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Why Travel Makes You A Better Entrepreneur

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Being a passionate about traveling I found that this activity may stimulate your entrepreneurial thoughts, spontaneously give you an absolutely brilliant idea, provide with the sudden solution you’ve been looking for so long, calm your inner tornado etc. There is something similar between unrestrained traveler and entrepreneur. Even waiter seemed to be a little confused.

Virgin just invested in new supersonic jets which travel faster than Concorde

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It will travel 2.6 With some estimates that affordable supersonic mass travel could eventually become a $100bn industry, compared to the total 2015 airline industry value of $742bn , this really could be the next big leap in travel. Virgin will partner with Boom to buy 10 of its new supersonic aircraft, with ticket prices about the same as current business class. These innovative planes would be faster than the decommissioned Concorde service, able to fly from London to New York in about 3.4 “This isn’t science fiction, we are actually doing this.

Travel Blogging – Texas, an Airport Bar, and Doing Tequila Shots


Traveling Deep in the Heart of Texas. Travel Blogging at an Airport Bar. You gotta love travel blogging! – Mike Brown. Brainzooming - All Posts Collaboration Communication Humor Performance Blogging travelIf you enjoy those, today’s your day! “Danger. Danger, Will Robinson.” ” Sometimes danger is scary. Sometimes danger is attractive. Something I hate?

Summer Travel Blogging – All the Fun Places You’ll See


Summer travel is a fascinating study in how little people think about the ways their bodies AND their clothes will be stretched beyond normal limits. Brainzooming - All Posts Humor larry king travelI’d never smelled that “new airplane smell” until the first flight in the morning. Kinda wanted to go kick the tires. I don’t type THAT hard. – Mike Brown.

6 Keys to Making Collaborative Innovation Successful

Speaker: Soren Kaplan, Founder of InnovationPoint

travel abroad. BOOK GROUP PRESS GREENLEAF The H o w t o C r e a t e a C U l t U r e o f i N N o v a t i o N S o r e n K a p l a n , p h D An Excerpt from. Th e advice and strategies contained herein may not be suitable for your situation, You Should. consult with a professional where appropriate, Neither the publisher nor author shall be liable. Chapter 7 Get Symbolic.83

MyQ will change the way you travel forever

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The winner of Seedstars World 'start-up competition' in Lagos is MyQ, a queue management application, which organizes and manages vehicle queuing. Ishiaku Gwamna, CEO of Softronix, the company which designed MyQ, kindly lets us discover MyQ more in-depth. Continue reading → Digital & Media Innovation Ishiaku Gwamna Lagos mobile app MyQ Nigeria Queuing SeedStarsWorld Start-up Transportation

Open Innovation Challenge to Improve Air Travel: Winners Announced


Such was the success of the open innovation challenge that the airport is looking to launch future challenges to help improve passengers’ travel experiences. Several airline passengers have a little more money in the bank thanks to an open innovation competition in Germany. Participants could submit their ideas in English or German to the competition’s website. Overall Winner.

Innovation Sighting: Adjustable Airline Seats

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Continue reading → Consumer Innovation Creativity Growth Strategy airlines flying invention travel innovationHere's a nice example of the Attribute Dependency Technique, one of five in the innovation method called Systematic Inventive Thinking (SIT). It's a great tool to make products and services that are "smart."

How WOW Air Disrupted The Airline Industry

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The Rise of Icelandic Travel in the United States: Iceland is anticipated to have more tourists than their entire population this year according to Vox. Innovation Airline Industry airlines disruption Iceland travel Wow AirA remote, often misunderstood country, Iceland has become one of the hottest tourist destinations. This is quite alarming.

The State of Crowdsourced Innovation in 2016: Multi-Industry Benchmark Study.

focused on the travel management sector said that 100% of the ideas generated through its. A Multi-Industry Benchmark Study 2016 STATE OF. CROWDSOURCED. INNOVATION A Multi-Industry Benchmark Study 2016 STATE OF. CROWDSOURCED. PARTICIPANT PROFILE 16 22 30 36 8 4 40 6 INTRODUCTION 3 “Innovation.” Alongside other big buzz phrases — including “Big Data” and “the Internet of. next big thing.

What Drives Innovation

Rmukesh Gupta

Questions that help us time travel. Then there are questions that allow us the ability to travel back and forth in time. Ideas Innovation Ask More Building a culture of Innovation Frank Sesno How to be more creative Interesting questions Questions that help us become someone else Questions that help us drean Questions that help us time travelThey put us in the future tense.

Walkabouts are needed for learning and testing ourselves

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Africa Entrepreneurship Innovation Creativity travel WalkaboutHow often do you pause for thought, even simply for ‘just those few minutes,’ so as to allow yourself to openly question where you are and what you are attempting to do? We keep relentlessly moving on, like a wandering herd of buffalo, always looking for fresh pasture, those new feeding grounds. It’s not good.

Transcendent Computing Emerges

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At different rates and in different ways, we’re each accumulating data about our work, health, travel, relationships, careers, automobiles and homes. With our identity traveling with us and being broadcast from us, many parts of our life will be automated simply by our presence. “The Web as I envisaged it, we have not seen it yet. The late 70’s must have been a crazy time.

Three Insights for Innovators from Elon Musk

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At 17 he went to University in Canada and subsequently settled in the USA where he founded a company, Zip2, which provided online travel guides. Elon Musk was born in South Africa in 1971. He got his first computer at the age of 8 and learned to program. Zip2 was an early internet success and.

The Internet of Things Is Creating Smart Airports

Daniel Burrus

For countless travelers, the term “smart airport” is an oxymoron. Thanks to new technology, many other aspects of airline travel have definitely improved. There’s little doubt that tools such as large interactive displays, electronic check-ins, kiosks and improved baggage tracking systems have provided a much smoother and more pleasant travel experience. The tools that we ourselves carry have also improved airline travel. On the passenger side of the equation, travelers enjoyed the greater convenience afforded by systems such as the pre-order app. SHARE.

Innovation Lessons from the Troublesome Start of AIRBNB

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What began as a simple idea to earn some extra income and help out travelers from out-of-town eventually took off globally. AirBnB started in 2007 and is valued now at over $ 25 billion. There are at least 3 important lessons learned from its troublesome start. Here's their story.

5 Most Influential Innovators of the 21st Century


With the advancement of technology in the 21st century these innovators: Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Sheryl Sandberg, Mark Zuckerberg and Sheila Lirio Marcelo are creating new ways to travel, interact with others and access professionals for help. Column & Opinion apple effective innovator Elon Musk facebook inspiration Mark Zuckerberg serial innovators steve jobs Tesla

High-Profile Deals Show Corporate Fervor for Tech Startups


We love to see technology like Mozio's, delivering a consumer-centric solution for travelers who are often left to search vainly for 'last mile' travel options in unfamiliar settings," said Bonny Simi, president, JetBlue Technology Ventures, as the companies announced the deal. Corporate Innovation Trends

10 Famous inventions that were the culmination of other people’s work

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Ford released the Model T in 1908, and it was the first car to gain mass market appeal and success at a time when many people still travelled by horse. A dirty (yet open) secret about innovation is that most great breakthroughs don’t happen thanks to a single lone genius. As Isaac Newton so famously said in 1676: If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.

Never stop investing in yourself. It’s vital for staying creative

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And sometimes it’s about investing in your personal self, such as with hobbies, travel or other activities. A more personal post from me this week, as I recently had a bit of a milestone in my business. But it teaches an important lesson about staying creative. It’s important to keep investing in yourself throughout your lifetime. You don’t have to spend thousands.

3 ways to leverage your innovation ecosystem better


Companies and consortia to the likes of Salesforce (client relationship management systems), IMEC (Nano electronics), Korean Air (air travel) or P.R.O.F. Co-development partnerships. Broad business networks. Independent networked organizations. Meta organizations. Collaborative arrangements. Temporary networks of innovation. Global networks of partners…. Open Innovation

Inside the mind of a creative genius: Werner Herzog

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The other side, traveling on foot, nobody does it and what I said will disappear into thin air any moment from now. Traveling on foot has actually given me insight into the world itself. The world reveals itself to one who travel on foot. The world does it in it’s most intense and deepest way when you when you encounter it by traveling on foot. what should I do?”

Comment on Steal Domino’s Idea…Please by Stephen Jordan (@junkfishjordan)

Stephen Shapiro

I remember traveling from Boston to Caracas in 2005 with my brother and friend, and Continental lost our luggage for 4 days. It was maddening (but to your point in this blog, comforting) to know that on Day 3 they were tracking our bags “on their way from Pittsburgh to Hartford”, two places that had nothing to do with our itinerary. I remember thinking “well, they’re inept, but at least they can track how inept they are”

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Successful Strategy: Why it’s a Social Thing

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Understand that it travels socially, between individuals and through morale. Consider who needs to be on board for success. Your board of directors? The senior leadership team? Particular committees? Indispensable coalitions like these have the potential to create the kind of zeal that trickles down to all participants, large and small. Igniting this flame is key to successful execution.

The Yin And Yang Of Elon Musk

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At the recent Code Conference, Elon Musk had a wide ranging interview about everything from who he thinks will compete with Tesla in self-driving cars to neural laces that will augment human intelligence and his plans for space travel. But the thing that caught my eye was his assertion that we all are might be living in a computer.

Tools Don’t Equal Skills – Innovation Requires Learning

Tim Kastelle

In the three and half years that we lived there, we traveled all over New Zealand, birding everywhere we could. When Nancy and I arrived in New Zealand for our honeymoon, we had just started birding. At the end of the trip, we had seen 99 species of birds, and Nancy made me promise that we’d come back. To see that many birds, in any place, there are skills that you need to build.

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10 Industries The Internet of Things Will Change Forever


Complex analytics capabilities also mean travel on or in roads, rails, seas and skies will be safer. According to McKinsey, linking the physical and digital worlds could generate up to $11.1 trillion a year in economic value by 2025. In other words: The Internet of Things is a technology that will drive the next economy. Commerce. Also, seasonality and other factors can affect price. Energy.

If You See Rocks, You Hit Rocks

Tim Kastelle

What we focus on determines our performance I recently had a chance to catch up with my friend Ben for a quick coffee while I was traveling through Seattle. As usual, our discussion was great, covering all kinds of ideas. At one point, he said something I loved: Mountain bikers always say ‘if you see rocks, you hit rocks.’ For the non-innovators, everything gets in the way.

Elon Musk – Serial Entrepreneur and founder of Tesla Motors and SpaceX

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At 17 he went to University in Canada and subsequently settled in the USA where he founded a company, Zip2, which provided online travel guides. In the same year, Musk founded his third company, Space Exploration Technologies Corporation, or SpaceX to build commercial vehicles for space travel. Elon Musk was born in South Africa in 1971. In 2008 he became CEO and product architect.

Should a car be able to decide who to kill and who to spare?

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And the view held even when people were asked to imagine themselves or a family member travelling in the car. Inevitably, and unfortunately, sometimes when there are big innovations which work with both humans and machinery, there will be fatalities. This week, the first known fatality happened with something that will be affecting millions of us in a few years time: Automated driving by cars. Yesterday, the driver of a Tesla S (which are known as having the best safety rating in the world ) was killed while the car was using its Autopilot setting. The car manufacturer?

Can Africa’s Entrepreneurs and Innovators solve Africa’s Problems?

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Innovation Examples & Lessons Leadership of Innovation Travel africa cardiopad entrepreneur m-pesa savvylooWhat can save Africa from its many problems; grinding poverty, corrupt bureaucrats, incompetent governments and dire infrastructure? The best hope might lie with the innovations of its home grown entrepreneurs. In some cases they leap-frog current Western offerings.

Lessons From Airline Industry Downtime

Daniel Burrus

If you were one of the millions of travelers impacted by the technology breakdown of two major airlines a few months ago, you have my sympathies. Getting ready to board a high-tech aircraft that was going to fly at over 40,000 feet and travel more than 5,000 miles, it seemed odd that the airport was still using very old legacy technology. A Coincidence—Or Not? SHARE. The Wake-Up Call.

The New Innovation Need: Organizing within a Networks of Collaborators

Paul Hobcraft

Why not come and join us as we travel this journey. We are facing tough challenges within the business world. To work through these we are all being asked to transform but there has to be a clear end, a return for all this energy and resources it requires, that we are being asked to spend? How and where does innovation fit will clearly depend on this transforming effect.

Space for the 21st Century


Over the past decade, InnovationLabs has partnered with some of the world’s leading space advocates and educators to prepare and publish a series of books about the possibilities, opportunities, and challenges related to space travel, space commerce, and the development of a thriving off-Earth economy. We’re pleased to announce that the fifth volume in this […].

Successful Product Development Campaigns Highlight the Power of Crowdsourcing


It makes sense, if you think about it; as a travel-oriented site that wants to encourage people to get out there and, of course, rent a room, social media is the natural place to find out about new restaurants, to get a sense of the natural beauty where you’re heading, and to otherwise pick up the feel of a destination before you get there. Doritos. Need a better product? AirBnB.

Why Your Corporate Culture Matters

Daniel Burrus

As I travel around the world working with executives from a wide range of businesses, I find it very interesting that some understand the value of, and take great pride in, their corporate cultures, while others don’t give them much thought. I have also noticed that those who value them the most tend to do far better over time. SHARE. Corporate Culture—Yours and Yours Alone.

Don't Try to Imagine the Future! Ask Others Before You Decide

Michael Roberto

You read the travel guides and try to imagine what it will be like in each city. Alternatively, you could ask others who have traveled to London and Dublin. You have to make a decision. Suppose you are trying to decide on whether London or Dublin is a better place to visit with small children. You envision what your daily experiences will be like. Will you make a decision that your family finds acceptable and enjoyable? What were their experiences like? Which did they prefer for their small children? You might hesitate to use the latter strategy of consulting others.

When Were We Most Innovative? 1870, 1920, 1970 compared with now


Some questions we asked to guide our discussion: Which was a more important innovation: Birth control, vaccinations, running water, indoor plumbing, jet air travel or mobile phones? Which innovations have done the most to change people’s lives? And I’m not alone. Why is this topic important? Of course, every era is different. Are we in the golden age of innovation?

Why We Are Entering A New Innovation Era.

Paul Hobcraft

We decided to ‘house’ this in a dedicated blog posting site as it can forge a new direction and momentum for innovation to travel. Credit: Acacia Communications. I wrote this recently in a post entitled “ Bringing New Innovation is Stretching the Mind “ It opened with this view: “There is a profound shift taking place, relating to innovation. The looking back is important.

The Role of Creativity in the Life of a Product Manager

Rmukesh Gupta

As a frequent traveler, I always wonder why it took so long to put rollers on that sack to create wheeled luggage. “It When he got back to work, he took casters off a wardrobe trunk and mounted them on a big travel suitcase and it worked. Questions that allow us to dream up, be someone else, travel through time or take a completely different perspective. He was elated.