Mon.Nov 04, 2019

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Disruptive Innovation – What is It and How Does It Work?


We hear the mainstream media talking about disruption daily. However, only few understand what it actually means or how to create it.

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Innovation Metrics & KPIs: Measuring Innovation to Create Growth


Don't miss out on this: measuring innovation and following the right KPIs is essential to validate, refine and optimize your strategy.


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To Truly Network Your Organization, Avoid These 4 Myths

Innovation Excellence

In an age of disruption, everyone has to adapt eventually. However, the typical organization is ill-suited to change direction. Managers spend years—and sometimes decades—working to optimize their operations to deliver specific outcomes and that can make an organization rigid if the face of a change in the basis of competition. So it shouldn’t be surprising.

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How to Increase Your Learning Abilities

Tullio Siragusa

How to Increase Your Learning Abilities. Whether it is an advanced skill, a new technology, a second language, or new information, learning is the key to growing and understanding the world around us. Someone who abandons learning will get left behind in this day and age where every passing moment offers new awareness. “ C ontinuous learning is essential for critical thinking, analytical mind development, and overall mental growth.

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Provide Real Value in Your Applications with Data and Analytics

The complexity of financial data, the need for real-time insight, and the demand for user-friendly visualizations can seem daunting when it comes to analytics - but there is an easier way. With Logi Symphony, we aim to turn these challenges into opportunities. Our platform empowers you to seamlessly integrate advanced data analytics, generative AI, data visualization, and pixel-perfect reporting into your applications, transforming raw data into actionable insights.

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You Can’t Innovate when

Rmukesh Gupta

You don’t know what problem you are solving, and for whom. You want the innovation project to go strictly according to plan. You don’t have a team which is diverse and engaged. You don’t use an innovation framework (any framework would do). The team is not given the tools, training, time and a teacher. You’re afraid to make a mistake. You’re responsible to innovate but never have the authority (budgets or access) needed to innovate.

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You Can’t Innovate When …

Innovation Excellence

Your company believes everything should always go as planned. You still have to do your regular job. The project’s completion date is disrespectful of the work content. Your company doesn’t recognize the difference between complex and complicated. The team is not given the tools, training, time and a teacher. You’re asked to generate 500 ideas.

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Five Tips for Innovators This November

Innovation Leader

Our team has been focused on creating resources to guide you through success and failure. Here are five pieces of advice from our October coverage.

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Want to Empower Workplace Culture- Celebrate Shared Stories


The other day I was looking through some family photos that we took several years ago while on vacation. I was surprised at how many little details I’d forgotten or simply hadn’t thought about for a long time. But looking at those pictures I was able to re-live some truly great moments. They say that our lives are made up of the stories we tell ourselves.

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Innovation Leader’s Impact 2019 Conference in San Francisco

Innovation Leader

Innovation Leader brought together 350 strategy, innovation, and R&D executives from around the world to San Francisco for Impact 2019.

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How To Fail At Cultural Change

The Human Factor

According to the human capital research firm I4CP , more than half of the surveyed companies had recently or are currently undergoing a major cultural change. Unfortunately, less than 15% rated the change initiative as highly successful and only 1 in 25 said the venture was very highly successful. Not exactly what I would call a glowing report card for cultural change.

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How to Easily Navigate Crypto Accounting in the Web3 Era

Speaker: Aaron Jacob, VP of Accounting Solutions & Reagan Cook, GTM Lead

Are you struggling to navigate the complexities and challenges that come with crypto accounting? 🤔 This new webinar will cover everything businesses need to know to get started with crypto accounting after incorporating crypto into their business models! Industry experts Aaron Jacob and Reagan Cook of TaxBit will thoroughly explore the prevalent operational hurdles encountered by accounting teams when interacting with crypto on the books, and detail how software solutions can effectively

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How Ford Learned That Uncovering a Job to be Done is Only Part of the Battle

New Markets Advisors

Over the past few years, Jobs to be Done (“JTBD”) has emerged as one of the leading tools for innovators. As companies struggle to figure out which products will become breakthrough innovations and which will fall flat, companies large and small have time and again found that Jobs to be Done can provide the answer. Netflix co-founder Reed Hastings has talked openly about using JTBD to disrupt the video rental industry.