Sun.Jul 31, 2022

Why Your Values Determine Your Ability To Compete

Digital Tonto

The truth is that values are essential to how an enterprise honors its mission. They represent choices of what an organization will and will not do, what it rewards and what it punishes and how it defines success and failure.

Should you be a physician entrepreneur?

Innovation Excellence

GUEST POST from Arlen Meyers, M.D. Not every doctor is cut out to be a physician entrepreneur. Are you? It seems to me there is confusion about physician entrepreneurship, its definition and whether it represents a threat to professionalism. I’m not alone.


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Creative thinking requires the generation of associations and connection between two or more dissimilar and unrelated subjects. When the Israeli air force needed a way to speed up the healing process for wounds, an analogy was drawn between the wound and a severed electrical cord. To restore the flow of current, the wire had to be spliced back together. The solution took the form of a revolutionary bandage containing magnesium, an element known to conduct electricity.

Episode 103: Thinking Outside the Box – A Misguided Idea

Innovation in Practice

“Think outside the box.” We’ve all heard this phrase, been told to follow its advice, and probably even instructed others to do so. However, thinking outside the box is, in all actuality, a myth.

Study 52

What Not to Do When Onboarding Your Customer

Speaker: Jamie Bernard, Senior Product Manager and Product Management Practice Lead at Nexient, an NTT Data Company

In this webinar, you will learn principles and practices to simplify your customers' onboarding experience

The Future Is Just-in-Time-Person-and-Place