Green Innovation – wash or reality?

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Or is it possible that it really might exist a long term market opportunity here? Or as with hybrid cars; which most likely increases the demand of green cars (now and in the future) but at the same time, considering the complete revolution and present technology, probably is worse for the environment then using the best available traditional technology. It is a lot of buzz about green innovations and much talk about potential green washing.

How Technology is Empowering the Modern Property Manager

Business and Tech

Elizabeth Francisco, president of ResMan, offers expansive insights from being a woman in business to the rapid advancement of property management technology. How were you able to navigate the vast differences between property management and running a technology company?


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One big open innovation square dance…

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Another interesting innovation observation is that there seems to be a dualistic relationship between profitability and innovation; characterized by kind of market structure. However, if there is an oligopoly , i.e. few players who compete in the market space, innovations tend to very quickly imitated by competitors, sometimes even gets launched before, often leading to long-term reduction in profitability as research and development budgets get astronomically high.

One big open innovation square dance…

Innovation 360

Another interesting innovation observation is that there seems to be a dualistic relationship between profitability and innovation; characterized by kind of market structure. However, if there is an oligopoly , i.e. few players who compete in the market space, innovations tend to very quickly imitated by competitors, sometimes even gets launched before, often leading to long-term reduction in profitability as research and development budgets get astronomically high.

Why We Are Entering A New Innovation Era.

Paul Hobcraft

Increasingly we are seeing a growing dissatisfaction on the impact that innovation is having; in growth, in returns, in market and customer impact. As new digital technology dawns for innovation. Posted on September 21, 2011. Posted on August 26, 2011. Posted on July 27, 2011. Posted on July 22, 2011. Posted on July 12, 2011. Posted on July 5, 2011. Posted on April 13, 2011. Posted on February 13, 2011.

Bypass the Naysayers

Destination Innovation

If the main route to market for your great innovation is blocked by naysayers committed to current products and methods, you should ask – who benefits most from this? Fifty Shades of Grey is a 2011 erotic romance novel by British author E. When we launched CDs, we did no market surveys and hired no consultants. We invested $100 million developing the technology and building a factory before the first CD player was put on the market.

Survey 156


Technology Created

How relevant is a world where technology was so weak, so non-integrated? What about a student of technology? Why would it be important to dig into events such as the introduction of the Model A by Henry Ford in 1927 or the failure of IBM to react to Microsoft’s entry into the PC market in the early 1980’s? Why would they simply not be able to more effectively and easily move to a new market and opportunity as they occur? Newsweek (March 20, 2011), [link]. [2]

Business Model Innovation Basics Series - Part 2: Why Business Model Innovation Matters

The BMI Lab Blog

However, a business model shouldn’t be innovated or improved ad-hoc in a “one-and-done” fashion – instead due to its importance and the dynamic changing market conditions it should be updated and checked continuously on a regular basis. 2011). 2011). 2011).

Innovation in the Automotive Industry


The automotive industry is undergoing massive technological and social change. Automotive manufacturers, companies in the automotive supply chain, and technology startups eyeing the automotive market need to understand the innovations that are taking place today – and those that will take place tomorrow. By having an accurate picture of the state of innovation, these companies can better assess and incorporate new technologies into the long-term business and product strategy.

Digital transformation – the need to transform our innovation approaches

Paul Hobcraft

McKinsey in 2011 identified that 72% of transformation programs fail to deliver on their targets so there is an awful lot of thinking, planning and working through any transformation to make sure you end up with the 28% of the success stories. Digital disruption is the impact of digital technologies and business models on a company’s value proposition and market position. Let me finish on one example already successfully working in today’s market.

#2,051 – 2021 Breakthrough Nominee: vTubers

Greatest. Idea. Ever.

As Polygon puts it: “Content creators using representational avatars is not, in itself, a particularly new phenomena, though the mutations in technology arguably are. vlogger Ami Yamato, who launched her YouTube channel in late 2011. Media Technology

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Why Tesla Could Be the Next Apple – and Put a Hurt On Exxon

Adam Hartung

In a market of 95million barrels per day production, electric cars made a difference of 25,000 to 70,000 barrels of lost consumption; ~.05%. Markets that did not exist for mobile products 10 years ago are now huge. When markets shift, they often shift a lot faster than anyone predicts. He should have used as his comparison Chipotle, which I predicted would be a huge winner in 2011. Market shifts are never predicted by incumbents, or those who watch history.

How Steve Jobs predicted what would cause Apple to lose its innovative edge

Idea to Value

Apple has long been seen as one of the world’s most innovative companies, but since the passing away of Steve Jobs in 2011 it has found it much more difficult to continue innovating. In the video, Jobs talks about the time he made a deal with Xerox to get an inside look at the technologies they were working on in the late 1970s, where Jobs first saw a working example of a graphical user interface using a mouse and menus.

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Michael Brunner is Named Honoree in Pittsburgh’s 2020 Smart 50 Awards


1991: Michael saw the value in big data before it was big and made Brunner’s first acquisition, a database marketing firm . 2005: H e acquired a creative boutique agency in Atlanta to provide a foothold in one of the nation’s strongest business markets . 2011: Michael helped launch BHiveLab, an in-house technology incubator that has become a thought-leader throughout the industry .

Bitcoin’s Highs and Lows: Where to Next?

Daniel Burrus

Cryptocurrency uses peer-to-peer technology, similar to the file-sharing technology of the early 2000s. A single Bitcoin is today valued at $8,204 , while the market cap is now at $145.66 Cryptocurrencies are here to stay, including the underlying technology (blockchain) that enables them to function. Litecoin, for example, was launched back in 2011 on the same blockchain as Bitcoin and was meant to improve it.

PokeMon Go – How Nintendo Beat Microsoft and Sony With an End Run

Adam Hartung

By 2011 Nintendo sale were down to 11.6m Even though both were unprofitable at the business, neither was ready to concede the market. Nintendo was becoming a market afterthought. Meanwhile, back in 2009 Nintendo had 70% of the handheld gaming market with its 3DS product. The market for handheld games pretty much disappeared, dealing Nintendo another blow. Both companies did little to address the growing market for mobile gaming.

Why Zoom Won and Skype Lost

Linda Bernardi

Microsoft had high hopes when they purchased Skype at a very high price in 2011. Or, they did not anticipate how large this market was? Instead, MS stood by and saw this market go by. Brand Business Model Connected World Culture TechnologySkype has been around for decades.

A $7.6B Write-off Plus Layoffs Is Never a Good Sign Microsoft

Adam Hartung

Because between 2011 and 2013 Nokia had already lost half its market share. Why would any developer build an app for a Windows phone, when almost the entire market was iOS or Android? And there was no doubt that Windows 8 had missed the mobile market. Only we continue to see that the market is wildly indifferent to Windows 10 and hybrids. The entrenched sellers of old technology always think a hybrid is a good idea. Less than 5% market share.

Learning to be Innovative – Future Building’s Crucial Role in Driving Innovation Impact


Nearly all of their brands were struggling with stagnant or declining market share. Each clue is a piece of information that illuminates an emerging trend – nascent shifts in consumer’s behaviors or values, cutting edge scientific or technology developments, VC investment patterns, industry news coverage, investment disclosures, partnership announcements, market launches, public research findings, etc. [This blog post was reproduced from an original paper on Future Building.

The Book that Took 9 Years to Publish

Stephen Shapiro

March 2011: I submitted the final manuscript to Penguin for Best Practices are Stupid. It covered a wide range of topics related to innovation: strategy, organization structures, measures, technology, and more. May 2011: I created a spreadsheet cataloging a number of lenses.

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Innovation Lessons from the Master, Steve Jobs

Destination Innovation

The marriage of aesthetics and technology became his life-long obsession. At the age of 21 Jobs founded Apple with Steve Wozniak in order to market the Apple I personal computer. They eschewed the keyboard as used by the then market leaders Blackberry and Nokia. The Apple iPhone was launched in 2007 and became the market leader in the mobile phone market. Jobs was diagnosed with a pancreatic tumour in 2003 and after a long struggle he died in October 2011.

Strategic foresight: learning from Steve Jobs

Norbert Bol

Joining partnership with Microsoft, made it possible for Apple to expand and diversify its markets and improve their products. Drawing on the companies past experiences of struggle to compete against companies with more modern technologies, this speech discusses why they are partnering up with Microsoft. Steve Job’s Apple iPad 2 keynote speech, special event, March 2011. This speech was one of his last before his death in October 2011. .

How the current patent system actually hurts innovation (and how patent trolls are being fought)

Idea to Value

Originally, patents had a simple purpose: By filing a patent, an inventor or company showed how their new technology worked, in exchange for legal protection for the duration of the patent. The companies benefited by being able to attack anyone trying to copy their technology exactly (allowing them to exploit it) or by using it as a licensing tool (to benefit from other people using it through a contract). Sometimes much larger changes, or new products which define a market.

System 114

Is Innovation in pharma broken?

The Future Shapers

Having an excellent R&D process and achieving market success with the technologies invented are two distinct things. Oversimplifying, R&D can be viewed as the process of converting financial resources into ideas and technologies, while innovation is the process of converting ideas and technologies back into money through business modelling and experimentation. The new technologies available in this day and age have a two-fold impact on the pharma industry.

Our inabilities to adapt needs changing.

Paul Hobcraft

According to a survey by McKinsey in 2011, 72% of our transformation programs fail to deliver on their original targets. This requires technology to be central to this different thinking, alongside a radical shift in how we see innovation. This is where innovation needs to go to counter the fundamental shifts going on in our markets, to really drive and thrive in an increasing hostile environment. Adapting the business model to the needs and desires of the market.

Change 196

Simon Hill shortlisted for The TechXLR8 2020 Tech Leader of the Year Award


This capability and network will be integrated with Wazoku’s technology to create the world’s most comprehensive and powerful innovation platform and community, allowing the crowdsourcing of solutions to the most pressing of challenges.

CFP: 3D Printing Conference in Paris, June 1

Open Innovation

Transitioning 3D Printing from Niche to Mainstream Markets Research Workshop | École Polytechnique | Paris 1 June 2018 Conference chairs: ThierryRayna (École Polytechnique), Joel West (KGI), Frank Piller (RWTH Aachen) See website and call for papers The potential economic impacts of 3D printing (or “additive manufacturing”) have attracted considerable attention in recent years. 2016), and market structure (Weller et al.,

The Global StartUp Ecosystem

Paul Hobcraft

The report establishes the criteria that drive the startup ecosystem in a ranking methodology of Performance (30%), Funding (25%), Market Reach (20%), Startup Experience (15%) and Talent (10%). StartUp Genome has been building and improving this report journey since 2011 and progressively we all will get ‘weaned’ off the idea that successful startups can only happen in Silicon Valley as the must go and do pilgrimage all aspiring entrepreneurs and start-ups must visit.

Report 124

Innovation by numbers: Lessons to learn from the CIA and Netflix

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Back in 2011, we were wondering how to develop the first hypothesis in the large and very complex assignments we were undertaking. Last year the CIA released to the public nearly 470,000 additional files recovered in the May 2011 raid on Usama Bin Ladin’s compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan. How we take insights to the innovation management market. We decided to look at other trades and industries to see how they approached complex tasks.

Why Software Won’t Eat The World

Innovation Excellence

In 2011, technology pioneer Marc Andreessen declared that software is eating the world. Yet even as real value was being created and fabulous new technology businesses prospered, an underlying myth began to take hold.

The Life Sciences Industry: Decision Making from Batch to Continuum


In developed markets, governments are restricting the freedom to price new drugs. Technology is also playing spoilsport to the breakthrough party. PWC in its 18 th global CEO survey reports that 50% of Pharma CEOs were concerned about the speed of technological change, up from 32% in the previous year. Innoplexus started a journey in 2011 to use AI to completely automate this process. The life science industry is close to a significant transformation.

PayPal, Facebook, Shell Oil and Nokia: Antibodies, Part 5 of 6

Innovation 360 Group

This early leader in financial technology launched in 1998 as Field Link, a company that developed encryption software for palm pilots. The market wasn’t ready for that and palm pilots were not long for this world. An investigation of the external market revealed that e-commerce, which was just an emerging technology at the time, lacked an easy way for customers to pay for online purchases.

What is Lean Innovation? Components and Examples

Moves the Needle

Methods are needed that focus on the customer experience, allow us to adapt to new information, and help us make decisions based on market-based evidence. When designing something, (ie: a technology, a product, a marketing material…) it is paramount to keep the needs of the end user in mind. The idea was conceived by Eric Ries and brought to life in his book The Lean Startup back in 2011. Think of a product that didn’t perform in the market as you expected.

Micro-moments: discover what your user wants at every moment of their journey


The resemblance to marketing and sales funnels is no coincidence. In 2011, Google defined the online decision-making moment as the Zero Moment of Truth or ZMOT, for short. Here we can witness the massive benefit of geo-marketing and advertising strategies. “I Confira o post: Micro-moments: discover what your user wants at every moment of their journey em MJV Technology & Innovation.

Discovering the Trends of Tomorrow with AI


Many companies nowadays face the challenge of drawing the right conclusions and implementing them from a variety of technologies, trends, and innovations which are difficult to comprehend. and "Where is the market heading?

The Wheel of Innovation: Lessons learned from >1,000 companies and 62 countries

Innovation 360 Group

Aligning strategy, leadership style, culture, capabilities and competences is the key to success in building an innovative and sustainable business in today’s ever changing market context. Based on Penker (2011). . The reason for innovating can be to follow the market, satisfy needs not satisfied at the moment as well as using technology to make something possible that was not possible before. It is typically based on sales innovation (see below) and market innovation.

Innovation – Is it all just a game of Jeopardy?


The pace of change across most industries, driven by new technology and more open, collaborative and transparent ways of working, means we are all in potential jeopardy. Watson was created as a question answering (QA) computing system that IBM built to apply advanced natural language processing (NLP), information retrieval, knowledge representation, automated reasoning, and machine learning technologies to the field of open domain question answering.

Typology for Innovative Organizations

Open Innovation EU

New generations, societal change, sustainable goals and disruptive technology require organizations to be much more flexible, self-reinventing organisms that don’t fit above-mentioned design principles. This model is drawn upon a combination of Quinn & Cameron’s values framework (2011) and Nagji and Tuff’s innovation ambition framework (2012). 2015, Christensen, 2011, Birkinshaw & Gibson, 2004, Kelley, 2005). 2011). 2011).

The Ultimate Corporate Co-Creation Tool: Venture Building


Since 2011, venture builders have contributed to creating around 15% companies around the world. Once they come up with an interesting solution, they prepare the Go-To-Market strategy (GTM) and they start growing the product and the company. There was a market gap?—?and

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Using ‘innovation’ as a catch all word is dangerous

The Future Shapers

What the CEO wanted to see were use cases around the application of drone technology and virtual reality. They want to improve existing capabilities in existing markets. Already in 2011 Gorilla Glass was found in 200 million devices , roughly 20% of the handsets in the world at that time. They are called disruptive because they disrupt the current market behaviour. A technological disruption like blockchain is a complex problem.

Do You Want To Make A Point Or Do You Want To Make A Difference?

Innovation Excellence

Markets have also failed us. Technology and globalization have failed us. On September 17, 2011, #Occupy Wall Street took over Zuccotti Park, in the heart of the financial district in Lower Manhattan. In October 2011, at the height of the protests, the civil rights legend, Congressman John Lewis showed up at an #Occupy rally in Atlanta and asked to speak. I recently took part in an online open forum for thought leaders.

Digital Ethnography: qualitative research technique evaluates users in the online environment


Related to communication studies with approaches to consumption, marketing, and studies of fan communities. (…). Some authors use it as a term related to applied internet marketing research, related to the question of metrics and audiences of the sites, mainly in discussion environments (…) Like netnography, webnography is also used for research academic and marketing. Porto Alegre: Sulina, 2011).

Networks, Communities, Ecosystems and Platforms

Open Innovation

Two-Sided Markets are not Platforms Van Alstyne and West I started my trip at the Marshall Van Alstyne and Geoff Parker conference at Boston University, which they dub the Platform Strategy Research Symposium. It was somewhat of a misnomer, as most of the economists who visited the conference (although not the hosts) took “platform” as a synonym for “two-sided market.” All of these are two-sided markets: Microsoft convinces gamers and game writers to join the platforms.