Brands In Memoriam 2012


I invite those dear friends who offered their suggestions to include them in the comments below—as well as anyone else who can see what is certain to end badly—as internal politics and stagnating ideas cause those who should know better to obscure the mandate of leadership.

Debate Takeaways Tallied Tactfully


For some reason, the debate struck me as the ultimate competitive sales call, where rather than entering a prospective client’s office before or after your potential competitor, you had to handle the sales call in tandem. Business Leadership Politics authenticity Debate extemporaneous nonpartisan Obama Presidential Debates Romney sales call zingers


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Our Real Work Begins


In the workshop I teach on executive leadership, I spend a lot of time talking about how business is well advised to be pragmatic. You discuss, push back, respectfully argue and create reason to be heard, but to defy the leadership is not only to put the business at risk but also yourself at risk. Much has been and will be written about the strategy and tactics utilized by each, but on Election Day the competition ended.


Lady Gaga takes innovation to avant-garde levels

Innovation 360 Group

By understanding what you are actually selling, you can find your unique abilities and become sustainably competitive. What is not as simple to copy is the DNA of a company, the inner mechanism, viewpoint, leadership, culture, personalities, knowledge, skills, relations, locality, creativity and working methods. How offers become almost impossible to copy. WHAT ARE YOU SELLING?

Listen to Employees When Evaluating Leadership

Adam Hartung

Office Max appeared on the list (#5) in 2012, and was acquired by Office Depot 8 months later. And, of course, Radio Shack made the list in 2012 (#3,) 2013 (#5) and 2014 (#11) only to file bankruptcy in 2015. And in 2012 Game Stop (#10) employees could see how the advancing Netflix and Hulu threatened the “core business” and started to light up the complaint section. In 2012 the stock rose from $54 to $66, yet appeared #2 on the list.

5 Leadership Lessons from 2015’s Business Headlines

Adam Hartung

But there are 5 major leadership themes from 2015 that can help companies be better in 2016: 1 – Cost cutting, restructurings and stock buybacks do not increase company value – Dow/DuPont. Yet, leadership insists on constantly maintaining its undying focus on the fast food success formula upon which the company was launched some 60 years ago. After 3 years of Mayer leadership it became clear that “there was no there, there” at Yahoo ( to quote Gertrude Stein.)

Keeping Up is a Fool’s Game

Daniel Burrus

Keeping up—with technology, with the competition, with anything in business or life—is what some would call a fool’s game. Asking these questions enables you to go beyond your competition and get off the treadmill of keeping up. In my latest book, The Anticipatory Organization: Turn Disruption and Change into Opportunity and Advantage , I reinforce the major competitive edge that comes from the ability to accurately anticipate the future.

The 5 Ways Chairman Lampert Destroyed Sears’ Value

Adam Hartung

Through case analysis the good professor taught us that leadership could make decisions that increased company valuation. As a case study in bad leadership, Sears under Chairman Lampert offers great lessons in Value Destruction that would serve Professor Fruhan’s teachings well: 1 – Micro-management in lieu of strategy. Whatever chance Sears and Kmart had to grow the chain against intense competition it was lost by the Chairman’s need to micro-manage.

Strategic Planning in a Dancing Landscape


Meanwhile, there may also be disruptors you cannot see or predict creating new types of competition. Consider a company that had an international expansion plan in 2012. Strategic planning is more essential, but leadership has to consider it differently using a Complexity Lens. First, leadership creates alignment by defining the organization’s purpose. Next, leadership establishes a different concept of the planning time horizon.

Innovation is a Company Wide Responsibility


The only way for it to survive is to be separated from its internal competition. Culture blog Business collaboration corporate learning creativity Culture Digital Age disruptive innovation Innovation innovation culture innovation leadership innovative teams teaming innovation

Can Netflix Double Pivot to Be a Media Game Changer?

Adam Hartung

These were some really big companies that saw their market shifts, but failed to “pivot” their strategy to remain competitive. By the end of 2012 CD shipments were dropping precipitously as streaming viewership was exploding. Netflix has been a remarkable company. Because it has accomplished something almost no company has ever done. It changed its business model, leading to new growth and higher profits.

Guest Blog – Innovation is a Company Wide Responsibility


The only way for it to survive is to be separated from its internal competition. Her other books include the Shingo Research Award-winning book The Mastery of Innovation: A Field Guide to Lean Product Development (2012) and The Shortest Distance Between You and Your New Product: How Innovators Use Rapid Learning Cycles to Get Their Best Ideas to Market Faster (2017).

Latest Conference Research on Innovation Ecosystems

Open Innovation

Instead we held an online conference , modeled on the earlier 2012 conference for the Open Innovation special issue of Research Policy. On June 18-19, we were scheduled to hold an ecosystem conference in Copenhagen, at the end of the annual DRUID conference.

Starbucks and JPMorganChase Pay Raises – Just Following Trends

Adam Hartung

Let’s compare that to a few other costs at JPMC: May, 2012 a $2B of losses on bad trades from its London trading desk. August, 2012 a $1.2B That will serve them well competitively. Current Affairs Leadership Dimon fines howard schultz income inequality Jamie Dimon JPMC JPMorganChase losses minimum wage pay raises schultz starbucks tradesThis week Starbucks and JPMorganChase announced they were raising the minimum pay of many hourly employees.

Management Innovation:  Busting Bureaucracy


remain competitive if more than two thirds of the workforce leaves their brains, their commitment, and their passion at home? What Matters Now: How to Win in a World of Relentless Change, Ferocious Competition, and Unstoppable Innovation. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass, 2012. bureaucracy conformance disaggregation hierarchy innovation innovators leadership management management innovation meritocracy performance specializationManagement Innovation.

The 10 Telltale Signs of Future Troubles for WalMart

Adam Hartung

2 – In March, 2010 AdAge ran a column about WalMart being “stuck in the middle” and effectively becoming the competitive “bulls-eye” of retailing. After years of focusing on its success formula, “dollar store” competition was starting to undermine it on cost and price at the low end, while better merchandise and store experience boxed WalMart from higher end competitors – that often weren’t any more expensive.

A $7.6B Write-off Plus Layoffs Is Never a Good Sign Microsoft

Adam Hartung

Amidst all these big tactical actions, it is completely unclear what the strategy is to remain a viable company as customers move, quickly and in droves, to mobile devices using competitive products. It was already clear in June, 2012 that the new Windows tablet – Surface – was being launched with a distinct lack of apps to challenge incumbents Apple and Samsung. Lacking app developers, and a unique use, the competition was, and remains, simply too far out front.

Poor Microsoft – How Good Decisions, Made Too Late, Bode Poorly for the Future

Adam Hartung

The PC market has been steadily shrinking since 2012. But by October, 2012 it was clear the design had so many trade-offs that it was destined to be an Edsel-like flop – a compromised product unable to please anyone. With fewer and fewer sales, consolidation is wiping out many companies, and leaving those remaining in margin killing to-the-death competition. When Microsoft’s leadership missed the mobile market a decade ago it set the stage for a long-term demise.

Workplace Conflict: Statistics That Reveal Its Cost


But notice that healthy, positive conflict can include: Competition that motivates people to work harder toward goals. 29%: Poor leadership. In addition to those workplace conflict statistics, a 2012 study conducted at Columbia University found that the average turnover rate of 48.4%

11 Paradoxes of Entrepreneurial Thinking: why entrepreneurship can hardly be taught

Open Innovation EU

And for that reason it has become an integral criteria in many prescriptive regulations for (higher) education and in increasing numbers also explicitly and implicitly part of curricula (Saavedra & Opfer, 2012). As opposed to entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial thinking is not necessarily bound to entrepreneurs (to be); it is an essential skill for ‘strengthening human capital, employability and competitiveness’ (Bacigalupo et al., 2012). 2012). 2012).

Adapt or die: lessons from 5 companies that failed to innovate

Idea Drop

They filed for bankruptcy in 2012. The leadership team had such confidence in the importance of their shop floor experience that they couldn’t understand why anyone would ever opt for a cheaper product. Price, branding, competitor offering and even convenience are all equally important, and you need to tick every box to stay competitive.

Why EPS and Share Price Don’t Predict Future Performance

Adam Hartung

Then leadership took a big chunk of that money and repurchased company shares. Then leadership spent that cash to buy shares, rather than invest in in another growth vehicle. Company leadership says its shares are undervalued, so to help out shareholders it will “return the money to shareholders via a share repurchase” (note, it is not giving money to shareholders, just buying shares.

Retaining the innovative spark

Jeffrey Phillips

Competition is accelerating, of course, and so is innovation. Safe in their market leadership, both dominated their markets - film and cell phones - until new competitors with different technologies or platforms emerged. Revenue peaked in 2012 and in 2016 there are articles written that suggest that Apple will shutter iTunes in the not too distant future because of Pandora and Spotify. Phil McKinney wrote a nice post yesterday about the failures of Kodak and Nokia.

Agile Strategy – 16 Strategic Thinking Questions to Explore Disruptive Innovation


How can you develop a super-agile process that disrupts other industry players’ competitive advantages? Take on leadership and responsibility for decisions. The folks at Armada Corporate Intelligence profiled a Bloomberg Businessweek story on Fanatics , the sports apparel manufacturer and marketer, in its Inside the Executive Suite. Fanatics introduced disruptive innovation to its marketplace with an agile strategy.

Innovation and the Benefits It Can Bring to a Company or an Organization

Innovation 360

In a study conducted in the year of 2012 to 2013, it showed that twice the proportion of businesses in innovation has increased their productivity. Lead to more competitive advantage. Organizations and companies are able to get competitive advantage. Innovation is the key differentiator in survival and competitive race. Different innovation strategies need to be created to be able to gain an advantage in the competition.

Lack of Innovation Will Kill Your Business (2 Examples to Prove It)


The answer is no secret: their lack of innovation enabled the competition to take the lead. Fast forward to 2012 and the company filed for bankruptcy. Kodak’s leadership lack of innovation. Read on to learn the stories of two massive corporations that have paid the ultimate price for their lack of innovation and how you can avoid ending up in their situation!

The Importance of Casting a Wide Net While Innovating


His Doctorate degree (2012) in Management focused learning in the areas of organizational change, leadership theory, and strategy. Clearly organizational leadership should consider casting a wide net to generate and refine ideas worth innovating among multiple sources of input. . Clearly the elements involved in Open Innovation factor into organizational leadership and innovation strategy.

Axel Springer & External Innovation. How to turn “Spray and Pray” into “Spray and Succeed”?


Today’s competitive market has made it both trendy?—?and Today, Financial Times Germany has ceased to exist (more specifically, closed all its operations on December 7th 2012), yet Axel Springer?—?the In 2013, Axel Springer made a minority investment in AirBnB upon the company’s leadership visit to the Silicon Valley. “We and necessary?—?for for corporations to invest in digital transformation and innovation.

The Importance of Casting a Wide Net While Innovating


His Doctorate degree (2012) in Management focused learning in the areas of organizational change, leadership theory, and strategy. Clearly organizational leadership should consider casting a wide net to generate and refine ideas worth innovating among multiple sources of input. Clearly the elements involved in Open Innovation factor into organizational leadership and innovation strategy.

What is design thinking and how can it help you innovate?


Simply put, design thinking is an action-oriented and solution-focused methodology used to solve complex problems, such as those faced by organizations in a highly competitive and rapidly changing environment. To help leaders integrate design thinking in their leadership styles, Harvard Business School (HBS) Executive Education will launch a new program called Reimagining Strategy: Applying Design Thinking to Your Organization starting February 2018.

Standardization as an open innovation activity

Open Innovation

In the end, Symbian OS was unable to cope with competition from iOS and Android; the company was bought and its technology eventually killed by Nokia. Platform leadership: How Intel, Microsoft, and Cisco drive industry innovation. An important but understudied form of open innovation is the network form (network as defined by Powell 1990).