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Design Thinking Case Studies

Find examples of how design thinking is used to solve problems, prototype, and innovate. As more organizations and companies across the world adopt design thinking into their operations, it becomes even more obvious just how essential innovation is for continued success and growth. Netflix’s Innovative Updates.

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Design Thinking for Innovation


Design thinking has become a popular topic for discussion; with industry leaders like IBM and GE embracing and embedding design thinking in their organisations, other organisations are inevitably taking note. Design thinking is first and foremost people-centred, deriving products and services to meet a genuine need.


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Design Thinking for the Greater Good: Innovation in the Social Sector

Innovation in Practice

Design Thinking for the Greater Good goes in depth on both the how of using new tools and the why. As a way to reframe problems, ideate solutions, and iterate toward better answers, design thinking is already well established in the commercial world. Randy Salzman is a journalist and former communications professor.

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Designing for Harmony

Boxes and Arrows

By using these nascent user-centered design methods, they were able to meet the expanding needs of their user base and claim over 90% of the small business accounting software market. A noticeable lack of focus prevented them from innovating as a company; their user-centered design DNA was disappearing.

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71 Innovation Methodologies

Open Innovation EU

Focus stage: Growth Published: 2013 more…. Focus stage: Early-stage Published: 2013 more…. Focus stage: Growth Published: 2013 more…. Focus stage: Maturity Published: 2013 more…. Human-Centered Design (IDEO). Updated Model of Design Thinking. Focus stage: Seed Published: 2013 more….

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The Distant Summit of Enterprise Design

Boxes and Arrows

As I sat down to write this review, I found the mountain climbing as a metaphor for enterprise design sticking with me. Milan Guenther’s book Intersection does an excellent job of showing us the view of enterprise design from the top of the mountain. I am reading every book that I can find on the subject.

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3 Dimensions of Innovation: the 23 Capabilities your company needs to succeed

Idea to Value

I published the first draft of the 3 Dimensions of Innovation all the way back in 2013. These are the activities and skills which are required for a team to ideate, design, test, iterate and pilot a new innovation. The Three Pillars of what makes innovation work in any company. This is what I call the 3 Dimensions of Innovation.