Design Innovation


Concocting, imagining, inventing, constructing and designing are all part of the innovation journey. Clearly there is not one way to the path of effective innovation, but there are tools and methods that have been proven to drive significant value in the approach to designing innovation.

We can’t succeed in the future without letting go of the past


The future is full of exciting and disruptive possibilities. Generally speaking, traditional leaders are aware of the myriad of drivers that pose risks to their existing business model and opportunities to change. However, many of them are predisposed to using the tools and models that have made them successful in the past and have subconsciously committed to these tools as indispensable for the journey forward. I use the Three Horizon model to create context for future framing.

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Has anything really changed in the workforce since 1899?


In New Zealand we celebrate Labour Day today, a national holiday since 1899. An immigrant carpenter, Samuel Parnell,championed limiting the work day to an eight hour working day, which probably made sense over 100 years ago, due to the back-breaking working conditions. In 1899 around 50% of the population was still working on the farm. Conditions were grueling, transportation was effectively a horse, the first motor car arriving in New Zealand in 1898.

Creating Physical Workspaces For Collaboration and Ideas


A lot of people have heard of ‘creative’ workplaces, such as Pixar and Google, that boast exciting work environments for collaboration that stimulate their employees. With common cafe areas and unique styled furniture, these offices are unique to the company that created it.

11 Proven Ways to Turn Your Culture into a Culture of Innovation

Learn the 11 proven strategies that you can implement quickly to get every employee innovating and contributing to the growth of your company.

The Five Habits of Highly Innovative Organizations


I was recently asked what I thought the five key ingredients were to setting up an innovation/idea driven organization. My response to the question was rhetorical, “How engaged is your staff?” According to The Gallop Poll (an international research and benchmarking organization that assesses global workforce engagement) the majority of companies typically have somewhere between 20-30% of their staff who are actively engaged.

New Zealand – Are we courageous enough to innovate beyond me too?


September 19th serves as a day to remember. It was on this day one hundred and twenty-five years ago New Zealand had the courage to take an unprecedented first step toward equality, a step most of the world would eventually follow, by granting women the right to vote. Fast forward 125 years, and I am honoured to be living in a country that has had the fortitude to hand over the leadership reins of government to a 38 year-old female millennial. So where to from here?

Run your hackathon with HunchBuzz


With busy work days and hectic schedules, sometimes it can be hard to make innovation a priority. A great way to overcome this and get the ball rolling on problem solving is to plan a hackathon, where everyone can have uninterrupted time dedicated purely to innovation. Using HunchBuzz to set specific challenges and organize all your new ideas will take your hackathon to the next level. What is a hackathon?

August Product Update


Innovation communities thrive when people are engaged and collbaoration is the key to making the HunchBuzz flywheel turn. Every month we strive to create new features to make HunchBuzz more user friendly - and a compelling place to return to contribute ideas and evaluate others' ideas. Here's the updates for August: General Usability. Achievements. Sharpen your competitive edge with HunchBuzz achievements!

July Product Update


Here's your list of new HunchBuzz features and updates launched in July. Big ticket items this month include. improved notifications, admin reporting and a better help experience. Of course there's a bunch of performance and stability enhancements under the covers too! General Usability. Auto Linking. We've previously introduced Linked Ideas as a way to connect ideas across HunchBuzz and now it's even easier - when a user includes a link to an idea in the comment thread.

6 Ways to Build a Successful Innovation Program

Learn how forward-thinking leaders use crowdsourcing to impact their company’s bottom line through methods such as creating a culture of innovation.

Introducing Idea Management Systems


Times are changing. In order to stay relevant in an ever-changing, competitive market, companies need to utilize all resources available, and the most valuable resource is the people that make your company run. Great ideas can’t be generated from management alone. Crowdsourcing ideas from employees, partners and customers is the best way to promote innovation from the bottom-up. Why not get feedback from the people that know your company the best?

Product Update June 2018


Here's the latest product update rollup for June - big improvements to idea creation and editing, an image gallery full of beautiful graphics to light up your ideas, usability enhancements and continuing to improve the admin features and experience. General usability. New idea wizard. The new idea wizard provides a better experience for creating and editing ideas. Instead of filling out a form users are now guided through the idea create/edit process step by step: Image gallery.

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Conquer your Industry with amazing Ideas from employees


Conquer Your Industry With Amazing Ideas From Employees. All businesses want to grow in one way or another whether it be to increase revenue or expand their product line. Everyone has an opinion on how something should be done or done better.

Product Update - Linked Ideas


Today we released a product update introducing Linked Ideas - the ability to select and connect one or more similar ideas. Great minds think alike and sometimes multiple people will come up with slightly different versions of an idea, or perhaps you want to group some ideas that share a similar theme. Linked Ideas allows you to quickly join ideas together to create a chain, allowing users to quickly navigate between those related ideas. It's a simple concept but incredibly effective.

Spigit's 2018 State of Crowdsourced Innovation Report

A rigorous analysis of how the world’s largest brands – representing 21 different industry verticals – leverage their innovation programs to solve problems and surface opportunities, and the key role crowdsourcing plays in their success.

London Ventures Partnership


Today we formally launched a partnership with London Ventures - a joint venture that brings innovative private and third sector solutions to the public sector, using cutting-edge technology to reduce costs and improve the effectiveness of services. HunchBuzz is proud to be an affiliate partner providing idea management services to councils in the greater London area. Read more at London Ventures and HunchBuzz

Mobile app now available


We’re very excited to announce our app for iOS and Android devices is now available on the Apple and Google Play stores. This is a great way to browse through challenges and ideas on the run, but it also offers the full HunchBuzz experience – voting, commenting, reviewing and even idea creation. Have an idea on the fly? Create it, snap a picture on your phone, save it and you’re done. The app runs on any iOS or Android device.


We're updating our privacy policy


Thank you for trusting us with your organization’s information—we value your choice to rely on HunchBuzz for idea and innovation management. We work hard to earn your trust, and that’s why we want to tell you about some new changes to our privacy policy. As you may have heard from other service providers, new data protection laws are being launched around the world (including GDPR in Europe). To keep pace with these new laws, HunchBuzz is updating its privacy policy effective May 25, 2018.

Product Update May 2018


We hope you're enjoying the new look and feel of HunchBuzz. We'd had lots of positive feedback - and some suggestions of areas we could make it even better. As part of our new product cadence. we're releasing small updates and improvements continuously and rolling out new features monthly. Here's the latest changes that are already in the wild: Usability. #### List view and search You can now switch between card view and list view for both challenges and ideas.

Quantifying a Culture of Innovation

A rigorous, quantitative analysis of corporate innovation cultures – the most comprehensive study on this topic ever.

The 3 Benefits Of Using Idea Management Software


Why use Idea Management Software? Idea Management can often seem like a big concept, with many definitions on what it actually is, and how it works spanning the internet.

Product Update April 2018


HunchBuzz is a great tool for your organization to harness ideas from employees and customers – and we want to make it even better. We’ve been working on a number of product updates to make HunchBuzz easier to use, simpler to manage and to reflect a more contemporary user experience. Here’s what to expect in the April 2018 release: Design Update. Chances are your HunchBuzz community members use a wide variety of web apps in their day to day professional and personal lives.

How building Staff Capability can improve Employee Engagement


How encouraging staff to undertake qualifications can boost employee engagement. Employee engagement is one of the main priorities for organisations today. Successful organisations like Google, Microsoft and Mars Inc.

Create a Communications Plan for Idea Management


As part of our HunchBuzz offering, we are often asked on how to put together a Communications Plan when launching and maintaining an Idea Management Platform. Well here you go… Communication is a broad concept, one that everyone thinks they understand from their own day to day experiences.

Data From 3.5 Million Employees Shows How Innovation Really Works

Analysis of how 3.5 million employees using Spigit ideate proves innovation is a science, and can be measured.

Rewards and Recognition for Internal Innovation


In the past few weeks we’ve discussed innovation, idea management, and employee engagement, and how your company can benefit from adapting to these concepts and ideas.

An Insight In to Public Sector Innovation – Australia


With Innovation becoming an important conversation in every organisation, the Australian Public Sector (APS) has created a framework to highlight the significance of understanding Public Sector Innovation and applying it.

What Is Employee Driven Innovation


What Is Employee Driven Innovation. Every company is made up of a team of people, ranging from senior management to front of line staff.

Enabling Collaboration to Improve Employee Engagement


When you think about collaboration, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Does it mean working with others for a particular purpose? Or does it mean coming together because your work requires you to?

5 Product Traps - And Better Paths

Speaker: Johanna Rothman, Management Consultant, Rothman Consulting Group

Is your agile team overloaded with feature requests, with no time for discovery? Do your roadmaps read like impossible wish lists? Well, you’re not alone. It may seem impossible now, but what if we said that with a few changes, you could be meeting deadlines with the ability to predict progress with accuracy, be happy with your progress against the roadmap, and be making time for near-continuous discovery? Johanna Rothman has seen this all too often across many different organizations. She will take us through five common traps that agile product teams fall into – and likely you are in several of those traps right now. And good news - she has ways to avoid them!

What Is Idea Management Anyway?


The other night, I sat across from a friend who was rambling about a new project at work. Her eyes were wild and her hand gestures signaled that she was in fact, very stressed. You see, my friend is at the lower end of a company, wanting to make her way up the ladder.

The Power of Ideas for Business Improvement


The Power of Ideas For Business Improvement . In 2014, Guy Kawasaki, an American marketing specialist, gave an inspirational Ted Talk about the Art of Innovation. Within the first two minutes of his speech, he states that innovation begins with the desire to ‘make meaning.’

The Buzz about HunchBuzz


Jennie Guzman is a Wellington based content writer/Comms student @Massey getting the lowdown on Innovation, Idea Management Software and Collaboration from one of NZ’s finest – HunchBuzz. When I sat down with Thomas Mitchell of HunchBuzz, I had no idea what to expect.

The Amazing Thing About Bad Ideas


It’s with great pleasure that for this guest Blog post, we have the excellent Nicole Williams from providing some insight about ‘Bad Ideas’… are they really Bad?? Check it out.

What Users Want: How and Why to Build Knowledge into Your Product

Speaker: Nils Davis, Principal, NPD Associates

Usage data allows PMs, the product team, and the whole organization to make better decisions. Good usage intelligence gives you the ability to be smarter, more active, more decisive, nimbler, and to minimize risk. But what if you don't have that data - such as before you have users? Or, what if the right decision seems to fly in the face of the data you have? Or, what if your product offers more than just the standard features? To get deeper into these questions, Nils Davis asks, "What is the most interesting thing about Instagram?" (Because who doesn't like a product that Facebook paid $1 billion for when it had fewer than 50 employees and no revenue?) Nils will use the example of Instagram’s Filters to talk about how putting prebuilt knowledge in your product can change the way your product is used for the better - putting you in the company of most market-leading products. Finally, he’ll tie it all together by explaining how the way you interpret and use usage data can impact the way your tell your product’s story, and ultimately, how your users use your product.

How building staff capability can improve employee engagement


Employee engagement is one of the main priorities for organisations today. Successful organisations like Google, Microsoft and Mars Inc. are going above and beyond to reward their employees and create a company culture that allows employees to challenge themselves and explore their capabilities. Employees working in these companies have some of the highest job satisfaction rates in the world and employee engagement is off the charts.