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Social Networks and Big Data: the best strategy for getting to know your customers


This is because the volume of daily data produced in these virtual environments is a real gold mine for companies prepared to prospect for it. Keep reading to understand how you can benefit from the combination of Social Networks + Big Data. Big Data and unlimited data inputs.

Digital Technology MoshPit

Gregg Fraley

New Service Offering for Digital Technology Innovation. Chicago, IL, August 1, 2018 — The MoshPit Innovation Service is an innovation project discovery service marketed by GFi (Gregg Fraley Innovation). It’s designed to uncover unlikely, but useful, combinations of technologies, products, services, trends, and insights that lead to breakthrough innovation. GFi is now offering a new version of MoshPit to discover ideas that exploit new digital technologies.


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From end to end: why the union of Design Thinking and Agile has been so successful


Where DT can’t reach, Agile can compensate and vice versa. Agile: Make Tangible and build. Since you have a well-defined idea (through Design Thinking), Agile will clear a path towards your idea by removing obstacles that stand in your way. Agility is a mindset.

Technology leads, innovation exploitation is lagging

Paul Hobcraft

It is highly reliant on manual systems with people often disconnected from the real innovation engagement making decisions on inadequate data or insights. I recall reading that up to now, each digital technology change was a separate era of change, to absorb and adapt towards, yet today we are facing something seemingly different, a collision, a whole mash-up of disparate technologies and systems, that seem to be heading for such an explosion of change, a post-digital transformation.

The Role of Leadership in Building a Culture of Data


In order to glean useful and actionable insights from organizational data, companies must have a structured data strategy and ensure that a culture of data is imbibed across the organization. However, changing a company’s culture is one of the most challenging parts of any data and analytics initiative, making it difficult to create a data-driven enterprise. 69 percent of the participants also reported that they are yet to create a data-driven organization. .

Data 43

What are the new marketing roles?


No matter what segment of the market your company operates in, marketing is experiencing a revolution right now. In this article, we will shed some light on the new roles of Marketing. Marketing far beyond customer attraction and retention. Data-driven performance.

UX for banking: journey + usability + technology


With the regulation of Open Banking and data sharing by financial institutions, UX becomes an invaluable tool. The Digital Revolution brought about intense and rapid technological changes, transforming our daily lives and the market itself. Open Innovation Technology

4 Ways to Amplify Digital Innovation in 2018

Gregg Fraley

Has there ever been a moment in time when so many new technologies are washing over us all at once? AI, Analytics, IoT, Big Data, Cloud, Mobile, Social Media, Sensors, Robotics, Augmented Reality, Voice Recognition… and the list goes on. The elephant in the room is that the new technology requires a truly different approach. Innovating with digital technology requires a blended approach, truly diverse teams, training, and new ideation methods.

7 Top Business Intelligence Trends to Watch for in 2019 and Beyond


A study conducted by Gartner predicts that by the end of 2019, analytics output from self-service BI software will surpass the analytics output of data scientists. Self-service business intelligence enables business users to access and manage data even without an extensive background in data analysis or BI. This model gives business users more freedom to create their own data reports, without the need to send data requests to in-house IT staff or data scientists.

Business Analytics: how to implement in your company


Welcome to the “Data Age” First and foremost, a contextualization: we do not live what experts are calling the “Data Age” What they want to synthesize is the fact that the world has changed before our eyes, transforming into a universe of digital data of the most varied formats (text, video, audio, image, etc.). So there is a real rush in the IT industry to develop methods and tools that can turn that sea of data into useful insights. Big Data

HR 4.0: how technology is transforming people management


Well, know that this concept has been gaining more and more force all over the world, going through organizations from the most varied markets. Similarly, the exchange of data between different systems has dramatically increased efficiency and decision-making processes related to people management. Although the world will see even greater changes in the coming years, much of the technology needed is already in place to replace much of the current HR-related activities.

The Innovation-Driven Disruption of the Automotive Value Chain (Part 2)

Corporate Innovation

Figure 1 shows the top 20 R&D spenders in 2014, based on data compiled by PwC, where we see (in red) that six of the top 20 companies are incumbent automotive OEMs. So, at the very least, automotive OEMs have a market perception problem. These technologies and business models are not in the automotive industry’s DNA. Big data. Big data. Big data. Big data. Big data.

The Innovation-Driven Disruption of the Automotive Value Chain (Part 2)

Corporate Innovation

Figure 1 shows the top 20 R&D spenders in 2014, based on data compiled by PwC, where we see (in red) that six of the top 20 companies are incumbent automotive OEMs. So, at the very least, automotive OEMs have a market perception problem. These technologies and business models are not in the automotive industry’s DNA. Big data. Big data. Big data. Big data. Big data.

The Transformation of IP Technology


The accelerating pace of technological advancement is both unmistakable and inexorable today. To accomplish this mission, we carefully and intelligently integrate new technologies that leverage the core strengths of our infrastructure, stability, security, and world-class workflow configuration, and layer in new tools to improve UI/UX, performance, and drive modernization. New Technologies. Data, Analytics, and Decision Support. By Erik Reeves, CTO of Anaqua.

Digital Transformation: technology is the agent of change in the relationship between brand and consumer


To accompany this new phase, companies from different niches begin to see beyond and create business opportunities: technology is now used to facilitate the connection between brand and customer and ensure more assertive results. Organizations need to use technologies that provide more agility and accessibility to the user, creating an experience that meets their needs and also allows them to create new preferences, aligned with the organizational culture of their business.

Agile 40

How to grow faster than the market average


Distinctive performer capabilities include sales and pricing as well as customer experience, for example, for the creator, it’s data, analytics, product or service design, and insights given by a customer; the investor outperforms on data and analytics as well as customer experience. Data & Analytics. This can be achieved by the effective research into markets and competitors. . Data & Analytics. Promotes low-risk, data-driven action plans.

Data 40

Applying the Three Horizon Thinking to a Fresh Perspective of Innovation Design

Paul Hobcraft

So we have a series of questions to ask and explore based on this ‘premise’ It will be how and where a business or entities of business come together and see where people, things, and knowledge understanding that is fragmented and dispersed can be combined and from this there are the ‘seeds of a new innovation approach can emerge, where mutual value is based on the unique combination of the different technologies available.

Design 125

The Perfect Conditions for Entering A New Innovation Era in 2017

Paul Hobcraft

There is the shift to more open-sourcing, the profound shifts that technology and digital transformation is having upon all our worlds is allowing a very different “connecting” innovation to come into play. There is a time where each business has to become highly adaptive, agile, open and mutually dependent on others to deliver in this ‘connected’ world to exploit these conditions and explore the opportunities that will emerge.

Infographic – 5 trends that will revolutionize the energy market in the next few years


Is your company aligned with the new direction that the energy market is heading towards? Energy market: the future is knocking. To win over 100% of their digital consumers, companies must become increasingly agile and innovative.

Agile 52

So Where Is Innovation Heading?

Paul Hobcraft

Of course, this shift requires really big changes in strategy, operations, the organization and in each individuals orientation. These are big data analytics, the fast adoption of new technologies, mobile products and capabilities and digital design.See the above for the complete list on where innovation is heading, it makes interesting viewing. This agility needs the tools of testing, feedback, and adaptation to accelerate the innovation process.

Jumping to a fresh cycle of innovation design

Paul Hobcraft

instead of delivering on discrete elements; this requires managing the whole ecosystem of the innovation design differently through technology where platforms dominate and transformation becomes an ongoing process to evolve the business model, so as to seek out constantly changing market opportunities, in agile, adaptive and fluid ways, for successful innovation outcomes, that meet those real customer needs. We need to design our systems to be highly agile.

Design 188

A New Integrated Innovation Engagement System

Paul Hobcraft

” We need to increasingly rely on problem-solving techniques that we generate through greater automated discovery and inquiry, those that emerge from analysis and data mining. So, we seek out greater applied science knowledge we will use it to support and develop practical applications based on technology and innovation. Aligning People, Technology, and Innovation in Design-always and each time.

System 180

Choosing your direction of travel

Paul Hobcraft

There is certainly a clear buzz and appeal for more novel solutions, based on more rigorous evaluations through increasing the field of data analysis, leveraging a greater discovery of Molecular sciences and finding these different combinations that stretch existing products and patents. Digital connections and technology platforms. Product innovation from discovery to market is still the biggest drag on industry performance.

Key Innovation Issues for 2016 and Beyond

Integrative Innovation

Accelerating dynamics and pace of disruption in most industries, in particular triggered by the pervasion of new technologies, lead to decreasing life times of existing business models. As can be seen from the figure below, co-creation platforms feature some special characteristics that have a major impact on shaping new market environments: Created solutions are integrated and often cross-industry.

The backdrop of digital transformation and its consequences

Paul Hobcraft

Digital transformation is doubly difficult, it forces us to work with mostly emerging, constantly evolving technologies, and then apply these in an integrated way into an existing business. Beyond making a series of incremental improvements to become cloud-ready, we are supposed to reflect social, mobile and digital technologies. Thus it is hard to convince those undecided to support this, whether they are just skeptical or lacking technology adroitness.

Report 145

How Inovation Affects Leadership and Reskilling: Industry 4.0 Case

Idea to Value

the digital landscape and physical technologies are growing increasingly connected. There’s a closer relationship between people, objects, devices, and the data we generate every day. However, adapting to this new environment doesn’t just mean investing in the latest hardware and software on the market. uses close alignment with innovative technology to ensure that manufacturers can gain critical insights about day-to-day operations.

The Future of Data Startups in Europe and how to shape a European Data Economy – ”We should get rid of all the fear to use data”


Many of the most groundbreaking technologies of our time (e.g. Deep Learning) require access to huge amounts of data to reach their full potential. But what will the future of Big Data in Europe look like and what are the roles of European startups in shaping a European data economy?

Scale gives way to speed

Jeffrey Phillips

Scale is giving way to agility, speed and customer experience. Speed, agility and insight matter more. Overcoming the legacy of scale In the article I linked to above, the author is detailing the importance of the ecosystem over the importance of technologies like BlockChain. Rather than worry about scale, your innovation efforts should focus on what makes your organization fast, nimble, agile and focused on customer experience.

Agile 124

Capabilities and Leadership Close the Skills Gap in Manufacturing

Innovation 360 Group

In order to prepare for the coming skills shortage in manufacturing, business leaders must assess their current capabilities, refine their market strategy, build a culture of innovation, and ensure that they have the most effective leadership styles in place. . 84% of manufacturing executives say they plan to add technology roles in the next 5 years to keep pace with the demands of a rapidly changing industry.

Why digital transformation will drive business model innovation

Jeffrey Phillips

While the implementation of new technologies is interesting and challenging, and creating new products and services is daunting, at least you can still do that primarily if not exclusively in your existing business model. Blockchain and IoT provide greater oversight into where components are made and sourced, and big data helps identify cost issues, leading to more pressure on the supply chain.

Beware conventional wisdom in innovation and digital transformation

Jeffrey Phillips

The advice is meaningful and probably useful, conveyed thousands of times about new technologies or new approaches. It advocates: Determine a Use Case for the new technology or approach Train people to be more proficient users of the new technology Start small - find small successes This advice was true for the following list of management concepts: ERP Lean Agile Six Sigma Doing business on the internet and I suspect many, many more. Go big or stay home.

Data-Driven Mindset: how to implement data culture in your company?


It is no coincidence that data visualization has gained such relevance in recent years. Let’s start with what the data-driven mindset is! Data Culture goes far beyond a strategy that simply guides a company’s data. The rise of data-driven culture.

Data 56

What Are Innovation Solutions?


The best solutions tend to be a combination of technology and services. While we tend to think of innovation in terms of new technology, solutions can also come in the form of new types of services that offer improvements on old ways of doing things, meet previously unidentified needs or fill gaps in the market. More often, innovation solutions use technology to support and dispatch new services so that the best solutions tend to be a combination of technology and services.

The digital revolution will not be evenly distributed

Jeffrey Phillips

Please don't misunderstand me - I think the emerging technologies that support a true digital transformation are amazing, and have the power to provide more benefits to customers and to create more insights and more profits for companies than ever before.

Data 161

Nearshore Outsourcing: what is it, how does it work and what are its advantages?


We know that building this new normal is a very big challenge. To achieve that, it is fundamental to have cultural proximity, proficiency in the language, and a perfect understanding of the market. In addition to our technical skills and agile, user-centered design practices, at MJV we propose several collaboration models – including high-impact, quality teams at affordable costs. Market knowledge. Technology and expertise are the key to successful projects.

Agile 40

Beneath the Jargon: where "transformation" meets innovation


Transformation, at its core, reflects changes in the economic, technology and behavioral logics of an industry. I often observe the same 3 so-called strategic questions at different companies: how to drive more top-line growth, how to reduce costs, and how to shape the market perception of one’s value proposition. Starting with them tends to lead to the ‘same old, same old’ set of initiatives – e.g., be more customer centric, be more agile, get greater insight through big data.

Startup, Corporate Venture, Open Innovation Hubs: Find out what the differences are


Open Innovation is greatly enhanced in businesses undergoing a so-called digital transformation — business models supported by the adoption of disruptive technologies that transform the consumer experience and the operational processes of companies in addition to influencing business models.

Change the Bank: banking industry rules are changing


We have no way of answering that question, but we know that the truth is this: the rules of the financial market are changing, and it’s no surprise. The market is increasingly moving towards a breakdown of the company, focusing on relationship niches. Agile Mindset.

Innovation and the Tech World

Idea to Value

While the world of Technology has filled the world with tools of productivity and connection, it has its drawbacks. Many people today suffer from the shadow side of technology. As well, technology has imploded many of the societal norms we once held sacred: just look how online dating has disrupted generations of courtships rituals. They work in rapid, iterative cycles in Agile development, begin user-centered design with personas for software creation, and more.

Digital Transformation: The Why, What & How For Transformational Leaders…

The Future Shapers

Furthermore, they understand that information technology is not the solution alone – instead, they think about the purpose, power and politics that go with the new technologies. Digital technologies are already disrupting the previously established rules of business by enabling new business models and levelling the playing field in unprecedented ways. The increased role of big data in modeling and managing risk. Big Data & AI.

Agile 62

Could Digital Transformation drive a nail in innovation’s coffin?

The Future Shapers

Today, the phrase “Digital transformation” is a catch-all that incorporates the idea of converting analog processes and capture systems to digital processes and data, as well as the implementation of a number of digital enablers – the Internet of Things, Industry 4.0, big data, blockchain and a host of other technologies. Even many innovation consultants and market observers are on record saying that digital transformation will accelerate the pace of innovation.

Data 55

3 Steps of Data Science to apply in your company


To demystify the subject, we brought the Data Science steps applied in practice, and that can be incorporated into your company. The phase involves both the human side, as we seek to understand what will be relevant for end-users and the technological side, to learn about the data sources available and how they are collected. data governance. Data Architecture Analysis: as the name says, it is to identify the company’s data architecture.

Data 40

Defending Europe, including the Brits, on innovation

Paul Hobcraft

What are Europeans loss is the UK’s gain, in being unshackled from others, not just lagging behind in digital technology and innovation but actually blocking it for the “collective union” Europe offers incredible history, the same as Asia. Let me take my area of focus – Innovation and Digital Technology. Europe is no different to many, they are enthralled by technology, they are clearly fixated on implementing all technology.