This legendary 1947 letter on the lack of creativity in advertising is even more true in 2016

Idea to Value

A major issue around advertising and marketing nowadays is that there is a drive to “learn and perfect” it. Apparently this has been an issue going all the way back to the start of the advertising age, two years after World War 2 in 1947. Sure, they had advertising know-how.

Emotional advertising can lift sales as much as 23%, but marketers are missing the mark


After more than 40 years in marketing and advertising, Louis Sawyer, the chief strategy officer for ad agency Brunner, has come to believe that we are defined by the brands we choose to buy. That’s why emotional marketing can be a powerful tool for businesses, as evidenced by a 2016 Nielsen Consumer Neuroscience study that revealed ads with an above-average emotional response from consumers caused a 23% increase in sales compared to average advertisements. Thought Leadership

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Leadership Training – Walmart Hopes for Big Impact


We’re happy to have them back today with an article adapted from a newsletter they published on a leadership training program Walmart is rolling out in its US stores. Walmart and the Impact of Leadership Training. Leadership Training Implications for Your Organization.

Marketers Must Learn to Anticipate Content Trends

Daniel Burrus

For a time, Facebook gave advertisers their niche audience of young consumers congregated in one place. Every company, regardless of size, knows they must advertise if they are to grow. Do you remember when MTV was the best way to get in front of the teen and young adult audience?

Understanding 25 Cognitive Biases That Impact Business [Infographic]

Innovation Excellence

Cognition Infographic Psychology Advertising Leadership pricingThe best way to combat a cognitive bias is to have awareness of its existence and how you or those around you will react to certain informational stimuli.

Your New Idea Is Not Where You Think It Is

Innovation Excellence

The researchers advertised a wholesome summer camp experience. collaboration Leadership Management Psychology Creativity Diversity group dynamics Groups Innovation Inspiration

The Myth of Common Sense


Let me give you an example: advertising. People think of business growth problems as an advertising problem. Advertise more, and you’ll grow more. Creativity entrepreneurship Innovation Leadership Psychology common sense Decision making psychology

Why You Should Master The Art Of Storytelling


Over two-thirds of marketing professionals responded that branded content is better than press releases, direct mail, or print advertising. If anything, the content streams of modern day social media make people more skeptical than ever to traditional forms of advertising.

Embrace Weird To Find The Next Revolution


Look at what's new in games, advertising and porn. Creativity Innovation Leadership collaborationEstablished companies don’t like misfits, renegades, weird people. It’s a fact.

Ideas that must die Pt.1


On this episode we considered killing the following ideas: Fast food; Career ladder; Degrees; Ownership; Banks; Needing all the resources in the world to survive; Advertising; Cost of travel. entrepreneurship Innovation Leadership Podcast podcast

Innovation the Hybrid Way

The Future Shapers

At the heart of entrepreneurial leadership for new growth lie opportunities: discovering and seizing them through innovative offerings, business models, and revenue models. Laws limited the advertising minutes Pro7 could broadcast per hour, and most advertisers bought those minutes through large agencies with considerable negotiating power on prices. Innovation Innovation Leadership Leadership

Podcast #010 Nicole Yershon – How to run a successful innovation lab

Idea to Value

In today’s episode of the Idea to Value Podcast, we talk to Nicole Yershon, who ran the successful Innovation Lab at Ogilvy, one of the world’s largest advertising firms. How leadership attitudes affect innovation (11:00). We talk about what an innovation lab is, and what it takes for it to be successful and actually add value. Topics discussed today: Moving from an analog world to a digital world (01:30). Trying things which have never been done before (02:30).

To Maintain The Status-Quo Means Rejecting What Makes Us Super Human


All of the above ideas have been aided by clever advertising to make people believe they need all of this stuff. Creativity entrepreneurship Innovation Leadership

This is the worst business advice on the internet

Idea to Value

” But this didn’t stop a large number of his students suing him for misleading and false advertising when his system couldn’t deliver the results he so lavishly promised. Leadership bad advice

During the Season of Thanks, We’re Giving New Meaning to the 4Cs


Whether it’s from our leadership team, our clients or my colleagues, every day I come to the agency I learn and grow and progress. Community – While my original list had coffee as the last C (because caffeine is basically a mandate to work in advertising) I’ve replaced it after thoughtful consideration. Thought LeadershipIn the office this week, the Brunner team started to think about what we’re grateful for this Thanksgiving season.

You Are What You Pay Attention To


We’re always being stalked by advertisers and product peddlers, always being sold something by someone, whether we know it or not. Creativity Innovation Leadership Psychology attention Cognitive dissonance Confirmation bias Digital media Facebook fake news Focus productivity social media

Deliberately Take a Different View


These would be regional operations which could offer advertising on TV for the first time. Creative LeadershipUntil 1954 there was only one television channel in the UK. It was the publicly owned BBC. In that year the government auctioned licenses for commercial TV stations.

How Employee Recognition Can Make You a Better Leader


Advertising pioneer David Ogilvy once said “If you always hire people who are bigger than you are, we shall become a company of giants.” What is it that makes a good leader? Is it the ability to set a direction? The drive to focus on results? The vision to promote innovation?

Declaration of Independence – Here is to the Crazy One’s

Rmukesh Gupta

Entrepreneurship Leadership Apple challenge the status quo change the world conform crazy one's Creative leadership declaration of independence fun at work Here is to the crazy one's James Victore Nilofer Merchant Onlyness stereotype Weirdness

Are all problems worth fixing?


But Silicon Valley’s problem inflation is more than a shopworn advertising trope—it’s evidence that entrepreneurs are tackling issues that are really only problems for people much like themselves. Innovation Elon Musk entrepreneurship Leadership Silicon Valley startups

Ten Rules for Building a Good Company

Rmukesh Gupta

Develop refined packaging and advertisements. Entrepreneurship Ideas Leadership growth hacking Heart-Beat model Hiroshi Tsukakoshi rules Tree-ring managementToday, I stumbled upon a book – “ Tree-Ring Management” by Hiroshi Tsukakoshi. Hiroshi san is the Chairman of a kanten manufacturer far from the bustle of Tokyo , amid the natural beauty of Nagano prefecture in Japan. In the book , he argues that the primary purpose of a business is to make its employees happy.

Why Activists Succeed – and Will Change Yahoo

Adam Hartung

Yahoo was an internet advertising pioneer. Mayer in the investment community, or in the company, and increasingly even the Board of Directors is at odds with her leadership. Big digital platforms spend heavily to promote themselves and their content to big advertisers.

10 Characteristics of Great Project Brief’s

Rmukesh Gupta

I recently watched a video created by Bassett & Partners where they interviewed some stellar creatives from the advertising industry to understand what they thought about brief’s that they get as creative professional – what works and what doesn’t.

What’s the Secret to the Next-Big-Thing? Anticipation.

Daniel Burrus

Likewise, marketing and advertising also benefit. Big Ideas Innovation Leadership Strategy Anticipate Anticipate the future anticipation Customer Relationships Customer Service R&D Research & DevelopmentEvery organization, no matter what they do or whom they serve, is constantly watching for ways to increase the value of what they offer. Anticipation and being anticipatory is a very powerful strategy with which you can boost your overall value.

Return Value Back to Knowledge

Paul Hobcraft

“The growing, unmet demand for high-quality, trustworthy and value-adding thought leadership in innovation has manifested in a significant business opportunity. Less and less independent cutting-edge thought leadership is created. “ Let’s return knowledge back to knowledge!”

The 4 Reasons Verizon Should Buy Yahoo

Adam Hartung

So, that leads to the second element they advertise – price. Yahoo’s relevance in digital advertising is at risk, and as a weak competitor it could easily disappear. Fourth, Yahoo finally gets rid of an ineffectual Board and leadership team.

Is Facebook the Next AOL?


Companies I’ve led have been active buyers of advertising on Facebook at every stage of its evolution. Facebook is now breaking many of its promises, real or presumed, and if the leadership there doesn’t do something material about it soon, they are rolling the dice against fate.

Innovation-Led Transformation: delivering the next, now

Idea to Value

Most Start-ups, design agencies or advertising companies would say that large corporations are just not as creative as they are, leading to them producing iterative new products which the consumers don’t want.

Insights for Innovators from the Founding of Google

Destination Innovation

But it was a lack of insight at the leadership level. They believed that the key to gaining traffic and advertising was to add more content. In 1973 a married couple, Mr and Mrs Page, who both worked at Michigan Sate University were blessed with a son. The father was a Professor of Computer Science and the mother taught programming. They called their son Lawrence though he was known as Larry.

From the Rock Market to the Stock Market

The Future Shapers

We believe the current news media model is broken because the reliance on advertising has caused media outlets to chase clicks, rather than create value for media and thought leadership consumers. Less and less independent cutting edge thought leadership is created.

Pre-solving Predictable Problems Is Better Than Experiencing Them

Daniel Burrus

Another revealing statistic is that 75 percent of Google’s mobile advertising revenue comes from Apple’s iOS devices. Big Ideas Innovation Leadership Strategy Technology Apple Digital Disruption Disruption Google YahooOn an almost daily basis, we read stories about how every industry is facing digital disruption.

Give us Your Lions!

Idea to Value

In other words, innovate how presentations to those in leadership positions are conducted. As it has been said of advertising the same is true in this field: companies get the innovation results they deserve. Command-and-control, top-down organizations have the most trouble innovating.

Will Jack Dorsey “Get It” At Twitter?

Adam Hartung

By adding a slew of new features and functions Facebook has become more valuable to its users – and advertisers. Pinterest and Instagram are battling it out for leadership in photo sharing.

What’s the Value of Privacy?

Daniel Burrus

Consider these interesting statistics when it comes to privacy: Google commands 77 percent of search advertising revenue in the United States. Between them, Google and Facebook control 56 percent of the mobile advertising market.

The 5 Stocks You Should Buy This Week

Adam Hartung

Nobody comes close to matching the user base size, or marketing/advertising opportunities Facebook offers. Ever since Google/Alphabet overwhelmed Yahoo, taking the lead in search and on-line advertising the company has never looked back. Stocks are starting 2016 horribly.

Why We Need More Board Regulations If We Want Real Accountability

Adam Hartung

IT skills, cyber security skills, social media skills, marketing and advertising skills, branding skills, global market skills, intellectual property skills – there is a long list of skills which would greatly improve board diversity, and thereby a board’s ability to govern effectively.

Apple’s Debacle – Why Growth is All That Matters

Adam Hartung

But what was really important was Facebook’s story about its future: Facebook is now a “must buy” for advertisers. Tim Cook and the rest of Apple leadership are obviously competent. Apple announced earnings for the 4th quarter this week, and the company was creamed.

B2B 46

Delivering the next generation

The Future Shapers

Around the world, news media companies are proving that subscriptions and memberships can replace advertising revenues Just as the internet revolutionized the way people pay for music and television, audiences are increasingly willing to pay for high-quality journalism content. The music, news and thought leadership industries face similar issues when it comes to engaging with fans, followers and readers.

Launching Innovations: The Do's and Don'ts

Innovation in Practice

Those could be new products and services, it could be a new advertising campaign, or simply displaying your products at a trade show. These initiatives are an important test of your leadership. That will eventually undermine your leadership.

Adapt or die: lessons from 5 companies that failed to innovate

Idea Drop

However, when they were told by an advertising company that their greatest threats were online retailers, downloadable music and supermarkets selling discounted products, they refused to believe it.

Ranking Higher In Your Industry: Where Should Your Business Start?

The Human Factor

Your leadership skills are so important to the success of your business. On digital advertising. It’s 2019, so your business also needs to focus on digital advertising. image source. Contributed post –. No matter your industry, the business world is highly competitive.

Executives Meet to Discuss the ROI of Innovation

Moves the Needle

Fast-growing startups often link compensation to achieving growth in a particular metric, such as advertising spend, or user engagement. Have you ever been in that electric environment where everyone around you possesses an intricate and expansive wealth of knowledge?

Microsoft and Linked-In – Same Song, Different Key

Adam Hartung

And LInked-in still receives 2/3 of its revenue from recruiting ads (the balance is almost wholly subscription fees,) unable to find a wider advertiser base to support growth. But Microsoft’s leadership still would like to capture that old world. Users will be thrilled to have their personal information analyzed by Microsoft big data tools, then sold to advertisers and recruiters. Or that they want their personal information data mined for advertisers?