Expert Interview Series: Jennifer Riggins of Happy Melly On Growing Your Brand Using Collaboration And Innovation


Happy workers aren’t just more productive, but they are more loyal to team and business, more innovative in an environment that lets them feel safe to experiment and risk failure, and they are more collaborative. How can creative collaboration help “value, attention, and credibility” to the parts of a partnership? What have been some particularly successful collaborations you’ve seen or taken part in? For sure crowdsourcing ideas is valuable.

Five Questions to Ask When Planning a Crowdsourcing Challenge


While it may not be every company’s initial plan of action, it can lead to incredibly successful results and collaborations. Is your goal to bring together various areas of expertise and collaborate? While a challenge puts your goals and needs out into the market and seeks feedback or solutions, a technology search is a more private affair that proactively gathers information and insights from the market without advertising your interest. Considering a challenge?

Lessons Learned About Innovation Communications from the City of Calgary


myCityInnovation initially invited the City’s 12,000 “wired” employees to share, collaborate, and test new ideas for improving City services. Case Study city of calgary crowdsourcing employee engagement engagement

Best Sharing and Communication Tools


The internet is now the greatest and most popular platform to advertise and share your business. No matter the form, these sharing and communication tools can help your company advertise and share ideas internationally. No matter the size, every company (and person!)

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Some examples of co-creation that bring brand and consumer together


The use of ad-blocking technologies, online advertising performance (33% of ads generate no purchase intent at all, according to Nielsen ), or the hyper-saturation of messages in social media, to cite only a few examples, are leading brands to think of new models to reach their consumers.