Complexity and User Experience

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However, elegantly minimal designs don’t happen by chance. Whether in the ideation, designing, or the testing phases of projects, UX practitioners have a critical role in restraining the feature sets within our designs to reduce the complexity on projects. Why you should reduce complexity in scope Over-designed and complex products typically stem from a ‘more is better’ philosophy. It’s also not whether a design approach is more or less complex.

Designing in a Vacuum a.k.a Design != Pretty Pixels

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Since writing more about design, I've been getting emails asking for design feedback. Entrepreneurship User Experience customer personas design user experienceUnfortunately, no one seems to include a description of the customer.


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Storyboarding iPad Transitions

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If your clients are not yet asking you to design transitions, they will likely do that on your next project. Transitions as design elements Since the 1980s, designers have been drawing wireframes to represent web pages and device interfaces. With the emergence of dHTML in the 1990s, it became necessary to draw different states of specific dynamic page elements, so the designers adapted the wireframe methodology to document the beginning and end states of the dynamic elements.

Alignment Diagrams

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Here’s where I believe IAs and UX designers can use our skills to make a difference. This shows the chronological flow of steps for attending a live event, in this case a panel on service design. “Value-centered design&# is the approach he prefers. He writes: The basic premise of value-centered design is that shared value is the center of design. Jess McMullin, “Searching for the center of design&# , Boxes and Arrows , 2003.

Novices Orienteer, Experts Teleport

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Understanding these differences will help us design better search interfaces for both groups of users. There are, however, a number of design guidelines which can help both novices and experts succeed in their pursuit of knowledge. Design considerations for Novices. There are a number of design considerations which can help novice users succeed at orienteering. Design considerations for Experts.

Personas for Customer Development

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Customer Development Entrepreneurship User Experience design lean user experience personas user experiencePersonas are an amazing tool for doing customer development. They are the clearest form of hypothesis, test, and learn (a.k.a. build, measure, learn).

The 3 Best Tools for Mockups and Wireframes

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Product Management User Experience design mockups wireframing"What the best tool for wireframing?" I've used quite a few and I've come to a pretty strong opinion on the best tools for the job.

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The world’s best company to work for

Innovation 360 Group

100% of the Best Companies have programs designed to develop leaders who can bring together resources across the organization. Just the other day A Great Place to Work also released their list 2011 FORTUNE’S 100 BEST COMPANIES TO WORK FOR® which is based upon a deeper cultural audit and as far as I can see much more reliable. Their Top 5 on the Fortune list 2011 is: SAS.

Stay Tuned for Hacking User Experience

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residency program where I'm learning more about User Experience design under the mentorship of Janice Fraser (@celevergirl) and her #leanUX mafia including my friend Tim McCoy (@seriouslynow). I've spent the week hacking away on as part of the Entrepreneurship lean startup User Experience

Game driven innovation

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One of the most interesting stories is about how LEGO made an amazing turnaround some years back, and in the new spirit started to invited their customers to design and customize their own LEGO via Internet. And not just that, they also released a complete new highly interactive and flexible platform Mindstorm encouraging customers to design and develop their own LEGO-robots.

Are your users S.T.U.P.I.D?

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Applications that are not designed around the user’s workflow have to explain their conceptual model while they are being used: “where&# things are stored, how to make changes, who to send things to. In the design of the automated external defibrillator, it is assumed the user may have no knowledge of the science or training on the device, and will be using it in a chaotic, stressful environment. The frequency of use should drive design.

Using Design Thinking to Ready Your Company for the Green Economy


In 2011, EY and GreenBiz Group conducted a survey of executives employed by companies generating revenue greater than $1 billion. Why not start by using design thinking to start solving those problems? For those of you familiar with design thinking, you might already know the process associated with growing meaningful ideas and solutions. As we’ve discussed in a previous blog post, design thinking is a six-phase process that puts people in focus.

Design Thinking for the Greater Good: Innovation in the Social Sector

Innovation in Practice

Design Thinking for the Greater Good goes in depth on both the how of using new tools and the why. As a way to reframe problems, ideate solutions, and iterate toward better answers, design thinking is already well established in the commercial world. Her books include Solving Problems with Design Thinking (2013), Designing for Growth (2011), and The Designing for Growth Field Book (2013), all from Columbia University Press.

What UX Designers Need to Know about Conversion Rate Optimization

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The real problem many organizations face regarding conversion, is that content is often still considered “the stuff that goes into the design.” Putting content at center stage means changing some of the fundamental ways we think about content in the design process and how it helps conversion. This helps developers empathize with the users they’re designing for. 2011). UX Design. Integrating science into web design: Consumer-driven website optimization.

How to Create a Culture Where You Can Capitalize on Innovation

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It begins in 2011. culture Innovation Management Bayer Design Thinking innovative thinking Memphis Innovation Bootcamp merck michael graber organization Southern Growth Studio successHow to Create a Culture Where You Can Capitalize on Innovation A 2015 BEI presentation by Jay Morgan, VP Global Innovation Bayer Consumer Care Jay Morgan shared his story of how Merck Consumer Care (now Bayer Consumer Care) began its innovation journey. The story takes place in Memphis, TN.

Learning to be Innovative – Future Building’s Crucial Role in Driving Innovation Impact


An obvious example is a clue from 2011 – the public launch of Uber’s ride-sharing program in San Francisco. Many innovation programs, and some R&D teams, benefit from full-time staff who work as designated innovation scouts. Thus, for insurance and transportation firms, Uber’s early successes in 2011 – 2012 could have yielded important insights about the future of transportation, urban living, and the sharing economy. design thinking

Why We Are Entering A New Innovation Era.

Paul Hobcraft

This dramatic change we will all be undergoing will have a significant impact on organizations innovation management design and it requires new connected thinking” I believe innovation is in a need for change and is coming very quickly to a refraction point in how it’s going to be managed. Posted on September 21, 2011. Posted on August 26, 2011. Posted on July 27, 2011. Posted on July 22, 2011. Posted on July 12, 2011. Posted on July 5, 2011.

The 10 Methods of The Lean Startup

HYPE Innovation

The Lean Startup was published in 2011, yet its impact has been enormous. Author Eric Ries even defines a startup broadly as any "human institution designed to create a new product or service under conditions of extreme uncertainty." “Startup success can be engineered by following the right process, which means it can be learned, which means it can be taught.”. Companies are still getting to grips with the ideas set out in the book, most of which were not new in the first place.

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This video shows how bacteria evolve resistance to antibiotics

Idea to Value

It shows an enlarged petri dish (2ft by 4 ft), divided into nine zones with varying concentrations of antibiotics designed to kill the E-coli bacteria introduced into the least concentrated areas. The experiment was designed to see if (and how), bacteria could spread in the zone they were comfortable in, but then had to adapt when they met the boundary which would ordinarily kill each individual cell.

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Open Innovation: A Tried and True Approach


McDonald's making this kind of modern move was hardly surprising, though, as they'd seen huge success in 2011 with a German campaign called "Mein Burger," a six month competition allowing customers to invent and crowdsource new burgers online. Allowing customers to design their own burgers proved incredibly popular, so much so the concept to Create Your Taste has been taken offline and directly into stores.

How Steve Jobs predicted what would cause Apple to lose its innovative edge

Idea to Value

Apple has long been seen as one of the world’s most innovative companies, but since the passing away of Steve Jobs in 2011 it has found it much more difficult to continue innovating. Yet at the same time, the industry is beginning to criticise Apple’s ability to launch products which are truly forward thinking, or to even keep the consistent product ecosystem which made people fall in love with their design and be willing to pay a premium in the first place.

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Conceptual Models in a Nutshell

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This article explains what conceptual models are and describes the value of developing a conceptual model of a software application before designing its user interface. A conceptual model of an application is the model of the application that the designers want users to understand. Hopefully, the model that users build in their minds is close to the one the designers intended. The operative design mantra with conceptual models is: “Less is more.”.

The 8 great talks from 8 years of Union


Cesar told us about an amazing idea to use a novel and open source boat design to clean up oil spills. Date: June 2012 – Theme: Business Without Borders – Host: Method Design. Patrick presented a live demo of the brilliantly designed and executed Chirp app which uses sound to transfer data and has been used in a diverse a setting as London Fashion Week and The Royal Albert Hall. The Union Network is almost 8 years old.

71 Innovation Methodologies

Open Innovation EU

Focus stage: Maturity Published: 2011 more…. Focus stage: Early-stage Published: 2011 more…. Human-Centered Design (IDEO). Updated Model of Design Thinking. Design Thinking Process (Stanford). Focus stage: Early-stage Published: 2011 more…. Design Competitions. Focus stage: Maturity Published: 2011 more…. Design for Six Sigma (Idov). Experience Design Process (Armano). Value Proposition Design (Osterwalder).

Nine Short Innovation Lessons from Lego

Destination Innovation

They asked customers to help design new products. As recently as 2011 90% of Lego’s users were boys. Lego is now revered as one of the most innovative and successful companies in the world. But in 2003 the company was $800m in debt and on the verge of bankruptcy. The turn around in its fortunes has been spectacular. It is currently rated the number one toy company in the world and the world’s most powerful brand.

Innovation fails because humans have emotions

Idea to Value

The original process showed how an idea should first follow design thinking principles, before being turned into a solution using agile development, and finally being piloted and launched.

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Clicking Fast and Slow

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On the web, user interface design may work to either exacerbate or counteract these biases. This article will give a brief overview of the science then look at possible ways that design and implementation can be employed to support better judgements. Designing smarter rather than simpler. We know that well-presented content and organized design makes information appear more credible. New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux; 2011.

Bypass the Naysayers

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It was originally designed to store and play music. Fifty Shades of Grey is a 2011 erotic romance novel by British author E. Mickey Schulhof’s parents, both Jews, fled Hitler’s Europe in 1939 and settled in Long Island. Mickey was a brilliant student and gained a doctorate in physics from Brandeis University in 1970 before joining CBS to work in their music records division.

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The Book that Took 9 Years to Publish

Stephen Shapiro

March 2011: I submitted the final manuscript to Penguin for Best Practices are Stupid. April 2011: Almost immediately after submitting the manuscript, I conceived the concept of a “Challenge Toolkit.” May 2011: I created a spreadsheet cataloging a number of lenses.

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How the current patent system actually hurts innovation (and how patent trolls are being fought)

Idea to Value

But the biggest change to the system came in 2011, with the America Invents Act. Take the story of Dr Troy Norred , who invented a new design for a heart stent which stayed in place using larger surface area, instead of damaging sutures or glue. He was awarded a patent for his design in 2002, and then spent several years trying to get licensing agreements or investors to monetise his idea.

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Innovation Lessons from the Master, Steve Jobs

Destination Innovation

Jobs worked with designer Jonathan Ive to develop a stunning sequence of new product blockbusters: the iMac, iTunes, Apple Stores, the iPod, the iTunes Store, the iPhone, the App Store, and the iPad. He empowered his team to design something radical and they did. Jobs was diagnosed with a pancreatic tumour in 2003 and after a long struggle he died in October 2011. Steve Jobs was adopted at birth in 1955. He grew up in California.

The Founder, Innovation On Film

Gregg Fraley

The Founder , starring Michael Keaton as McDonald’s founder Ray Kroc , is the best film about innovation since Moneyball in 2011. All this done 40 years before Design Thinking! Discuss prototyping, design thinking, inexpensive testing, idea refinement. Michael Keaton as Ray Kroc in The Founder. The Founder, Lessons in Innovation. Between the two of them there is enough marvelously illustrated content to teach a masters course in innovation.

Dr. Alison McMillan

Innovation 360 Group

She is also a part-time Professor in Aerospace Technology at Wrexham Glyndwr University, working with research students on problems ranging from space applications, MEMS design, inspection techniques, manufacturing processing and machine maintenance management. She previously worked at Rolls-Royce plc, between 1997 and 2011, where she developed capability acquisition plans and lead research programmes. Machine component stress analysis, and design optimization.

Creating Innovation Connections as the Customer Advocate


Bezos took a strong stand that the company must not create a business strategy designed only to protect their existing business when their customers clearly wanted something else. They did just that, and by 2011, e-books sales surpassed sales of print books. In fact, by April 2011, Amazon became the world’s largest e-book retailer. As the customer advocate, you work closely with employees to keep customers at the forefront of innovation.

Innovation Metrics session at Innov8rs Madrid

Innovation 360 Group

Since 2011, we have hosted intimate, immersive and impactful gatherings (previously as Intrapreneurship Conference) for corporate innovators to understand how other companies are doing it, experiment with new methods and tools, and learn essential skills. Our events are designed for you to connect and collaborate with people in similar roles chasing similar objectives facing similar challenges –folks your wish they had more of at your company. INNOVATION METRICS AT INNOV8RS, MADRID.

Alison McMillan, PhD

Innovation 360

She is also a part-time Professor in Aerospace Technology at Wrexham Glyndwr University, working with research students on problems ranging from space applications, MEMS design, inspection techniques, manufacturing processing and machine maintenance management. She previously worked at Rolls-Royce plc, between 1997 and 2011, where she developed capability acquisition plans and lead research programmes. Machine component stress analysis, and design optimization.

11 Paradoxes of Entrepreneurial Thinking: why entrepreneurship can hardly be taught

Open Innovation EU

Corbett & Katz, 2012; Neck & Greene, 2011): The authors argue that are five different practices of educating entrepreneurship: Practice of play: ‘the skill of play frees the imagination, opens up our minds to a wealth of opportunities and possibilities, and helps us to be more innovative as entrepreneurs’ (Neck, Neck, & Murray, 2017). Practice of Creativity: can be taught using creative techniques and methods such as design thinking (Neck et al., Lewin, 2011).

Options-based Strategy: An Approach for Uncertain Times

The Inovo Group

By 2011, they had several established stores in the Washington DC area and were ready to expand. In 2011, customers were saying “Wow. The founders of Sweetgreen had a robust Today-for-Today strategy designed for the intense competition in fast-casual dining.

Typology for Innovative Organizations

Open Innovation EU

It has been a while since Henry Mintzberg developed his influential work that made us aware of the importance of structures in organization design. To my opinion, Mintzberg’s work was a refreshing change to the world of organization design that until then has been largely influenced by Taylor’s Scientific Management Approach and Henry Ford’s efficiency-based adaptation of that. Structures are no longer of primary focus in design organizations. 2011).

Simon Hill shortlisted for The TechXLR8 2020 Tech Leader of the Year Award


Through its core product, Idea Spotlight, the business embraces the principles of design thinking and challenge lead innovation, to help its clients crowdsource ideas from anywhere. Wazoku is a tech company with a big mission – To Change the World, One idea at a time.

Our inabilities to adapt needs changing.

Paul Hobcraft

According to a survey by McKinsey in 2011, 72% of our transformation programs fail to deliver on their original targets. This does require a transformation of how we design, structure and bring together all the relevant part of the innovation process. I was reading an interesting article from LEADing Practice® posted on the iGrafx site who offers a set of process design, analysis, optimization and management capabilities.

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What is Lean Innovation? Components and Examples

Moves the Needle

And in practice, we combine three important ideas: design thinking, Lean Startup, and agile methodology. What is Design Thinking? Design thinking is a way of problem solving that evolved out of applying the scientific method to the process of design. In this way, lean innovation and design thinking go hand in hand. When designing something, (ie: a technology, a product, a marketing material…) it is paramount to keep the needs of the end user in mind.

Innovation Insights from Jeff Bezos and Amazon

Destination Innovation

Sales leapt from half a million dollars in 1995 to $17 billion in 2011. But Amazon had no experience or competence in electronic product design or manufacture. As a boy brought up in Florida, Jeff Bezos developed a keen interest in computers. He graduated from Princeton in 1986 with a degree in computer science and electrical engineering.