Culture Knocks Out Strategy

Innovation Excellence

Continue reading → Change Culture & Values Innovation Leadership Management People & Skills Psychology Social Innovation culture authenticity Authenticity in Leadership change change management Entrepreneurship hcm hrm organization StrategyMany companies have a huge gap between their culture and strategy — a problem that only gets bigger in larger companies, especially when they are in transition.

Now-ism: Why Perfect Scores Don’t Matter And What To Focus On Instead

Innovation Excellence

In a recent TED Talk, Ito reveals a revolutionary style of innovation that he and his colleagues discovered during a time when they had to take learning into their own hands. Continue reading → Entrepreneurship Innovation Inspiration Social Innovation Technology culture education future internet Joi Ito MIT mit media lab nowism TED TED Talk"Education is what people do to you; learning is what you do to yourself.”


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The Social Intrapreneur Guide

Innovation Excellence

Emmanuel de Lutzel is VP Social Business at BNP Paribas, and an active a social intrapreneur. Based on intrapreneurs interviews and his own experience, he wrote the book ‘Transform your company from the inside: the social intrapreneur guide’, with Valérie de la Rochefoucauld-Drouâs in 2015. Entrepreneurship BNP Paribas Emmanuel de Lutzel Intrapreneur intrapreneurship social innovation social intrapreneur Valérie de Drouâs

The Hedgehogs' Dilemma

Mills Scofield

Ian Gonsher does research and teaches at Brown University focused on the design process and creative practice, including Design Studio and Entrepreneurship Engineering Design projects in the School of Engineering and Designing Humanity-Centered Robots in Computer Science with Michael Littman where Legos are prototyping tools. Conflict Management Corporate Culture Critical Design Culture Design Thinking Innovation Leadership Management Social Innovation

Adaptive Strategy Matrix [Infographic]: exploration vs. exploitation?

Open Innovation EU

In this strategy companies focus on social innovation, entrepreneurship, ideation and technology. Strategic focus lies on marketing, co-creation and business model innovation and open innovation. Focus on social innovation and ideation. Nervous strategy: an innovation strategy that is necessary to follow in a highly competitive market that lack opportunities or future.

Presenting and publishing OI research

Open Innovation

However, three innovation conferences provide especially good venues for presenting and discussing OI research: R&D Management (Paris, June 17-21). At the RaDMa conference, one of the 12 tracks (“Theme 9”) is explicitly on Open Innovation. Open and User Innovation Conference (Utrecht, July 8-10). World Open Innovation Conference (Rome, Dec. However, since my research interests only loosely fit marketing, I switched to strategy and later entrepreneurship).

What you need to know about India Innovation Growth Programme 2.0


After a not-so promising start at the beginning of this decade, India has been climbing up the Global Innovation Index ( GII ) rankings in the last couple of years—moving to from 81 in 2015 to 60 in 2017. According to a 2016 Capgemini study , India was the best innovation destination in Asia and the third best in the world. The improvement in the country has been remarkable say experts although a lot of grassroots innovations seem to be falling under the radar.