Boston Dynamics’ robots have learned how to dance :)

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Boston Dynamics has taught its Robots how to dance. While the following viral video may look like CGI, it is in fact real. Boston Dynamics, the company based in Waltham, Massachusetts , makes some of the most advanced bipedal and mobile robots in the world.

What Can We Learn from the Innovation Averages in 2020?


This data gathering and analysis takes up the better part of our first quarter and our report is generally published in March, but 2020 is a unique year for the crowdsourced innovation community (and indeed for everyone in the world).


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Podcast S4E93: Christiane Michaelis – How art can help businesses learn to be creative

Idea to Value

00:06:30 – What is different learning from professional creatives. In this episode of the Idea to Value podcast, we speak with Founder of the Dirty Easel, Christiane Michaelis.

Podcast S4E85: Cliff Goldmacher – What business can learn from songwriting

Idea to Value

Cliff is a Grammy-recognised, #1 chart-topping hit Songwriter, and we speak about his creative process, collaborating with other artists, and finding out what companies can learn from songwriting. In today’s episode of the Idea to Value Podcast, we speak with songwriter Cliff Goldmacher.

The ABC’s of Recruiting for Gen Z

Take a look around you at any given moment, and somebody is likely surfing the web on their phone. In 2020, society has fully immersed itself in the web and all it has to offer - and no one more so than those of Generation Z. With “Gen Zers” beginning to enter the workforce at entry-level positions, it’s crucial to understand that this generation operates differently from the last. With this caveat in mind, read on to learn how to adapt your recruiting strategy to appeal to this pool of potential employees.

How Machine Learning is Changing Business Communication


Machine learning is not a sci-fi concept anymore. So, how does machine learning impact your internal and external communications? The post How Machine Learning is Changing Business Communication appeared first on InnovationManagement.

BCG 2020 Report: Three Steps to Organizational Learning

In BCG’s recent report , they outlined three critical steps for leadership to take to improve organizational learning. The world’s best corporate learning ecosystems have a few characteristics in common – what BCG considers the framework of five domains and 18 dimensions.

A Look at Innovative Sustainability Trends for 2020


Are you looking to shape sustainability trends in 2020? There are several trends set to shape these sustainability efforts in 2020. Similarly, responsible investments are expected in 2020. Capitalism is evolving in 2020 as more people demand a new socio-economic system. To learn more about sustainability and innovation, join our newsletter today. The post A Look at Innovative Sustainability Trends for 2020 appeared first on IdeaScale.

Trends 141

Critical Insights from McKinsey’s “Closing the Capability Gap” 2020 Report

During this post-pandemic age, companies have been forced to shift their attention to virtual working and learning environments. Insight #1: Don’t Wait – Build Digital Learning Experiences Now. Virtual learning is an effective way to support your employees during the COVID-19 era.

What We Can Learn From The Failure Of Quibi

Digital Tonto

Probably the most important thing we can learn from Quibi’s failure is to not believe your own PR. Plan for and prepare things to go wrong. Nobody really knows anything until it can be observed in. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]].

Handling Total Uncertainty: Lessons Learned from Leading Moon Shot Projects

Innovation 360 Group

September 15, 2020. 2020 Events Client Event Event Webinars

11 Ways to Make a Short Remote Design Thinking Project a Success

You can achieve a huge amount in a short period with a virtual design thinking project. While some teams want to come together for several weeks or months to tackle a challenge, others want to run short, sharp projects to find a quick solution. And with the right preparation, attitude, and structure in place, that's totally possible.To help make sure your short innovation projects are a success, download this free guide from the team at Sprintbase, a virtual design thinking platform, to learn their top tips.

2020 is a wrap! What we learned + customers who “wowed” us


It’s no secret that 2020 was one for the history books. Here is a summary of some of the things learned after this unprecedented year of change. The post 2020 is a wrap! What we learned + customers who “wowed” us appeared first on Sopheon.

Accelerating the Journey to HR 3.0: Key Insights from IBM’s 2020 Study

This 2020 report, titled “ Accelerating the Journey to HR 3.0 “, provided some compelling and interesting insights into disruptions that are already happening, as well as ten critical action areas that organizations need to do to move their HR forward now.

Study 71

Failing Is Learning; Fail Fast to Learn Faster

Daniel Burrus

This is the idea behind my powerful strategy: Fail Fast to Learn Faster. But a Hard Trend that continues to be prevalent in innovation is the statistical interrelationship between failure and innovation—and, further, the value of learning to fail quickly.

Forget Best Practice, Think Always Of Learning Next Practice

Paul Hobcraft

We are all presently learning a new practice. We need to ditch much of the endeavors that make up a legacy of past practice, and think forward, to which the term next practice becomes the learning spot.

Key Learnings of a Regtech Corporate Startup


The post Key Learnings of a Regtech Corporate Startup appeared first on InnovationManagement. Corporate start-ups sit in a sweet spot between corporate venturing and an external start-up.

What We Learned From Our Own Data-Driven ABM Strategy

ZoomInfo has created the following eBook to help other B2B organizations gain insights on how to launch their own data-driven ABM strategy. In this eBook, we will reveal the good and the bad from our own campaign and highlight some key takeaways on how to improve your ABM strategies moving forward.

What I’ve Learned In My First Month at IdeaScale


I joined IdeaScale in March 2020, just as the COVID-19 pandemic had thrown the whole world into lockdown mode. The post What I’ve Learned In My First Month at IdeaScale appeared first on IdeaScale.

Those that learn to frame the Strategic Innovation discussion are the big winners

Paul Hobcraft

Constructing an innovation conversation framework is never easy, we all come at it in different ways and when it comes to those strategic conversations, we feel a sense of panic and growing tension as our messages begin to fray at the edges and slip more into tactical, the more we talk.

Step-by-Step Learning vs Creative Learning


I went to a Montessori school when I was child, so I was taught to learn by playing, figuring things out on my own. Whereas people who go through life with a creative learning approach are the ones who are better at adapting; they’re usually the ones who are changing the direction of things. Think about it this way: Musicians follow step by steps to learn how to play the piano, guitar, or any musical instrument.

#2,040 – The Greatest Books of 2020

Greatest. Idea. Ever.

As per usual, these books were not necessarily published in 2020, they’re just books that I read this year: The Three Body Problem Trilogy : No wonder the original Three Body Problem was a Hugo award winning tale that became Mark Zuckerberg’s and Barack Obama’s favorite book.

The D&I Garden: Seeds of Innovation that Grow into Creative Breakthroughs

Speaker: Donald Fan, Senior Director of the Global Office of Culture, Diversity & Inclusion at Walmart Inc.

In the digital era, rife with uncertainty and ambiguity, innovation plays an essential role in sustaining organic growth and outperforming the global competition. Research proves time and again, there exists a robust bond between innovation and diversity & inclusion (D&I); our challenge is to help our leaders understand how to plant the seeds of innovation in the fertile D&I garden in order to drive a strategic and competitive advantage from the office and in the digital landscape.

4 Lessons We Can Learn From The Digital Revolution

Digital Tonto

Probably the most important thing that the digital revolution has to teach us is that technology should serve people and not the other way around. If we really want to change the world for the. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]. All Post

Care to Do Better: Key Insights from Accenture’s 2020 Report

Data in the report indicates that organizations stand to gain upwards of 5% revenue growth – compared to the anticipated 2020 average decline of -4.7%. The Accenture report provides 5 key practices they call the “sweet spot:” Enable continuous learning.

Speak Aid 2020

Stephen Shapiro

Learn more and register (for free). The post Speak Aid 2020 appeared first on Stephen Shapiro. In 1985, I attended Live Aid with 90,000 other people packed into JFK Stadium in Philadelphia. In addition to being a celebration of music, it was a fundraiser for those suffering in the Ethiopian famine. Of course today, we can’t gather that many people in one place. But maybe we can do it virtually.

Can Creativity Be Learned? 5 Best Practices to Fuel Innovation


Some people think these traits are innate while others are convinced they can be learned. The post Can Creativity Be Learned? Do you possess a creative and innovative mindset? Evidence shows these are teachable behaviors.

The High Cost of a Bad Hire

74% of organizations admit to making bad hires every year. Check out this infographic to learn how much these bad hires are costing you!

How Is Machine Learning Revolutionizing Supply Chain Management


How Is Machine Learning Revolutionizing Supply Chain Management Supply chain management is a complex medley of processes in which even a slight lack of visibility or synchronization can lead to enormous losses and overheads.

Favorite Podcasts of 2020

Michael Roberto

Earlier this week, I listed some of my favorite books from 2020. Well, as a student of failure, I find the episodes to be full of important lessons that we should all learn. WeCrashed: Here we learn about the incredible story of WeWork co-founder and CEO Adam Neumann.

How Transformational Leaders Learn To Overcome Failure

Digital Tonto

We all have our talents, but innate ability will only take you so far. In the final analysis, what makes transformational leaders different is their ability to transform themselves to suit the needs. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]. All Posts Management Leadership

Not Learning Is A Failure. Everything Else Is An Opportunity



How ZoomInfo Enhances Your Database Management Strategy

Forward-thinking marketing organizations have continuously invested in a database strategy for enabling marketing processes. Download this ebook to learn how to maintain a strategy that includes refreshed information, database cleanses, and an accurate analysis at the same time.

Eight Tips to Improve Employee Engagement in 2020


To learn more about an innovation management platform to help, request a demo. The post Eight Tips to Improve Employee Engagement in 2020 appeared first on IdeaScale. Drawing together everyone should be the goal of any innovative organization. There’s nothing more important to innovation than an engaged, thoughtful workforce. Yet bringing your team out of their box of day-to-day tasks and larger projects to focus on innovation can feel daunting.

8 Emerging Business Intelligence Trends To Look For In 2020 And Beyond


In 2020 and beyond, we can see companies further their push towards creating a culture of data by utilizing several emerging technologies in AI and beyond. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the top 8 business intelligence trends for 2020. By 2020, augmented analytics will be a dominant driver of new purchases of analytics and business intelligence as well as data science and machine learning platforms,” the research firm stated.

The Top 5 Innovation Books For 2020

Articles from GroundControl

It is easy to get overwhelmed with all the material that is written on innovation in 2020. You want to learn the most relevant information within limited time. We have listed our top 5 books on innovation from 2020 that you must read!

Understanding Intelligent Process Automation: RPA, Machine Learning, NLG And Cognitive AI!


Understanding Intelligent Process Automation: RPA, Machine Learning, NLG And Cognitive Ai! The post Understanding Intelligent Process Automation: RPA, Machine Learning, NLG And Cognitive AI! Automation is undeniably one of the fastest-growing technologies out there today.

How ZoomInfo Enhances Your ABM Strategy

For marketing teams to develop a successful account-based marketing strategy, they need to ensure good data is housed within its Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. More specifically, updated data can help organizations outline key accounts for their campaigns. And to begin the targeting process, marketing teams must develop an Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) with appropriate firmographic and behavioral data to ensure they’re going after the correct audience.Download this eBook to learn how to start improving your marketing team's data!

What Can We Learn About Crowdsourcing in a Pandemic from NASA?


When COVID-19 shut down the United States in 2020, everyone wanted to be a part of the solution. The post What Can We Learn About Crowdsourcing in a Pandemic from NASA?

Summer 2020 Product Release: Innovating with Elegance


Speak to a Member of Our Team to Learn More about these Exciting Developments! The post Summer 2020 Product Release: Innovating with Elegance appeared first on Qmarkets.

Top 10 CPG Industry Trends For 2020


In this article, we outline the ten trends that will most affect the consumer-goods sector in 2020 and beyond. In 2020 and beyond we can expect the consumer landscape to become more complex. If you’d like to learn more about this topic, please feel free to get in touch with one of our CPG and AI experts for a personalized consultation. The post Top 10 CPG Industry Trends For 2020 appeared first on Acuvate.

What We Can Learn About Government Innovation from DARPA


Here’s what we can all learn from DARPA’s approach to innovation management and product design strategy. The post What We Can Learn About Government Innovation from DARPA appeared first on IdeaScale. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, or DARPA, has already changed the course of history. DARPA was where the internet, the graphical user interface, the voice assistant, and GPS were pioneered, changing how we work, play, and live.

Reader Survey 2021 Business Innovation Brief

Can you believe we are in 2021? 2020 was a challenging year for innovation and strategy professionals. Here at Business Innovation Brief, we have worked tirelessly to provide guidance and a sense of community for our viewers. Business Innovation Brief’s many thought-leaders eased the physical distance between us by sharing their wisdom and empathy. Our goal is that through our site, we helped make 2020 as rewarding as it was challenging. We would love for you to share your experience about how the site has affected your learning, and also your thoughts on how to make it better. The total time to complete the survey is 3-5 minutes To view the survey, click the “View Now” button below: