Alignment Diagrams

Boxes and Arrows

Unlike outcomes from other types of research, such as marketing studies or usability tests, alignment diagrams do not change very quickly. 8] Booz & Co, “Executives Say They’re Pulled in Too Many Directions and That Their Company’s Capabilities Don’t Support Their Strategy,&# (Feb 2011). Did you ever get bounced around between departments when interacting with a company or service?

Extend your market making more profit with Social Innovations

Innovation 360

According to Janson there are five key drivers for social capitalism and capital market. Enter new markets through backdoor channels. The post Extend your market making more profit with Social Innovations appeared first on Home of Innovation.


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Starting a StartupWeekend in 9 Days of Chaos

Grasshopper Herder

Entrepreneurship Finding Co-Founders lean startup Marketing startup startupweekendFor the past 7 days I've been working round the clock to organize and promote a StartupWeekend in San Jose. It start in two days. A ridiculous and ill advised timeline.


The world’s best company to work for

Innovation 360 Group

Just the other day A Great Place to Work also released their list 2011 FORTUNE’S 100 BEST COMPANIES TO WORK FOR® which is based upon a deeper cultural audit and as far as I can see much more reliable. Their Top 5 on the Fortune list 2011 is: SAS. Wegmans Food Markets. Today Hey Group release their Global Top 20 companies for leadership, top five at the list was: General Electric. Procter & Gamble. Intel Corporation. Siemens. Banco Santander.

Green Innovation – wash or reality?

Innovation 360 Group

Or is it possible that it really might exist a long term market opportunity here? It is a lot of buzz about green innovations and much talk about potential green washing. And we have seen it all before with pink washing and white washing. To understand whether green innovation is washing or not the question to ask is why it exists. To cover up? To gain short term winnings? To move the focus away from other issues?

Combating Four Innovation Lies

Innovation 360

This is a very useful way of verifying the real need and according to my experience also to be combined with testing the market with different versions of the idea, of different markets and different prices will do the job even better. Last Friday we could read an interesting blog post by Scott Anthony. It was about four typical innovation pitfalls. Great article , and I like to comment upon it.

One big open innovation square dance…

Innovation 360

Another interesting innovation observation is that there seems to be a dualistic relationship between profitability and innovation; characterized by kind of market structure. However, if there is an oligopoly , i.e. few players who compete in the market space, innovations tend to very quickly imitated by competitors, sometimes even gets launched before, often leading to long-term reduction in profitability as research and development budgets get astronomically high.

How increased interest open opportunities for countries like Sweden

Innovation 360

First of all, we can compete on the global market with high tech production, skilled operators and industrial knowledge workers. Internally within the EU market there is an opportunity for entrepreneurs here; Supply and development of global talents, training, R&D, as well as building and developing infrastructure.

Innovation: What's New?

Bill Fischer

Innovation is all about creating "the new", but if you hang around innovators long enough you begin to get the feeling that while lots of "new" things are being brought to market, innovators continue to use "old" approaches to do this! Recently, however, Arthur D. Little published a study on

Study 40

Does the Stock Market Inhibit Innovation?

Destination Innovation

His conclusion is that these results suggest that the transition to public equity markets leads firms to reposition their R&D investments toward more conventional and safer projects. Going Public: How Stock Market Listing Changes Firm Innovation Behaviour is a 2015 paper by Simon Wies of Goethe University, Frankfurt and Christine Moorman of Duke University. They compared 207 consumer goods companies and a sample of over 40,000 new products between 1980 and 2011.

Schools Kill Creativity

Gregg Fraley

So, when you go to hire a new engineer, marketer, or even a top salesperson, you’re going to have a difficult time finding one who is fully creative — and you’ll not get the innovative results you’re looking for.

Top 100 Innovation Articles of 2019

Innovation Excellence

Building upon the success of Braden Kelley’s Blogging Innovation, we launched Innovation Excellence on August 1, 2011 and so 2019 was our eighth full year of operations.

Why We Are Entering A New Innovation Era.

Paul Hobcraft

Increasingly we are seeing a growing dissatisfaction on the impact that innovation is having; in growth, in returns, in market and customer impact. Posted on September 21, 2011. Posted on August 26, 2011. Posted on July 27, 2011. Posted on July 22, 2011. Posted on July 12, 2011. Posted on July 5, 2011. Posted on April 13, 2011. Posted on February 13, 2011. Posted on February 12, 2011. Posted on February 7, 2011.

Top 100 Innovation Articles of 2018

Innovation Excellence

Building upon the success of Braden Kelley’s Blogging Innovation, we launched Innovation Excellence on August 1, 2011 and so 2018 was our seventh full year of operations. Innovation Leadership Management marketing News Social Media Strategy Top 10 2018 articles best of Entrepreneurship Lists Most Popular Process tools Top 100

Overcome the Customer’s Concern – Transfer the Risk

Destination Innovation

Once they gained this insight Hyundai decided on a daring marketing strategy. Hyundai saw its share of the US automobile market rise from 3.0 Source Automotive News May 2011 ). The lesson for marketers is to keep asking ‘why? ‘ Marketing assurance automotive news gurantee hyundai overcome concerns transfer the riskDuring the economic depression which followed the financial crash of 2009 car sales slumped across America.

Bypass the Naysayers

Destination Innovation

If the main route to market for your great innovation is blocked by naysayers committed to current products and methods, you should ask – who benefits most from this? Fifty Shades of Grey is a 2011 erotic romance novel by British author E. When we launched CDs, we did no market surveys and hired no consultants. We invested $100 million developing the technology and building a factory before the first CD player was put on the market.

Survey 133

3 Ways To Join The Direct-To-Consumer Subscription Revolution

Innovation Excellence

In fact, the online subscription service market has grown by more than 100 percent year-on-year for the past five years, jumping from $57 million in sales in 2011 to more than $2.6 Direct-To-Customer Subscription The Direct-To-Consumer subscription model is booming. billion in 2016 (McKinsey & Company). Why Now? A conflation of factors are fuelling the. Business Models Innovation brand stretch direct to consumer DTC

Creative Strategy Formula – Snickers and Lead, Copy, Swerve, Integrate, Go


In 2011, Diet Coke switched its logo placement on cans, expanding the primary logo beyond the can’s surface, resulting in a partial representation of the logo. When translated into a simplified creative strategy formula, you can consider ways your brand could use a comparable formula to develop a new creative strategy: Is there a creative idea out in a market comparable to yours that is gaining attention and buzz that you could copy ?

This video shows how bacteria evolve resistance to antibiotics

Idea to Value

Senior study investigator Roy Kishony, of HMS and Technion, had seen a digital billboard advertising the 2011 film “Contagion,” a grim narrative about a deadly viral pandemic. The marketing tool was built using a giant lab dish to show hordes of painted, glowing microbes creeping slowly across a dark backdrop to spell out the title of the movie. One of the most pressing concerns in medical innovation is how to address the problem of bacteria becoming resistant to antibiotics.

Video 188

Seven Companies That Failed to Innovate and What Happened to Them


These seven companies lost out on entering major new markets, got acquired by competitors, or accumulated billions on bad bets, all by failing to innovate or grasp the value of their innovations.

Life Lessons – 30 Things My Dad Taught Me


The list originated on Twitter in 2011 in response to a hashtag floating around at the time. Brainzooming - All Posts Collaboration Creativity Implementation Marketing Performance Strategic Thinking Strategy ToolsFollowing up yesterday’s update about my dad’s unexpected death (and don’t worry not EVERY post hereafter will be about my father), I wanted to share this list of thirty things #MyDadTaughtMe.

eBook 56

Why Tesla Could Be the Next Apple – and Put a Hurt On Exxon

Adam Hartung

In a market of 95million barrels per day production, electric cars made a difference of 25,000 to 70,000 barrels of lost consumption; ~.05%. Markets that did not exist for mobile products 10 years ago are now huge. When markets shift, they often shift a lot faster than anyone predicts. He should have used as his comparison Chipotle, which I predicted would be a huge winner in 2011. Market shifts are never predicted by incumbents, or those who watch history.

How Steve Jobs predicted what would cause Apple to lose its innovative edge

Idea to Value

Apple has long been seen as one of the world’s most innovative companies, but since the passing away of Steve Jobs in 2011 it has found it much more difficult to continue innovating. In companies like this, the people who appear to be bringing the most benefit to the company are the ones making the most money from the product, which are the Sales & Marketing people, and therefore these are the people who get promoted.

Video 135

PokeMon Go – How Nintendo Beat Microsoft and Sony With an End Run

Adam Hartung

By 2011 Nintendo sale were down to 11.6m Even though both were unprofitable at the business, neither was ready to concede the market. Nintendo was becoming a market afterthought. Meanwhile, back in 2009 Nintendo had 70% of the handheld gaming market with its 3DS product. The market for handheld games pretty much disappeared, dealing Nintendo another blow. Both companies did little to address the growing market for mobile gaming.

Michael Brunner is Named Honoree in Pittsburgh’s 2020 Smart 50 Awards


1991: Michael saw the value in big data before it was big and made Brunner’s first acquisition, a database marketing firm . 2005: H e acquired a creative boutique agency in Atlanta to provide a foothold in one of the nation’s strongest business markets . 2011: Michael helped launch BHiveLab, an in-house technology incubator that has become a thought-leader throughout the industry .

Bigger Is Not Always Better – Why Amazon Is Worth More than Walmart

Adam Hartung

Since 2011, its revenues have grown unevenly, and on average less than 4%/year. And worse, the market is shifting away from WalMart’s huge, plentiful stores toward on-line shopping. And the key to understanding why this is deadly to Walmart and other big traditional retailers is understanding that all Amazon (and its brethren on line) need to do is chip away at a few percentage points of the market. Market shifts are a bit like earthquakes.

A $7.6B Write-off Plus Layoffs Is Never a Good Sign Microsoft

Adam Hartung

Because between 2011 and 2013 Nokia had already lost half its market share. Why would any developer build an app for a Windows phone, when almost the entire market was iOS or Android? And there was no doubt that Windows 8 had missed the mobile market. Only we continue to see that the market is wildly indifferent to Windows 10 and hybrids. Less than 5% market share. It wasn’t a technology prediction, it was a market prediction.

Nine Short Innovation Lessons from Lego

Destination Innovation

David Gram, Head of Marketing at Lego’s Future Lab, said, “We only develop the few key features that are really needed. We throw it into the market and get feedback from consumers.”. As recently as 2011 90% of Lego’s users were boys. In a brilliant stroke of marketing Lego licensed Star Wars characters and vehicles. Lego is now revered as one of the most innovative and successful companies in the world.

The Book that Took 9 Years to Publish

Stephen Shapiro

March 2011: I submitted the final manuscript to Penguin for Best Practices are Stupid. April 2011: Almost immediately after submitting the manuscript, I conceived the concept of a “Challenge Toolkit.” May 2011: I created a spreadsheet cataloging a number of lenses.

Video 82

Learning to be Innovative – Future Building’s Crucial Role in Driving Innovation Impact


Nearly all of their brands were struggling with stagnant or declining market share. Each clue is a piece of information that illuminates an emerging trend – nascent shifts in consumer’s behaviors or values, cutting edge scientific or technology developments, VC investment patterns, industry news coverage, investment disclosures, partnership announcements, market launches, public research findings, etc. [This blog post was reproduced from an original paper on Future Building.

The 3 Most Common Questions about Idea Management Software


I’ve been with IdeaScale since 2011. Though much has changed on our tool and in the innovation space, these questions are just as prevalent as they were in 2011. Seed reports, “Some people struggle to coordinate with marketing to get branding and communications plans set up. I’ve been on thousands of prospect calls. In 2017 I’m talking through the same concerns as I was 6 years ago.

Innovation Lessons from the Master, Steve Jobs

Destination Innovation

At the age of 21 Jobs founded Apple with Steve Wozniak in order to market the Apple I personal computer. They eschewed the keyboard as used by the then market leaders Blackberry and Nokia. The Apple iPhone was launched in 2007 and became the market leader in the mobile phone market. Jobs was diagnosed with a pancreatic tumour in 2003 and after a long struggle he died in October 2011. Steve Jobs was adopted at birth in 1955. He grew up in California.

Amazon Didn’t Kill JCPenney. This Did.


Then the economy started to recover around 2011. What happened in 2011 that held at JCPenney back while others started to recover? In 2011, the CEO of JCPenney stepped down and Ron Johnson – one of the people most responsible for the Apple Store – took over to revitalize the company. He rebranded the company to look for a younger market. The people who were popping into JCPenney in 2011 to “treasure hunt” were their target market.

Strategic foresight: learning from Steve Jobs

Norbert Bol

Joining partnership with Microsoft, made it possible for Apple to expand and diversify its markets and improve their products. Steve Job’s Apple iPad 2 keynote speech, special event, March 2011. This speech was one of his last before his death in October 2011. .

How the current patent system actually hurts innovation (and how patent trolls are being fought)

Idea to Value

But the biggest change to the system came in 2011, with the America Invents Act. Sometimes much larger changes, or new products which define a market. One of the most common questions I get asked when talking to companies about their issues with innovation is “how do we prevent someone stealing our ideas? Should we get them all patented?” ” Unfortunately, the answer to that isn’t so simple.

System 124

11 Paradoxes of Entrepreneurial Thinking: why entrepreneurship can hardly be taught

Open Innovation EU

Whereas Schumpeter describes an entrepreneur as disequilibrative – destroying the pre-existing stage of the equilibrium ((Kirzner, 1999) – Kirzner chooses to describe the role of the entrepreneur as more equilibrative – entrepreneurs systematically displace disruptive conditions in order to create stabilized market conditions (Kirzner, 1999). Klein & Bullock, 2006; Lewin, 2011; Von Mises, 1949). Koppl, 2008; Lewin, 2011). Lewin, 2011). 2011). 2011).

Micro-moments: discover what your user wants at every moment of their journey


The resemblance to marketing and sales funnels is no coincidence. In 2011, Google defined the online decision-making moment as the Zero Moment of Truth or ZMOT, for short. Here we can witness the massive benefit of geo-marketing and advertising strategies. “I The consumer journey has been fragmented with the consolidation of the digital marketplace and the mobile experience boom. Since then, we have witnessed a fundamental transformation in consumption.

Our inabilities to adapt needs changing.

Paul Hobcraft

According to a survey by McKinsey in 2011, 72% of our transformation programs fail to deliver on their original targets. This is where innovation needs to go to counter the fundamental shifts going on in our markets, to really drive and thrive in an increasing hostile environment. Adapting the business model to the needs and desires of the market. These are often highly unique to individual circumstances, individual organizations and their market conditions and position.

Change 196

Innovation by numbers: Lessons to learn from the CIA and Netflix

Innovation 360 Group

Back in 2011, we were wondering how to develop the first hypothesis in the large and very complex assignments we were undertaking. Last year the CIA released to the public nearly 470,000 additional files recovered in the May 2011 raid on Usama Bin Ladin’s compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan. How we take insights to the innovation management market. We decided to look at other trades and industries to see how they approached complex tasks.

Innovation in the Automotive Industry


Automotive manufacturers, companies in the automotive supply chain, and technology startups eyeing the automotive market need to understand the innovations that are taking place today – and those that will take place tomorrow. We have examined the innovations in the first category: the technologies and solutions the car manufacturers are investing in to bring autonomous cars to market, to increase safety, and to enhance the driver and passenger experience.

The Ultimate Corporate Co-Creation Tool: Venture Building


Since 2011, venture builders have contributed to creating around 15% companies around the world. Once they come up with an interesting solution, they prepare the Go-To-Market strategy (GTM) and they start growing the product and the company. There was a market gap?—?and

Tools 52

Simon Hill shortlisted for The TechXLR8 2020 Tech Leader of the Year Award


Furthermore, the partnership gives Wazoku an additional springboard in the US market, and delivers a true one-stop shop for innovation to the marketplace. Wazoku is a tech company with a big mission – To Change the World, One idea at a time.

Innovation Insights from Jeff Bezos and Amazon

Destination Innovation

Sales leapt from half a million dollars in 1995 to $17 billion in 2011. In 2014 Amazon entered the smartphone market with the release of the Fire Phone. He wanted to own that segment of the market too and to prevent a competitor from seizing it. It was attractively priced and scooped the market. As a boy brought up in Florida, Jeff Bezos developed a keen interest in computers.