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The Best Templates for Agile Methodology


Agile methodology is one of the most popular methods of software development and is a great way to organize and plan projects with your team. Best Templates for Agile Methodology. Here are some of the best templates that help make the agile methodology even more efficient.

Agile 219

A New Integrated Innovation Engagement System

Paul Hobcraft

Through a blend of pattern recognition, predictive analytics and exploring cognitive computing we can change much with innovation” “We have been steadily learning to adapt what we knew inside an organization with what we should increasingly listen to outside it. In my view I visualize a new integrated innovation engagement platform to be like this shown below. I’d love to engage on this to realize its potential. need to change our mindsets.


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Selling Agile to Executives: 8 Ways to Get Buy-in

Planview Blog

Effectively selling Agile to executives is more than just getting the go-ahead for an Agile transformation. Because Agile includes a culture shift and a mindset change, as well as funding, you need executives to truly buy in to the approach. Form an Agile Leadership Team.

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Here’s Your Agile Track Recap from Accelerate

Planview Blog

On the jam-packed agenda were several presentations, customer stories, and roundtable discussions aimed at supporting Agile leaders at all levels of the organization. If you didn’t get to attend these engaging sessions, read on to get the scoop! Becoming Agile and Beyond.

Agile 83

Scaled Agile Framework: what is and how it works


SAFe is an agile framework for development that has been gaining a lot of prominence among developers and managers of software projects. Acronym of Scaled Agile Framework, SAFe is an agile development framework that provides a simple and lightweight experience for the team as it is divided into three segments: Time, Program, and Portfolio. One of the most difficult elements of agile philosophy is scaling. Want to understand more about agile practices? Agile

Agile 40

Network Operating Model: How To Design, Build & Embed An Agile Operating Platform Geared For Mounting Complexity & Rapid Change…

The Future Shapers

The thrust of the book focused on the creation of a Dual Operating System designed to handle today’s business-as-usual in a traditionally efficient (hierarchical) way, while at the same time operating a parallel highly agile and innovation-friendly structure wired to capitalise on tomorrows future opportunities. I have been privileged to work in complex and challenging change environments across a range of industry and consulting roles. Setting The Scene.

Agile 48

Swimming along a road in a flood of digital transformation

Paul Hobcraft

We need to create a digital transformation strategy, a clear roadmap and build the business case as it is going to be, well, umm…… transformational. It is no more just the smart, nimbler upstarts threatening us, it is coming from all directions, at speeds that seem to increase the rate of change constantly. I sense from many this is ‘epic’, exploding and life changing with all of us simply learning to adapt and adjust.

Increasing innovation focus on the end-user segments within the energy transition story

Paul Hobcraft

This “transformational mix” gives rise to different innovation dimensions to explore, be these enabling technologies, new business models, different market designs, and changes in the methods of system operation that make up a broader innovation ecosystem of solutions. The changes are transforming energy management. These innovations are galvanizing change, but the vital part of any innovation change is managing the lifecycle design and transition, innovating end-to-end.

Bringing User Centered Design to the Agile Environment

Boxes and Arrows

I had worked with SCRUM before, done training with Ken Schwaber (author 1 and co-founder of the Agile Alliance) and knew a few things from experience about how to achieve some success integrating a design team within SCRUM. I am not anti-Agile although I’ve been bitten a few times and feel trepidation when I hear someone singing its praises without having much experience with it. Where did Agile come from? Agile can be thought of as a risk-management strategy.

Agile 85

Your Future Lies in Occupying the Innovation Job and Using the Skills it Provides

Paul Hobcraft

It is the pervasive power of technology integration that will change the business models of all industries. We need to manage reskilling and upskilling to mitigate against both job losses and talent shortages but prepared the future workforce to be more nimble, agile and fluid. We need to understand how to become more intrapreneurial, agile, and adaptable, and continuously seek out a diverse set of collaboration spaces as places where we can be seen, appreciated, and valued.

System 208

Relating to the New Innovation Era

Paul Hobcraft

Yet it is this recognition that the present is not working anymore with existing innovation systems, you do need to search for a real lasting change that does transform and connect all the parts into a new innovation designed ‘whole’ There are a number of intersections and driving forces that are coming together and what is emerging is this new innovation era. This does need a real change but can we achieve it? I firmly believe we are on the cusp of a new innovation era.

Agile 152

Expert Interview Series: Jennifer Riggins of Happy Melly On Growing Your Brand Using Collaboration And Innovation


A social entrepreneur is anyone who works toward affecting social change, solving problems – macro and micro – and making a difference in at least one life. One doesn’t have to own her or his own business – it’s anyone who wants to affect this change and disrupt and improve, even within the confines of a large corporation. brand, Jason’s Lean Change Management book and workshops, and Learning 3.0’s

A quick guide to Data and Analytics Modernization


However, legacy systems do not provide a flexible and agile analytics ecosystem and lack the capability to handle modern-day data complexities. Optimizing the full potential of your data is a part of a larger roadmap that aims to achieve long-term business goals.

Data 52

Digital transformation – the need to transform our innovation approaches

Paul Hobcraft

This is as he puts it transformation with a big capital “T” because it involves changing the very essence of a company. I could outline countless ways to work through different examples, set about a strategic and operational digital transformation roadmap, to combine effective knowledge from people and excellence gained from what you need to do in IT and your technologies to get this going, but I will not here, as this is an opening primer, not a solution.

6 Creative Innovation Exercises for Online Whiteboards


In order to get your creative juices flowing it can be important to engage in creative thinking exercises and practice ways you can improve your innovation process. Mind mapping is a popular exercise when building customer journey maps or for increasing engagement in the classroom.

The Dos and Don’ts of Creating a Coaching Culture in the Office


In fact, it’s actually an agile practice that can be weaved into virtually any type of interaction. Better outcomes: When team members are engaged and performing well, this positively impacts the achievement of goals, key performance indicators, and OKRs.

Tips 52

Munich Re offers a real clarity to their innovating future

Paul Hobcraft

The Insurance industry has been struggling to adjust and adapt to the rapid changes occurring yet so many are hanging onto the traditional way of doing things. I struggle with Swiss Re’s messages on where they are exploring the future of Insurance, it seems far more unclear, even random, they seem far more closed down with isolated attempts to explore, whereas Munich Re is constantly opening up to change, exploring and seems far more comprehensive and holistic.

Digital Transformation: The Why, What & How For Transformational Leaders…

The Future Shapers

As the 4iR digital revolution increasingly fuses the virtual world with the real world, businesses are changing right before our very eyes. The execution of a successful digital agenda starts with a mind-set shift that places a heightened emphasis on people a nd social systems to effect positive and sustainable change. They engaged, empowered, energised, excited and rallied their people behind a meaningful cause – and compelling story of the future. Leading Change

Agile 71

Digital transformation – the need to transform our innovation approaches

Paul Hobcraft

This is as he puts it transformation with a big capital “T” because it involves changing the very essence of a company. I could outline countless ways to work through different examples, set about a strategic and operational digital transformation roadmap, to combine effective knowledge from people and excellence gained from what you need to do in IT and your technologies to get this going, but I will not here, as this is an opening primer, not a solution.

Warm and Fuzzy at the Front End of Innovation

Paul Hobcraft

The subject was the changes occurring at the front end of innovation. My argument was the results we have obtained from a disconnected set of front end activities was poorer than they should be and this needs changing. So some ‘grief’, some compliments, and I ended up feeling ‘warm’ but a little chastened, as I had failed in clearly raising the level of curiosity intended in my mail out for a greater, deeper engagement that I was attempting.

7 Strategies to Accelerate Through Uncertainty

Peer Insight

As a growth leader, your job, even in this changing world, is still to know how to know. The environment may have changed what is important to learn but more likely what is possible to learn.

Seven Innovation Fundamentals for Leaders

Gregg Fraley

Frameworks assume: engaged leadership, talent on the team, day to day creativity, curiosity, and domain knowledge. You will fail with: Lean, Agile, Design Thinking, TRIZ, Stage-Gate, Osborn-Parnes CPS, KILN’s FuseTrail, or a homegrown/blended framework. The science and the technology, and, the ever-changing market and customers. Projects change culture. The process of doing projects changes cultures. Innovation Fundamentals for Leaders.

The Dwindling Shelf Life of Market Insights?—?And What To Do About It

New Markets Advisors

And What To Do About It We often talk about how the world is changing faster than ever. There may be large shifts in trends, technologies, or solutions on the market; those changes can make certain jobs grow or wane in importance, or they can make some jobs easier to satisfy. The other key reason to maintain stable Jobs research is that it allows teams to be more agile. Sometimes it’s necessary to engage in costly, time-consuming research; other times, it’s not.

Mapping the customer journey is the top driver for digital transformation

Paul Hobcraft

Partly it seems executives don’t engage with their brand or business in the way that their customers do. With the increasing need to adapt to a digital world, the essential need for understanding customer behaviors of those wanting to engage with your business or brand becomes even more of a challenge if you have not mapped this out. There is also a change taking place on the primary catalyst.

Report 183

Factors That Influence the Adoption of Power BI Dashboards


As organizations worldwide are committed to fostering a data-driven culture in a highly fast-paced business landscape, Microsoft customers rely heavily on Power BI to push forth that change, address economic realities, and make managed self-service business intelligence (SSBI) a reality.

Data 52

Why Strategy Is Important to Your Business Success


By getting all leaders and management teams aligned with these goals, Hitachi can actively engage its teams in achieving short-term goals that support longer-term goals and strategies. Strategy Promotes Strategic Agility. Strategy Helps Leaders Adapt to Change.

The Shining Digital City On the Hill

Gregg Fraley

Your future could be that person who surfs above the waves of massive change. There are solutions to climate change. The time to invest in innovation agility is now. My consultancy has been maxed out during Covid19 with two primary engagements.

A new cycle of innovation design

The Future Shapers

To achieve this we need to recognize a significant change we must undertake in our present innovation management. The blurring of our lives, of the breaking down of the different old industry demarcations, the blending of government, corporate and social engagements are all giving increasing voice to each of us as individuals, all happening due to this exponential set of connections. It needs very hands-on engagement throughout the whole process.

Corporate Vision: How To Translate Strategy Into Meaningful Execution

The Future Shapers

As soon as I answered the phone, Jon launched into a massive change of plan…. “Hi Similar to a ‘ north star’ the vision must provide clear direction to help people and teams successfully navigate change even in the most complex and challenging environments, keeping them on track at all times. A carefully constructed vision with the right characteristics (vision architecture) can also be a very flexible mechanism for change. Business Model Leading Change Strategic Thinking

Everything You Need to Know About Planview Accelerate 2021

Planview Blog

Planview Accelerate 2021 is a completely virtual event committed to providing an immersive, interactive, and engaging experience for Planview customers and industry stakeholders.

Your Digital Future Begins Now


At MSS, we boil them down to: Digital Strategy & Technology Roadmap. Organizational Readiness & Change Management. Vendors promise flexibility and agility that allow companies to scale and rapidly adopt new solutions while deep analytics with information at their fingertips will enable better, faster decision-making. Moreover, treat it as a change initiative – the highest degree of success is based on 100% of the impacted people adopting the change.

Unleash Your Visual Superpower!

Boxes and Arrows

In-house designers often have to advocate for design priorities versus new features or technical change. Did it instigate change? The best designers take advantage of the opportunity to engage in a strategic discussion. One team I’ve worked with helps bridge this gap on strategic projects by maintaining an “experience roadmap.” The roadmap is a collection of prototypes showing what each release will look like.

Reinvention: Accelerating Results in the Age of Disruption

Innovation in Practice

A SIMPLE FORMULA AND SET OF TOOLS FOR FACING AND EMBRACING DISRUPTION AND RADICAL CHANGE. Technology, globalization, economic shifts, geopolitical shocks, and, yes, management thought leaders over the past 30 years have set in motion a continuous onslaught of radical, discontinuous change in the global business environment that will not abate anytime soon. It’s no longer enough to change when you have to.

Future Trends 2021: Purpose & Co-creation


Connecting people virtually to co-create in a purpose-driven way accelerates positive business outcomes and unites people in finding meaning in transformative change, that is why Purpose & Co-creation projects are trending in 2021. What will change in the way we work?

Chief Digital Officer - To have or not to have


Control” of the journey by implementing proactive risk management, deciding on interventions, and engaging in people management. With the right scorecard, budget, and a clear digital roadmap, the CTO/CDO, who needs to be smart and charismatic, can make change happen—spreading the vision, empowering employees, breaking down silos, implementing high-growth projects, optimizing processes, building networks, and creating an agile environment.

Capabilities and Leadership Close the Skills Gap in Manufacturing

Innovation 360 Group

84% of manufacturing executives say they plan to add technology roles in the next 5 years to keep pace with the demands of a rapidly changing industry. At the same time, the core job skills needed to be successful in manufacturing are fundamentally changing, creating a gap between supply and demand. Most importantly, they will need the right cultural matrix to support agile operations and flexible work. These changes are already happening internally and externally.

Innovation Management Software: Connect Creativity and Collaboration


No matter how you get work done, whether it’s Agile, traditional waterfall, Lean, or something in between, organizations must be able to establish an innovation culture where ideas are collected, evaluated, prioritized, and then turned into amazing products, services, and efficiencies that your business and your customers want. For innovation management, you need to: Create and submit challenges: Engage all employees, customers, and partners throughout the innovation process.

How Does RPA Look in Action- Manufacturing, Pharma and Retail


Implementing Robotic Process Automation is pretty straightforward, provided you have a clear roadmap, goals, and vision. Besides that, RPA can be a driver for agility, flexibility, and scalability within manufacturing units. Here’s what automation looks like in a manufacturing setting: Streamline back-office operations – Pain points in the back office include lack of skilled labor, ever changing regulations and compliance, and inventory management.

How to setup an ‘innovation team’


This requires a talented ‘innovation team’ – the right synthesis of strategists, technologists, and communicators - to lead this fundamental change and operate at the core of the ‘innovation machine’; to introduce the new culture , to inspire teams and drive innovation by example. This special team needs to be strategic, tactical, agile and fast. The strategy and the roadmap towards the desired innovation-driven mode are critical.

Beyond Sage on the Stage Consulting

Idea Champions

To borrow a phrase from the radically changing world of healthcare -- the essence of organizational culture change can be boiled down to three words: "Physician heal thyself"-- as in companies restoring optimum health to their enterprise from the inside out. Sustainable change only happens when people take full responsibility for their own condition. The long and disappointing history of "change initiatives" bears this out. Conditions change.

Designing for Harmony

Boxes and Arrows

Over a decade after those early guerrilla user testing days, Intuit recognized it faced the “ Innovator’s Dilemma ”–the company was doing a good job of supporting their core products but they weren’t having any success creating new products and they weren’t keeping pace with the changing software industry. A major change for the industry was the move to the software as a service (SaaS) model, often referred to as “the cloud.”

Retail innovation: Trends, challenges and opportunities


We don’t even have to go back decades to see how retailing has changed, and how much the buyer is deciding the goal of the retailer’s innovation strategy. In his 2015 report, Leading Trends in Retail Innovation: Insights from Some of the Most Progressive Retailers Changing The Game , Brian Solis Principal Analyst, Altimeter, tells us what is common to winning retail companies: Constantly map the customer journey. Engage in and understand deep consumer research.