Top 10 CPG Industry Trends For 2020


In the coming years, the transformative trends in the CPG industry will be driven by data and technology, services that focus on customer centricity and smart supply chains. Using Big Data and Advanced Analytics.

The Importance and Benefits of Ensuring Data Quality


In 2017, The Economist reported that data is the oil of the digital era and has dethroned oil as the most valuable resource in the world. But organisations which have focused and achieved high data quality to a degree have benefited in the highly competitive markets.

Data 65

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Top Retail Industry Trends to Watch For in 2019


Opening up to new customer bases not only has the potential to increase clients, but also helps businesses sample from a much wider data pool to continue planning for the future. billion dollars by 2025.

10 Industries The Internet of Things Will Change Forever


trillion a year in economic value by 2025. Data sharing and open network architectures have given rise to smart manufacturing, whereby processes are more closely tied to the internet and informed by advances in big data.

Applications and innovations in the Internet of Things (IoT)


The Internet of Things (IoT) is a system of interrelated devices that have unique identifiers and can autonomously transfer data over a network. IoT ecosystems consist of internet-enabled smart devices that have integrated sensors, processors, and communication hardware to capture, analyze, and send data from their immediate environments. IHS Technology predicts that there will be over 30 billion IoT devices in use by 2020 and over 75 billion by 2025.

Technological Unemployment Is Changing the Future of Work

Daniel Burrus

There is no shortage of buzzwords around meeting rooms or office water coolers such as the Internet of Things, wearable tech or big data. The other elephant in the room that we prefer not to acknowledge is that 30 percent of the jobs that currently exist will be carried out by computers, robots or automation by 2025. Big Ideas Technology Trends Digital Age tech jobs Unemployment Workforce

How AI Is Changing Our Lives


According to a well-detailed infographic on the evolution of artificial intelligence , the projected value of the AI software market in 2025 would have grown to $59.8 For more amazing facts on technological trends like Big Data, AI and cloud storage, you should visit te Artificial intelligence is one of the major technologies powering the next industrial revolution. The concept which was conceived 75 years ago is starting to change the way we relate to machines.

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