16 New Things I’m Thankful For (2013 Edition)


8) Good Men Project is at record traffic levels and building a tremendous community. 14) I am working on my next writing project with one of the most talented editor/publishers a fellow could ever hope to welcome into his life. And the project after that. We would all do well to remember that before we utter the words, “I want…” Happy Thanksgiving 2013, whether you share the holiday in the United States or somewhere else in the world in spirit.

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An Open Letter to Project Managers

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Dear Project Managers, It has been a very enjoyable experience working with everyone over the last couple of months and sharing our ideas on UX design. The various discussions about user interface, product usability, and user engagement have been an enlightening experience for me as well, and it is very positive to see that everyone involved in the product thinks so highly about improving the user experience.


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The UX Professionals’ Guide to Working with Agile Scrum Teams

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The adoption of Agile software development approaches are on the rise across our industry, which means UX professionals are more likely than ever to support Agile projects. Helping new UX team members with time management skills, with improving their estimation of UX work, and with understanding the roles and responsibilities of everyone on the project team may help improve their satisfaction and effectiveness with Agile teamwork.

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In Defense of Floppy Disks: The Vocabulary of the Interface

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Save designed by Cris Dobbins, from The Noun Project. Magnifying Glass designed by Hafizh from The Noun Project. Pencil designed by Blake Thompson from The Noun Project. Basberg from The Noun Project. Voicemail from The Noun Project. Link designed by David Waschbüsch from The Noun Project. I work on interfaces used by college students to search for academic articles. Librarians buy these databases.

A Stakeholder Interview Checklist

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Project Management for Stakeholder Interviews. What is your role in this project? What worries you about this project? What should this project accomplish for the business? How will you, personally, define success for this project? How would you like to be involved in the rest of the project, and what’s the best way to reach you? How large is the development team assigned to the project, and what are their skills?

How to Breathe Life Into Personas

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Personas are essential when you are working on a project and don’t know the target audience very well. I went through many versions until I found one I was happy with, and response from project teams seems to be positive. For instance, not every designer has experience in fashion or banking. Creating a model of your target audience may help you and your stakeholders feel significantly more empathy for those people.

Your Boss Works for You

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My favorite example of how we built the program together is the internal project they all worked on as a team. Initially, I was dead set against apprentices working on internal projects. To me, internal projects were something to keep interns busy. I felt that internal projects would be a waste of time for apprentices. They’d do stakeholder interviews on one project, then user research analysis on another. My own managers and my project team were my supports.

Conceptual Models in a Nutshell

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A Conceptual Model Provides a Foundation for the App and the Project. This article explains what conceptual models are and describes the value of developing a conceptual model of a software application before designing its user interface. Conceptual Model: a Model for Users’ Mental Model. A conceptual model of an application is the model of the application that the designers want users to understand.

Building the In-house Design Agency

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I’ve made the mistake many times of assuming too much–assuming that help was wanted, or even needed; assuming that people understood the terms I used, like ‘deliverable’; assuming that everyone bought into the value of design in general, or on this specific project. Senior managers are typically more concerned with defining the overall vision before building the whole project. Hitting a fledgling project with the style guide is a great way to not help.

Evolving a Creative Workplace: Step 1

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Many times, employees will hash out ideas while “walking and talking” outside, or could just as easily pop into a café and brainstorm client projects in a different setting. When a company or team experiences rapid growth, it’s exciting. But more often than not, that success comes with a price.

Clicking Fast and Slow

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We are increasingly accustomed to using socially-oriented web applications, and many social features are high on the requirements lists of new web projects. Some interesting projects have started to look at interface “nudges” which may encourage good information practice on the part of the user. Through social psychology and cognitive science, we now know a great deal about our own frailties in the way that we seek, use, and understand information and data.

The Power of Collaboration

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My graduate school thesis project was to create a learning resource for an Aboriginal literature course for Aboriginal students at the University of Alberta. My final project was a prototype design that I then tested in paper form. I obviously can’t summarize here all the project complexities or discuss all the wonderful things I learned throughout this process. A quote that I stumbled on during grad school stuck with me.

Going Beyond “Yes – and…”

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Looking back now, I can see just how much improv has taught me and how it informs the decisions I make when working with a project team to create a cohesive user experience. When a project kicks off, don’t start with what the system limitations are, don’t start with the baggage of knowing that the experience needed will break corporate standard rules. If you have design principles set out for your project, measure your impulse against them to see if it aligns with those principles.

Drilling Into Lean UX

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I’m sure you are quite aware that there are some pretty large software projects out there, though. This increases the workload on the team, focusing them on tasks that add little value to the project and taking them away from tasks that move the team forward. Jeff : The main focus of the team should be the outcomes the project or product is trying to achieve.


Are You Going Soft?

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Now, think back to your last project. Most of us never stop to wonder why certain projects flow effortlessly while others feel like we’ve entered into a cage match. Well, user experience is similar in that we look at the objectives for a project and strategize on how best to design the system to match those needs. Unfortunately for me, he was the project owner. When was the last time you read your resume? Go ahead and give it a look.

The Shallow Dive

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The aim of this phase is to identify key elements and decisions that will influence the detailed design of the project. To start, the BA and I do a first-wave analysis of all of the screens and workflows that might be affected by the project. It gets the client’s project manager into the spirit of iterative design right away. Critical decisions are made earlier in the project, reducing the need for multiple iterations of detailed wireframes.

Evolving a Creative Workplace: Step 2

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As such, the two other principals and I continue to complete hands-on project work—which serves the double purpose of keeping us fresh while also allowing our younger employees to learn firsthand. Further, everyone can see and hear Greg, Tim, and I communicating with each other—making decisions, discussing client projects, and planning for the future.

The Distant Summit of Enterprise Design

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In Checkland’s methodology, a design project must look at the enterprise as a larger system comprised of smaller systems. As @mikeatherton said at UX Cambridge 2013 “Content is the whole damned point” and so should exist beyond service to design or brand messaging. Morgan Kaufman 2013. Lately, I have been fascinated by mountain climbing. I am reading every book that I can find on the subject.

Evolving a Creative Workplace: Step 4

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An example of fertilizing would be how we publicized annual company goals for the first time ever in 2013. Another example of fertilizing is how we’ve begun asking certain employees to present their successful project work, brown-bag-style, to the rest of the staff. So far in this series I’ve discussed how to prepare your team or organization for successful expansion, how to plant the right elements into the mix, and then how to ensure sustainable growth by “ watering.”.

Evolving a Creative Workplace: Step 3

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That’s because we typically engage people on a project basis for at least a few months before bringing them on full-time. In my last two installments, I shared how Greg, Tim, and I prepared Intuitive Company for success by creating an open work environment and then “ planting ” the right people into our culture. Watering is next—and it’s critical.

Digital Factory

Technology Created

But like Henry Ford in the early 1900’s, we’re still often doing it one project at a time. If you follow this pattern you’ll have laid the groundwork for developing an accelerated start to the project and you’ll have a promising story to tell your client right from the beginning. [1] Being a technology consultant is a fabulous job.

The General Stakeholder Interview

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Project Management for Stakeholder Interviews. One of the key things to look for in the response is any hint of functionality no one has mentioned before, since this is important not only in helping the product team achieve consensus, but also in keeping the project timeline within bounds. What worries you about this project? What should this project accomplish for the business? How will you, personally, define success for this project?

The Engineering Stakeholder Interview

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Project Management for Stakeholder Interviews. The focus and length of engineering interviews differs quite a bit between a new product and a revision of an existing one; in the first case, there is more room for the design to drive the technology, while in the second, the capabilities of the existing technology, when combined with the project budget and timeline, may introduce significant design limitations. Project Management for Stakeholder Interviews.

The Sales Stakeholder Interview

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Project Management for Stakeholder Interviews. Project Management for Stakeholder Interviews. This is an excerpt from from Kim Goodwin’s excellent Designing for the Digital Age. It is quite long, so we’ve broken it into several sections. Many thanks to Ms. Goodwin and Wiley for allowing us to share this with our readers. Understanding the Business. The General Stakeholder Interview. The Marketing Stakeholder Interview. The Engineering Stakeholder Interview.

About This Book of Mine


You will discover why I called it that if you read the sample excerpt on my teaser site and other fine channels we will be utilizing in the coming months, like Amazon or Barnes and Noble , where you can currently place your pre-order that will be shipped when the book is officially released on October 8, 2013. I have mentioned now and again that I have been working on a novel for a few years. It’s time to share a few more details. First of all the title: This Is Rage.

The Marketing Stakeholder Interview

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Project Management for Stakeholder Interviews. Note that if you’re a consultant planning the research before the project kickoff, the project lead should have asked this question at that time.). Project Management for Stakeholder Interviews. This is an excerpt from from Kim Goodwin’s excellent Designing for the Digital Age. It is quite long, so we’ve broken it into several sections. Many thanks to Ms.

Interviewing Executives and SME Stakeholders

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Project Management for Stakeholder Interviews. Project Management for Stakeholder Interviews. This is an excerpt from from Kim Goodwin’s excellent Designing for the Digital Age. It is quite long, so we’ve broken it into several sections. Many thanks to Ms. Goodwin and Wiley for allowing us to share this with our readers. Understanding the Business. The General Stakeholder Interview. The Marketing Stakeholder Interview. The Engineering Stakeholder Interview.

Too Busy To Save Your Company


There is a good deal of room between having to ingest every new idea that comes your way and fully delegating innovation to an isolated “special projects” department. It also led to a few projects over the years I never would have conceived could make a difference in our business. One of my final posts of 2012 memorialized the brands we lost last year, and inspired the question, how do so many companies so often and so badly miss the boat?

The Benefits of Open Innovation


There must be an innovation mandate, a statement to guide the overall vision of the project, and something by which to gauge the effectiveness of the “insourcing.”. Open innovation is the life blood of many corporations. Instead of relying only on the capital and assets within the company, they can tap into the immeasurable assets if the entire world. This combination creates an atmosphere of sustainable progress, and is great for shareholders and customers alike.

5 Examples of How Crowdsourcing Will Help You Be More Innovative


Crowdrise is a crowdsourcing strategy that allows people to support charitable institutions and volunteer organizations by choosing the projects that they want to offer their monies to. Students at public schools post projects online and wait for financers who will choose a project that they would like to contribute funds. Other organizations also make use of crowdsourcing for their community projects and they also post projects that donors can select and contribute to.

What is Crowd sourcing?


In most cases it is used for fundraising projects or for starting up charities and small companies. The notion is for each individual to contribute a small amount, which when gathered will result in substantial enough funding for specific projects. Both asking for donations and using volunteers to complete work are essential factors that make crowdsourcing a very useful method for any project.

Startups Platform Grow at Bosch: 3 Paths to Transition an Idea into an Innovation Project

Innovation Excellence

He co-developed the concept of the Bosch Start-up Platform, Grow, that he heads as founding CEO since 2013. Peter Guse joined Bosch’s Research and Advance Engineering Sector as Innovation Manager in 2009. Grow platform Gmbh, as the internal incubator, is the platform for start-ups, and an open space for entrepreneurs inside of Bosch. 1) Hi. Innovation Accelerator Bosch Corporate accelerator Entrepreneur Grow platform Incubation Intrapreneur Peter Guse Start-up

Improve Your Project Management Systems With the Five Levels of Maturity


The success of project management strategies within an organization can be measured in five stages of maturity. Even companies that seem to hit their deadlines and complete projects on budget can lack maturity without the right management systems. Introducing the Project Management Maturity Model. Many companies tackle projects on a first come, first served basis. Level one companies complete projects whenever they come in to the best of their ability.

Press Release – Bubble PPM achieves ISO 27001 certification


Bubble, a leading provider of cloud-based Project and Portfolio Management Software, today announced that it has received the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 security certification (ISO 27001), one of the most widely recognized and internationally accepted information security standards. Announcing the accreditation, Laura Erickson commented: “It’s still the case that relatively few Project Portfolio Management software vendors have ISO 27001 certification. Project.

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USA Falling Behind in Innovation

Gregg Fraley

Infrastructure and Education Project Idea: Learn, Build, Innovate USA. Learn, Build, Innovate USA is an idea for a national project. As the long term project happens, the USA will improve in innovation capacity , while creating jobs, skilled people, and a new America.

Five Crowdsourced Ideas that Came From Unlikely Places


For World Cerebral Palsy Day in 2013, he asked for a wheelchair that either had an extended range or could run indefinitely. million project taking several years was instead quickly approved and in the sky in months on a much lower budget.

Tony Hsieh – The Remarkable Cultural Innovator at Zappos

Destination Innovation

In 2013 it became a holacracy without job titles, where employees could self-organize. He organized a major re-development and revitalization project for the dilapidated downtown area of Las Vegas. In 2013 he pledged $350m for the project.

65% of Venture Capital-backed deals fail to return investment, and only 4% make substantial returns

Idea to Value

The chart above shows the financial outcomes for 21,640 different financing deals between 2004 and 2013 (note that these were the total number of deals, not individual companies). This aligns quite closely with analysis done by Doblin on the success rate of innovation initiatives within companies, where they found that only about 4% of innovation projects end up delivering a return on investment. Everyone knows that investing in innovative new ideas carries a degree of risk.

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Smisek’s United Ouster – Were You Really Surprised?

Adam Hartung

It was clear that at the top, United’s leadership cared only about cost control (ironically code named Project Quality.) In 2013 United ranked dead last in the quality ranking of all airlines by Wichita State University, and the airline replied by saying it really didn’t care. Jeff Smisek, CEO of United Continental Holdings, was fired this week.

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Santander and the road to becoming a sustainable city


Santander City Brain eco represents an example of public-private collaboration, between the City Council and Banco Santander, patron of the project and recently named as the world’s most sustainable bank, based on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI).

Innovate and Persuade with a Well-Judged Nudge

Destination Innovation

In 2013 the BIT sent out thousands of letters to school students from poor backgrounds, who typically did not apply to top universities. You can see examples of their various projects on their website. Behavioural nudges are clever policy tweaks often used by governments to influence the choices that people make. They are often found to be more effective and less costly than direct actions such as quotas, taxes or subsidies.

Junior Marketing Manager*in (m/w/d)


We started in 2013 and since then have been supporting our customers in setting up sustainable and effective innovation structures in order to promote innovation from within (including intrapreneurship) and outside (including startup-corporate collaboration). Become part of the team!

USA Now an Innovation Also-Ran — 11th in World

Gregg Fraley

Like last year, the continued slide (we were #1 in 2013) is due mostly to lack of investment in hard science, manufacturing, and technology education. In exchange for a scholarship they would agree to work on projects while they study, and, three years of work post graduation.