Brands in Memoriam 2013


Third, an undifferentiated commodity without sufficient scale will not stand solo long in a consolidating market (MetroPCS). Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos made a spectacular impact recently when he went on 60 Minutes the day before Cyber Monday and gave us a glimpse at the future—a fleet of small delivery drones he branded Prime Air.

Lean Startup in the Enterprise Anti-Pattern: The Lean Waterfall

Grasshopper Herder

Lean Enterprise Lean Startups Management Managing Entrepreneurship agile agile marketing lean enterprise lean startup in the enterprise leanux waterfall More enterprise scale companies are drinking the lean Kool Aid and starting to implement Lean Startup. In doing so, they are failing at the most basic level.


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Examples of Lateral Thinking in Marketing

Destination Innovation

Brand marketing offers tremendous scope for lateral thinking. Its whole branding, messaging and advertising is posited on one ridiculously obscure piece of lateral thinking – that customers might confuse the words market and meerkat and so search for

Let Them Pee: Avoiding the Sign-Up/Sign-In Mobile Antipattern

Boxes and Arrows

This is an excerpt from the upcoming Android Design Patterns: Interaction Design Solutions for Developers (Wiley, 2013) by Greg Nudelman. This urgency is all but unfelt by the company that acquired the app, Procter and Gamble (P&G), as it would appear for the express purposes of marketing the Charmin brand of toilet paper. (It’s Anything that slows down customers or gets in their way after they download your app is a bad thing.

Context matters

Boxes and Arrows

What makes a marketing e-mail or newsletter efficient? The act of clicking certain element in a marketing e-mail is a result of a longer process of identifying, assimilating, and analyzing its content. But what to include in the marketing message instead of introductory blah-blah text? Some of the effects repeated in our 2011 and 2013 studies; some of them were also confirmed in studies on the perception of the e-mails and newsletters carried out by other teams.

Study 74

A Stakeholder Interview Checklist

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The Marketing Stakeholder Interview. Marketing stakeholders. Questions similar to those for marketing stake-holders, plus: What do I need to know that you don’t think other members of your team have said? If you had to choose between going to market on schedule with a flawed product, or going to market late with a solid product, which would you choose? (If The Marketing Stakeholder Interview.

Is the iPad mobile?

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The iPad hit the market about three years ago, quickly becoming disruptive by creating a user need where there previously was none. The Windows 8 tablet has recently entered the market, and so has the iPad mini. Mobile or not, the tablet market is here to stay and, directly or indirectly, users will tell us what features to build next. Mobile Marketing Trends, Insights and Best Practices : Slides from eMarketer Webinar.

Job Descriptions: Advertising and Marketing

Innovation Leader

We're assembling collection of job descriptions for a wide array of innovation-related roles, including in the advertising and marketing industries

The Marketing Stakeholder Interview

Boxes and Arrows

The Marketing Stakeholder Interview. Marketing stakeholders. Marketing stakeholders (such as marketing executives and most product managers) are usually responsible for promoting the company’s brand, identifying new market opportunities and products that could address them, or both. Most marketing people will immediately view designers as allies who will promote a customer-centric point of view. The Marketing Stakeholder Interview.

Soldiers & Hessians, Ronin & Ninja

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As firms digitize their business, user experience has gone from marketing to a core business function. Generally, single marketing campaigns don’t need as much investment into future-proofing. When UX’ers talk, they tend to talk about process, but the ability to deliver an innovative user experience starts before kickoff and lasts after the launch. Repeatable success in UX depends on the right culture.

Building the In-house Design Agency

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Not every project is appropriate for the in-house agency, and a smart group should not overload themselves by taking on every project nor risk ruining their reputation by taking on projects poorly suited to their team, like trying to do marketing with a product design team. The first article discussed the pros and cons of different UX team structures. For companies that depend on user experience for business success, a strong internal team is essential. But how do you get there from here?

Earnings Look Good. But Where Are the Jobs?

BPI Thought Leadership Media Coverage

& This article talks about the state of the current job market in America

Researching User Experience: A Knowledge Ecology Model

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All of the people in my study were learning how to be lecturers and how to progress their careers after spending considerable amounts of time as practitioners in a variety of industries such as business and marketing, health, psychology, education, environmental sciences and entertainment. When we think of learning environments, we think of books, lectures, databases perhaps.

UX One-liners

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Description of fictional yet realistic persons that represents a target user group/market. A little background to start: I’ve had the honor of working as a designer-in-residence for General Assembly’s User Experience Design Immersive Pilot Program (UXDI) from June through July. Our team built, launched, and taught a UX course 5-days a week, 8-hours a day, for 8-weeks straight. It was quite the challenging, yet rewarding experience.

Drilling Into Lean UX

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There is the concern about competitors poaching ideas before you can get your full value into the market, but maybe more so there is the concern of being too minimal—not having enough value or just missing too much, and so exposing yourself to the potential for being prejudged by the market/users. This will inevitably require you to expose your work to your market.


Are You Going Soft?

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Finally, the door bursts open and Don, the marketing manager, enters the room. You smile and say, “Don, you know how your job as the marketing manager involves creating these great strategy plans for the year and outlining each campaign to make sure it aligns with a goal? When was the last time you read your resume? Go ahead and give it a look. Read your last job description. It’s impressive, right?

Blockbuster idea: Expanding markets by being multi-lingual

Innovation Leader

Hollywood studios aren't always enthusiastic when it comes to embracing a new technology. But a smartphone app from a stealthy startup called myLINGO could help them get more non-native English speakers into theaters, with almost no additional effort. Company co-founder Olenka Polak, who grew up in a household that spoke


Technology Created

Why would it be important to dig into events such as the introduction of the Model A by Henry Ford in 1927 or the failure of IBM to react to Microsoft’s entry into the PC market in the early 1980’s? Because of his efficient approach to mass production and mass distribution, he was able to create a factory system, build assembly lines and lower the price enough to create the first real world consumer market.

Digital Factory

Technology Created

The key is to ensure you’re addressing the sweet spot for a market solution when you develop your model. Being a technology consultant is a fabulous job. We’re brought in to amazing companies to understand their business models and, by applying technology solutions, we facilitate solving the challenges they face on a day to day basis. Many times the end result is almost like a “product.”

The General Stakeholder Interview

Boxes and Arrows

The Marketing Stakeholder Interview. Although the marketing or product management people have the most informative answers to this question, the range of answers from other stakeholders can highlight issues your research will need to address. It’s normal to hear optimism from the marketing and sales people and pessimism from the engineers, but if the answers to this question differ by more than a month or so, mention it to your project owner.

Innovating When Opportunity Knocks

Technology Created

How do we brand and market the process and make it consumable and compelling? How do we brand, market, sponsor, motivate and infuse leveraging the integration of new technology development with existing technologies and clients or customers? “Too often, the opportunity knocks, but by the time you push back the chain, push back the bolt, unhook the two locks and shut off the burglar alarm, it’s too late.” – Rita Coolidge. Being a technologist is all about solutions.

Innovation Debt

Technology Created

People ; innovation is all about your people; it says to all your employees, “we’re engaged and ahead of the curve, this is a company you want to invest your time and talents in, we provide the tools and the technology that make you effective in your job and turns us into a market leader.”. Position ; Market leaders are always market innovators; Apple, Google, Coca Cola, Cisco, Amazon, Starbucks, Disney, BMW, UPS, Intel, GE, Nike, PG&E, Samsung, eBay.

Whirlpool’s Dashboard of Ideas

Innovation Leader

How does the appliance and home products maker keep track of new product ideas bubbling up in the organization — and their market potential

The Engineering Stakeholder Interview

Boxes and Arrows

The Marketing Stakeholder Interview. The Marketing Stakeholder Interview. This is an excerpt from from Kim Goodwin’s excellent Designing for the Digital Age. It is quite long, so we’ve broken it into several sections. Many thanks to Ms. Goodwin and Wiley for allowing us to share this with our readers. Understanding the Business. The General Stakeholder Interview. The Engineering Stakeholder Interview. The Sales Stakeholder Interview.

Customer Disservice


Business Management Marketing creative destruction customer service lifetime value love your customers obscurity and obsolescence replacement part senior executives the art of the saveWhy do companies with big brands and tremendous momentum go out of business ? One reason often discussed here is lack of innovation, which is often opaque, quite difficult to grasp when it is happening because you are in the midst of it, even enjoying a final gasp of success.

Wings: Remastered and Revisited


That “interactive movie” — as it was marketed — was a World War I flight simulation that followed the lives of the very first fighter pilots, trying to make combat sense of fragile biplanes curiously equipped with machine guns. I remember when the marketing folks “requested” we cut from three floppy disks in beta down to two in order to improve gross margin on wholesale, which almost created a revolution in the hallways.

How Fragile Is a Brand?


Andy Grove calls it the Strategic Inflection Point , the change in market forces that happens and you miss it, and then it’s too late to course correct. Apple unveiled a bunch of new products last week, including numerous options in shape, size, and price point for a fuller line of iPads. Many of these products are desirable and will make great holiday gifts, but none comes close to pioneering a new category of experience.

On a Mission or Just Staying Awake


Choice 2: To overcome market forces and prevail over our competition! Is it the business leader’s job to respond to market forces and win market share from the competition? One of the themes I explore in my forthcoming debut novel, This is Rage , is the notion of motivation. This is a subject I hold dear, and one I focus on a great deal in the executive coaching workshop I co-lead with John Vercelli.

The Sales Stakeholder Interview

Boxes and Arrows

The Marketing Stakeholder Interview. Sometimes sales and marketing are lumped together in an organization, but most large companies split the two functions. In either case, sales and marketing people tend to have different concerns, so it’s important to include one or more senior members of the sales group as part of the product team. An enterprise system sales team is often closer to the customers than the marketing team is. The Marketing Stakeholder Interview.

Blog Begets 100


I will continue to blog on the topics I cherish — innovation, creativity, imagination, leadership, vision, business ethics, smart marketing, well-reasoned investment strategy, creative destruction, and every so often politics (say it ain’t so!) — and I will also keep you posted as we take my novel from manuscript to release date on October 8, 2013. It’s hard to believe this is my 100th post on Corporate Intelligence Radio.

eBook 40

About This Book of Mine


You will discover why I called it that if you read the sample excerpt on my teaser site and other fine channels we will be utilizing in the coming months, like Amazon or Barnes and Noble , where you can currently place your pre-order that will be shipped when the book is officially released on October 8, 2013. Shameless, I know, but I am officially in the pull marketing business effective immediately.

The 70% – Part 2


So is top management willing to say the whole Circle of Life is out of their hands and the survival of the enterprise is entirely up to market forces, to fate rather than strategy, to a competitor’s campaign rather than a driven response to galvanizing the single most important asset in the company’s inventory, the intellectual capital that is allowed to rest idle and fester?

Interviewing Executives and SME Stakeholders

Boxes and Arrows

The Marketing Stakeholder Interview. Ideally, there is at least one executive involved who has cross-functional authority and can balance the perspectives of both marketing and engineering; you need this person to make critical decisions, such as what’s worth waiting a little longer for. In theory, some organizations place QA and support on a par with marketing, sales, and development, but in practice, these organizations seldom have much influence over product direction.

Too Busy To Save Your Company


But when you wake up in the morning you’ve got to be on the phone with the folks in your studio, talking about a $200 million picture that’s going to cost $300 million and the star who’s not showing up at work and the marketing plan that’s going to cost you $100 million world-wide. One of my final posts of 2012 memorialized the brands we lost last year, and inspired the question, how do so many companies so often and so badly miss the boat?

Crowdsourcing the mind through open innovation


They had some amazing ideas, spent a lot of time and money on almost completing their product, but they hadn’t done any market research. We have technology so advanced that we can search the world and give us the answers we desire in milliseconds, but what if the answers aren’t available yet? We have search engine technology that enables us to search text, images, video and even shapes.

What is Innovation Management?


From manufacturing workers in an operation to top-level management in a large corporation, individuals and teams from all areas of a company is normally part of the development, manufacturing and marketing processes. One of the most common strategies used in this type of discovery is brainstorming techniques, which may include professionals in engineering positions, manufacturing workers, marketing professionals and multiple levels of management. What is innovation management?

How Is Digital Innovation Changing Marketing?


In 2013, Adobe conducted a comprehensive research study and found that 76% of marketers believe that marketing changed more in the past 2 years than in the previous 50. The post How Is Digital Innovation Changing Marketing?

Rethinking the CMO Role

Carla Johnson

If you’ve worked in marketing long, this isn’t news. In 2013, the Business Marketing Association and Forrester did research about how CMOs stood at the crossroads. March 11, 2021 Has any role in business morphed more than that of the CMO?

How Amazon and other big techs are revolutionizing the healthcare market


In recent times, the company has been investing in the healthcare market. Amazon’s move into the healthcare market is the subject of this article. The evolution of the healthcare market. In 2019, with an inflation target of around 4.25%, experts estimated that the health insurance market should be up 0.1%. Big Data and Cloud Computing are two technological phenomena that have gradually altered the way the healthcare market has grown and developed.

Data 40

Paid Advertising Isn’t The Only Way To Grow A Business


This was from 2009 – 2013, so social media was just picking up. entrepreneurship Marketing Advertising marketingI recently joined a chat of entrepreneurs and a person brought up the topic of business growth. Specifically, she said that someone who is not willing to spend money on advertising to grow a business is not an entrepreneur. I think her comment is biased, she runs a social media agency, and ignorant.

Why We Are Entering A New Innovation Era.

Paul Hobcraft

Increasingly we are seeing a growing dissatisfaction on the impact that innovation is having; in growth, in returns, in market and customer impact. Posted on August 20, 2013. We argue that innovation almost always impacts three constituents: the customer, the competitors or markets they are in and the innovator themselves. Credit: Acacia Communications.

Blockchain For Dummies

Innovation Excellence

It moved along the Gartner Hype Cycle from `The Peak of Inflated Expectations` in 2016 to the `Trough of Disillusionment` in 2018, due to multiple failed projects, and scam ICOs – a way for projects and individuals to raise money in the open (crypto) markets. By Aaron de Miranda Colaço.

Starbucks Closing Teavana Is A Long-Term Troubling Sign For Investors

Adam Hartung

In 2013, Starbucks claimed that teas drinks were among the fastest-growing drinks at Starbucks cafes. In the Flats Innovation Investing Leadership Marketing howard schultz lewis black starbucks store closing teavanaThey expected to open more Teavana stores. On July 27 Starbucks announced that it was closing all 379 of its Teavana stores. While almost immaterial to the bottom line, this is the second time Starbucks closed an acquired company.