2012 Innovation Resolution: Turning Ideas Into Money

Robert Brands

In order to implement sustainable Innovation in 2012, you need to define innovation in a manner that makes strategic sense for your organization, and have the know-how to properly construct and use a process, plus the will to keep the process on course. The task may seem daunting at first, but it’s possible to develop a disciplined strategy that delivers Innovation time and time again for sustained long-term profitability.

Our Real Work Begins


Much has been and will be written about the strategy and tactics utilized by each, but on Election Day the competition ended. It has been over a week now since our Presidential Election, a good time to reflect. A broad consensus would seem to exist that it is good the election is over — on this we can all agree, and hey, that’s a start. If the numbers tell the tale correctly, slightly more than half of us are pleased with the outcome and slightly less than half not so much.


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Go to Market Strategy – 10 Sections Your Strategy Plan Should Include


Our buddies at Armada Corporate Intelligence addressed what sections you should include in your go to market strategy plan in their “Inside the Executive Suite” feature. They highlighted ten different sections to include your strategy plan. 10 Sections Your Go to Market Strategy Plan Should Include via Armada Corporate Intelligence. The term “go to market” strategy cropped up perhaps fifteen years ago. Brand Strategy. That’s only a part of brand strategy.

Keeping Up is a Fool’s Game

Daniel Burrus

Keeping up—with technology, with the competition, with anything in business or life—is what some would call a fool’s game. Asking these questions enables you to go beyond your competition and get off the treadmill of keeping up. In my latest book, The Anticipatory Organization: Turn Disruption and Change into Opportunity and Advantage , I reinforce the major competitive edge that comes from the ability to accurately anticipate the future.

Agile Strategy – 16 Strategic Thinking Questions to Explore Disruptive Innovation


Fanatics introduced disruptive innovation to its marketplace with an agile strategy. It also uses its agile strategy to market apparel for niche opportunities where it might sell as few as ten t-shirts. Along with the recap, Inside the Executive Suite offered sixteen strategic thinking questions inspired by the Fanatics case study that you can use to explore agile strategy options within your own organization. Developing an Agile Strategy.

How to create a scalable strategy in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis


Companies had to take extreme measures to adapt their processes and recalibrate their strategies. Even before the pandemic, entrepreneurs already had a difficult time remaining relevant in an increasingly competitive market. In this context, designing a strategy that keeps your business healthy and sustainable on an ongoing basis – a crisis resilient one – can be the difference between success and failure.

Tips 40

Innovation Strategy – Pat McGauley and a New Beer in Town


What’s the story on the innovation strategy for beer? Rather than playback the various innovation strategy stories Pat McGauley shared, here is a sampling of quotes and points he made that stood out as great thought starters: Not all innovation strategy inside a company is created equal. One focused on near-term innovation strategy and the other on filling the three-to-five-year innovation pipeline. How you frame the question shapes the innovation strategy opportunity.

The 5 Ways Chairman Lampert Destroyed Sears’ Value

Adam Hartung

As a case study in bad leadership, Sears under Chairman Lampert offers great lessons in Value Destruction that would serve Professor Fruhan’s teachings well: 1 – Micro-management in lieu of strategy. While store employees and low- to mid-level managers could see competition – both traditional and on-line – eating away at Sears customers and core sales, they were helpless to do anything about it.

71 Innovation Methodologies

Open Innovation EU

Focus stage: Seed Published: 2012 more…. Design Competitions. Focus stage: Early-stage Published: 2012 more…. Focus stage: Maturity Published: 2012 more…. Focus stage: Maturity Published: 2012 more…. Focus stage: Seed Published: 2012 more…. Focus stage: Growth Published: 2012 more…. Focus stage: Growth Published: 2012 more…. Innovation Strategy (Goffin).

The State of the Gig Economy

Rmukesh Gupta

million distinct Chase checking accounts, out of a de-identified sample of 39 million, between October 2012 and March 2018. With more people participating, the average income for each of the participants has been declining due to increased competition and reduced demand. 1000Entrepreneurs Business Model Entrepreneurship Strategy Gig Economy JP Morgan Chase Potential of GIg Economy

Study 43

Adapt or die: lessons from 5 companies that failed to innovate

Idea Drop

They filed for bankruptcy in 2012. Price, branding, competitor offering and even convenience are all equally important, and you need to tick every box to stay competitive. Innovation Management Innovation StrategyIt feels like the world is moving faster than ever, which means that companies in every sector have to prioritise agile innovation or risk becoming defunct.

Innovate or Die: Open Innovation and 4 Key Measures to Stay Alive

Innovation Walk

Traditional companies have also started to deal with a new competition since the entry of fast-emerging businesses referred to as “startups“. In fact, the velocity of obsolescence , referred to the rate of speed at which a product or service and/or the competitive advantage of it will lose its value, has dramatically increased. in 2012. However, more than 60% of replaced televisions were still functioning in 2012. This is a fascinating time to be alive.

Latest Conference Research on Innovation Ecosystems

Open Innovation

Instead we held an online conference , modeled on the earlier 2012 conference for the Open Innovation special issue of Research Policy. On June 18-19, we were scheduled to hold an ecosystem conference in Copenhagen, at the end of the annual DRUID conference.

PokeMon Go – How Nintendo Beat Microsoft and Sony With an End Run

Adam Hartung

units, and in 2012 sales were off another 50%. Sony and Microsoft both invested heavily in their competition. In fall, 2014 Microsoft raised the competitive ante, spending $2.5B ” While game apps did come out, these were seen as extremely limited and poor quality, not at all competitive to the Sony or Microsoft products. By meeting that need Nintendo has avoided direct competition, but found a way to dramatically grow its revenues.

7 Things Every CEO Should Know About Their Patents


And secondly, looking to baseball, the quintessential analytics dream sport, with a century of meticulous and massive data to use to drive competitive advantage – and it wasn’t until the late 90’s and early 2000’s that the standard metrics and value interpretation were challenged, giving teams that were more innovative and savvy in analytics an important statistical advantage. End of 2012 $7,473. Motorola Balance Sheet, intangible assets (in millions): End of 2012 $109.

Workplace Conflict: Statistics That Reveal Its Cost


But notice that healthy, positive conflict can include: Competition that motivates people to work harder toward goals. Struggling to choose between different strategies. The Cost of Workplace Conflict: Revealing Statistics. Conflict.

Microsoft buys LinkedIn – Smart move or Dumb move?

Destination Innovation

In 2013 their then CEO Steve Ballmer spent $7B acquiring Nokia’s mobile phone business when it was clear that Apple and Android were killing all other competition in the sector. In 2012 the value of the business was written down to zero. But despite some successes the question remains; why do companies keep acquiring when the evidence shows that the strategy generally does not work?

Innovation and the Benefits It Can Bring to a Company or an Organization

Innovation 360

In a study conducted in the year of 2012 to 2013, it showed that twice the proportion of businesses in innovation has increased their productivity. Lead to more competitive advantage. The most effective, most reliable and most dependable strategies relevance to innovation will help a company to stay in the game. Organizations and companies are able to get competitive advantage. Innovation is the key differentiator in survival and competitive race.

11 Paradoxes of Entrepreneurial Thinking: why entrepreneurship can hardly be taught

Open Innovation EU

And for that reason it has become an integral criteria in many prescriptive regulations for (higher) education and in increasing numbers also explicitly and implicitly part of curricula (Saavedra & Opfer, 2012). As opposed to entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial thinking is not necessarily bound to entrepreneurs (to be); it is an essential skill for ‘strengthening human capital, employability and competitiveness’ (Bacigalupo et al., 2012). 2012). 2012).

Why Corporations Need “Coopetition” with Startups


By leveraging startups’ technology knowledge and progress, large companies can adapt faster to the market change and remain competitive longer. The rewards of such strategy can be significant and, as the authors of that Amazon study found, “involving rivals inside a company’s business model can give firms a leg up against other competitors in the industry.” Competition between individual entities then slowly shifts towards competition between networks.

Strategic Planning in a Dancing Landscape


So, you do your analysis, you create a strategy to reach your optimum point, and you execute it. Meanwhile, there may also be disruptors you cannot see or predict creating new types of competition. Consider a company that had an international expansion plan in 2012. In the midst of complexity, it is helpful to think of strategy as a process of continuous review among a growing bandwidth for visionary change.

Themes for the practice of open innovation

Open Innovation

I first met Cheryl in 2007 — when I was hired to train Kimberly-Clark execs on open innovation — and in 2012 Cheryl invited me to present my research at CoDev2012 when it was in San Diego. For example, strategy is one of the major themes of existing research identified by Chesbrough & Bogers (2014) in chapter 1 of New Frontiers in Open Innovation. 2006) "Toolkits for idea competitions: a novel method to integrate users in new product development."

Can Netflix Double Pivot to Be a Media Game Changer?

Adam Hartung

These were some really big companies that saw their market shifts, but failed to “pivot” their strategy to remain competitive. By the end of 2012 CD shipments were dropping precipitously as streaming viewership was exploding. Sounds a lot like a market shift, and possibly Netflix could be the game changer, as it performs the first strategy double pivot in business history. Netflix has been a remarkable company.

How Telltales Told You Not to Own Wal-Mart, and Continue To Do So

Adam Hartung

By February, 2012 I pointed out that the big reorganization at Wal-Mart was akin to re-arranging deck chairs on a sinking ship and said nobody should own the stock. At the end of April, 2012 the Wal-Mart Mexican bribery scandal made the press, and I warned investors that this was a telltale sign of a company scrambling to make its numbers – and pushing the ethical (if not legal) envelope in trying to defend and extend its worn out success formula.

Management Innovation:  Busting Bureaucracy


remain competitive if more than two thirds of the workforce leaves their brains, their commitment, and their passion at home? Bureaucracy was “invented” to address the challenges of expanding corporations a hundred years ago – challenges like making decisions, allocating resources, creating strategies, measuring performance, etc. What Matters Now: How to Win in a World of Relentless Change, Ferocious Competition, and Unstoppable Innovation. Management Innovation.

Axel Springer & External Innovation. How to turn “Spray and Pray” into “Spray and Succeed”?


Today’s competitive market has made it both trendy?—?and a strategy known as “spray and pray” in the venture capital world, which has been adopted by a myriad of companies. Most corporations using the “spray and pray” method have disorganized innovation strategies. Today, Financial Times Germany has ceased to exist (more specifically, closed all its operations on December 7th 2012), yet Axel Springer?—?the different goals were answered using tailored strategies.

A $7.6B Write-off Plus Layoffs Is Never a Good Sign Microsoft

Adam Hartung

Yet he still has not put forward a strategy that should encourage investors, employees, customers or suppliers that the company will remain relevant long-term. Amidst all these big tactical actions, it is completely unclear what the strategy is to remain a viable company as customers move, quickly and in droves, to mobile devices using competitive products. Lacking app developers, and a unique use, the competition was, and remains, simply too far out front.

The 10 Telltale Signs of Future Troubles for WalMart

Adam Hartung

2 – In March, 2010 AdAge ran a column about WalMart being “stuck in the middle” and effectively becoming the competitive “bulls-eye” of retailing. After years of focusing on its success formula, “dollar store” competition was starting to undermine it on cost and price at the low end, while better merchandise and store experience boxed WalMart from higher end competitors – that often weren’t any more expensive.

Why Understanding 1 Retail Trend Is Worth 50% More Than All of WalMart

Adam Hartung

While investors cheered the news, at the higher valuation WalMart is still only worth what it was in June, 2012 (just under $70/share.) This is because WalMart competes almost entirely in the intensely competitive and asset-dense market of traditional brick-and-mortar retail. So the really important question is “Do you know what trends are going to be important to your business, and are you implementing a strategy to leverage those key trends?”

What is design thinking and how can it help you innovate?


“Design thinking can be described as a discipline that uses the designer’s sensibility and methods to match people’s needs with what is technologically feasible and what a viable business strategy can convert into customer value and market opportunity.”. – Tim Brown President and CEO of IDEO.

Standardization as an open innovation activity

Open Innovation

Failed OI Network Strategies Often the research in managing innovation networks (platforms etc.) In the end, Symbian OS was unable to cope with competition from iOS and Android; the company was bought and its technology eventually killed by Nokia. Two factors in its OI strategy contributed to its problems: Symbian attracted and promoted a large ecosystem of third-party software vendors.

How companies are innovating in the energy sector

Hacker Earth Developers Blog

Source: Accenture Strategy. Ever since renewables became a part of the German mass market, investment has been dominated by private households and farmers who owned 46% of the 73GW renewable electricity supply in Germany in 2012, while all incumbent utilities (such as Vattenfall, EnBW, E.on, and RWE) owned only 12%.” Enerquire.com) The big companies had to finally change their business model to combat competition from third parties and stay relevant.

The Top 5 Technology Trends That Will Drive Innovation in 2018


Samsung Galaxy with touchscreen technology in 2012). The industrial IoT market is gathering power, and IoT devices will help in monitoring equipment/processes and streamline management strategies. The concept will drive innovation in automotive, healthcare, and financial sectors to achieve competitive differentiation. Innovation is never easy, and in today’s world where everything is becoming digital, innovation is technology first and quite complex.

What is idea management and why is it important for any business


Ideas that, if materialized into innovative products or services, align with your organization’s goals, increasing revenues and keeping competition at bay. Allocate resources for the winning idea to be executed as part of current innovation strategy, or later. In the final phase, the innovator executes a proof of concept and gathers feedback; the outcome of the previous task decides the implementation strategy of the “winners.”.

The Importance of Casting a Wide Net While Innovating


His Doctorate degree (2012) in Management focused learning in the areas of organizational change, leadership theory, and strategy. Clearly the elements involved in Open Innovation factor into organizational leadership and innovation strategy. Perhaps it’s time to adjust your company’s tactics, to apply what is described in this paper to today’s rapidly changing, competitive environment. . -- .

The Importance of Casting a Wide Net While Innovating


His Doctorate degree (2012) in Management focused learning in the areas of organizational change, leadership theory, and strategy. Clearly the elements involved in Open Innovation factor into organizational leadership and innovation strategy. Bornhofen is a practitioner-scholar who has a passion for helping organizations adopt change, act on new ideas, and grow through innovation.

5 Leadership Lessons from 2015’s Business Headlines

Adam Hartung

Rather, to the contrary, the plan is to merge these beasts, lay off tens of thousands of employees, cut the R&D staff, cut new product introductions and “rationalize” the company into 3 new businesses intended to be relaunched as new companies, with fewer products, less business development and less competition. Defending and extending an outdated success formula does not fix a company strategy that is out of date and rapidly losing relevancy.

When innovation led to a reversal of fortunes


Huge layoffs and millions of dollars in losses drove the company to adopt a business strategy that focused on capabilities. Apple has refashioned consumer experience with its iconic branding, stylish design and a diverse product range, its own retail stores, and important partnerships with the competition. Their producing tons of bricks inside-the-box strategy didn’t work. The LEGO movie is a successful example of this strategy. Nintendo released Wii U in 2012.