The Power of Collaboration

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One aspect of the research, however, reinforced for me the power of collaboration in the design process. My takeaway from all this: try to practice a collaborative approach whenever possible to inform your work and allow yourself to see six sides of the box.

Soldiers & Hessians, Ronin & Ninja

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Collaboration is sometimes hindered by an “us vs. them” attitude with agency people working in their office and the client in theirs.

Clicking Fast and Slow

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To improve quality in in collaborative filtering systems, it is important to understand that early postings have a temporal advantage.

The UX Professionals’ Guide to Working with Agile Scrum Teams

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Respondents also reported creating successful relationships with their product teams by involving their scrum teams in the UX process–especially by collaborating on UX issues with technical staff. Providing access to works in progress in a collaborative workspace. The adoption of Agile software development approaches are on the rise across our industry, which means UX professionals are more likely than ever to support Agile projects.

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Are You Going Soft?

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Option 3: Turn the critic into the collaborator. When was the last time you read your resume? Go ahead and give it a look. Read your last job description. It’s impressive, right?

Your Boss Works for You

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When they needed my undivided attention, they scheduled collaborative work time with me. This past June, I stood on the brink of achieving a major professional goal. The UX apprenticeship program I’d been working so hard on was going to begin on Monday. It was Thursday. On my desk lay a curious stack of paper labeled “Manager’s Onboarding Kit.”.

Drilling Into Lean UX

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Overall I found Lean UX to be an incredibly insightful and helpful compilation of principles and suggestions for practice/improving process and collaboration as outlined in my review of the book. Jeff : The fastest way to gain insight from customers AND to build team-wide shared understanding of the customer and their needs is through collaborative discovery.


The Distant Summit of Enterprise Design

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As @mikeatherton said at UX Cambridge 2013 “Content is the whole damned point” and so should exist beyond service to design or brand messaging. It has a rightful place on the bookshelves for designers that are intrigued by the challenge of cross-discipline collaboration. Morgan Kaufman 2013. Lately, I have been fascinated by mountain climbing. I am reading every book that I can find on the subject.

On a Mission or Just Staying Awake


Choice 3: To provide my team with the support and resources they need, to the very best of my ability, to collaborate and do the very best work of their careers. One of the themes I explore in my forthcoming debut novel, This is Rage , is the notion of motivation.

5 Examples of How Crowdsourcing Will Help You Be More Innovative


EFA, or Education for All, is a crowdsourcing example which is specifically designed to give people with similar interests the ability to collaborate on ideas that will help achieve the goal of providing education for all.

Employee Feedback Ideas


Enabling Collaboration to Improve Employee Engagement. Your employees are your best business assets. Without them, business operation is not going to be even possible. Unless you are a very small business or Superman, then you are going to need extra manpower than just yourself.

What is Innovation Management?


While inside collaboration efforts are an essential part of innovation management, this organized process does not leave out the company’s ability to network with outside organizations. What is innovation management? What is Innovation Management?

Social innovation


The idea is that a number of different entities, be it government, private, or public, can collaborate to develop and innovate new ideas. Each of us has our own little problems but these tend to pale in comparison to the needs of society as a whole.

Top 50 Innovation Twitter Sharers of 2015

Innovation Excellence

Continue reading → Innovation Social Media Technology Top 10 collaboration 140 chars 2013 news sharing Social Sharing Top 50 Tweets TwitterWe thought it would be a fun summer activity to pull together a list of the top innovation personalities and information sharers on twitter.

How Enterprises Can Collaborate Effectively with Startups

Planview Spigit

How can we effectively collaborate with startups? Why should enterprises collaborate with startups? But what does effective startup-enterprise collaboration look like? In this article, we’ll look at one company that has cracked the code on effective collaboration with startups and, more importantly, how they did it. Startup collaboration fueled by external ideation. Key observations from Siemens’ collaboration efforts.

How RTE, Europe’s Biggest Transmission System Operator Implemented a Collaborative Innovation Lab


This platform was launched in September 2013. RTE is an energy and utility provider, France's electricity transmission system operator, responsible for the operation, maintenance and development of the French high-voltage transmission system. Approximately 100,000 km long, the system is Europe's largest. We sat down with Ronan Minvielle, Innovation Manager at RTE , to hear about RTE's strategic innovation project, powered by Qmarkets.

How RTE, Europe’s Biggest Transmission System Operator Implemented a Collaborative Innovation Lab


This platform was launched in September 2013. RTE is an energy and utility provider, France's electricity transmission system operator, responsible for the operation, maintenance and development of the French high-voltage transmission system. Approximately 100,000 km long, the system is Europe's largest. We sat down with Ronan Minvielle, Innovation Manager at RTE , to hear about RTE's strategic innovation project, powered by Qmarkets.

Disruptive Energy.


According to the World Bank, Costa Rica used 1370 watts per capita in 2013. 100%Open Artificial Intelligence cities collaboration collective innovation collective intelligence creative economy crowdsourcing disruptive innovation entrepreneurs future cities innovation invention mass participation networks open innovation open source Science skills for innovation Technology

Happy Birthday Co-Lab Test


There have been over 5000 Co-Lab tests in the 4 years from its inception in September 2013. 100%Open devised the test to aid one of the tough tests for business collaboration – the collaborators’ relationships.

Why We Are Entering A New Innovation Era.

Paul Hobcraft

The New Innovation Need: Organizing within a Networks of Collaborators, Posted on October 3, 2016. Posted on August 20, 2013. It made up the arguments towards a new way of thinking about innovation but through a collaborating relationship with Jeffrey Phillips over at Ovo Innovation.

Design Thinking for the Greater Good: Innovation in the Social Sector

Innovation in Practice

Her books include Solving Problems with Design Thinking (2013), Designing for Growth (2011), and The Designing for Growth Field Book (2013), all from Columbia University Press.

Typology for Innovative Organizations

Open Innovation EU

Innovation Management focuses on creating and managing sustainable business (Crossan & Apaydin, 2010; Keeley, Walters, Pikkel, & Quinn, 2013). 2013). 2013). 2013). 2013). Collaborative innovation: Creating opportunities in a changing world.

4 examples of open innovation in society


Conquistando la Igualda d is a collaborative project that seeks the implication of the whole of society as a means to achieve equality. The community, driven by Unltd Spain, interweaves a relationship between these stakeholders to collaboratively create ideas with social impact.

What Makes Crowds Clever?


Since 2013 they’ve attracted 30,000 members and come up with practical ideas like apps to compare community energy use, green jobs training and different tax regimes to reduce energy use. 100%Open collaboration collective innovation collective intelligence crowdsourcing David Simoes-Brown disruptive innovation idea platforms innovation innovation strategy mass participation open innovation open source social networks systems of innovation Uncategorized

Moving towards a new innovation service model

Paul Hobcraft

How can the innovation process capitalize on all the changes we are undertaking at present in new ways, in broader engagements and collaborations, to deliver more effectively on the promise within our innovation potential?

Local Government


Empowerment through collaboration and innovation may be the very impetus you are looking for. Historical data shows the total UK budget for 2013 of €4,181 million was down 17% on 2008, meaning that the local authorities simply have had to do more with less. The pressure on local government to get key investment, resource allocation and delivery model decisions right has never been greater.

The Entrepreneurial City


Government is often the real investor, risk-taker and innovator as described by Mariana Mazzucato in her 2013 book the Entrepreneurial State and in this TED talk below, challenging the entrenched myth that the state should simply get out of the way. ?.

Evolution of Hyperloop: Propelling innovation the Elon Musk way


In 2013, Elon Musk pulled a famous all-nighter to publish a whitepaper on a revolutionary transportation system called Hyperloop. The company has been formed completely by collaboration and crowdsourcing the collective knowledge of 600 engineers around the world through the JumpStart Inc.

Do you have to be a start-up to be a disruptor?


Between 2013 and 2016, the company’s revenue increased by 107,117%. Collaborate with your employees – those who know your customers best – your supply chain and your customers. When we think of disruptors, we think about bold new start-ups like Netflix or Airbnb.

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Next act for one-time Wunderkind

Open Innovation

Shanghai Business Review] The START Procedure for Successful Collaboration June 1, 2015 OVER THE past decades, Chinese businesses have primarily been known for their manufacturing competencies, but they have now turned their attention to innovation. Lenovo became the world’s largest maker of computers in 2013, and Alibaba Group handles more transactions than Amazon and eBay combined.

Key Issues in Innovation Management – Revisited – Part 1

Tim Kastelle

At the beginning of 2013, Tim Kastelle and I identified four key issues in innovation management for the time to come. The platform environment is mostly characterized by a tension between collaboration and competition of the participating companies, often referred to as coopetition.


The Future Shapers

And in the spirit of collaboration being one of the key drivers of innovation success, the slides have been released as an open source document, freely available to all those who want to have a different and honest conversation about where true innovation could take their organisation.

Building upon the four essential pillars for innovation

Paul Hobcraft

This started my questioning of the Business model, back in 2013. This will increasingly be within ecosystems of collaborators.

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The Future of Work – Can ideas become pervasive?

The Future Shapers

Senior Vice President of Google’s People Operations highlighted this, We try to have as many channels for expression as we can, recognizing that different people, and different ideas, will percolate up in different ways, Google uses their homemade innovation management solution to help employees find exciting ideas, find answer to problems and create new workstreams with colleagues (He, 2013). 2013, March 29).

Design Thinking for Innovation


Intel Free Press, 21 March 2013. Design thinking has become a popular topic for discussion; with industry leaders like IBM and GE embracing and embedding design thinking in their organisations, other organisations are inevitably taking note. Why do it?