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Resources and Scale Don’t Guarantee Innovation


common excuse in established organizations is that they are not Google: we can’t innovate because we don’t have the amount of resources and scale they have. Google’s scale and resources is the reason why they’re the most innovative company on the planet? Yes, Google is unique; but not just because of their resources and scale. We’re not Google.

Myth Busted: Does Creativity Need Resources?

Innovation Excellence

The importance of resources to company success was emphasized in the resource based view theory: “firms obtain sustained competitive advantages by implementing strategies that exploit their internal strengths, through responding to environmental opportunities, while neutralizing external threats and avoiding internal weaknesses” (Barney, “Firm resources and sustained competitive advantage”, 1991).

The role Human Resources can play in Innovation and its needed Design

Paul Hobcraft

The management of human resource (HRM) needs to be replaced with the management of human creativity and ingenuity, as this is the triggering point to innovation success and delivering longer-term sustaining success. Those in human resources should be good facilitators, the catalysts of leading change required to make innovation more centrally the core of our organisations.

How to Get Buy-in and Resources for Enterprise Innovation

Innovation Excellence

Through our conversations and observations of how intrapreneurs at different companies have gone about doing this, we’ve outlined a handful of strategies that you can try to secure buy-in, support and resources to foster enterprise innovation. Continue reading → Feature Of The Week Agile Project Management brand Case study Intrapreneurs metrics risk startups technology

Six Keys to Making Collaborative Innovation Successful – Webinar and Book

Speaker: Soren Kaplan, Founder of InnovationPoint

resource that’s short and sweet. Fewer overall resources are focused. InnovationPoint offers free resources including articles, white. more at: If you are looking for more information about how to bring. Th e advice and strategies contained herein may not be suitable for your situation, You Should. Readers should be aware that Internet.

My favourite 10 resources for fashion technology startups

Richard Hughes-Jones

The post My favourite 10 resources for fashion technology startups appeared first on Richard Hughes-Jones. I often spend short bursts of time with pre or early revenue stage startups who are still in the process of refining and validating their business model. Business Models Business Planning Creativity Entrepreneurship Innovation Lean Startup Startups

Taking the innovation journey? Remember to harness these resources


Remember to harness these resources appeared first on As we,ve seen, innovation demands resilience, and both top-down and bottom-up support. It may not always seem obvious, but you’ll also need a constituency inside the company to provide support throughout the different phases of the innovation process. Ongoing training. Read More.

Arrogance, Risk, and Resources (Or, How to Avoid Unpleasant Surprises)


There was recently a small article in The Economist highlighting the growth of Airbnb, the residential room-sharing service, that like Lyft and Uber, is disrupting a traditional industry.  The short piece explores how Airbnb is growing, and discusses how much of a threat this may become to hotel chains.  The signals to date are mixed, […]. Innovation Strategy and Innovation

Branded Content Marketing – 25 Resources to Boost Your Success


As a resource if this area is something you are struggling with in your organization, here are links to some of the topics on branded content marketing we’ll cover. This afternoon, I’m leading a  three-hour Brainzooming workshop on creating branded content marketing at the Social Media Strategy Summit in Chicago. and some that we won’t: Taking an Audience-First Perspective.

5 Common Innovation Roadblocks - And How to Get Around Them [INFOGRAPHIC]

How To Allocate Resources

Mike Shipulski

How a company allocates its resources defines its strategy.  But it’s tricky business to allocate resources in a way that makes the most of the existing products, services and business models yet accomplishes what’s needed to create the future. Use the business objectives to set the weighting. Here are some questions to improve clarity and define the constraints. Use one page.

Innovation Strategy – 16 Ways to Find New Resources to Innovate


Facing a major goal when seems you have is too few resources CAN BE an incredible inspiration for your organization’s innovation strategy. worked with a CMO who would revel in difficult situations where it seemed we had too few resources, negligible support, and slight chances of success. Too Few Resources Can Create Opportunities to Innovate? –  Mike Brown.

Talking 100% Entrepreneurship & 0% Bureaucracy with Heiko Fischer of Resourceful Humans


What do Europe’s most innovative video games company, a US Navy Submarine Captain and Hewlett-Packard have in common? The answer – autonomy, transparency, simplicity and entrepreneurship. Oh and Heiko Fischer! In this episode, sponsored by a-connect, Heiko and Mark discuss how the RH way came into being through Heiko’s time at Crytek, how the core principles behind the RH philosophy “100% entrepreneurship, 0% bureaucracy” work in practice, and how gamification in the workplace can help us solve the problem of unproductive meetings (among other things).

Measuring Change Readiness

Braden Kelley

Too often organizations define the change effort they want to pursue without first identifying whether there are people, resources, legislation, etc. Are you and your organization ready for change?

Standardizing Change

Braden Kelley

5 Common Innovation Roadblocks - And How to Get Around Them [INFOGRAPHIC]

Unlocking the One Trillion-Dollar Sustainable Innovation Opportunity


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Applying innovation thinking in different horizons

Paul Hobcraft

As you evaluate the degree of difficulty you start assigning different resources and recognising a ‘span’ of different times to bring these idea concepts to realisation. In the past few days, I have had some exchanges on twitter with Jairo H Venegas and Ralph-Christian Ohr on different thinking around the three horizon methodology. The link again is here: .

How To Connect People To Drive Innovation

Innovation Excellence

collaboration culture Innovation Leadership Management Psychology alignment bimodal change coach Creativity Crowdsourcing Entrepreneurship feedback hcm HR human_capital Human_Resources Innovation Management Innovation Mindset innovative thinking Mentor sf Strategy successfactors technology Transformation WorkforceWhat is Bimodal People Management?

What Stops Us Moving Innovation into our Core?

Innovation Excellence

Continue reading → Build Capability Culture & Values Management Uncategorized collaboration resources stakeholders Strategic AlignmentToday innovation seems to be falling short in delivering on its promise.

Innovation Starter Kit

Resources. 4EXPLORING  CROWDSOURCING  AND  RISK Identify Resources Those organizations that identify a. engaging the crowd and one of the most helpful resources when. are the ones who are most aware of the resources available, the. Identifying a resource to. How many resources will you dedicate to this stage? resources at their disposal to. Targets.

IoT Brings Innovation Opportunity to HR

Innovation Excellence

Continue reading → Feature Of The Week AR AugmentedReality BigData Big_Data cloud hcm HR Human_Resources Innovation InternetofThings IoT Learning Oculus VirtualReality vrHR has to enable the workforce to drive innovation. Don’t look at IoT, like it’s magic. It’s science that you can use to improve the way you work. And you will generate a competitive edge while doing it.

Applying innovation thinking in different horizons

Paul Hobcraft

As you evaluate the degree of difficulty you start assigning different resources and recognising a ‘span’ of different times to bring these idea concepts to realisation. In the past few days, I have had some exchanges on twitter with Jairo H Venegas and Ralph-Christian Ohr on different thinking around the three horizon methodology. The link again is here: .

Business Transformation Is All About Feedback

Innovation Excellence

We aim to optimize performance, hence the business term: Performance Management. Sounds simple, but of course it isn’t. Humans have a lust for control and have developed quite a few mental concepts to ‘control’ performance management; processes, ratings, manuals, competency frameworks, forms, collective labor agreements, etc.

Hiring the Right Chief Innovation Officer

Innovation Excellence

Continue reading → Innovation Leadership Leadership & Infrastructure People & Skills Chief Innovation Officer hiring HR Human Resources Innovation Director Innovation Manager jobs recruitingIt's innovate or die, and this new reality leaves all companies focused on Winning the War for Innovation. But many companies have done so in haste.

The Buyer's Guide to Innovation Management Software

level without requiring more team resourcing. a a Are stage gates and processes for different innovation projects limited by hard-coded templates? TEAM RESOURCES. organization save time and resources on. To ensure the process isn’t a time- consuming, resource-draining burden. THE BUYER’S GUIDE. TO INNOVATION. powerful strategies an organization can. Illustrating how.

Looking Inside the Broken Corporate Hiring Model

Innovation Excellence

Continue reading → Leadership Management hiring hiring talent HR Human Resources job search jobs TalentI was reading with interest some of Linkedin's recent #HowIHire series and in doing so it was interesting to see how many people are still operating under the old, broken hiring paradigm when it comes to the labor market. The best of the bunch that I read was.

How HR Can Drive Innovation for Customer Satisfaction

Innovation Excellence

What is the purpose of Human Resource Management? Continue reading → Creativity Innovation Leadership Management People & Skills Strategy collaboration customer focus customer understanding hcm HR Human Capital Human Resources peopleIs it to administrate brains, send them letters and pay them? Or is it to connect brains, drive innovation and delight customers?

The Importance of Engaged Employees to Growth

Innovation Excellence

Continue reading → Innovation Leadership Management People & Skills Employee Engagement growth Human Resources TalentThe numbers are grim: only 13% of the world’s 1.3 billion full-time employees are truly involved at work, according to Gallup’s State of the Global Workplace – Employee Engagement Insights for Business Leaders Worldwide. How many are fully engaged in your company?

What you really need to innovate is…

Innovation Excellence

Continue reading → Culture & Values Innovation Leadership Management People & Skills Psychology Strategy collaboration Communication community culture hcm HR hrm Human_Resources NLP Philosophy Rapport Relation SocialWhat is Rapport? Tha absence of rapport? The meaning of rapport for innovators.

Your Innovation Project Template

Resources. 4EXPLORING  CROWDSOURCING  AND  RISK Identify Resources Those organizations that identify a. engaging the crowd and one of the most helpful resources when. are the ones who are most aware of the resources available, the. Identifying a resource to. How many resources will you dedicate to this stage? resources at their disposal to. Targets.

Exploring the Rich Tapestry within the Three Horizon Framework

Paul Hobcraft

We need a far more robust, well thought-through way to apply our innovation resources to meet and anticipate these changing events. By looking at this through separate horizon lenses does equally assist you in allocating the appropriate but usually different resources that are needed to be applied, to each of the time horizons and challenges that are identified and lie within them.

An Effective Fix for Bored, Disengaged Employees

Michael Roberto

boredom employee engagement human resourcesChief Learning Officer magazine reported this week on a study by Udemy about boredom and disengagement in the workplace. The study found that 43% of respondents were bored at work. 80% believed learning new skills would enhance their boredom. Bored workers were twice as likely to leave the firm. Females and millennials were more likely than men and baby boomers to report that they were bored at work. Why these feelings on the part of so many workers? People get bored at work for several reasons. People value some variety in their work.

Visualizing a Change Standard

Innovation Excellence

Continue reading → Change Management ACMP ACMP Standard announcements Association of Change Management Professionals change management Change Planning Canvas Change Planning Toolkit downloads free news PMBOK resources toolkit toolsChange Management is but one of five keys to sustainable change success, but it is one of the most important.

Happiness as a Company Goal

Innovation Excellence

culture Leadership Management Psychology flow happiness hcm HR Human Capital Human Resources InnovationHappiness, the highest goal in life? Can you think of a higher goal in life than happiness? That’s hard right? Looking back in time, many philosophers from all eras have thought this through from different angles.

The State of Crowdsourced Innovation in 2016: Multi-Industry Benchmark Study.

employee, but the resource commitment can grow over time. A Multi-Industry Benchmark Study 2016 STATE OF. CROWDSOURCED. INNOVATION A Multi-Industry Benchmark Study 2016 STATE OF. CROWDSOURCED. PARTICIPANT PROFILE 16 22 30 36 8 4 40 6 INTRODUCTION 3 “Innovation.” Alongside other big buzz phrases — including “Big Data” and “the Internet of. next big thing. about it frequently. moving forward.

Don’t Give Learned Helplessness a Chance

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Continue reading → Leadership Psychology culture change collaboration Creativity HR hrm Human Resources learned_helplessness Learning Organizational LearningA paralyzing virus is lurking within many organizations, and it is solely responsible for countless failed transformations. It answers to the name “learned helplessness.”

Great Advice For Writing Cover Letters

Michael Roberto

cover letters human resources JobsYou are applying for that job you would really love to nab. You have created a strong resume. Now comes the cover letter. What should it say? How should you communicate your skills and experiences in a way that the reader will find compelling? At Fast Company this week, Sara McCord has written an unbelievably good article about the mistakes that people often make when drafting cover letters. She offers some great tips for how to strengthen your letter, grab a recruiter's attention, and make yourself stand out from the crowd. Don't just talk about skills.

Tips 26

Disrupting The Hiring Process AND HR – The Beautiful ART of HR!

Linda Bernardi

Disruption disrupting human resources hiring process hr disruption human resources human resources hiring interview processI wanted to share these thoughts with you. major HR disruption is way overdue and I found this to be a good article to start our discussion. 

How Traditional Planning Systems Failed Microsoft, and Its Board

Adam Hartung

So just now, after all this time, the Board is waking up to the need to change the resource allocation?  Board reviews of resource allocation are at the very, very tail end of management’s process, and commitments have often already been made – making it very, very hard for the Board to change anything. Really?  This is news? Copyright Adam Hartung.

An Introduction to Open Innovation

set of resources. innovative community is to dedicate resources that will nurture its growth. the right culture with defined values, behaviors that embrace change, an encouraging climate, dedicated resources and distinct processes that help bring innovation projects to life. 
AN INTRODUCTION TO OPEN INNOVATION. quantities, it was causing unrest among the population. margarine.