Augmented Analytics – Everything You Need to Know


As per research by Statista , the value of the software segment of advanced analytics and other big data services will increase to $46 billion by 2027. Data Analytics – The Usability Problem. Data is the oil and analytics is the combustion engine – Gartner.

Top 5 Myths About Data Analytics You Should Stop Believing


dollars by 2027, more than double its expected market size in 2018. According to Gartner , Augmented Analytics is an “approach that automates insights using machine learning and natural-language generation, marks the next wave of disruption in the data and analytics market.”

Data 52

Rediscovering sustainable competitive advantage

The Future Shapers

In 2016 it was 24 years and it is forecast to shrink to just 12 years by 2027¹. learns, improves and changes in everything it does. Sustainable competitive advantage? Seriously? In our time?

The Firm of the Future Will Manage Two Types of Businesses

Integrative Innovation

It pays to maintain a high external orientation, staying close to customer needs as well as to moves by current and potential competitors, and to learn from ecosystem partners.