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Let’s take a step back and dig a little deeper into the theory behind Futures Studies and Futures Design in order to contextualize “scenario” and “collapse”. He revisited this model in Advancing Futures (2002). That’s exactly what we, Futures Studies and Design professionals do.

Designing for Social Interaction

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Let’s look at each type of tie, and how we might design for them. 8 In both 2002 and 2007, a study of 1,178 adults found that on average, people had about 10 friends they meet or speak with at least weekly (10 strong ties). 9 So, when we’re designing for strong ties, we’re designing for small groups of people. When designing for strong ties: Think about their existing means of communication.


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The Past and Future of Experience Design

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Ten years ago, when I wrote The Making of a Discipline: The Making of a Title, 2002, there was a big debate on: Is experience design about online and mobile interfaces or is it something more? Forward-thinking initiatives, like the AIGA ’s Advance for Design, began the conversation at the center of the convergence of the media, technology, and business worlds. There has been a reluctance for designers to embrace the idea of experience and I’m not sure why.

Emotional Design with A.C.T. - Part 1

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As UX professionals, we strive to design engaging experiences. Whether you’re designing a website or a physical product, the formation of a relationship depends on how useful, usable and pleasurable the experience is. Then, we’ll dive deeper to explore how design elicits and communicates emotion and personality to users. Defining “Affective Design&# Some time ago, a friend offered me a ride home after work. Designing Pleasurable Products.

There are Knowns and Unknowns in Innovation: Let’s Manage Them Differently

Paul Hobcraft

Secretary of Defense Donald Henry Rumsfeld, who mentioned: “unknown unknowns” (Rumsfeld, 2002). We are often specifically asked to improve on them by finding cost savings, improving their functionality or design. This is where a good, well-designed idea management system is ideal, being able to deal with capturing and translating the idea and turning it into something realizable and offering improved value on the existing (knowns). This quote is from the former U.S.

Hidden tools at my fingertips


It’s an ugly truth that in life, time is money, and by attending Tony Harmer’s ‘Content Velocity with Adobe Creative Cloud’ seminar last Thursday, I was led to understand that how, as a designer, it was possible to create great content even faster. We’re at an event today with #Adobe’s @tonyharmer where he teaches us how to use the tools we own in Adobe CC to design and collaborate more efficiently. Growing to be a fast designer means learning how to guard your time.

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Air Jordan: How Nike Created A Brand That Drives Culture


I’m a huge Michael Jordan fan , and like AJ’s for various reasons: Michael Jordan; MJ stood for excellence, his sneakers are made with that in mind; Premium materials and fit; Design is cool! And why are they still so sought after even though Michael Jordan last played a game in 2002? They also create special edition designs of earlier model, driving demand and elevating their value even further. According to Nike Inc.’s

Conceptual Models in a Nutshell

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This article explains what conceptual models are and describes the value of developing a conceptual model of a software application before designing its user interface. A conceptual model of an application is the model of the application that the designers want users to understand. Hopefully, the model that users build in their minds is close to the one the designers intended. The operative design mantra with conceptual models is: “Less is more.”.

The Evolution of My Speaking Video

Stephen Shapiro

So with that as background, here’s the evolution of my speaking video, starting with my first one from 20022002: Style over Substance (3 minutes). Because we designed this through the lens of a sales video, there is a lot of social proof included. My latest video was designed to be pure content. In a post last week, I shared with you my most recent demo video. Over the years, I’ve had several different versions.

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Third Place and the Starbucks empire: the user experience at the heart of strategy


Starbucks has now incorporated this philosophy into its retail design and business strategy. To create a third place, companies like Starbucks use methods and practices like Design Thinking – a problem-solving process, rooted in empathy – and customer experience tactics.

How to spend $200+ Billion for a Train Wreck


In the early 90’s at AT&T, I was on a ‘special project’ with some friends to design the next generation core domestic network. We were young and idealistic so our designed was based on the TCP/IP protocol. We presented our design to the powers that were. About 13 years later, a friend asked me if I still had the designs because they were looking to build that network.]. 2002: AT&T sells AT&T Broadband to Comcast for $47.5B

Innovation Insights from Jeff Bezos and Amazon

Destination Innovation

Although its sales of new books were growing very healthily, in 2002 Amazon introduced a service whereby people could sell second-hand books through the company’s website. But Amazon had no experience or competence in electronic product design or manufacture. As a boy brought up in Florida, Jeff Bezos developed a keen interest in computers. He graduated from Princeton in 1986 with a degree in computer science and electrical engineering.

Top Creative Clicks for the Week – Labor Day and Facebook. Is God an Algorithm?


there is a real logic to the design. Design for Life – Creativity that Inspires Me as a Global Citizen. INDEX: Design to Improve Life ® is a Danish NPO with global reach. We Inspire, Educate and Engage in designing sustainable solutions to global challenges. INDEX: Award was conceived in 2002 as a world event for design and was awarded for the first time in 2005.

Has COVID-19 led us into a Collapse scenario?


Let’s take a step back and dig a little deeper into the theory behind Futures Studies and Futures Design in order to contextualise “scenario” and “collapse”. He revisited this model in Advancing Futures (2002). That’s exactly what we, Futures Studies and Design professionals do.

Digital Twins: what it is, how it works, and the advantages of this technology


Originally, this term was coined by Dr. Michael Grieves in 2002. This allows you to make the necessary adjustments and create a more efficient design. Have you heard of Digital Twins? Do you know how the tools and methods under this concept work?

Elon Musk – Serial Entrepreneur and founder of Tesla Motors and SpaceX

Destination Innovation

It became PayPal and he held 11% of the stock when it was sold to eBay in 2002 for $1.5B. He has funded development of the idea and in 2015 he announced a competition for designs for a Hyperloop pod prototype. Elon Musk was born in South Africa in 1971. He got his first computer at the age of 8 and started to program. At 17 he went to University in Canada and subsequently settled in the USA where he founded a company, Zip2, which provided online travel guides.

Research in 3D printing innovation

Open Innovation

In many ways, 3D printing research reminds me of open source software research in 2001 or 2002. I noted three trends fueling the latter movement: the “maker” movement, open design communities and the expiration of a key patent. Frank Piller (photo by Joel West) On Tuesday, Frank Piller and I hosted a successful workshop on 3D printing at RWTH Aachen. About 30 people attended the workshop: half from RWTH Aachen, the rest from other academic venues and a few from industry.

Networks, Communities, Ecosystems and Platforms

Open Innovation

For Silicon Valley and most researchers, the “platform” definition is the sort of ICT platform identified by Bresnahan & Greenstein (1999) and studied by Gawer & Cusumano in their 2002 book. Harvard Business School Press, Boston (2002). On the open design of tangible goods." I’m now home after 3 conferences and 2 weeks on the East Coast.

Innovation Networks – Needed Now More Than Ever

The Inovo Group

Innovation Networks can help break the constraints of short-termism and the hierarchical and matrixed structures designed for operational excellence. Cultivating Communities of Practice ; Harvard Business Review Press; January 8, 2002. Norton & Company; May 2002. The next major advance in the study of knowledge creation within a firm came in 2000 and 2002 when Etienne Wegner developed the concept of a communities of practice (CoP).

What do you need to innovate?

David Marks

When Amazon Web Services (AWS) was introduced back in 2002, Amazon was a fledgling web retailer mainly known for selling books cheaply. It is specifically designed to identify typical pitfalls such as lack of senior management involvement in innovation or blindly sticking to the current business model. Why are some companies more innovative than others? Scan the literature and you are bound to collect a conflicting array of answers. They are better led. No, they are culturally open.

What do you need to innovate?

David Marks

When Amazon Web Services (AWS) was introduced back in 2002, Amazon was a fledgling web retailer mainly known for selling books cheaply. It is specifically designed to identify typical pitfalls such as lack of senior management involvement in innovation or blindly sticking to the current business model. Why are some companies more innovative than others? Scan the literature and you are bound to collect a conflicting array of answers. They are better led. No, they are culturally open.

The Power of Collaboration

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Eber Hampton (2002) The Circle Unfolds, p. This effort was an interesting challenge since it involved me—a non-Aboriginal designer—trying to design for Aboriginal students from multiple cultural backgrounds. While navigating the expected cross-cultural design issues, I met some wonderful people and learned a great deal about the importance of letting those with whom you design guide the research and design process. Importance of Visual Design.

How to Nail Your Most Valuable Metrics Using the Customer Journey

Moves the Needle

Their messaging, circa Jan 25, 2002: "new all purpose, premium household cleaners that add elegance and sophistication to home and life." Designer/UX. The Customer Journey Everyone is on a journey. Some quite consciously, others perhaps unknowingly, but they still are moving, evolving, and hopefully growing. Businesses are inevitably a part of the journey. Through their products and services, they influence the experience.


IA Summit 09 - Plenary

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Boxes and Arrows captured many of the main conference sessions (“see schedule&# :[link] The Summit sessions will be published in the next two weeks. | “Preview&# :[link] | “Keynote&# :[link] | Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Closing Plenary | The IA Summit Closing Plenary Jesse James Garrett is a noted figure in the IA community, not only for his ground breaking book Elements of User Experience, but for the essay that galvanized the community in 2002, “IA Recon&# :[link].

How Apple created two giants

Matthew Griffin

To understand Samsung’s rise to dominance we have to go back to the turn of the new millennium when Apple released their first generation iPod in 2001, quickly followed by the iTunes store in 2002. Almost from the start of its journey Steve Jobs and the Executive Board shaped Apple into an innovative Design company and this is an important distinction to make. __. Click & Connect with Matthew: LinkedIn . mgriffin_uk . +44 44 (0) 7957 456194.

Standardization as an open innovation activity

Open Innovation

Organization Design for Business Ecosystems ,” Journal of Organizational Design 1(1): 20-23. An important but understudied form of open innovation is the network form (network as defined by Powell 1990). As we noted back in West et al (2006), OI needs more research on this area: at that point, OI had emphasized studying dyadic (bilateral) cooperation between firms, and a decade later that’s still true.

Disrupting Markets – Why PayPal Is Worth More Than Ebay

Adam Hartung

And collectors as well as designers suddenly discovered all kinds of products they formerly could not find. in 2002 , in order to grease the wheels for faster ecommerce growth. eBay was once a game changer. When the internet was very young, and few businesses provided ecommerce, eBay was a pioneer. From humble beginnings selling Pez dispensers, eBay grew into a powerhouse. Things we used to sell via garage sale we could now list on eBay.

Spotting Innovation Opportunities


Those findings create the basis for innovation theories, e.g. radical innovation within niches as part of the evolutionary economics theory (Geels, 2002), a blue ocean as described in the “Blue Ocean Strategy” (Kim & Mauborgne, 2005) or a “White Space” (Jackson, 2011) within the company. Discovering and designing an innovation field requires a mixture of data research and intuition.

How China Creates the Strongest Innovation System

The BMI Lab Blog

BYD became the second largest battery company in 2002. Its approach to car manufacturing also represents quite accurately the innovation philosophy of these early Chinese entrepreneurs: rather than expending years on design, BYD takes Japanese cars as a benchmark and adapts them to Chinese tastes through a process of reverse engineering. Furthermore, BYD prefers to test every design in the market, rather than attempt to perfect a model before its launch.

Corporate Vision: How To Translate Strategy Into Meaningful Execution

The Future Shapers

For more detailed information on vision-led organisation design, click on the following links: Next-Generation Target Operating Model Design. How To Design, Build & Embed An Agile Operating Platform. Serves as a clear guide for choosing current and future courses of action – designed to both inform and direct decision-making, behaviour and prioritisation. I have also found that strategic narrative is the optimal mechanism to support and enable vision-led design.

Faceted Finding with Super-Powered Breadcrumbs

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In this article, I propose the Integrated Faceted Breadcrumb (IFB) design that integrates the power of faceted refinement with the intuitive query expansion afforded by browse. Although other breadcrumb-based finding interfaces currently exist, they fall short of expectations by ignoring design best practices. In contrast, breadcrumb is the superhero of the IFB design, dealing a decisive blow to many usability issues that plague today’s finding interfaces.

How to Use Gamification in Mobile App Onboarding

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You can apply game design elements to anything, which is called gamification. The results support gamification as a resource UX designers can and should turn to. Designers should play to that desire and make onboarding itself fun. Users aren’t willing to spend much time on onboarding, so designers should add elements that convince these users to stay. The word ‘ gamification ‘ first appeared in 2002 and was popularized in 2010.

IA Summit 10 - Richard Saul Wurman Keynote

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He encourages the design community to take initiative and solve big problems rather than make small changes incrementally. A designated hitter, Dan, will put up his hand I will stop mid-sentence even though you’re going to want more. I sold in 2002, the same way I’ll sell this banana later on. This year marks the 11th annual Information Architecture Summit.