Creative Process: 5 stages which ideas go through

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What is actually happening in the brain a complex combination of conscious and unconscious activities that interact with one another, trying to find creative solutions to a challenge. This is what is known as the Creative Process. Creativity creative process

Podcast S5E113: Pascal Guyon – The creative process of a #1 hit music producer

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In today’s episode of the Idea to Value podcast, we speak with #1 hit music producer and composer Pascal Guyon about his creative process. 00:06:15 – How he is now focused on several different creative endeavours, including coding and finance.


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Podcast S6E129: Robert Wright – Protecting your idea with Intellectual Property

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We go through the different types of intellectual property, as well as which one is appropriate for which type of creative output, innovation or product. Topics covered in this episode: 00:01:45 – How Napster was Robert’s introduction to Copyright and the creative process.

How “Tip of your tongue” moments help explain creativity

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So what can we learn about creativity from this? Why do we sometimes find the correct, creative answers long after setting our mind the challenge? The answer seems to be related to a process called incubation, one of the five stages of the creative process.

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Why mind wandering is good for your creativity

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If you want to become more creative, one of the most effective things you can do is become more comfortable letting your mind wander. It sounds simple, but there is a wealth of research which shows the creative benefits of letting your thoughts flow freely. Creativity mind wandering

Joseph Campbell's Hero's Journey and the Creative Process

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During the past 50 years, quite a few researchers, social scientists, and psychologists have written about the creative process, positing a number of models to help clarify its stages. In my experience, the creative process is very much a classical hero's journey.

The Creative Cliff Illusion

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When do you have your best ideas: Right at the beginning of creative work, or later on when you are exhausted? Interesting new research sheds a light on how you might be wrong about your own creative process. They think that their creativity will fall off a sharp cliff.

An Invitation to Dive Deeper Into Your Own Creative Process

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"The creative process is a process of surrender, not control." -- Julia Cameron. Somebody, somehow, someway conjured them up and successfully navigated their way through the twists and turns of their creative process until what they saw in their mind's eye became a reality.

Entering the Movie Theater of Your Own, Unique Creative Process

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The creative process is a most mysterious one -- the inner journey a person takes to transform an impulse, idea, or inspiration into a manifested form that other people can enjoy. Usually, the beginning of this process is quite intoxicating.

This part of the brain is the source of improvisation

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How is it that some people are able to be creative on command, while other people find it so challenging to come up with new ideas? But why would a part of the brain become less active when someone is being more creative? Creativity improvisation spontinaeity

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Helping Kids Foster and Keep Creativity

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For most kids, being creative and imaginative is no problem. You can probably even remember back to your own childhood and how effortless it seemed to come up with creative, fresh ideas no matter what you were doing. Unfortunately, the creativity crisis seems to be getting worse.

How to Remove Roadblocks to Creativity

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Creativity and innovation are key tools in the marketing professional’s toolbox and ones that aren’t always as accessible as we’d like. Marketing requires many types of creativity and innovation to be successful. Finding ways to mentally change your perspective can spark new creativity.

21 Common Innovation Myths & Misconceptions Debunked

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When you combine that with the fact that there isn’t really a foolproof recipe or process you can use to succeed at innovation every time, even though there are good practices that can be very helpful, it does make sense that people think this way. Only creative geniuses can innovate.

Collaborative innovation as opportunity for change

The Future Shapers

This makes the processes become “co-“: collaborative, cooperative and coordinated. . Innovating is the result of a process of deep dialogue with our ego and creating alliances between different minds and ideas, where opportunities to collaborate arise. Mass creativity .

Innovative Innovation Meetings: Formats, Designs, and Examples

Design more innovative innovation meetings that boost creativity and strengthen engagement. They can be too passive, boring, yield few ideas (and even fewer creative innovations), last too long, and result in too much discussion and too little action.

Naming Workshop

After learning our process you’ll be able to create names, names, names, and more names for anything new that pops up. We believe in this naming process so much that it’s even been used to decide on names for children!

How to develop innovative ideas together – online

The BMI Lab Blog

At the beginning of 2021, we are mostly used to the new digital reality, yet many still feel that online meetings might be appropriate for coordination but not suitable for ideation. We will start with a quick brush-up: ideation is a creative process for generating and exchanging new ideas.

Everything You Need to Know About The Year of Living Creatively

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The next Year of Living Creatively course begins on September 12th. An invitation to dive deeper into your own creative process. What is the real value of The Year of Living Creatively? How to identify your Year of Living Creatively project.

15 Quotes on the Importance of Asking the Right Question

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As a facilitator of the creative process, I continue to be astounded by how few organizations have any kind of process is place to PAUSE, reflect, and make sure they are coming up with the right questions.


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Once a week, for eight weeks, participants in The Year of Living Creatively course receive three, online self-inquiry pages from the list below. Make More Time for Creativity. The Ten Characteristics of a Highly Creative People. Develop Your Own Natural Practice of Creativity.

People's Three Biggest Concerns About Enrolling in THE YEAR OF LIVING CREATIVELY

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Those are the three most common reasons why people hesitate to enroll in The Year of Living Creatively , even if they understand the value of the course and have been referred by a trusted friend. Will participating in The Year of Living Creatively take some time?


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Soon after launching my new online course on the creative process, I began talking with the people who enrolled. I was curious to learn, from their perspective, what kind of obstacles they were facing -- the "stuff" that got in the way of manifesting their own creativity.

The Year of Living Creatively Begins on September 12th

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If you are a reader of this blog, you most definitely are committed to becoming more innovative and creative. And so I created The Year of Living Creatively -- a two-month online course -- a kind of greenhouse for grand possibilities. a GPS for the creative process.


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Enter The Year of Living Creatively -- a highly engaging online antidote for creative derailment -- a GPS for possibility, a greenhouse for greatness, and a chiropractic adjustment for the often mysterious creative process.

THE YEAR OF LIVING CREATIVELY: Unlock and Unleash Your Brilliance

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Enter The Year of Living Creatively -- a highly engaging online antidote for creative derailment -- a GPS for possibility and a chiropractic adjustment for the creative process.

THE YEAR OF LIVING CREATIVELY: Next Course Begins on Sept. 12th

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The Year of Living Creatively is a highly engaging, eight-week online course (September 12th -- November 7th) that helps aspiring innovators transform their bold ideas into new products, new services, new forms of expression, new businesses, and breakthrough ways of living.

APPLIED CREATIVITY: A New Book by Mitch Ditkoff

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For the past 11 years, I've been writing a series of articles on creativity for my Heart of Innovation blog. I'm in the process, now, of editing it. The Hero's Journey and the Creative Process. The Creativity Manifesto 6. The Challenge Most Creative People Face.

10 Ways to Help Left Brainers Tap Into Their Creativity

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Do not lose heart, oh facilitators of the creative process. Diffuse the fear of ambiguity by continually clarifying the process. Most left-brain-dominant people hate open-ended processes and anything that smacks of ambiguity.

25 Simple Ways to Free Up Your Innate Creativity

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Most people agree that creativity is a good thing. Accordingly, they want to know how they can become more creative. Why make the effort to become more creative? Realize you already ARE creative: Most of us are subject to the myth that only some people are creative.


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There are two kinds of benefits you will receive from participating in The Year of Living Creatively. And second, you'll develop the kind of skills, mindset, and mojo you'll need to succeed with any creative project of yours in the future. Who created the Year of Living Creatively?

On Getting the Help You Want

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Baked into the learning process are some simple ways to help participants become aware of the places inside themselves where they may be tangled or challenged in their approach. The Hero's Journey and the Creative Process. Year of Living Creatively Manifesto.

THE QUESTION: Who Created "The Year of Living Creatively?"

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If you are thinking about subscribing to The Year of Living Creatively , one question you are likely to ask is this: "Who created it -- and what are his credentials?". FREE THE GENIE BRAINSTORMING : Facilitated, online creative thinking sessions for individuals and small teams.


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Simply put, The Year of Living Creatively is for anyone with a big idea, dream, vision, wish, aspiration, project, goal, or desire who wants to enter into a conscious process of transforming that "thing" into reality. What is the real value of The Year of Living Creatively?

THE YEAR OF LIVING CREATIVELY: The Previously Unknown Back Story

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And so, in the spirit of full disclosure, here's the back story of The Year of Living Creatively -- a bold, new online service of mine with the potential to make a profound difference in your life. How to catalyze creativity and innovation in others. Every story has a back story.

Go Beyond the All-Too-Familiar Lone Wolf Syndrome

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If you are in the process of hatching a BIG IDEA, business, book, product, or career change, there's a good chance -- especially during these crazy days of the Coronavirus -- that you do not have the support you need to make a quantum leap.

How to Identify Your YEAR OF LIVING CREATIVELY Project

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The Year of Living Creatively is a project-driven course. STRETCH: The Year of Living Creatively project you take on needs to be one that is a s-t-r-e-t-c-h for you -- not something necessarily easy to accomplish. Interested in identifying your Year of Living Creatively project?


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Neither my mother or father were particularly "creative", but they had whatever it took to spark new life and I was very glad they did. learning consultant to an Islamic school in Australia… and now – creator of THE YEAR OF LIVING CREATIVELY. I did. Mitch Ditkoff. Who am I?


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Which is precisely what The Year of Living Creatively is all about -- a two-month online course for anyone committed to transforming their creative aspirations into reality. Follow Your Calling: "Every moment of your life is infinitely creative and the universe is endlessly bountiful.


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And that is, precisely, what The Year of Living Creatively is all about -- an engaging, dependable, online GPS for your heart's desire. Subscriptions to The Year of Living Creatively will be available in two months (fee still-to-be-determined).

THE YEAR OF LIVING CREATIVELY -- 52 Weeks of Unleashing Your Mojo

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Which is what The Year of Living Creatively is all about. Follow Your Calling: "Every moment of your life is infinitely creative and the universe is endlessly bountiful. Go Beyond Self-Doubt: "The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt." - Sylvia Plath. This just in!

Innovation 101

Gregg Fraley

Gregg is a Visiting Innovation Scholar at Notre Dame, and is the author of Jack’s Notebook , a business novel about structured creative process. Kick Start Ideas That Lead to Growth. Three Hour Virtual Training, February 5th, led by Innovation Master Trainer Gregg Fraley.

Can Innovation Work in a Work-from-Home World?

The Inovo Group

Kate Lister, President of Global Workplace Analytics said recently, “Our best estimate is that 25-30% of the workforce will be working-from-home multiple days a week by the end of 2021.”. more joy); and the potential for deeper and more creative thinking (more productive).