The Future of Email Marketing: Trends and Predictions for 2020


The importance of email marketing when spreading the word about a product or service cannot be overstated. Studies show that for every dollar spent on your email marketing campaign, you can get up to $44 as your ROI. This is 44 times more than other marketing channels like TV ads.

10 Disruptive Trends for 2020


Here are 10 trends that will create opportunities – and threats – in 2020. Twenty years ago, when I started advising startups and Fortune 500 companies on their innovation strategies, a “2020 vision” served as a key staple in most business planning efforts. But 2020 promises to be especially extra turbulent. Regardless of your industry or target markets, watch these disruptors closely. Disruption is everywhere.

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Exciting Innovations at CES 2020


Earlier this month, we were among the 175,000+ industry professionals who attended CES 2020 in Las Vegas. This was the second year yet2 sent team members to the conference, which markets itself as “The Global Stage for Innovation.” yet2’s Favorite Startups at CES 2020.

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A Look at Innovative Sustainability Trends for 2020


Are you looking to shape sustainability trends in 2020? There are several trends set to shape these sustainability efforts in 2020. The sustainable finance market has grown right along with investor concerns for climate risk.

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Positioning to Win: How to Harness a Product Superpower

Speaker: April Dunford, Executive Consultant, Speaker, and Author

Positioning forms the foundation of a product's go to market strategy. Your marketing plans, your sales strategy, your customer segmentation, your product roadmap - each of these uses positioning as an input. Yet as important as positioning is, it is deeply misunderstood. In this session, April Dunford is going to arm you with the tools you need to master positioning.

Top 20 Innovation Articles of January 2020

Innovation Excellence

Change Innovation Leadership Management marketing Strategy Top 10 ipad kindle mobile Most Popular Nook tablets Top 20Drum roll please… At the beginning of each month we will profile the twenty posts from the previous month that generated the most traffic to Innovation Excellence.

Why Experiential Marketing Is A Must In 2020


The post Why Experiential Marketing Is A Must In 2020 appeared first on Innovation Management. Strategies customer behavior customer engagement customer interaction customer involvement event marketing experiential marketing marketing

The Cost of Saying “No” Just Got Expensive

Daniel Burrus

2020 brought with it a new decade with a strong stock market and strong growth forecasts. In January, companies were growing and everyone was looking at 2020 to be a transformational year in a booming global economy. The Cost of “No” in 2020.

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The Energy Transition Needs A Structured Innovation Process

Paul Hobcraft

So far, 2020 has been a terrible year, the bushfires of Australia, the floods across many countries, the lack of rain, and the general “stirring” of mother nature. All of us are at present, caught up in the terrible spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Vision for 2020: 5 Innovative Marketing Strategies to Try Out in the New Year


With each new year, marketers think about the success and failures of the current year, as well as what they're going to do better during the next. The post Vision for 2020: 5 Innovative Marketing Strategies to Try Out in the New Year appeared first on Innovation Management.

3 Retail Trends Shaping the World in 2020


Alibaba’s Freshippo markets defined the potential of offline-to-online user experience while also dedicating over 40% of retail space for dining and cooking classes. The future of retail is unfolding before our eyes. Nike recently introduced a subscription model for children’s tennis shoes.

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Mixpanel's Guide to Product Metrics

Whether you build or market products, tracking the right metrics is crucial to innovation. Use this guide to help you decide what metrics are most important for your product and business.

Bringing Your Small Business into 2020

The Human Factor

In 2020, there are a number of cutting edge trends that savvy businesspersons are taking advantage of to capitalize on growing trends and continue on with success. Below, we’ve outlined a few of these growing trends, so you can put your best foot forward in business for 2020. .

What are the new marketing roles?


No matter what segment of the market your company operates in, marketing is experiencing a revolution right now. In this article, we will shed some light on the new roles of Marketing. Marketing far beyond customer attraction and retention. Marketing

How to Identify Industry Trends

HYPE Innovation

While the second post provided guidance, practical tips, and examples on how to get started with brainstorming the future of your market , this post offers insight on where and how to identify industry trends to support brainstorming and other foresight activities.

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Sustainable Innovation at the Government Level: What It Is and Why It Matters


This major market failure requires action. This, in turn, would form a market where clean technologies are used for creating products and conducting research, thus encouraging sustainable innovation.

Organizations suffer constantly from unhealthy Innovation tension

Paul Hobcraft

In all organizations, it accommodates the slow, thereby reducing down the very effectiveness of the organization to adapt, respond, and grow to market changes. How often do you feel the tensions surrounding innovation?

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How AI Can Radically Change Your Business

AI is quickly becoming mainstream, thanks to its value-driving capabilities. Yet, even with such widespread attention, it still is one of the most misunderstood technologies out there. Here's how to make the most out of it and bring a positive change to your company.

When tough times are ahead, you should double down on innovation

Idea to Value

Disruptive innovation usually starts from the low-end of the of market , which means that these innovators are uniquely positioned for tough times. As I’m writing this, the last couple of weeks have been quite eventful around the world.

Qmarkets Named Idea Management Market Leader in Winter 2020 Customer Success Report


With outstanding scores across a wide variety of criteria, Qmarkets was recently recognized as a ‘Market Leader’ by FeaturedCustomers – a top customer reference platform for B2B business software and services. Industry Trailblazers: Exploring FeaturedCustomers’ ‘Market Leader’ Category.

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Six Things I wish I had known before I accepted the position of Chief Innovation Officer

Destination Innovation

It just got harder and harder to get the commitment and cooperation of all the parties we needed to bring new products and services to market. Image by Mhouge from Pixabay. I was pleased and proud to be appointed to the position of CIO (Chief Innovation Officer).

Wazoku makes two senior hires as the idea management scaleup prepares itself for further growth in 2020


30 January 2020 – Idea management scaleup ? has made two new senior hires, as the company readies itself for further growth in 2020. 2020 will be a massive year in the evolution of Wazoku and I am very happy to be able to play an important role in that.” .

Business Models Changing the Landscape of Growth and Innovation

Speaker: Cheryl Perkins, Founder and President, Innovationedge

Companies these days cannot afford to stand still! Cheryl Perkins, Founder and President of Innovationedge and a visionary business leader, will share best practices of companies who are defining and implementing new business models. These business models are used to create new pathways to value and deliver growth in today’s business climate. She will lead you on a journey through business model basics and describe how companies are taking innovation strategy to the next level while tackling the current challenges of talent management and innovation fatigue.

Business Model Innovation from the CES 2020

The BMI Lab Blog

If the race in the wearables industry started long before Apple brought its Apple Watch to the market, this year’s CES marks a new chapter in the still young history of smart watches.

The “average customer” does not exist, so stop designing products for fake personas

Idea to Value

Alternatively, many Startups, Marketing and Design Thinking Agencies also use a tool to imagine their potential average customer, usually called a Customer Avatar or Customer Persona.

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Dynamics within the system are always dominated by the slow components.

Paul Hobcraft

Realized value only comes from outcomes that are ‘tested’ in the market place. The worrying thing is within any dynamics within the system they are dominated by the slow components, and the rapid components simply have to follow along. Look at how larger organizations operate.

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Predictions for 2020: People, at the center of CIO strategies


But, what are the main challenges this professional profile faces in 2020? According to Forrester’s predictions , market uncertainty will become an opportunity for CIOs. Automation in 2020 will go from planning to action, starting with the company’s workforce.

Are You Really Committed To Your Customer Experience?


entrepreneurship Innovation Marketing customer experience marketingMy haircut is very simple, all around the head with number 1. It has been like that since I was 18 years old.

Marketing Manager (m/w/d) in Wien


Marketing Manager (m/w/d). Aufbau von Marken und Entwicklung von Marketing-Strategien. Viel Erfahrung im Online Marketing und Growth Hacking (LinkedIn, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, …). The post Marketing Manager (m/w/d) in Wien appeared first on WhatAVenture.

This Is A Defining Moment; Will You Squander It?

Daniel Burrus

New Year’s Day 2020 was the dawn of a new year, a new decade, and a strong stock market with strong growth forecasts, despite being an election year, in which a high level of uncertainty is prevalent. Unfortunately, even before 2020, the United States had really been the “Divided States” when it comes to our mindsets, creating unprecedented levels of emotional uncertainty and lack of trust. 2020 will go down in history as much more than a new year, a new decade, and a U.S.

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How to use crowdsourcing to validate market-research


Traditional market research techniques like customer interviews and competitor analysis are a great way for businesses to discover valuable gaps in the market and develop new ideas for products and services.

IdeaScale and Betterific: A Match Made in Innovation Heaven


While internal innovation can be a powerful force, there are situations where you need an outsider’s view, especially when you’re reaching out to a specific market, or trying to break into a new one. We’re partnering up to help you drive your innovation strategy further.

The 10 Vital Areas to Focus on Right Now


That recommendation came from my own experience at a transportation company where I’d inherited the marketing department during a labor strike. In a recent post, I mentioned a labor strike as a productive analogy for developing strategies during this time of global disruption.

Top 10 CPG Industry Trends For 2020


In the past decade, the way people shop and engage with CPG brands has undergone an unprecedented change in the market. With the rise in consumer awareness, CPG companies have broken out of conventional market strategies and adopted disruptive methods to capture business.

#1,595 – Best of CES 2020: Looking Glass 8K Holographic Display

Greatest. Idea. Ever.

According to Digital Trends , “The company has now announced that it is bringing to market the world’s first 8K holographic display: an astonishing 33.2 I recently got a 4K TV that doesn’t work as well as I had hoped since TV stations aren’t all broadcasting in 4K.

Why Instagram should be part of your Marketing Puzzle


There is value in making sure that Instagram is an essential part of your marketing machine – a small part perhaps, but definitely not the only part responsible for the “heavy lifting” of turning complete strangers into fanatical returning customers.

Practicing for an emerging future

Jeffrey Phillips

Consider that Thomas Watson, the CEO of IBM thought the total market for computers in the world was about 5 machines. I'm writing this in the stages of the corona virus outbreak in the United States where we've finally decided to take the virus and its impact seriously.

IdeaScale and Betteriffic: A Match Made in Innovation Heaven


While internal innovation can be a powerful force, there are situations where you need an outsider’s view, especially when you’re reaching out to a specific market, or trying to break into a new one. We’re partnering up to help you drive your innovation strategy further.

New Year’s Resolution: Catch Up on These Must-Read Innovation Blogs from 2019


Are you looking for ways to take your innovation strategy to the next level in 2020? Check out our top innovation blogs from 2019 for tips on transforming your product, process, market, and more. Stay tuned for an updated 2020 conference list soon!).

Why No-Code and Low-Code Software Is the Industry Disrupter You Should Pay Attention To


But, unlike other transformations that destroy existing markets, low-code and no-code software promises to make software itself even more ubiquitous than it is today. In full disclosure, I’m actively involved in the low- and no-code market space myself as co-founder of a “no-code” software platform called upBoard that’s creating a marketplace of instantly customizable business process apps. No-code and low-code software may create a massive opportunity.

Belief Is Irresistible


entrepreneurship Leadership Marketing sales sellingThe last book I read in 2019 was Shoe Dog , a memoir by Phil Knight; the co-founder of Nike. It’s a great book for entrepreneurs and leaders in any domain.

In Uncertain Times You Have More Control Than You Realize

Daniel Burrus

While I myself have discussed at length these fears and many more, few would have thought that in the early stages of 2020, our economy would be in a downturn, we would be instantly converted to remote work or laid off, and we would be quarantined to our homes due to a global pandemic.

Top 10 Must-Read Classics on Innovation Techniques


This book delves into the best ways to achieve product/market fit, all while staying within your budgeting constraints. Instead he lays out how companies go from solid performers to market dominators due to a long uphill push that leads to a breakthrough.

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