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Your Guide to Incremental Innovation: Examples and Lessons from Global Brands


An electronics company might incrementally innovate its supply chain to make it more efficient, or continuously find ways to improve its products’ battery life. Incremental innovations can be broken down into three main types: incremental product innovation , incremental service innovation , and incremental process innovation.

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How To Manage Yourself Out Of A New Great Recession in 2023


In 2008, the world experienced a severe financial crisis. The crisis began in the United States, where a housing market bubble burst, causing home prices to plummet and many homeowners to default on their mortgages. This led to a crisis in the banking and financial sector, as many banks held toxic mortgages on their books.…


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CPG Industry Innovation


Another opportunity in innovation is to look to CPG growth strategies for the year based off the lessons learned from the last recession. Metrics reanalyzed from 2008 can provide an outlook for how consumer behavior may repeat if we find a recession triggered in the coming year as some economists are predicting.

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71 Innovation Methodologies

Open Innovation EU

Focus stage: Maturity Published: 2008 more…. Open Innovation Customer Integration (Reger). Innovation Circle (Berenschot). Delft Product Innovation Model (Buijs). Focus stage: Maturity Published: 2014 more…. Co-Creation (Prahalad). Focus stage: Growth Published: 2004 more…. Co-Creating Value (Ramaswamy).

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Mega Capital Projects and Product Documentation: How PLM Can Help

Innovation Excellence

Investment activity in infrastructure and other major capital projects has regained its upward trend following the 2008 crash. The quantity and scale of mega capital projects is encouraging for the engineering and construction industries.

Project 40
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11 Paradoxes of Entrepreneurial Thinking: why entrepreneurship can hardly be taught

Open Innovation EU

2008) have written an excellent paper on the discussion of what entrepreneurship competence actually. Koppl, 2008; Lewin, 2011). Product innovation processes in small firms: Combining entrepreneurial effectuation and managerial causation. Journal of Product Innovation Management, 31(3), 616–635. Lans et al.

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Innovation Strategy – Pat McGauley and a New Beer in Town


He reported that packaging innovation was more difficult to develop than liquid innovation. Based on comments he made regarding working with retailers on in-store shelving, product innovation may have been easier because it might lead to a fight for shelf space. They didn’t need an inauthentic version from Anheuser-Busch.