Conference Wrapup – Change Management 2015

Braden Kelley

Recently I had the opportunity to attend the Association of Change Management Professionals’ (ACMP®) annual conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, titled appropriately Change Management 2015. The event represented a convening of nearly 1,000 change management professionals from around the globe, … Continue reading → Change agile agile development agile project management change management Conferences events project management

Visualizing Project Planning Success for 2016

Braden Kelley

The most common innovation project failures

RTI Innovation Advisors

I had the opportunity to speak to a leadership team that is considering building an innovation capability in their business. I was asked a question I get infrequently, but one I enjoy answering. The question is: what keeps businesses from innovating effectively? The answer that I think most leadership teams want is: good ideas. After all, it's easier to explain away the lack of innovation if you can say that most teams lack good ideas.

Innovation 2015 or Five Lame Excuses?

Gregg Fraley

Now is the time to impact 2015. Projects are what change culture. In fact, Nothing changes innovation culture except real world innovation projects. I don’t know how to do innovation — start a project and learn as you go! Death or Kryptonite?

3 Major Problems with Web Development Projects

Innovation Excellence

It doesn’t matter who you are – a customer or a web developer, for you will encounter same problems when you are faced with website development projects. Continue reading → Innovation Technology marketing Website Projects Websites

Seven Essentials of an Effective Innovation Project Manager

Gregg Fraley

Outsourcing innovation project management might be the most strategic money you spend this year. What I hear from top management: “we don’t have the time or resources for innovation projects, we’ll start later this year.”

The 2015 Breakthrough Innovation Report

Innovation in Practice

Nielson released its 2015 BREAKTHROUGH INNOVATION REPORT that features best practices from winning brands – with seven specific case studies from Pepsico, Kraft, MillerCoors, Kellogg’s, Nestle Purina, Atkins and L’Oreal Paris. The Nielsen Breakthrough Innovation Project has examined over 20,000 new product launches over the past four years.

Planning Your Project Success in 2016

Innovation Excellence

The truth is that for most of us project managers, whether we want to admit it or not, the process of creating a project charter is one that we often dread.

Your Key To Creativity – The Projected Mind

Innovation Excellence

Continue reading → Creativity Psychology Imagination invention mind projectionTo make new theories, new inventions, and other great creations, we have to do better than adjusting existing theories and designs.

Project Management – 8 Chracteristics of a DRI


What’s the project management answer to addressing this tendency among teams and team members? The acronym represents someone we’re always looking for in project management to make sure we will make progress. Project Management and 8 Characteristics of a DRI.

Architecting the Organization for Change

Braden Kelley

Change 225

Design the Right Open Innovation Project

Innovation Excellence

Open Innovation is now widely recognized as a way to enhance options for innovation by accessing external assets. However it can mean many things to many people; from running a crowdsourced idea scheme like Lego Ideas or MyStarbucksIdea, through to large co-branded initiatives like Senseo.

Practice Your Way to Winning in 2015

The Human Factor

To improve your chances of winning in 2015, practice the following winning habits. When evaluating an idea, project or even your strategic plan, first look for evidence that suggests things are going right. Winning in business takes practice.

Data 61

The Innovation 'Function'


At Imaginatik, we refer to these different values as “currencies” when we are modeling the “value” of a project or a portfolio of innovation projects. Creating meaningful insight into currencies related to project evaluation is essential to prioritization and resource allocation.

Tournaments: Collaboration for a Rapid Outcome


A Tournaments program enabled us to identify promising new ideas for innovation and set a new agenda of projects. Tournaments are community driven. Tournaments are an engagement tool aimed at achieving maximum performance in: Collecting ideas.

Idea challenges: Giving a Voice to New Business Opportunities


How many ideas fluctuate within your organization without enriching your portfolio or becoming business projects? The vast majority of them are never even voiced, why bother when nothing happens right? Engagement programs are a valuable path to change that dynamic.

Why Innovation Maturity Matters


A culture of innovation may exist in certain pockets (such as within the engineering culture of many tech firms), or a declared group may already be doing great work on specific innovation projects.

The Seven Deadly Realities of Human Nature


The first step in acquiring social intelligence is to realize that you tend to project your own emotions on to other people, to see into them qualities that you want or need to see. What obstacles stand in the way of greatness?

The attitude needed to be a better forecaster…and innovator


As the website for the Good Judgment Project — that’s what Tetlock called the overarching research project, which has involved more than 20,000 participants, explains, “belief updating” is a key component to the superforecaster’s skill.

Our Projects Are Our Journey and Our Life

3Q Leadership Blog

It is a pleasure and honour to host a guest post by a friend, colleague and 3Q Leadership™ Champion whose expertise in project management/leadership, corporate agility are reflected in a body of work in Canada and France that has changed the lives and improved organizational cultures.

It’s the little things that kill


All innovative projects have their own version of Gemini, a middle part that has leaps and valleys, a road that has never been traveled before. Our society tends to focus on the big ideas. We love them, me included.

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Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation

HYPE Innovation

During my life both professionally and personally when I have completed a project, people would often make comments like ‘wow I don’t know how you did that ’or‘ how you made that happen’.

The Whole Foods Strategy…Isn’t (Whole)

Matthew May

What Whole Foods has going for it is that the projected growth for organic food is roughly 11% annually. That on the heels of missing earnings projections for three quarters in a row.

Collaboration overload: when the outcome of your innovation effort is less than the sum of its parts

HYPE Innovation

Although this process can vary in length from a few weeks to months or even years (depending on the length of the innovation project in question), the conclusion is always the same: Too much collaboration and most of it for all the wrong reasons.

Shifting Radically the Innovation Business Model

Paul Hobcraft

I get the distinct impression the focus of most innovation consultants is still locked into product innovation or improving the process of the pipeline / portfolio, the idea generation and project execution model. Shifting Radically the Innovation Business Model.

Our inabilities to adapt needs changing.

Paul Hobcraft

Simply put companies ‘die’ due to their inability to adapt to change and transformation projects fail because the message somehow fails to register and never gets completed to the original objectives.

Change 234

The innovating power of ecosystems and platforms

Paul Hobcraft

Our whole understanding of innovation is changing; there are numerous shifts occurring.

Opening up our innovation to stay relevant

Paul Hobcraft

Our whole understanding of innovation is changing; there are numerous shifts occurring. We are opening up our thinking in where and with whom, to collaborate. We are evaluating and changing our existing focus from closed (internal orientation) into ones that are having a far more open stance.

The Flawed Crawl Walk Run Methodology

Braden Kelley

Many of you may have heard of the Crawl Walk Run project methodology.

How to Incorporate Academic Research into Your Innovation Thinking

HYPE Innovation

A few weeks back I was sharing with you the highlights of HYPE’s recent Forum in London , an event that brought innovation managers’ hopes and fears into the spotlight, and encouraged idea campaign/ innovation project issues to be openly discussed.

How To 203

Making an impact on an organization’s innovation environment

Paul Hobcraft

Then for her Management Practices it is broken down: 1) Project autonomy, 2) Team Selection – Skills, 3) Definition of Goals, 4) Supervisor Support and. There are no new projects; no different plans.

Change 221

Why Companies are Turning to Innovation Centres

Destination Innovation

They can either think too far out into the future or simply get involved in routine projects. Nine out of ten companies believe that they are too slow to market with new products. In the consumer goods category around 80% of new products fail.

Jobs in innovation: our field guide

Board of Innovation

As an innovation consultancy we’ve been globally involved in lots of innovation projects. For most companies, developing a winning innovation strategy isn’t usual business. It takes a lot of time, skills and resources.

Innovate your processes before innovating your products

RTI Innovation Advisors

The vast majority of product development teams are underresourced, overtaxed, and constantly bombarded by changes to existing product developments as well as revisions to priorities for projects already in the hopper. They typically have few tools to help re-prioritize projects and almost always have the wrong skills available for the next project in the hopper.

Fast innovation often leads to furious outcomes

RTI Innovation Advisors

However, almost nothing can speed up decision making or eliminate enough of the risks to allow a project to move more quickly other than the buy-in of executives. What factors cause your innovation projects to move slowly, if they get started at all? All of these factors will result in a project that ends quickly and delivers an inadequate and unacceptable result. Additionally, a good innovation project requires learning and discovery, which cannot be predicted.