The Industry 4.0 Advantage

Daniel Burrus

Big Data and Analytics. allows for streamlining, collecting and comprehending data from many different sources, including networked sensors, production equipment, and customer-management systems, improving real-time decision making. The ability for robots to interact with one another while accomplishing rhetorical tasks increases productivity and opens new job opportunities for employees willing to learn new things. Universal data-integration networks in Industry 4.0

7 Top Business Intelligence Trends to Watch for in 2019 and Beyond


A study conducted by Gartner predicts that by the end of 2019, analytics output from self-service BI software will surpass the analytics output of data scientists. Giving business users the power of BI will increase the efficiency and agility of the organization. 5 Data Governance.

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Nine Questions CEO’s Should Ask About Innovation

Gregg Fraley

Is a failure truly viewed as a learning experience or as a career killer? There are great frameworks and tools out there for innovation projects, like Design Thinking, Agile, Lean, and blended processes. Nine Questions CEO’s Should Ask About Innovation.

4 Ways to Amplify Digital Innovation in 2018

Gregg Fraley

Learn 4 Ways to Amplify Digital Innovation in 2018. AI, Analytics, IoT, Big Data, Cloud, Mobile, Social Media, Sensors, Robotics, Augmented Reality, Voice Recognition… and the list goes on. Learn and understand the technology.

Business Analytics: how to implement in your company


In the “Data Age,” the volume of information produced and shared every second has become so large that the traditional methods used to process them are no longer adequate. It is in this new scenario that the concepts of Big Data, Analytics, Internet of Things, etc.

The Evolution Of Project Management — Trends For 2018


EVM integrates cost, schedule and scope to create data points to be used to evaluate progress. Agility has disrupted traditional delivery methodologies, and companies are learning that they need to blend agile and waterfall to deliver results.

Applying the Three Horizon Thinking to a Fresh Perspective of Innovation Design

Paul Hobcraft

The unique combining of the cloud, big data, social streaming, the internet of things, mobility, the industrial internet, are all making this the time for new growth opportunities through this digital economy and the radical overhaul of the activities to realize the benefits.

Design 158

So Where Is Innovation Heading?

Paul Hobcraft

Of course, this shift requires really big changes in strategy, operations, the organization and in each individuals orientation. The importance of big data, the speed of technology adoption, mobile products, digital design, and technology platforms are at the heart of innovation.

Jumping to a fresh cycle of innovation design

Paul Hobcraft

It adjusts and you learn. Can we find ways to be highly adaptable, agile and fluid in grabbing and taking the parts of the innovation system and constructing them into that design and process that works for that specific challenge? We need to design our systems to be highly agile.

Design 234

The digital revolution will not be evenly distributed

Jeffrey Phillips

There were financial applications, manufacturing applications and customer service applications but no unified, enterprise application that integrated systems and data across all the functions. New data streams will create opportunities for new services, new experiences and new revenue models.

Data 151

Top Takeaways from the 2019 Innovation Trends Report

Learn more about this report and the top takeaways from it below. Agile (33%) and Human-Centered Design (30%) came closely behind with some newer frameworks, such as design sprints , gaining some popularity at 22%. Innovation is a big influence in business success.

Needing To Think Applied Innovation Services

Paul Hobcraft

We have been steadily learning to adapt what we knew inside an organization with what we should increasingly listen to outside it. We need to consider how big data and analytics, technology and a far more creative thinking needs to be applied collectively.

Why digital transformation will drive business model innovation

Jeffrey Phillips

Blockchain and IoT provide greater oversight into where components are made and sourced, and big data helps identify cost issues, leading to more pressure on the supply chain. Older members of the supply chain providing simpler components feel increasing pressure to automate and cut costs, while newer members bring far more technology savvy and agility.

Beware conventional wisdom in innovation and digital transformation

Jeffrey Phillips

It advocates: Determine a Use Case for the new technology or approach Train people to be more proficient users of the new technology Start small - find small successes This advice was true for the following list of management concepts: ERP Lean Agile Six Sigma Doing business on the internet and I suspect many, many more. You cannot compete with other firms that are doing much larger or bolder experiments because the cycles of learning and implementation are collapsing.

Insights from Innovation Roundtable Summit 2019


Data is more like Sand, than Gold. Innovative approaches were discussed to turn data into actual business value. This process might require a deeper understanding of the context of the data, and, of course, an ability to link it to a business value proposition.

Agile 53

A New Integrated Innovation Engagement System

Paul Hobcraft

” We need to increasingly rely on problem-solving techniques that we generate through greater automated discovery and inquiry, those that emerge from analysis and data mining. We need to be more agile, iterative , to be encouraged to be extracting, experimenting and exploring.

Technology leads, innovation exploitation is lagging

Paul Hobcraft

It is highly reliant on manual systems with people often disconnected from the real innovation engagement making decisions on inadequate data or insights. This merging of cloud, big data, social, and the internet of things is becoming the new system of discovery according to some.

What are the new marketing roles?


Today, the world is digital and data driven. Under this umbrella are practical functions such as: Making a data-oriented marketing strategy to provide intelligence at all levels of business. Map and analyze large volumes of behavioral data. Data-driven performance.

The Perfect Conditions for Entering A New Innovation Era in 2017

Paul Hobcraft

There is a time where each business has to become highly adaptive, agile, open and mutually dependent on others to deliver in this ‘connected’ world to exploit these conditions and explore the opportunities that will emerge.

Digital Transformation: The Why, What & How For Transformational Leaders…

The Future Shapers

Business is increasingly leveraging combinations of cloud, analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning to better serve customers or streamline operations.”. The increased role of big data in modeling and managing risk. Big Data & AI.

Agile 82

5 Tips for Legacy Modernization Through Integration


Modernizing IT through agile methodologies can speed up the provision of IT services by 30-50%, according to McKinsey. Enterprises need to leverage APIs to rapidly implement innovations in mobile, IoT, social, and big data.

Tips 63

Industry 4.0: what it is and what are its current impacts


phenomenon claim that it is driven by four major forces: the amazing growth of data volume (Big Data): more technologies and more connectivity cause companies to produce, analyze and use more data in their production processes; . Agility and flexibility.

Infographic – 5 trends that will revolutionize the energy market in the next few years


To win over 100% of their digital consumers, companies must become increasingly agile and innovative. a combination of networked devices, high-speed communication, and real-time data processing. Agile Delivery: Use Agile Practices – Agile and Lean.

Agile 52

Capabilities and Leadership Close the Skills Gap in Manufacturing

Innovation 360 Group

Most importantly, they will need the right cultural matrix to support agile operations and flexible work. We have learned that high performing innovators share certain characteristics, capabilities and leadership styles.

Creating Digital Entrepreneurs 


Making a decision which results in failure can cost a leader their job – so taking risks is a big gamble. Build a learning culture – by analyzing failures, and making the learnings available for others – instead of sweeping them under the rug.

Agile 65

Defending Europe, including the Brits, on innovation

Paul Hobcraft

The history is there, waiting for you to learn lessons, to draw insights. The rapid shifts towards the new triggers of innovation based on the underlying technology of AI, Blockchain, cloud, and cognitive computing, data analytics and the prevalence of IoT is changing innovation dramatically.

System 189

Choosing your direction of travel

Paul Hobcraft

There is certainly a clear buzz and appeal for more novel solutions, based on more rigorous evaluations through increasing the field of data analysis, leveraging a greater discovery of Molecular sciences and finding these different combinations that stretch existing products and patents.

Travel 158

The backdrop of digital transformation and its consequences

Paul Hobcraft

The report offered a selection of key visuals and overviews from 14 reports, which in turn were shortlisted from an original data set of 140 reports on the topic, ones published over the course of the last few years, that from my research, I found the most valuable.

Report 179

Insurtech: what it is, examples and how to seize opportunities


Notice the term “transformation”: that’s right, the Insurtechs – startups that work within this concept – are revitalizing a well-established industry to make it even more vibrant, sustainable and agile.

Does Artificial Intelligence always make the better decision?


Big Data, Artificial Intelligence – terms that have dominated the business world for quite some time and which, among other things, provide a large mass of data that not everyone knows how to deal with properly. Key data : Simply Rational.

Stockholm Innovations for the New Year and Beyond

Innovation 360 Group

Classroom Innovation – What I learned. I thought that I’d come to Stockholm to learn how to use a new “cool tool” – the InnoSurvey (SaaS) technology. The Fundamental Lessons Learned. I missed the Nobel Prize by a smidge.

How Digital Transformation is revolutionizing consumer brand relationship


Organizations need to make use of technologies that provide more agility and accessibility to the user, generating an experience that meets their needs while allowing them to create new preferences, which are aligned with the organizational culture of their business. Nanotechnology allows the integration of new devices, ensuring agility, accuracy and better use of data. Do you want to learn how digital solutions can be strategic for business management?

Intel Disrupted: Why large companies find it difficult to innovate, and what they can do about it

Steve Blank

Their most profitable segment is very high-end processors used in data centers in servers and the cloud. Today that’s built on the premise that an x86 architecture is the one best suited for big data. Lessons Learned.

Why is Enterprise AI so HOT Now?

Linda Bernardi

Mega Data 2. Culture of Agility There has never been a more exciting time for artificial intelligence in enterprises. We are past Big Data (which occurred with the advent of mobile, apps and social media), and are in the Hyper-Data stage.

7 Habits of Highly Innovative Companies


But we have good news for all those who have not yet taken the step into the right direction: Although every innovation has something new and unique, we can learn significantly from the companies that get it right and create a first how-to-plan based on their workflows, structures, and practices.

The Challenges being Faced by Innovation Consultants

Paul Hobcraft

There also seems this perpetual dilemma of clients’ wishes that are hard to reconcile with operational realities to turn their organizations from being focused on effective and efficient into agile and adaptive ,required for innovation. Both learn and both benefit going forward in new ways.

Stockholm Innovations for the New Year and Beyond

Innovation 360

Classroom Innovation – What I learned. I thought that I’d come to Stockholm to learn how to use a new “cool tool” – the InnoSurvey (SaaS) technology. What I learned, in fact, was more about information – how to acquire it and apply it for competitive advantage in the age of digitalization. The Fundamental Lessons Learned. I missed the Nobel Prize by a smidge.

Applying the Three Horizon Thinking to a Fresh Perspective of Innovation Design

The Future Shapers

Adapting agile management to empower a more dynamic collaborative environment, using all that is available to you, intelligently and appropriately. Designing a process that looks capable of delivering the challenge or idea but can also be updated and adjusted, as we learn and go. •

What Are Innovation Solutions?


Staying aware and agile can ensure that innovation is a continued process and not a one-off project. Coaching can help companies learn how and where to look for emerging technology solutions. Big data can help reveal trends, identify who is working on what and help connect companies with startups and innovators across the globe. Mining big data technology to report on a specific technology or product space. Innovation Solutions.

How to determine when customer feedback is actionable

Boxes and Arrows

To the dismay of product teams desiring to ‘move fast and break things,’ their counterparts in data science and research advocate a slower, more traditional approach. Within hours after sending out the survey on a Tuesday morning, they had collected enough data and closed the survey.

How To 108