Discover how Agile revolutionized MJV Marketing


The above quote is just one of the numerous motivational phrases scattered in frames here at MJV Marketing. Our marketing team has grown a lot over the years. MJV Marketing: A World of Challenges. An Agile Coach for Agile Marketing. New marketing at MJV.

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Future-proof Companies: Combining Agility with Ambidexterity

Integrative Innovation

Both capabilities may exhibit some overlap, yet can basically be considered independent from each other: a company can be highly agile while lacking ambidexterity and vice versa. Those companies which lack both key capabilities must be regarded as future-unproof.

Agile 52

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Embracing Agile Methodology to Spur Innovation


The agile manifesto was created in the early 2000s by software developers who wanted to bring their products to the market faster and more efficiently. Hence, agile software was born. You can create a culture of agile innovation by empowering your employees.

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Design Thinking, Lean Startup, Agile? There is a Bigger Thing Happening


In this post, Alejandra shares her perspectives on when and how to incorporate lean, agile, and design thinking into your product lifecycle. For the company where I worked, that was far too long and risky.

The Next Paradigm Shift: From Agile to Future-Fit


Twenty years ago, the Agile Manifesto revolutionized the planning and execution of work. Twenty years later, many organizations still rely on this approach to develop the agility that allows them to turn on a dime, deliver results, and satisfy customers.

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How Being Agile Can Help Your Company Win In The Post-Covid Economy


To survive – and even thrive – in the post-Covid economy, companies will have to be faster than ever in responding to change. A proven way to do this is through the agile process. Deployed as part of a company-wide commitment to innovation, an agile approach can be transformative.

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Agile Coach: What is the role of this professional?


In this article, you will see what exactly agile coach does, what benefits it can bring and how to take it to your company. What an Agile Coach does within an Agile team. The Benefits of an Agile Coach for Your Organization. Skills of an Agile Coach. Agile

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Agility Levels the Playing Field. Anticipation Changes the Game.

Daniel Burrus

To jump ahead with both confidence and lower risk, you will need more than agility. Reading about how others approach the global market can be equally intriguing and frustrating. What was number one on the list of attributes central to effective global market leadership? Agility. Agility serves an important role helping companies react quickly to unforeseen change. Agility without learning to Anticipate has trouble doing that.

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Don't break the rules - become flexible and agile

Jeffrey Phillips

But all of this rule breaking begs a few questions: Who is setting these 'rules' Where are they written down How might we restructure or rethink the rules Are these rules really just the embodiment of culture, past thinking and lethargy What are the "new rules" about how we should structure and manage companies for maximum efficiency I think this idea of rule breaking is inarticulate and often just a lazy trope.

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Does the Stock Market Inhibit Innovation?

Destination Innovation

Are private companies more innovative than public companies? Will the same team of people who were so agile and entrepreneurial in the start-up become even more innovative once they have some capital and recognition behind them? found that when companies went public the quality of internal innovation declined and firms experienced both an exodus of skilled inventors and a decline in the productivity of remaining inventors.

Squads, Scrum, OKRs, Kanban and Design Sprint: how to combine agile practices and gain more efficiency


We all know that agile methodologies are not written in stone. The practice is very common within agile logic. We suggest reading our ebook “Design Thinking and Agile” so that you can go deeper into this subject and understand how these methodologies work together!

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Product Market Fit: is your product what the market is looking for?


In the era of consumer obsession, companies are turning to research methods that offer a deeper understanding of customers’ consumption habits in order to offer the right solutions. What is Product Market Fit? That’s where Product Market Fit comes in.

From end to end: why the union of Design Thinking and Agile has been so successful


Where DT can’t reach, Agile can compensate and vice versa. Agile: Make Tangible and build. Since you have a well-defined idea (through Design Thinking), Agile will clear a path towards your idea by removing obstacles that stand in your way. Agility is a mindset.

The Key to Greater Organizational Agility

Innovation Excellence

Companies seeking to cope with the pace of accelerating change are looking for ways to go faster, and managers in non-technical disciplines have become increasingly infatuated with the Agile Software Development methodology and many are finding ways to adapt parts of it to create agile change or agile marketing or other such things. Sure agility sounds like a good thing and sure agile marketing sounds like it must be better than regular marketing, but is it?

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Developing an agile innovation strategy

Idea Drop

Agile project management involves dividing tasks into short phases of work, or ‘sprints’, with continuous reassessment and adaptation of plans. Stemming from the word agile, meaning to move quickly and easily, it is no surprise that such a methodology goes hand in hand with innovation. Yet this discernible link is too often overlooked and it is exactly this refusal to acknowledge the compatibility of innovation and agile processes that frequently leads to innovation failures.

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How to be More Agile as Competitive Advantages Fade

New Markets Advisors

Moreover, companies have gotten better at competing asymmetrically, blurring the definitions of who a company is even competing against. Facebook continues to hold nearly 20% of the digital ad market while Facebook-owned Instagram (5%), Twitter (1%), and Snapchat (1%) lag behind. It’s how to build agility into your organization such that you can adapt as the strength of those advantages diminishes. While we often prioritize the dynamic elements of agility?—?the

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Strategic Agility – 3 keys to getting clear in ambiguity

The Human Factor

In today’s hyper-paced and chaotic world, few things are more important to success than the ability to respond quickly to sudden changes in external forces, market conditions, or customer needs. I call this strategic agility. – agility goals Holly G.

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Agile Strategy – 16 Strategic Thinking Questions to Explore Disruptive Innovation


The folks at Armada Corporate Intelligence profiled a Bloomberg Businessweek story on Fanatics , the sports apparel manufacturer and marketer, in its Inside the Executive Suite. Fanatics introduced disruptive innovation to its marketplace with an agile strategy. It also uses its agile strategy to market apparel for niche opportunities where it might sell as few as ten t-shirts. 16 Strategic Thinking Questions to Explore Agile Strategy and Disruptive Innovation.

The power of agile innovation


Just a few examples of high-profile market leaders that publicly attribute their ongoing innovation successes to their commitment to digital experimentation. In a company structure such as Google, when someone has an idea, they don’t require approval from higher up to chase it – they let the data provided from the results of their experiments do the talking. Innovation agility enables reduced times to market.

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Agile Mindset: How to Use Sprints to Streamline Projects


Keep reading to see how successful executives are achieving results in their everyday business through incorporating agile methodologies like SCRUM! The agile mindset. Before we get into the agile mindset, we need to remember that it is linked to Agile Philosophy. Agile Philosophy came from the Agile Manifesto, when a small group of people got together in 2001 to discuss their feelings about the traditional approach to project management for software development.

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What are the new marketing roles?


No matter what segment of the market your company operates in, marketing is experiencing a revolution right now. In this article, we will shed some light on the new roles of Marketing. Marketing far beyond customer attraction and retention. Marketing

How agile practices can solve remote team management problems


In this article, you will reflect on the challenges of remote team management and how agile practices can help you make the transition efficiently. Company culture takes time to adapt to remote life. Agile’s best practices to manage your team remotely.

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How Innovation Marketing Helps Disruptors Launch New Products

Tullio Siragusa

How Innovation Marketing Helps Disruptors Launch New Products. Innovation marketing is a discipline that encompasses activities and novel processes to introduce and deliver entirely new products. This includes research into the needs of customers, concept and prototype tests with customers, and developing plans on how to market these new products in a saturated market. Many successful entrepreneurs have embraced the concept of integrating innovation in marketing.

Agile Sprint: how it brings efficiency to your business


Agile practices transform business in multiple directions, providing powerful models of product and service creation, project management, and much more. In this article, you will understand what agile practices are, what benefits this approach offers to your company. You’ll also understand how Sprint’s approach, derived from Agile, can boost results. What are Agile Practices. More agility. Agile

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Scaled Agile Framework: what is and how it works


SAFe is an agile framework for development that has been gaining a lot of prominence among developers and managers of software projects. Acronym of Scaled Agile Framework, SAFe is an agile development framework that provides a simple and lightweight experience for the team as it is divided into three segments: Time, Program, and Portfolio. SAFe was developed in 2011 to help software development teams put better products on the market faster. Agile

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Organizational Agility Entails Complementary Innovation

Integrative Innovation

Recently, I’ve come across a couple of posts and articles debating on the question: In order to increase agility, should organizations aim to become more nimble across their existing structures or should they capitalize on separated units/ventures – such as Innovation or digital labs – being dedicated to initiate and develop explorative ideas and opportunities? Strategic transformation , i.e. changing the very essence of a company.

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Agile Frameworks: learn how they work in practice


This is still the picture of many companies, that even when successful, do not move with promptness. Agile Frameworks help the business team experience an Agile mindset in practice. With Agile Frameworks, business processes become more dynamic, staggering business values and productivity. 5 Most used Agile Frameworks. XP is well applied in large companies, that handle considerable database. Agile

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Strategic Agility –The Next Big Thing is Here

The Human Factor

In today’s hyper-paced world, few things are more important to business success than the ability to respond quickly to sudden changes in market conditions or customer needs. Whether the disruption comes from the introduction of a new technology, a new competitor that nobody saw coming, or drastic changes in economic policy and trade agreements, the companies that go to the head of the class are usually those that respond the quickest. I call this strategic agility.

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15 most important Innovation Theories your company should be using

Idea to Value

Every company says that innovation is important, and that they value the ideas of their people. In fact, creativity is becoming a core skill which companies know they need in the future. Yet the problem lies in the fact that so few established companies actually know how to go about getting value out of their innovation ambitions, let alone turning it into profit. This is something a large number of companies struggle with.

10 Excuses for Not Developing Strategic Agility

The Human Factor

In today’s warp-speed business world, strategic agility – the ability to move fast with flexibility and focus – is no longer a competitive advantage. Afterwards, many of the questions posed to me have to do with how to develop more agile organizations that can respond quickly to changing market conditions and customer needs. Clearly, today’s business leaders understand the need to develop strategic agility. Don’t assume that people know how to be strategically agile.

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16 Creative Thinking Questions from the Most Innovative Companies


The 2018 Fast Company Most Innovative Companies issue arrived Saturday. It’s always a wonderful inspiration for strategic and creative thinking questions (plus it’s exciting that we have a current client among the companies recognized). 16 Creative Thinking Questions from the Most Innovative Companies. Agility. What can we do to deliver innovations when they need to get to market vs. when we’re done tinkering? Branding and Marketing.

8 insights to retain customers in the financial and insurance market


These companies are always looking to be first, occupying the forefront of their market. The future is already different because the present is now 100% digital and remote – for insurance companies too. Marketing

The Dwindling Shelf Life of Market Insights?—?And What To Do About It

New Markets Advisors

The Dwindling Shelf Life of Market Insights?—?And Unfortunately, companies have limited resources, and they can only refresh their market research on a relatively limited basis. There may be large shifts in trends, technologies, or solutions on the market; those changes can make certain jobs grow or wane in importance, or they can make some jobs easier to satisfy. The other key reason to maintain stable Jobs research is that it allows teams to be more agile.

Digital Disruption: In search of market leadership


Digital Disruption has had a major effect on the agendas of CEOs around the world because of domestic digital generations and because of the GAFA (Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple), companies that have revolutionized the entire market using 100% digital solutions. Want to know more about Digital Disruption as a market practice ? Digital Disruption is a market practice that seeks to generate value on top of the obsolescence of the industrial business model.

Tart-up or Start up? Two innovation strategies for established companies

Idea to Value

Start-ups – companies under 5 years old owned by one person or a small team of entrepreneurs and venture capitalists – will innovate quite differently from established companies, which have a history of successful growth and a market share to defend. Recent start-ups that have grown up, such as Facebook, Google and Netflix are hybrid cases, still youthful and on the warpath for new products and markets,while also owning huge lucrative businesses.

We Need More Agile Leaders!

Idea Champions

Each and every day in corporate America, new technologies, new world markets, and new competitors arise at a faster pace than ever before. Rushing through your company's strategic planning process just to keep the business afloat is not a good idea. Help your senior teams become agile/. Agile leaders are skillful at responding to the demands of accelerating change. Not only do agile leaders understand the phenomenon of change, they embrace it.

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How Do Organizations Build and Reap the Benefits of Agility?


Organizational agility is one of the primary ingredients to success for many organizations. Ralph-Christian Ohr describes organizational agility as, “An organization’s ability to renew itself, adapt and succeed in a changing, and often highly dynamic and unpredictable, environment.” It’s finding the balance among these concepts that presents a challenge for companies. Understanding Organizational Agility. Characteristics of Agile Companies.

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How EVAS Can Facilitate Organizational Agility


Organizational agility is often supported or hindered by an organization’s project management methodology. Companies that use traditional PPM have a harder time creating an agile environment that supports change because of the lack of valuable performance and predictive data, which is why organizations — especially those seeking to be more agile — are making the switch from traditional PPM to EVM. EVAS and Organizational Agility Go Hand-in-Hand.

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How EVAS Can Facilitate Organizational Agility


Organizational agility is often supported or hindered by an organization’s project management methodology. Companies that use traditional PPM have a harder time creating an agile environment that supports change because of the lack of valuable performance and predictive data, which is why organizations — especially those seeking to be more agile — are making the switch from traditional PPM to EVM. That continuous improvement is a key aspect of agility.

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Speed-to-Market vs Market Readiness

Business Innovation Design

This is the mantra that is defining how companies operate. When it comes to launching new products and services in the market, especially in the new market with disruptive innovation, the same mindset is applied - get to market as soon as possible, and perhaps be the first in the market. Usually, a barrage of new companies follow suit to enter the same market offering similar value propositions - all in pursuit of capturing the market share and mind share.

How to Optimize Email Marketing for the New Normal of COVID-19


Reading emails outside pre-COVID times is another new normal for digital marketers. Prior to the pandemic, Tuesdays and Thursdays were the ideal days to send a marketing email. In the last 12 months, 78% of marketers have seen an increase in email engagement (Not Another State of Marketing, 2020). If you’re agile and pivot regularly with the three influential aspects of send times, engagement, and content you can quickly increase results.

Bringing User Centered Design to the Agile Environment

Boxes and Arrows

I had worked with SCRUM before, done training with Ken Schwaber (author 1 and co-founder of the Agile Alliance) and knew a few things from experience about how to achieve some success integrating a design team within SCRUM. I am not anti-Agile although I’ve been bitten a few times and feel trepidation when I hear someone singing its praises without having much experience with it. Where did Agile come from? Agile can be thought of as a risk-management strategy.

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Decision-First Marketing – Adding strategy to your MarTech stack


Marketing Analytics have exploded but are frequently de-coupled from Marketing Strategy To realize the value of strategic marketing requires a much broader set of criteria than just short-term ROI. A “Decision-First” approach that couples strategic intent with data-driven insight can align marketing strategy and execution. This implementation centered around deciding how to allocate marketing promotions worth several hundred million dollars.

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