The State of Innovation Management in 2015 Just Released

Paul Hobcraft

The Surge of innovation reports in 2015. I am sure you have experienced that in 2015 we have seen a significant surge in innovation reports, many of these coming from large consulting firms or innovation publishers.

Tournaments: Collaboration for a Rapid Outcome


Encouraging collaboration between participants with different skills. They are also useful to boost internal collaboration, contributing to inject organizations with more dynamism, and to seek external inputs. Collaborative Innovation engagement Tournaments

Top 50 Innovation Twitter Sharers of 2015

Innovation Excellence

We knew we follow a lot of great innovation people on twitter (including a lot of the great Innovation Excellence authors) and based on your responses and some of our own we've compiled this year's list of the Top 50 Innovation Twitter Sharers of 2015.

Collaboration overload: when the outcome of your innovation effort is less than the sum of its parts

HYPE Innovation

The root cause of this imbalance is leaders’ intolerance to risk accessorised with a “practical” collaboration protocol inside the company or, more recently, tailor-made software to do the housekeeping. Research Collaboration

WOIC 2015, Day 1

Open Innovation

Dries Faems Instead, I heard an excellent presentation by Dries Faems on how one firm negotiates the agreement that leads to an open innovation collaboration: they conclude that any such deal must have executive, business and technical consensus before signing or it won't succeed.

Community Collaboration Workshops Come in All Sizes


Thursday included working with a local non-profit to develop the strategic foundation for an important initiative, along with developing initial themes from the Carbondale community collaboration workshops. Brainzooming - All Posts Collaboration Performance Strategic Thinking Strategy

16 metrics for tracking Collaborative Innovation performance

Hutch Carpenter

In this post, I want to focus on another type of innovation initiative: Collaborative Innovation. While it seems straightforward, Collaborative Innovation is actually a fairly sophisticated activity. More repeat logins increases opportunities for collaboration.

41 Surprising Things about Community Collaboration Done Well


In nearly every Brainzooming community collaboration workshop, we conclude with a Plus-Minus-Interesting-Recommendation-Question exercise (a PMIRQ for short). 41 Surprising Things about Community Collaboration Done Well. New People Coming Together Collaboratively and Effectively.

Collaborative Innovation and the Digital Vortex

Planview Spigit

” The practice of collaborative innovation—leveraging the wisdom of the crowds in the Digital Age to solve our toughest business challenges—can serve as a way forward for organizations in a time of accelerating change. Collaborative Innovation at Work.

How to Conquer Distance with Collaboration


As a result of their Frontline 2020 initiative, the WAP feels more connected and collaborative than ever. Case Study IdeaScale collaboration crowdsourcing crowdsourcing innovation employee engagement engagement government innovation InnovationLong distance relationships are never easy.

Strategic Planning – 10 Keys to Collaborative Strategy


Success factors in strategic planning and creating collaborative strategy were the central topics we tackled on an edition of Smart Companies Radio, hosted by Kelly Scanlon, the owner of Thinking Bigger Business Media, Inc., 10 Keys to Collaborative Strategy and Strategic Planning.

Innovation through collaboration

Norbert Bol

In the September 2015 issue of the Journal of Learning, Culture and Interaction, there is an interesting article (Ness & Riese, 2015) about how multidisciplinary groups can create innovation through collaboration. There are conditions that influence collaboration and therefore a successful outcome. 2015).

Fresh Air From Students' Open Eyes at ExxonMobil


Collaborative Innovation comfort zone Imaginatik Events Innovation Open InnovationI had the pleasure of organizing a special future oriented ideation session for ExxonMobil with students of the Foresight program of the University of Houston College of Technology.

Collaboration Is The New Competitive Advantage

Digital Tonto

In the past, we could dominate by accumulating resources and driving efficiency, but now it is agility and interoperability that rule the day. Related posts: The Future by Design. A Radical Shift. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]].

The Collaborative Economy and ODI


Call it the sharing economy or the collaborative economy — we are consuming differently now than we ever have. These rising stars notwithstanding, the collaborative economy is still in its infancy and untapped opportunities abound for insightful entrepreneurs.

Opening up our innovation to stay relevant

Paul Hobcraft

We are opening up our thinking in where and with whom, to collaborate. We are searching for more collaborative innovation (external orientation) combining external partners into more ‘collective thinking’. Collaborations are definitely adding value into the innovation equation.

State of Ohio and NineSigma Collaborate to Drive Job Creation

Innovation Excellence

Continue reading → Innovation People & Skills collaborationOverall, it is forecasted that 350 jobs will be created over 3-5 years as a result of the program, along with an average per project revenue growth of $10 Million.

Designing an Innovation Management Event – Part 1: Laying the Groundwork to Engage Your Community

HYPE Innovation

Collaborative innovation skills to be precise. Because, as I hope you realise by now, the terms “innovation” and “collaboration” are not mutually exclusive. Innovation Culture Collaboration Innovation Strategy

Why Women are the Future (and Past) of Business Innovation


2015 has so far been monumental for women. Business trends like virtual teams, global collaboration, open innovation, and partnerships and alliances all rely on fundamental “feminine” leadership competencies. Mainstream business culture penalizes women for being women.

Leading a Community of Innovation: Long Term Emergence vs High Value and Rapid Success


Yes, even before the Internet and social media became essential tools in aiding collaboration. Communities of practice or innovation have been around for some 30 years and we, at Imaginatik, were pioneers in using them.

Innovation Roadmap 2015: Tips for Better Ideas

Information Playground

The importance of idea collaboration. The impact of collaborating across geographies. dick costolo (@dickc) June 2, 2015. I recently attended an all-hands meeting for the Office of the CTO sponsored by Chief Technology Officer John Roese. 

We are transcending traditional industry and product boundaries

Paul Hobcraft

There is still this relative reluctance to form broader collaborations that will provide new ways of managing through this technology led revolution. Large organizations all collaborating and leveraging their assets can respond effectively to savvy entrepreneurs.

In the future you are either a digital business or a dead business


— MITSloan Mgmt Review (@mitsmr) July 8, 2015. Because in aggregate we will see them both in the consumer and enterprise domain; specifically in how we get stuff done, how we hire and how we collaborate. How we collaborate. How will we collaborate in the future?

Hackathons – 3 tips for getting started quickly


Collaborate with your key business units. It’s official: hackathons aren’t just for developers and entrepreneurs anymore. Now, corporations are lining up to use them as a means of developing ideas and driving engagement around innovation programs.

Tips 285

Innovators – are you thinking about Ecosystems?

Paul Hobcraft

In opening up to managing within ecosystems you begin to see your ability to contribute and tackle societal problems within a collaborative system. You begin to see the power, scale and strength of having the collective collaborative ability to extend beyond more traditional thinking design.

That sudden surge within the crowd

Paul Hobcraft

Sequencing Being systematic for ideas breaking down the value of an idea broaden out where ideas come from idea management ideal process for innovation process engagement open innovation and collaborations the Idea to commercialization concept The Power of Global Collaborative Innovation

The innovating power of ecosystems and platforms

Paul Hobcraft

We are moving towards a new management of innovation where ‘greater’ collaboration is fueling new business models built on platforms, formed around ecosystems of communities with vested interest, contributing and extracting value.

An outbreak of collaboration


“Google and Microsoft have agreed to collaborate on certain patent matters and anticipate working together in other areas in the future to benefit our customers. Did you see the news yesterday about Google and Microsoft burying their respective hatchets? It’s heartening that they have agreed to end a five-year battle over patents. This sort of thing has always struck me as a self-imposed tax.

Top 50 Innovation Twitter Sharers of 2019

Innovation Excellence

Innovation Social Media Top 10 140 chars 2015 awards collaboration news sharing Social Sharing Top 50 Tweets TwitterWe thought it would be a fun summer activity to pull together a list of the top innovation personalities and information sharers on twitter.

MasterCard Exec on Whirlpool Collaboration, Accelerator

Innovation Leader

John Sheldon shares the objectives behind MasterCard’s Start Path accelerator, and explains it’s collaboration with Whirlpool

Serendipitous exchanges fuel innovation


— MITSloan ExecEd (@MITSloanExecEd) August 17, 2015. And collaborating with individuals from different disciplines allows you to see the issue from a new perspective; which drives the potential for better ideas.

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Moving towards a new innovation service model

Paul Hobcraft

How can the innovation process capitalize on all the changes we are undertaking at present in new ways, in broader engagements and collaborations, to deliver more effectively on the promise within our innovation potential?

Visualizing Project Planning Success for 2016

Braden Kelley

Why Companies are Turning to Innovation Centres

Destination Innovation

The company sets up and establishment at a University to drive innovation through collaboration. AT&T Foundry Innovation Centres have collaborated with startups to rapidly deliver solutions such as a personalized video bill service and a self-optimizing network.

Our inabilities to adapt needs changing.

Paul Hobcraft

To succeed in today’s networked economy, businesses must participate in dynamic, evolving networks of diverse organizations based around platforms and ecosystems offer the fertile ground for collaboration and transformation.

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