5 Things I’ve Learned About Creativity

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The truth is that creativity is hard work. All Posts Management Media Creativity WritingThere are no silver bullets. The only way to create successfully is to get your ideas out there, find the flaws and get to work fixing them. Related. [[ This is a content summary only.

This legendary 1947 letter on the lack of creativity in advertising is even more true in 2016

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A major issue around advertising and marketing nowadays is that there is a drive to “learn and perfect” it. And this is resulting in less actual creativity being used. I’m worried lest hardening of the creative arteries begin to set in.

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Ways to Learn Creativity

Innovation in Practice

Becoming more creative, even just a tiny bit, will enhance what you do everyday, at work, at home, or anywhere. Let’s look at how you learn it. There are various schools of thought about how to learn creativity. But there is still so much to learn about the brain.

How Do You Learn How To Learn? Learn From Learners


Are you learning as fast as the world is changing? A constant state of change requires a constant state of learning. Only a handful of companies, and people, cultivate learning as a skill. Put simply: Cultures of innovation = Cultures of learning. Learn From Learners.

Why I have a problem with the Global Innovation Index

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INSEAD Business School, along with Cornell University and the World Intellectual Property Organisation have just released their analysis of the world’s most innovative countries for 2016. Top 10 Most Innovative Countries 2016, GII 2016. Creative Outputs.

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Intrapreneurship Chicago 2016

Gregg Fraley

So, you may be surprised when I bend over backwards to promote Intrapreneurship Chicago 2016. By keeping the numbers low, usually under 100 people, what you end up having is actual learning, meaningful conversations and networking, unexpected insights, and big ideas.

Artificial creativity (A.C.): Can a computer be creative? It’s scarily close

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In 2013, I wrote a breakthrough article on the nascent examples of computers beginning to generate ideas in a way similar to human creativity. Here I revisit the article with all-new evidence showing how close we are to artificial creativity. Machine Learning.

My interview on the Creative Life Podcast with James Taylor

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James is another creativity consultant from the UK, who focuses on helping predominantly people working in the Creative Industries, especially music. The identical and fraternal Twins study showing how most of creativity is not genetic: source [link].

Never stop investing in yourself. It’s vital for staying creative

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But it teaches an important lesson about staying creative. This is vital for enabling your brain to form new associations between disparate ideas (one of the true roots of creativity). Nick Skillicorn with Frank Kern (Feel the Kern 2016).

Innovation and The Art of Implementation: Dealing with Creatives

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As mentioned in The Art of Implementation : interestingly enough, of all the passages in the first Robert’s Rules of Innovation book, one of the passages that got the most input from readers was the section in Chapter V discussing the “care and feeding of creatives”. [1] 1] Oh those creative types! Why are people so opinionated, even impassioned and obsessed, with the creatives? These special people, these creatives—my oh my, what a sight to behold!

Don’t Give Learned Helplessness a Chance

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It answers to the name “learned helplessness.” Learned helplessness is not a hip term from yet another best-selling management book; it is a concrete and scientifically proven phenomenon in the behavior of both people and animals.

Join me for an evening of cocktails and creativity on August 2nd

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In it, I’ll be talking about some of the most interesting insights we’ve recently learned about how creativity works and how it can be improved, with time for questions and answers at the end. Date: Tuesday August 2nd 2016. News creativity event funzing looking glass cocktail clubPeople often say that the best ideas should be discussed over a drink, so this is an opportunity not to be missed.

Van Gogh Air BnB: 2016 Epica Gold Winner for Innovation

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Established in 1987, Epica is the only prize in the area of creativity judged and awarded by journalists who work for marketing and communications magazines worldwide.

Playfulness: The Key to Creativity and Innovation

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The world’s greatest innovators exhibit 27 creative attitudes, and playfulness is one of the most critical attitudes (Kim, 2016). They eschew the work-play dichotomy preferring, instead, learning and working best in a playful environment where even more curiosities are sparked. This helps them overcome creative blocks and manage criticisms. Creativity creativity creativity crisis innovation playfulness

10 TED Talks for Encouraging Creativity in Your Corporate Innovation Team


That's why it's so important to learn new problem-solving techniques. Techniques for encouraging creativity. Corporate intrapreneurs face the ultimate challenge in business: navigating uncertainty. The challenge? Your time and resources are limited.

Creative Expedition at Auchan Superstores

Innovation Excellence

He tells us about the amazing Creative Expedition process that has been going on for some time now at Auchan. Entrepreneurship Innovation Innovation Perspectives Auchan Berlin Design Akademie Creative Attitude Creative Expedition Jean-Yves Maurel Learning Expedition Open Innovation Participative innovation

Creative Quickies – How are you supporting creativity and new ideas?


When it comes to whether an organization demonstrates ample creativity and new ideas, you have to place a load of responsibility on the leadership. How the leaders encourage and cultivate new ideas (or don’t) will affect the volume and richness of creativity throughout the organization.

Creative Diversity – What group will drive implementation success?


I attended a presentation on cultivating a creative culture delivered by Michael Perman, formerly of Gap, at The Marketing Conference last week in San Francisco. During his keynote, Perman discussed twenty-plus three-day creativity sessions he organized while at Gap.

Method Mondays: Never stop learning

Boxes and Arrows

Benjamin Franklin once said: “Tell me and I forget; teach me and I may remember; involve me and I learn.”. It helps us to test and validate new methods, to make mistakes and learn from them. Learning From Others Process and Methods

Creative Thinking Skills – A Simple Way to Boost Creativity


We were working with a client and sharing the value of our extreme creativity strategic exercises to boost creative thinking skills. Another reason to embrace extreme creativity questions is they provide a more beautiful, amazing mental landscape to inspire creative thinking skills.

Creative Thinking Skills – Protecting Yourself from Creative Thinking Challenges


Sometimes creative thinking challenges come from inside your own head. In many organizations, however, substantial creative thinking challenges come from leaders and cultures that may say they want new thinking, but seem to do everything they can to scuttle creativity.

Creative Thinking Skills – 10 Ideas for Stimulating Extreme Team Creativity


We’re developing a strategic thinking webinar for a client on cultivating and sustaining creativity among its salesforce. Part of the creative thinking skills content will come via our Idea Magnets material. Giving “One” for Team Creativity.

The Rise of the Smart Creative (Lessons from Google)

Innovation Excellence

IBM Learning is now developing a completely different set of competencies which they encapsulate and describe as an ‘adaptive learner’.

Extreme Creativity – History of Rock


Looking for Extreme Creativity ? Are you REALLY looking for extreme creativity? Close the door, or put on the headphones, and settle back for extreme creativity in a unique rock music mashup style! – Mike Brown. Do you have a few minutes to spare?

10 surprising ways to develop your imagination

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Reading is too often associated with “book learning,” which is often boring, irrelevant, and worse, required. What can be more imagination-stirring than producing something creative? Learning new things stimulates your mind, and motivates you to try new things.

Curiosity: The Key to Creativity and Innovation

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Their expertise grows as they actualize their curiosity by developing a love of learning. First, find and remove what gets in the way of your curious mind by: Being humble enough to continuously learn from others and the world, and putting humility and learning before your ego. Writing down three new things you’ve learned before going to bed every night. Allow yourself to play, and re-learn how to play from children. What can I learn from them?

Creativity Prayer – Seeking Creative Inspiration from On High


In any event, as we’ve done in past years, we are sharing a creativity prayer I wrote a number of years ago as a reminder to also seek out new creative inspirations from the reflection and quiet in the coming weeks. A Creativity Prayer.

How Silicon Valley innovates by letting anyone access their tech

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Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence: Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, Elon Musk… I’m going to have to combine all of these companies together, because it seems like this battlefield is a full-on open-source brawl.

The surprising habits of original thinkers

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Do you like insights into creativity like this? Creativity Adam Grant original thinkers precrastination procrastinationSometimes, it takes a while for the best ideas to incubate into something original and beautiful.

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Key Innovation Issues for 2016 and Beyond

Integrative Innovation

In the course of this first month of 2016, I was asked a couple of times what my prospects are for the year ahead when it comes to key innovtion issues. We are headed towards a co-creative platform economy. It will become a hotbed for innovation in 2016 and the coming years.

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Best Among What I Read Today – 6th May 2016

Rmukesh Gupta

Why Man Creates: This video talks about the creative process and seeks to understand Man’s need to create something and explores the creative process itself. In this short video Vishen shares some very interesting tactics that we can all learn and implement in our businesses.

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3 Months in Virtual Reality, 6 Lessons Learned

Innovation Excellence

But I’ve learned more. Change Cognition Consumer Innovation Creativity Disruption Entertainment Product Innovation Technology gaming Oculus product innovation technology Virtual_Reality vrSo now I finally have my own VR setup at home. I’ve spent many hours in VR.

Penker’s reflections on The Drucker Forum 2016

Innovation 360 Group

Many speakers, including myself , focused, discussed and elaborated upon the prerequisites for innovation and entrepreneurship as well as the lessons learned from the past. The post Penker’s reflections on The Drucker Forum 2016. The 8th Drucker Forum was a milestone in many ways.

Creative Thinking – 31 Excuses Why a Creative Outlet Isn’t Working


Ever felt as if your main creative outlet just isn’t working anymore ? I’m WAY off my creative thinking game when it comes to putting pen to paper and fingers to keyboard. 31 Excuses Why a Creative Outlet Isn’t Working. Wow, maybe my creativity is fine.

Creative Thinking Skills – 9 Fundamentals to Turn Talk into Strategy


9 Creative Thinking Skills to Turn Talk into Strategy. Remember that although these creative thinking skills are presented sequentially, they may be used in any order. There may also be equally important creative thinking skills not included on the list.

Penker’s reflections on The Drucker Forum 2016

Innovation 360

Many speakers, including myself , focused, discussed and elaborated upon the prerequisites for innovation and entrepreneurship as well as the lessons learned from the past. Clip from Magnus Penker speech on Drucker Forum 2016. The 8th Drucker Forum was a milestone in many ways.

7 Lessons in Leadership, Diversity And a Culture of Learning from an Animated Short Film

Rmukesh Gupta

I hope you enjoyed the video, without having to think about and trying to learn something from the video. No matter how experienced you are, there will always be something that you can learn from the younger, so called inexperienced lot.

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Walkabouts are needed for learning and testing ourselves

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Africa Entrepreneurship Innovation Creativity travel WalkaboutHow often do you pause for thought, even simply for ‘just those few minutes,’ so as to allow yourself to openly question where you are and what you are attempting to do?

4 Tips to Efficiently Boost Creativity in the Workplace


Here’s a brief video produced by SEMA, the Specialty Equipment Market Association, where I talk about four easy ways for companies to boost creativity in the workplace without taking a lot of time to do it. My favorite expression of creativity at SEMA!

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How China’s Shenzhen became the world capital of hardware innovation

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Here are a few things we can learn from the video and article about innovation: Socio-economic growth is vital fuel for innovation. Anything that can help make someone’s life cheaper, faster and easier is highly desirable, especially if it can be operated through the huge proportion of people who have smartphones (an estimated 87% of the whole population have mobile phones in 2016, with more than 550 million being smartphones).

Creative Expedition at Auchan, with Jean-Yves Maurel

Rapid Innovation in digital time

He tells us about the amazing Creative Expedition process that … Continue reading → Innovation Auchan Berlin Design Akademie Creative Attitude Creative Expedition Jean-Yves Maurel Learning Expedition Open Innovation Participative innovationJean-Yves Maurel is Corporate Innovation Director at Auchan Group, with the particularity of owning a double degree : Engineer Arts et Métiers ENSAM, and Marketing & Product Design at ENSAD.

Why “Follow your passion” is terrible advice for you & those you care about

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This is especially true for anyone who dreams of a creative career or being an entrepreneur and choosing their own destiny. Many creative industries, especially the performing arts like being a musician or actor are the “dream jobs” of many people.

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Strategic Thinking Workshop Success – Beware Too Much Creativity


Interestingly, the most challenging situation for Brainzooming strategic thinking workshop success is when it includes TOO MANY individuals viewing themselves as creative. That particular session was filled with about 85% HUGE creative egos. So get creative individually.