Lessons in Leadership from Ross Perot

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The most important lessons of leadership came from the man behind the larger-than-life personality. In 2003, I sold a company to Perot Systems, the large IT services firm started by Ross Perot, where I then worked for the next four years. Leadership Ross Perot U.S.

The Raid on Entebbe – A Tale of Two Leaders

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He died in exile in Saudi Arabia in 2003. History of Innovation Leadership of Innovation agonising decision Entebbe hostage Idi Amin iraeli commando martyr Yitzhak Rabin Yonatan NetanyahuIdi Amin. Yitzhak Rabin.

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Nine Short Innovation Lessons from Lego

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But in 2003 the company was $800m in debt and on the verge of bankruptcy. Five Sustainable Innovation Practices that saved Lego – Leadership Network. Lego is now revered as one of the most innovative and successful companies in the world.

Hatem Azzam, DBA

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Hatem Azzam is a Serial Entrepreneur and International Business Veteran, Management and Business Development Consultant, and Executive Leadership Coach. In 2003, after he finished his MBA in international business, Hatem resigned to start his journey as an Entrepreneur. Residing now in Switzerland, he is focusing on his consultancy work as Executive Leadership Coach, Strategy & innovation, and international business development. . Based in Freiburg, Switzerland.

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Trump vs. Clinton – Which Party Is Better for the Economy?

Adam Hartung

Ongoing costs of the Afghanistan war has accumulated to $3.6trillion, and $2.9trillion came from the Bush tax cuts which continued into 2003. Donald Trump has been campaigning on how poorly America’s economy is doing. Yet, the headlines don’t seem to align with that position.

Heterogeneity in Experience Levels Helps Startups Succeed

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2003). entrepreneurship leadership new venturesSource: Pexels You might think that a startup management team consisting entirely of highly experienced managers would clearly outperform teams including members with little experience.

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Do Not Follow the Herd – Sell McDonald’s and Microsoft

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Leadership touted a higher same store sales number, but that is completely misleading. McDonald’s leadership has undertaken a back to basics program. As customer counts are declining, leadership is trying to pull more money out of its declining “core.”

ikeGPS – How To Invest in Trends To Escape Your Core and Grow Explosively

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It is possible to slingshot into leadership positions with new solutions, literally from out of nowhere. ikeGPS was started in 2003 as a government/military funded products research company. Would you like to triple your revenue next year?

OUI comes to Lisbon

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After alternating between Boston and the Germanic language portions of Europe from 2003 to 2011, the conference detoured west (to England) in 2013 and this year south to Portugal. Monday marks the beginning of the 13th annual Open and User Innovation Society meeting (née OUI Workshop née UOI Workshop née UI workshop).

Great to Good Innovation


Jack Ma (2000), Jeff Bezos (2003), Mark Zuckerberg (2004), Reed Hastings (2007), Brian Chesky (2008), Travis Kalanick (2009), Anthony Tan (2012). Leadership Insights. Then, put on your leadership hat. The Iclif Leadership and Governance Centre. Yes, you read it right.

Innovation – Why Bezos Succeeded, While Lampert Failed at Sears

Adam Hartung

On May 1, 2003, KMart begins trading again. Heck, leadership had discontinued the famous catalogues in 1993 to stop store cannibalization and push people into locations where the company could promote more products and services. So that was where he had leadership focus.

Principles of open innovation


Let’s take a closer look at the principles of open innovation according to Chesbrough (2003). Source: Chesbrough (2003). What do mini-Big Bang Theory Lego, Mozilla, Facebook’s Pride Flag feature, P&G’s Connect+Develop, and Moodle have in common?

11 Paradoxes of Entrepreneurial Thinking: why entrepreneurship can hardly be taught

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Shane, 2003). Sharp (2010) has found that there is strong paradox in (entrepreneurial) leadership when it comes to innovation at the personal level of the entrepreneur. 2003). Introduction.

Facebook’s Surge, Apple’s Slide and Chipotle’s Stall – It’s All About Growth

Adam Hartung

With growth like that Facebook’s leadership can do anything it wants. Breaking a streak of 51 straight quarters of revenue growth (since 2003) really sent investors fleeing. Now many investors don’t think Apple’s leadership can do anything right.

Successfully Merging Theory and Practice in your Innovation Program


From 2003 to 2007, I have been in charge of the R&D project portfolio management line of business at a solution provider.

Successfully Merging Theory and Practice in your Innovation Program


From 2003 to 2007, I have been in charge of the R&D project portfolio management line of business at a solution provider.

Open Innovation: Convincing the Decision Makers


This is understandable, especially since the term “open innovation” only became a part of the corporate lexicon around 2003. Open Innovation Shouldn’t Be a Hard Sell, But It Is.

How China Creates the Strongest Innovation System

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The growing percentage of funds allocated to technology innovation clearly shows China's ambition on innovation leadership (source: Prof. In 2003 BYD created an automotive subsidiary, specializing in building electric cars.

2016 User and Open Innovation Conferences

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Open and User Innovation Conference: HBS, Boston, August 1-3 This year the official title of Eric von Hippel’s conference is the “14th International Open and User Innovation Conference,” acknowledging the conference’s origins as a small workshop in Vienna back in 2003. The CFPs have been issued for #OUI2016 and #WOIC2016, the premier conferences for user innovation and and open innovation (respectively). The OUI rotation brings the conference back to the U.S.,