Top 20 Innovation Articles of August 2015

Innovation Excellence

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Top 20 Innovation Articles of September 2015

Innovation Excellence

Continue reading → Innovation Leadership Management Social Media Strategy Top 10 marketing ipad kindle mobile Most Popular Nook tablets Top 20Drum roll please.

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Marketers Need To Rethink The Customer Decision Journey

Digital Tonto

Related posts: Simulation Marketing. Why Most Marketers Will Fail In The Era Of Big Data. All Posts Marketing Bayesian Strategy Big Data Path to Purchase StrategyWe still have yet to bridge the gap between crafting messages and designing experiences.

Content Is Crap And Other Rules For Marketers

Digital Tonto

Related posts: How To Stop Failing At Content Marketing. All Posts Marketing Brand Publishing ContentWe never call anything that’s good “content.” Nobody walks out of a movie they loved and says, “Wow! What great content!” Why Some Content. [[ This is a content summary only.

Soren Kaplan’s – March 2015 Leapfrogging Newsletter


Building marketing and sales capabilities to beat the market. Wharton Technology & Innovation Conference 2015 April 17 – 18 Philadelphia, PA. ASU + GSV Summit 2015 April 6 – 8 Scottsdale, AZ. Open Education Global 2015 April 22 – 24 Banff, Alberta CA It’s true! Drawing aliens may be the secret to creativity and innovation.

What Marketers Can Learn From The Civil Rights Movement

Digital Tonto

All Posts Marketing Branding Movements Network TheoryGreat brands, like great movements, aspire not merely to promote an idea, but to create a positive impact on the world. Related posts: How To Create A Movement Within Your Organization. How To. [[ This is a content summary only.

Does the Stock Market Inhibit Innovation?

Destination Innovation

His conclusion is that these results suggest that the transition to public equity markets leads firms to reposition their R&D investments toward more conventional and safer projects. The post Does the Stock Market Inhibit Innovation?

The 2015 Breakthrough Innovation Report

Innovation in Practice

Nielson released its 2015 BREAKTHROUGH INNOVATION REPORT that features best practices from winning brands – with seven specific case studies from Pepsico, Kraft, MillerCoors, Kellogg’s, Nestle Purina, Atkins and L’Oreal Paris. DISTINCT: Delivered a new value proposition to the market. Culture of Innovation Marketing Innovation Practitioner Research breakthrough innovation report CPG innovation nielson sustained innovation

Top 100 Innovation Articles of 2015

Innovation Excellence

2015 was the fourth full year of operations for Innovation Excellence. To celebrate we've pulled together a list of the Top 100 Innovation Articles of 2015. Did your favorite make the cut?

Marketers Need To Shift From Crafting Messages To Creating Experiences

Digital Tonto

Related posts: Marketers Need To Rethink The Customer Decision. [[ This is a content summary only. All Posts Marketing Branding Content Path to PurchaseInstead of carnival barkers, we must begin to think like concierges, helping and assisting customers as we collect data in real time.

Digital Learning and the Realtime Marketing Lab Tour in a City Close to You!


Suppose you are a marketing professional or a non-marketing leader wanting to go deep in learning about what digital marketing should be doing for your organization’s success. Digital Learning and the Realtime Marketing Lab Tour. Chicago, September 21, 2015.

Best Strategy Blog in 2015

Norbert Bol

In addition to the best read blog in 2015 it is worth to mention an upcoming article in the January 2016 edition of the Journal of Cleaner Production.

Bowling with a Crystal Ball: Technology Focus vs. Market Focus

Innovation Excellence

Technology disrupts markets. However, when I need to decide whether to focus on a market (like Christensen does) or focus on the technology, I will focus on the technology every day of the week, and twice on Tuesday. I agree with that.

Content Marketing Strategy – An Offline Way to Plan Online Content


While social media and content marketing strategy ideas benefit from new thinking and approaches, you can also incorporate offline best practices that make sense, even if they may seem old. An Offline Way to Plan Online Content Marketing Strategy.

Why Marketing Should Own Customer Loyalty

Rmukesh Gupta

When I ask a room full of marketing professionals, What is the role of marketing? Most of the marketers indicate that it is not part of their role. I get varied responses – Its the role of customer service or account management, sales and not marketing.

BD Named 2015 Outstanding Corporate Innovator Winner by Product Development and Management Association

Innovation in Practice

The Product Development and Management Association (PDMA), the premier global advocate for product development and management professionals, announced today that it has awarded the 2015 Outstanding Corporate Innovator (OCI) Award to BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company) (NYSE: BDX).

Podcasting and Content Marketing – Top Creative Clicks for the Week by the Gal Friday


Which leads me to Content Marketing. In what ways are Podcasts the ultimate Content Marketing tactic? In what ways might we improve our curation skills to surprise and delight our audience to be better content marketers? Content Marketing Institute Podcast List.

17 Innovation, Digital Marketing, and Life Quotes from Inbound15


These (para)quotes on innovation , digital marketing, and life were the most memorable ones I took away from Inbound15. Digital Marketing. Brainzooming - All Posts Innovation Marketing Social media conference speakers inbound15 keynote speaker

Impact Of Disruptive Technology Startups On Global Business Takes Center Stage At TiEcon 2015

BPI Thought Leadership Media Coverage

TiEcon 2015, the world’s largest gathering of entrepreneurs, will become ground zero for “disruptive entrepreneurship” on& May 15-16& at Silicon Valley’sSanta Clara& Convention Center.

The Innovation 'Function'


Creatives and designers are part of that ecosystem, as are engineers and marketing execs… but innovation is not the exclusive domain of anyone. “Innovation” is often discussed in terms of the “idea” as the product and the formation of that idea as somehow unique and ineffable ….

Positive marketing innovation

Norbert Bol

In the December 2015 issue of the Journal of Business Research there is an interesting article about positive marketing. Positive marketing is the ideal form of marketing as it aims to create value for the firm and its customers and society. In that respect it is more than cause marketing, green marketing and social marketing. Positive marketing adds value to the whole triple bottom line, also known as People, Planet and Profit. 2015).

Bland Products Upset No-one but Delight No-one.

Destination Innovation

The company’s marketing slogan, ‘Love it or hate it’ reflects the reaction of consumers to Marmite’s sharp taste. It is no good launching a ‘me too’ product which is similar to or even slightly better than most other products on the market.

The Flawed Crawl Walk Run Methodology

Braden Kelley

Many of you may have heard of the Crawl Walk Run project methodology.

Technology is leading the shift of market research – a look at The Store-Checkers

Innovation Excellence

It turns out that it is also eating the market research and consulting world. Continue reading → Asia Case Study Digital Innovation Research Technology China market research mobile research“Technology is eating the world” as the famous motto says in the Silicon Valley.

The innovating power of ecosystems and platforms

Paul Hobcraft

This shift to collaborating on a many to many platform is offering us extra acceleration that is needed to improve our innovation performances in radical designs that can significantly change existing market spaces from concept to market delivery.

Innovators – are you thinking about Ecosystems?

Paul Hobcraft

You can see new opportunities that can allow you to enter new markets that would have been impossible as an individual organization. The race is to gain advantage and often try to dominate and influence the future direction a market will take. Business Ecosystem Trends by Deloitte.

Innovating: So What Is Possible?

Paul Hobcraft

I believe until we know what solutions we feel we need or the market wants, we will more often than not, end up disappointed in our innovation solutions. The closer to the needs of the market or client the greater chance of innovation success.

Our inabilities to adapt needs changing.

Paul Hobcraft

This is where innovation needs to go to counter the fundamental shifts going on in our markets, to really drive and thrive in an increasing hostile environment. Adapting the business model to the needs and desires of the market.

Change 255

Top 20 Innovation Articles of December 2015

Innovation Excellence

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Innovation Lessons from the Master, Steve Jobs

Destination Innovation

At the age of 21 Jobs founded Apple with Steve Wozniak in order to market the Apple I personal computer. They eschewed the keyboard as used by the then market leaders Blackberry and Nokia. The Apple iPhone was launched in 2007 and became the market leader in the mobile phone market.

Thought Leadership Builds Firm Value

Braden Kelley

One … Continue reading → Innovation Leadership Management marketing Social Media Strategy consultants growth internal consulting revenue thought leaders Thought LeadershipConsulting firms sell expertise, and their currency is trust.

Innovation is not a Game for Juniors

Destination Innovation

These regularly include new products, services, processes, working methods and marketing initiatives. I am often asked to give corporate innovation training workshops.

Designing an Innovation Management Event – Part 1: Laying the Groundwork to Engage Your Community

HYPE Innovation

Summer is not only an ideal time to catch up on some reading (maybe you remember Tim’s list from March), but also a perfect time to catch up on some skills. Collaborative innovation skills to be precise.

Virtual Reality and Subliminal Marketing

Daniel Burrus

Removing the everyday distractions of modern life and locking consumers away in an entirely immersive experience is every marketer’s dream — so before “plugging in,” we should all consider the potential implications of the use of this unregulated technology to manipulate us. When we take a closer look at the advertising that surrounds us, it’s obvious that subliminal messages are real and powerful, as seen in one 2015 example created by a Brazilian advertising agency.

Opening up our innovation to stay relevant

Paul Hobcraft

The shifts taking place are offering us the promise of “extra acceleration” that is needed to improve our innovation performances from concept to market delivery. Our whole understanding of innovation is changing; there are numerous shifts occurring.

Drowning in a Sea of Content

Braden Kelley

In fact, the rate of content creation is increasing as more companies launch … Continue reading → marketing content content marketing custoemrs digital future TrendsIn #MyIndustry, content creation (I’m an author, keynote speaker and publisher), there is already a flood of content and the flood waters will not recede anytime soon.

The Whole Foods Strategy…Isn’t (Whole)

Matthew May

There’s an interesting strategic play being made by Whole Foods Markets, in the midst of the company’s nearly $2 billion one-day drop in market value a few weeks ago, on the announcement of a shareholder lawsuit.

Why Companies are Turning to Innovation Centres

Destination Innovation

Nine out of ten companies believe that they are too slow to market with new products. In the consumer goods category around 80% of new products fail. Since 2000 52% of the Fortune 500 have merged, been acquired or gone bankrupt.

We are transcending traditional industry and product boundaries

Paul Hobcraft

So what and how is the incumbent meant to react if it is an existing market? Markets that are in the hands of the technically savvy entrepreneur are to be sliced, diced and recombined providing totally disrupt existing business models.

Moving towards a new innovation service model

Paul Hobcraft

We need to integrate product, service and business model innovation as a very basic must, so we can get closer to the demands within the market place necessary to succeed today, where customers are buying outcomes that they value, that fit their particular needs.

The sharks that prey are arriving a lot earlier now

Paul Hobcraft

You often hear of volatile trading conditions, a more complex market and situations changing constantly and moving faster than ever. Market are segmenting, the life cycle is shortening or having an even longer tail of dealing with slow decline and constant erosion of any competitive position.

Change 237

Deeper read or quick summary? Depends on the time we have.

Paul Hobcraft

The creep is we are beginning to make design thinking a panacea – we start believing it can fix the ‘dry stuff’, the overly rational planning approaches to optimize around predetermined and deeply analyzed market segments, we are actually abusing design thinking.

Interview: How Ready is the Nigerian Market for Cloud?

BPI Thought Leadership Media Coverage

Join Dimension Data at the next& Innovation Dinner, which will be held& at the Wheatbaker Hotel in Lagos, Nigeria on September 2015 – with& the theme& Transform to Better Perform: Information Technology’s role in driving competitive advantage, customer value and business growth in an uncertain economic environment