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The Life Sciences Industry: Decision Making from Batch to Continuum


In developed markets, governments are restricting the freedom to price new drugs. Technology is also playing spoilsport to the breakthrough party. Digital capabilities and big data is transforming everything from discovery to commercialization. PWC in its 18 th global CEO survey reports that 50% of Pharma CEOs were concerned about the speed of technological change, up from 32% in the previous year.

Michael Brunner is Named Honoree in Pittsburgh’s 2020 Smart 50 Awards


1991: Michael saw the value in big data before it was big and made Brunner’s first acquisition, a database marketing firm . 2005: H e acquired a creative boutique agency in Atlanta to provide a foothold in one of the nation’s strongest business markets . 2011: Michael helped launch BHiveLab, an in-house technology incubator that has become a thought-leader throughout the industry .


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5 Ways FinTech Will Disrupt Your Company

Planview Spigit

A thoroughly modern, hybrid fusion of Wall Street and Silicon Valley, FinTech – or financial technology – has often been hailed as the next big thing. As the name suggests, FinTech represents a modern fusion of finance and technology. billion in 2011 to $20.3 According to Eric Kant, innovation advisor at Kant Consulting Group, LLC , “Technology is driving an unprecedented customer experience transformation.” Leveraging Big Data.

Spotting Innovation Opportunities


Disruptive technologies or innovations boost new business models that change the game of existing industries like the space industry (SpaceX), the music industry (Spotify), the film industry (Netflix) or the banking sector (FinTechs), just to name a few. Although many disruptive companies are based on new technologies, this path does not automatically lead to success. What really matters is the total package of relevant customer value and the smooth use of new technologies.

7 Things Every CEO Should Know About Their Patents


We are awash in data – beyond our capacity to absorb and integrate intelligently. Even in the most extreme cases where there is a perfect intersection of data, analytics, valuable metrics, and huge incentives to utilize and optimize, we see both surprising catastrophic failures, and stunning opportunites in markets. End of 2011 $1,578. End of 2011 $48 (net of accumulated amortization of $1,114). billion to patents and developed technology, $2.5

Tech Disruptor – The Process Mining Unicorn Celonis


The students applied data mining to detect insights and patterns that established companies are struggling to identify. The startup was founded in 2011 and soon became one of Germany’s fastest-growing tech firms headquartered in Munich, Germany. The intelligent Big Data technology analyzes and visualizes all processes within a company and detects weak points. Every single big four [consulting firm] is a customer of ours.

How China Creates the Strongest Innovation System

The BMI Lab Blog

Massive investments, a huge market and the hiring of worldwide talent has boosted the Chinese innovative ecosystem. For instance, in Q3 2017, Tencent, the Chinese Internet company that developed WeChat and QQ, overran Facebook in terms of market value. This graphic shows the differences between the market value of US, Asian, and European Internet and Tech companies. Next-generation information technology. A hardware market in Shengzen.


Technology Created

How relevant is a world where technology was so weak, so non-integrated? Would not the study of Mobility, Big Data, Cloud, Social Media and Clean Energy be a much wiser investment of our time? What about a student of technology? Why would it be important to dig into events such as the introduction of the Model A by Henry Ford in 1927 or the failure of IBM to react to Microsoft’s entry into the PC market in the early 1980’s? Newsweek (March 20, 2011), [link]. [2]