strategies contained herein may not be suitable for your situation, You Should.

What Should We Do When The Government Makes And Industry Takes?

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Virtually every technological wonder and miracle cure that we enjoy today has its roots in some government program Related posts: We Need To Innovate The Science Business Model. 4 Government. [[ This is a content summary only.

Strategies for Maximizing Government Employees for City Crowdsourcing


City governments all have the same goal: to improve their communities for their citizens in a smarter and more creative way. An issue that local government leaders run into is in creating both cost-effective and efficient solutions to issues that citizens think are important.

The Debate Between The US Government And The Tech Industry About Encryption, Explained

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Weakening encryption would offer little to no benefit at possibly enormous cost. In fact, it may make us even more vulnerable. Related posts: Can Encryption Keep Our Information Safe? What Should. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]].

Four Simple Layers to Frame Government Innovation for the Next Presidential Administration and Beyond

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Today, the concept of government innovation has rapidly moved to the top of the public policy dialogue with the increasing recognition that, like private industry, government should push itself to innovate and transform how it delivers services to its citizens.

The State of Crowdsourced Innovation in 2016: Multi-Industry Benchmark Study.

organizations with the newest innovation programs are in the energy, government, and. Organizations in the fields of energy, construction, pharmaceuticals, and government reported meeting at most only once every six. A Multi-Industry Benchmark Study 2016 STATE OF. CROWDSOURCED.

The Debate Between the US Government and the Tech Industry About Encryption, Explained

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Government Technology Donald Trump encryption Hillary Clinton politics Presidential Politics SecurityIn an unusually contentious political season, there seems to be one thing that unites leaders from both parties: the need to thwart terrorists using encrypted messages.

Innovation @ 50x in Companies and Government Agencies

Steve Blank

I’ve spent this year working with corporations and government agencies trying to adapt and adopt Lean Methodologies. In doing so I’ve learned a ton from lots of people.

A Model for Dual Corporate Innovation Management

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As rightly pointed out by Tim Kastelle recently, it’s imperative to distinguish discovery from execution when it comes to startup and innovation activities – bearing in mind that both purposes are complementary and equally important.

Innovation Metrics in Outcome-Based Culture

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Government Growth Innovation Strategy growth Innovation MetricsOne of the key objectives of the corporate innovation function is to build and manage the innovation funnel of ideas that will eventually become Horizon 2 & Horizon 3 products.

Finding the Advantage in Regulation

Daniel Burrus

One of the categories of Hard Trends—government regulations—might surprise you. No matter what any politician of any philosophical persuasion might argue, we’re going to have more government regulation in the future, not less. In speaking to audiences throughout the world, I often make the following statement: “There will be more government regulations in the future. Big Ideas Strategy Trends Government Government Regulations Hard Trends Regulations Soft Trends

A Brief History of Open Government


Open government is based upon the idea that governments function better when citizens play an active role in creating policy. Crucial to this type of engagement is the availability and accessibility of government data.

A Model for Dual Corporate Innovation Management

Tim Kastelle

Premise 3 : Exploitation- and exploration-oriented initiatives are separated in terms of organizational anchoring, governance and funding. Innovation governance is carried out by divisional executive management as overall responsible and a dedicated innovation board as supporting structure.

The Government and the IoT: New problems require new solutions

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The government, usually the last to adopt any type of technological innovation, is now finding use for the IoT as well (although some might argue that the large-scale network required by the IoT makes it. Government Innovation Internet of Things

Why Bitcoin Scares the Crap Out of Governments and Banks

Simon Taylor

Depending on who you speak to, Bitcoin is either the most perfect example of a speculative bubble or it’s an attempt by software to eat the banking industry. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, everyone is talking about it.

Turnbull’s Innovation Policy: What’s in it for big business?

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[link] Continue reading → Government Headlines Innovation News Uncategorized

How NASA is Crowdsourcing its Innovation Strategy


It’s no secret government agencies can have trouble getting the best and brightest, and these competitions offer a look at some of the best talent out there. Case Study crowdsourcing government ideas Mars NASAIt takes millions of minds to get one man in space.

Reuters Ranks World’s Most Innovative Research Institutions

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The Reuters Top 25 Global Innovators ranks the leading government research institutions according to their ability to produce the best science and technology advances. Europe Government Innovation North America Research Science "eye for innovation" research technology

The Case for Dual Innovation

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The first time I was advocating the idea of a dual innovation approach, here also referred to as organizational ambidexterity, is now more than 5 years ago.

Swimming along a road in a flood of digital transformation

Paul Hobcraft

The blurring of our lives, of the breaking down of the different old industry demarcations, the blending of government, corporate and social engagements is giving increasing voice to each of us as individuals, all happening due to this exponential set of connections.

We Need To Accelerate Innovation

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Here’s how… Look at any marvel of our technological age, whether it be an iPhone, a self driving car or a miracle cure and you’ll find three things: An academic theory, a government program and an entrepreneurial instinct.

The Age of Innovation

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Continue reading → Feature Of The Week Governments history Internet of Things IoT Kevin Coleman technologyWhile as impactful as the Industrial Revolution and the Internet Age were, they will pale in comparison to what lays just over the horizon.

What makes a country innovative?

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Government Innovation News Open Innovation Research The Economy education environment Finance legal policyEach year INSEAD team up with the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) and Cornell University to produce an innovation league table for the countries of the world.

How Companies Innovate Themselves Straight Into Oblivion!

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Disruption Governance Growth Innovation Management Strategy failure Innovation Management Leadership obsolesenceThere are a lot of businesses in the world – some estimate 500 million or more. They all provide some manner of product or service that makes our world work the way it does today.

Rapid Pace Change in Organizational Landscape

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Continue reading → Feature Of The Week Building Capability Business Models Creativity Government Management Oganizational Change Strategy technology

Report Looks at What Makes a Good Innovation Ecosystem

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Innovation Mandates from the Trump Administration

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Transitions between presidential administrations, whether within party or across parties, bring significant disruption to the Federal government, but can also create opportunities. When considering how the transition may influence the government.

Welcome to the Mid Zone of Innovation

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Continue reading → Business Models Change Disruption Feature Of The Week Governance Growth Innovation Innovation Perspectives Leadership & Infrastructure Management People & Skills Product Innovation Strategy marketing Back End of Innovation front end Front End of Innovation Start-up

Why Board Leadership Fails

Faisal Hoque

Blogs homepage-recent Leadership & Management BOARD BOD Business Compliance Governance Performance TransformationWhere is the leadership? Is it tainted or toppled by hubris, narcissism, megalomania or some other tragic human frailty?

A Shining Light of Innovation in the Syrian Civil War

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Innovation Civil War Government SyriaInnovation practitioners sometimes complain about the interruptions of daily life that make our jobs of developing creative new ideas challenging.

Advice for Startup Advisors

Richard Hughes-Jones

Advisory Skills Coaching Consulting Entrepreneurship Governance & Boards StartupsCB Insights ran an amusing Tweetstorm yesterday, poking fun at their favorite startup advice cliches. The discipline of advice-giving is a contentious one in the startup ecosystem.

New Language for a New Year [Book Review]

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Continue reading → Book Review Culture & Values Government People & Skills Uncategorized education book review Humor Parody political Political Satire Presidential Debate Presidential ElectionPrepare to laugh. Get ready to chuckle.

Can We Teach Algorithms Right From Wrong?

Digital Tonto

We need to treat the standards by which artificial intelligences will operate just as seriously as those that govern our legal systems and how we educate our children.

Now, Anyone Who Wants Can Access The World’s Most Advanced Technology

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Related posts: How Technology Can Save Government. [[ This is a content summary only. Tech giants like Microsoft, Amazon, IBM and Google are making some of their most advanced resources available to anyone who wants to use them.

How Innovative Companies Get their Best Ideas from Academic Research

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To account for its success, Build Capability education Government People & Skills Research Science Technology Uncategorized academia Academic Research Competitive Advantage ideasSince World War II, the United States has been an innovation superpower.

7 Days Sans Voiture for Innovation

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Innovation Better Government Diversity Government public transportationOne of the activities I undertake to force my brain to step outside of any regular patterns is to listen to an internet stream of an all-news French radio station, known as FranceInfo.