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Research Policy added to FT journal list

Open Innovation

Based on a vote this month by the deans of 140 business schools, nine journals were added to the FT list Human Relations Journal of Management Journal of Management Information Systems Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science Manufacturing and Service Operations Management Research Policy Review of Economic Studies Review of Finance Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal and four were dropped Academy of Management Perspecties California Management Review Journal of the American Statistical Association RAND Journal of Economics The complete list of journals is listed below.

Killer of change? ‘Idiot policy’


I wasn’t surprised when I discovered that the word Policy is derived from the French word Police. It’s true existing policy reflects a great deal of organizational learning, but the reality is that stagnant policy has unintended consequences. I read of a bank that elicited feedback across the organization in an attempt to identify ‘idiot policy.’ As I read the story I thought of how often well intended strategies, with a desire to move to the future, often neglect the need to revise policy that would promote the flow of intended change. The good times!

Living in a globally connected world of Innovation

Paul Hobcraft

For policy makers around the global all working to design the most optimum innovation conditions they might not be considering enough the true effects their individual policy decision means, it might actually be undermining the very thing they are attempting to achieve. Singapore, Korea, and Finland rank highest on how much their policies contribute to global innovation.

Turnbull’s Innovation Policy: What’s in it for big business?

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The Buyer's Guide to Innovation Management Software

and it should meet the most stringent security standards (including data centers that are US 508/ WCAG Accessible, SSAE 16 SOC1, SOC2-certified, ISO 27001 Certified, and PCI-DSS Certified, security policies that are modeled on ISO 27002 and Information Security Guidelines, and. indication of strength and scope of security policies and procedures in place and over time.)e It should.

What makes a country innovative?

Innovation Excellence

Government Innovation News Open Innovation Research The Economy education environment Finance legal policyEach year INSEAD team up with the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) and Cornell University to produce an innovation league table for the countries of the world. It’s designed to rank the infrastructure and support environment for innovation around the world.

Today Every Company must be a Service Provider and a Software Company

Innovation Excellence

Continue reading → People & Skills Policy The Economy babolat Dassault internet IoT John Deere kettle PARC software tesla thingsCompanies will need to think innovatively about customer needs. CEOs must ask ‘In the IOT what is our new value proposition?’ Firms will have to hire software engineers to design and deliver service solutions based on usage data.

Raise The Minimum Wage: It’s Innovation Policy

It's Saul Connected

may be our best innovation policy. You wouldn’t know it from either our current innovation policy or the partisan catfight, cable news talking heads, and tired political arguments about minimum wage. Raising the minimum wage should be cast as an innovation policy. I give government, both federal and state, poor grades in the innovation policy department.

Auto and Energy Innovation Hearken 3rd Industrial Revolution?

Innovation Excellence

Consumer Innovation Disruption education Government Innovation Jobs News Clean Energy Energy Policy Industrial Revolution self-driving carsThe tie between autos, the future of energy, and perhaps even the fate of the world are more intense that one may realize.

What’s New in Crowdsourcing?


News climate change crowdsourcing finance gaming industry healthcare mobile open data open government public policy retail industry science sustainabilityThis month we’ve seen how the crowd continues to contribute in the political arena and in further developing clean and safe cities.

Blank’s Rule – To predict the future 1/3 of you need to be crazy

Steve Blank

Filed under: Corporate Innovation , Science and Industrial Policy. Corporate Innovation Science and Industrial PolicyIn a rapidly changing world those who copy the past have doomed their future. When companies or agencies search for disruptive and innovative strategies they often assemble a panel of experts to advise them. You can’t create a blueprint for the future. ——-.

Innovation Outposts in Silicon Valley – Going to Where the Action Is

Steve Blank

Filed under: Corporate Innovation , Science and Industrial Policy. Corporate Innovation Science and Industrial PolicyThis is the second in a series about the changing models of corporate innovation co-authored with Evangelos Simoudis. Evangelos and I are working on what we hope will become a book about the new model for corporate entrepreneurship. are examples. Sense and Respond.

3 Ways Your Corporation Is Discouraging Entrepreneurs From Partnering With You


Many well-meaning corporations desiring to partner with startups unintentionally drive startups away because their policies and practices run counter to the world of entrepreneurship. Here are three quick fixes to help ensure relationships are mutually beneficial and startups will be lining up to collaborate with your company. Working With Startups Startups Trends

Innovation Outposts and The Evolution of Corporate R&D

Steve Blank

Filed under: Corporate Innovation , Science and Industrial Policy. Corporate Innovation Science and Industrial PolicyI first met Evangelos Simoudis when he ran IBM’s Business Intelligence Solutions Division and then as CEO of his first startup Customer Analytics. Evangelos has spent the last 15 years as a Venture Capitalist, first at Apax Partners and later at Trident Capital.

Creative destruction: innovation for sustainability transition

Norbert Bol

In the february 2016 edition of Research Policy, Kivimaa & Kern (2016) propose that sustainability transitions can best be achieved if governments stimulate sustainabilty through innovation and at the same time withdraw the support for old behaviour when it has a negative climate impact. This so called policy mix of stimulating the ‘creation’ of the new and for ‘destroying’ of the old, is built on the concept op creative destruction as proposed by Joseph Schumpeter. Innovation policy mixes for sustainability transitions. Norbert Bol. Literature.

Culture Knocks Out Strategy

Innovation Excellence

Management at all of these companies have a common reflex: Scream louder about goals and policies as the gap between culture and strategy widens. Many companies have a huge gap between their culture and strategy — a problem that only gets bigger in larger companies, especially when they are in transition.

PBTO50: Understanding Why We do, What We do with Dilip Soman

Rmukesh Gupta

His researches behavioural economics and its applications to consumer wellbeing, marketing and policy. He takes the concepts of behavioural economics that were introduced by Dr. Richard Thaler and shows how they can be implemented in a personal, organisational and national policy making to improve our chances of making good decision. Cookie jar with a timer. Theory of decision points.

New Report Examines Trends in Government Innovation

Innovation Excellence

Government is perhaps not renowned for being particularly innovative, but a recent report from the OECD sets out to showcase some innovative government policies from around the world in recent years. Build Capability Data Feature Of The Week Innovation Open Innovation Research Government Open Data open government

How China’s Shenzhen became the world capital of hardware innovation

Idea to Value

Ever since the 1990’s, China has produced its own set of large internet and technology companies, often as a result of two major driving forces: The government’s policy of censoring the internet through the “Great Firewall of China” meant that established and upstart Western companies found it difficult to access the Chinese market, leaving it open for local startups. When people talk about innovative cities, most people think of Silicon Valley near San Francisco, Berlin, London or Singapore. But hardly anyone usually thinks of anywhere in China.

Cybersecurity Is Everybody’s Business

Daniel Burrus

Have firm policies in place—and make certain they’re followed. A sensible and effective security policy is only as good as the people charged with following it. Research by best practice insight and technology company CEB found that 90 percent of employees often don’t practice cybersecurity policies that are meant to prevent data breaches and other security threats. SHARE.

Best Practices for Asking for Employee Ideas


A simple suggestion box, an open door policy, brainstorming meetings, and even just making it clear that if they need to talk to you, you’ll find the time to make it happen will give your employees the chance to shine. Creativity should be rewarded, but you need to ask for it. Can an employee ever offer you the unvarnished truth? Set the Tone. It really starts with leadership.

Democracy in Action – Crowdsourcing at the RSA


Today’s a big day for our customer, the RSA (Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce), as they start off a journey towards a more innovative, inclusive and democratic policy-making model. Help shape a more participatory model for policy-making which is open, collaborative and innovative. Reema Patel, the RSA. We at Wazoku are proud to be a part of this.

5 Guiding Principles for Your Next Innovation Challenge


Defining the privacy policy, terms of use, and intellectual property ramifications will go a long way to fostering confident participation. Holding an open innovation challenge is an excellent way to ensure a continuous flow of fresh ideas to your organization. When launching your next challenge, consider these five guiding principles. Cast a Wide Net to Find Unexpected Innovators.

Why Women are the Future (and Past) of Business Innovation


CEO, abolished the company’s work from home policy. Mainstream business culture penalizes women for being women. But “feminine” skill sets are the not-so-secret ingredients for what it takes to innovate in today’s digital world. . 2015 has so far been monumental for women. Hilary announced her run for office, and six women took home the Pulitzer Prize (compared to one female winner in 2014).

Chaos Learning: The Key To Mastering Uncertainty


Yet, there are still consultants who are paid to simplify the world into a 2×2 matrix, identify “best practices”, write detailed policies and procedures that limit behavior choice, and hope that the current version of market reality lasts long enough for these changes to be effective. What’s not a given is we don’t know how everything will play out. Strategy must change.

Creative Thinking and a Day of Creative Self-Talk


I was talking with someone about whether I am all policies or all no policies. As I started to jot down ideas from the day, it read like a bunch of creative thinking policies and non-policies. The answer was both, which is probably true. Some of the creative self-talk is not particularly beneficial. A lot of it is. Day of Creative Self-Talk. Take a picture. Mike Brown.

Why Does the Government Need Innovation Now?


Innovation seems to be the buzzword these days when it comes to technology, business, policy, and everything in between. However, federal agencies often face a number of challenges other than limited budgets; lack of employee engagement, low levels of employee motivation, traditional policies, and an absence of new ideas all impede an agency’s ability to advance. IdeaScale

We’ve Hit Peak Innovation (Hype)

Tim Kastelle

In Australia, we’ve also had a frenzy of interest in innovation as a result of the new Innovation Policy that was released by the national government at the start of December. It’s clear that today, Sunday January 3rd, 2016 is the day that we’ve hit Peak Innovation. As a result of this, we’ve also started seeing a major backlash against innovation. Get better ideas.

Innovation Mandates from the Trump Administration

Innovation Excellence

New administrations bring changing policies, priorities, and leadership, and it is critical for government organizations to develop transition stories that fit within the new paradigm. Transitions between presidential administrations, whether within party or across parties, bring significant disruption to the Federal government, but can also create opportunities.

The Innovative Mentor


Adjust policies, procedures, and organization practices to facilitate new idea implementation. Mentors see themselves as people developers. They take a long-term view of their staff and see innovation projects as an opportunity to stretch their employees’ capabilities and to help them achieve their aspirations. The M entor Role in I nnovation . Gaining customer insights. Decca Recording Co.

Designing an Innovation Management Event – Part 1: Laying the Groundwork to Engage Your Community


Summer is not only an ideal time to catch up on some reading (maybe you remember Tim’s list from March), but also a perfect time to catch up on some skills. Collaborative innovation skills to be precise. Because, as I hope you realise by now, the terms “innovation” and “collaboration” are not mutually exclusive. Innovation Culture Collaboration Innovation Strategy

Has your Innovation Program Jumped the Shark?

Innovation Excellence

Innovation programs and systems are launched with a lot of fanfare but the sizzle will fizzle unless you properly nurture your innovation program and the underlying policies, processes and systems you use to help deliver better innovation results. How can you avoid this from happening? “Jumping the shark” is attempting to draw attention to.

Crowdsourcing ideas: sexy ideas get implemented

Norbert Bol

In the July 2016 issue of Research Policy there is an interesting article (Schemmann et al., Research Policy , 45 (6), 1145-1154. Through history, the engine of human progress and prosperity has been, and is, the mating of ideas. Matt Ridley – When Ideas Have Sex. Idea crowdsourcing is the act when a company outsources the generation of new ideas (e.g. Norbert Bol. Literature.

Innovation at work

Norbert Bol

In the February 2016 edition of Research Policy, there is an interesting article by Lee & Walsh who studied non-R&D innovation. Research Policy , 45 (1), 345-359. Innovations are being created in formal Research & Development (R&D) departments, but can also originate outside R&D departments. The article shows that non-R&D innovation is of greater importance than previously thought as many other studies that are conducted on innovation are at firm level and do not differentiate between formal R&D innovations and non-R&D innovation. Norbert Bol.

Best Practice: Conduct crowd engagement and outreach with an eye toward diversity


Whereas, for some policy questions it would be more important to get ideas from people with different socioeconomic backgrounds rather than people with different hobbies. Research shows that diversity increases the intelligence of the crowd. Thus the “wisdom of the crowd” stems directly from the diversity in how we see the world. However, the converse is also true.

The future of sustainability

Norbert Bol

Thinking about the new year I am wondering what the future of sustainability looks like, since almost all countries in the world have agreed in Paris in December to become more sustainable, companies have a sustainability policy and socially responsible investing has become mainstream in the financial markets. Dear readers of strategy blogs, New Year brings a beautiful opportunity to thank you for reading and interacting with me on business strategy, innovation and sustainability. May the New Year open up new ways and new roads to success for you, fulfilling all your aspirations! 2016).

Innovation and Organizational Culture

Tim Kastelle

Google’s policy of encouraging employees to spend 20 percent of their time working on their own ideas is another. Recently, the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) has published key findings of their latest “ Most Innovative Companies 2014 ” survey. According to BCG’s research, successfully innovating companies approach innovation as a system. Adaptability and innovation culture.

Decisive to be innovative

Norbert Bol

In the March 2016 edition of Environmental Science & Policy there is an article by Gorddard et al. Environmental Science & Policy , 57 , 60-69. Last week in Strategy Blogs we discussed the topic of innovation speed and how this positively relates to organizational performance. In addition to the characteristics mentioned last week that increase innovation speed, it is important to mention decisiveness as a characteristic as well. Decisiveness can be described as the ability to decide with speed and clarity. Theory. This dynamic creates and limits the set of decisions.

Reputation is Everything. What’s Your Everything?

Daniel Burrus

Further, what sort of policies and procedures are in place to, in effect, help foster positive reputation-related material in advance? Organizations as diverse as Samsung and Wells Fargo can attest to the fact that reputation is everything. And with the explosive proliferation of social media, reputation is only going to become more important. As a prevalent saying goes, you’re only one Tweet or Facebook post away from a public relations nightmare. But Anticipatory Organizations have long recognized the critical importance of managing reputation proactively whenever possible. SHARE.

Agile 31

The Internet of Things Is Creating Smart Airports

Daniel Burrus

To that end, the airport proactively invested in its infrastructure to help ensure availability of the most current and comprehensive data security and policy measures. For countless travelers, the term “smart airport” is an oxymoron. For these individuals, massive crowds, endless delays and a rash of other headaches hardly add up to an intelligent environment. One exponential technology—a technology that is growing at an exponential rate—that’s helping to create smarter, more efficient airports is the Internet of Things (IoT). Getting Better, but With Ample Opportunity. SHARE.