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Design Thinking, Lean Startup, Agile? There is a Bigger Thing Happening


In this post, Alejandra shares her perspectives on when and how to incorporate lean, agile, and design thinking into your product lifecycle. Speed of learning comes from reflective practice.

What is Lean Innovation? Components and Examples

Moves the Needle

Lean Innovation Definition At Moves The Needle, we define lean innovation as “reducing waste in the discovery, creation, and delivering of new value to customers." We base Lean Innovation principles upon the 3 E’s of Lean Innovation : Empathy, Experiments and Evidence. And in practice, we combine three important ideas: design thinking, Lean Startup, and agile methodology. In this way, lean innovation and design thinking go hand in hand.


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Building Agility – Meta Skill that Organisations Need to Learn #FutureOfWork

Rmukesh Gupta

One of the key skills that organisations need to learn in a VUCA world is organisational agility. The only way that an organisation can build agility is when the flow of information is quick and as far as possible, unfiltered and bi-directional. They are the ones who see how is the competition is reacting to the strategy or what the customers and prospects are talking about, which could potentially be turned into a product or a service that can be the next block buster.

Agile 40

Using Lean Innovation in the Product Development and Commercialization Process

Moves the Needle

Companies that successfully bring new products to market rapidly, benefit from having a leg up on their competition while diminishing the negative effects of shrinking product life cycles. Lean Innovation doesn’t begin and end with product development. The most mature organizations deploy integrated lean innovation practices across the product lifecycle. Businesses must learn first , rather than merely executing on the plan. Lean Innovation

Accelerate Innovation — With Experiential Learning

Gregg Fraley

Experiential Learning Accelerates Innovation. New Study: Drawing is the Fastest, Most Effective Way to Learn. I read with interest an article stating that drawing accelerates learning. Using experiential learning tools like drawing isn’t really new in innovation process. Sunni Brown , Dave Gray , Dan Roam, and yours truly all use experiential learning tools in innovation projects. They don’t know how to scaffold a learning experience.

Going Lean, Again


Friedrich Arnold, Senior Project Manager at etventure, explains how manufacturers can embrace the Lean Startup methodology as the centerpiece of their Digital Transformation. Proudly, the Head of Production explained to me: “We use Lean Production – meaning we eliminate waste from our manufacturing process.” The transformation to a Lean Production system has been a big success for the company. Your organization managed to implement the Lean Production paradigm.




To retain and sustain current customers, and to attract and attain new ones in an increasingly competitive global marketplace! Stepping up and into new spaces of possibility and learning.


Key Issues in Innovation Management – Revisited – Part 1

Tim Kastelle

This requires companies to proactively or reactively innovate their business models in order to remain competitive. The platform environment is mostly characterized by a tension between collaboration and competition of the participating companies, often referred to as coopetition. In the first place, experimentation is about testing assumptions and hypotheses by means of a scientific learning approach.

9 Ways to Get Ideas Brewing with Instant Coffee

Planview Blog

Here are some of the many ways you can use Instant Coffee: Brainstorming Incremental Planning Story Mapping Lean Coffee Impromptu Meetings PI Planning Retrospectives SWOT Analysis Standup Meetings. Lean Coffee. Agile Program Management Enterprise Agile Planning Products

Innovate to Learn: Innovation and Education


The city of Amsterdam recently started to crowdsource solutions to innovating their school systems by setting up a competition where citizens can submit proposals for schools and vote online for favorites. When students take a more active role in learning through collaboration they become invested in their education while at the same time working on their ability to solve problems as a team and to communicate better with one another.

Innovating: So What Is Possible?

Paul Hobcraft

Asking these questions offsets that attitude of simply accepting the established approach from the very beginning.Speed, scale and agility are required and many of our existing innovation practices do not adapt to these increasing demands. Bluemix lifts you out of the past practices of working through rather rigid Enterprise solutions and protocols, it rapidly speeds up your innovation search and discover, validate and learn environment and can also scale and integrate.

Innovation Success Requires Integrated Approaches

Integrative Innovation

The resonance to my recent post on integrating Lean Startup and Design Thinking features to a combined process has been stunning. A couple of days after having had published my post, Paolo Lorenzoni from IDEO confirmed the complementary nature of Lean Startup and Design Thinking. This can be dangerous because it turns lean startup into a mechanistic trial and error exercise. You never want to lose sight of the need you’re designing for as you undertake the lean startup. .

15 most important Innovation Theories your company should be using

Idea to Value

Suggested reading: This article on Effective Brainstorming , and this book by Bryan Mattimore, which elaborates our interview from the Innovation and Creativity Summit on various brainstorming techniques (premium content): 7 – Lean Innovation Management. Some of the aspects of Lean Innovation Management include: Encouragement of lots of small scale, cheap experiments instead of full launches.

Getting out of the Building, Going Cross-Industry for Seeking Out Radical Ideas

Paul Hobcraft

Industry borders are blurring, there are increasingly smaller, agile and highly disruptive companies working to change the existing into the new preferred. It can give you a real competitive advantage by translating what you learnt in applying analogies to solutions that solve your customer problems. We all value those times when we can slip away from our desk, from the computer or phone and just simply step outside.

Getting out of the Building, Going Cross-Industry for Seeking Out Radical Ideas

Paul Hobcraft

Industry borders are blurring, there are increasingly smaller, agile and highly disruptive companies working to change the existing into the new preferred. It can give you a real competitive advantage by translating what you learnt in applying analogies to solutions that solve your customer problems. We all value those times when we can slip away from our desk, from the computer or phone and just simply step outside.

Key Innovation Issues for 2016 and Beyond

Integrative Innovation

This requires companies to proactively or reactively innovate their business models in order to remain competitive. The platform environment is mostly characterized by a tension between collboration and competition of the participating companies, often referred to as coopetition. In the first place, experimentation is about testing assumptions and hypotheses by means of a scientific learning approach.

4 Ways to Amplify Digital Innovation in 2018

Gregg Fraley

Learn 4 Ways to Amplify Digital Innovation in 2018. Learn and understand the technology. You need to learn more about digital technology. If you don’t your competition will. Alignment, Team Diversity, Knowledge & MoshPits. The challenges facing innovation leaders, facing 2018 is — how do you integrate new digital capability? This is not innovation as we once knew it. This is not your Dad’s innovation.

What is Digital Transformation in Business and Why is it Important?

Moves the Needle

They are not agile. One way to combat this is to use the process of Lean Innovation to alleviate some of the uncertainty and guide the strategy based on evidence (data + insights). Challenge is Too Complex Companies often start with a cross-functional pilot team and learn how to run experiments, but maintain a consistent forward motion and learn how to scale new businesses prior to re-integrating with the core business. Learn more. Lean Innovation

Is Innovation in pharma broken?

The Future Shapers

Pharma companies need to learn to adapt their tactics to the risk and the speed of the market. But for a mobile app, for example, that connects patients with health care professionals, a more agile approach can and should be taken. Idea Management Innovation Lean MethodologyBy now, there is no question that innovation is a growth source for companies independent of size and industry.

5 Excuses of companies that don't innovate (and how to overcome them)

Moves the Needle

What they need in order to be more competitive may or may not require technical innovation. To start, they need to be closer to their customers, be more agile, act bolder. At Intuit, MTN Co-Founder Aaron Eden started the snowball by running “LeanStartIN” workshops under the radar to teach lean startup to small handfuls of colleagues. To get started: Run internal lean startup hackathons, where the process rewards iterative learning over solution building.

The fallacy of "modern" management when it comes to innovation management

Moves the Needle

Doing so means a new kind innovation management because the management most of us learned in school won’t quite do the trick. His very lean progressive assembly process was the result. The Toyota Production System largely grew out of this dilemma, attempting to leverage the “leanness” of Ford’s production system is a world of increasing complexity and market differentiation. This is Lean Startup. Lean InnovationWe’re in an amazing time.

Adopting a Rapid Digital Innovation Process

Paul Hobcraft

The belief that lean management principles will get the innovation out of the door quicker, has been one of those management adoptions that often trick us into believing we are achieving more than we actually are. Reality is, we have only been tackling part of the innovation process and the end results often remain the same – a slow process of innovation follows as lean hits organization reality, it gets caught up in internal roadblocks, countless discussions, and debates.

5 Things to stop doing to enable enterprise innovation

Moves the Needle

We’ve learned from the collapse of Kodak, Blockbuster, RadioShack and other once-prominent organizations that a corporate culture designed to uphold and manage existing success can actually become the arch nemesis of an enterprise that needs to be agile in order to evolve to meet the needs of quickly changing global markets. We can change how we think of failure by thinking of it as required learning. Lean Innovation*This post originally appeared on Mind the Product.

The great GE innovation experiment

Jeffrey Phillips

Here are a few things we can learn: We can discover if being relieved of corporate overhead really matters to the individual businesses. As change accelerates and there's an increasing need to be agile or nimble, getting smaller and faster is key.

Agile 139

How to enable Disruptive Innovation in an enterprise? [video included]


Subscribe to our channel as more videos are about to come every 1–2 weeks: [link] Besides the stage-gate process that is perfect for supporting continuous improvement in a company, we need to adopt more agile techniques that builds on small sprints of design thinking, creativity enhancing techniques and lean startup methods adopted for the company’s innovation culture. disruptive-innovation innovation challenge innovation-management agile-innovation

Video 40

Solving people’s innovation problems


One of the most challenging and thrilling aspects of reinvention, transformation and business game shifting is the opportunity it creates for continuous, experiential and deep learning and change. This creates innovation problems for people, in that it brings to life the new mantra that many organization, are sprouting around innovation, which is to “fail fast to learn quickly”. to find out how we can partner with you to learn, adapt and grow your business in the digital age.

Parkinson’s Law and the Peter Principle – are they relevant to innovation?

Idea to Value

This is why “lean” and “agile” have become buzzwords today. In a competitive context, incompetence does not allow the mediocre to stay afloat for long and meritocracy is valuable and fair. 10 people write 10 reports in 10 hours.

Report 138

Value Stream Discovery: What to test & how to measure [Airbnb example]

Moves the Needle

Ash Maurya’s Lean Canvas and Osterwalder’s Business Model Canvas come to mind. Similar tools have been around for ages, by the way; used in lean manufacturing processes, Agile, kanban, scrum, etc. I should say the digital versions may eventually become useful, but in the lean innovation world, we’re still pretty early and analog works better. Like Lean Startup, the concept of a “value stream” also comes from the lean manufacturing world. Lean Innovation

The secrets behind building a Unicorn

Matthew Griffin

You’ll fail – you’ll learn. This article is my attempt to help those Entrepreneurs and business leaders among you who want to learn from some of the industries brightest stars how to boost your chances of success and it’s based on my first-hand knowledge and work with twenty three of the world’s largest hyper growth companies. They use lean, agile development techniques. This article was updated on Apr 29th 2015.

Digital Innovation Units: Recommendations, Trends and Conclusions

Integrative Innovation

What is really important, however, is that the newly acquired skills also become an integral part of the corporation and penetrate into existing organizational structures through Lean Change experiments and viral infection. Exploring, developing and testing the latest technologies, such as deep learning, is often more time-consuming and capital-intensive than developing core business – related, incremental solutions.

Management 3.0: Why you should get to know this Model?


It’s a management format that draws from the same source as Lean and Agile. It is also their job to provide resources to train them so that the team can learn new functions. Lean teams are also interdisciplinary, with complementary and shared skills.

Agile 52

Unleash Your Visual Superpower!

Boxes and Arrows

In years of presentations working at an agency, I learned to sense the tension building before a design was revealed. The team also keeps the design vision up to date, updating it as they learn from customers. Agile teams can lose the long term direction by focusing on small sprints. Lean startups like to talk about minmum viable product as the smallest amount of effort to validate an assumption, but it is odd that they jump right into coding.

New Innovation Books for 2021 & Beyond

Are you interested in learning more about how to develop an innovative mindset and gain practical skills on developing creative new ideas for implementation? These recent classics are just as useful and practical to professionals looking to learn innovative methodology and approaches.

Tips 82

Strategic flexibility: understand the value of this transformation in times of uncertainty


Agility. Antifragility to go beyond resilience, and to learn every time we fall to return differently, stronger. (if It keeps the corporation competitive in the market. . Your operations can become more competitive in times of crisis. The future has changed.

Agile 52

Innovation Tug of War


How can you create a sustainable competitive advantage that becomes your lifetime fountain of creativity? Before you know it, efficiency and agility will be usurped by cognitive diversity. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Agile 71

How Women Can Thrive in a Fast-Moving Business World

Business and Tech

Stay lean and mean, do everything you can yourself, and outsource things that you need, as opposed to hiring staff to do things. One of the greatest things for me was that I had to learn all facets of my business. I couldn’t hire on staff, I had to learn everything for myself.

4 Essential Change-Management Leadership Skills


Learn what these are and how you can begin applying them to yourself and your team. Leaders who easily adapt to various situations can act quickly, face conflict head-on, and learn from failure. Learn from failure. Learning how to manage change successfully takes time.

Building a lasting innovation capability

Jeffrey Phillips

After all, most (probably 90%) of all innovation projects undertaken in large corporations are reactive projects trying to respond to a market threat or competitive move. By now, everyone in your organization knows how to do lean, agile and six sigma.

Is Your Business Fit?

Matthew May

In it, he proposes six core principles that embody the discipline needed to bring your business to a level of fitness that will enable it to achieve peak performance, which he defines as strength, speed, and agility. Much of what you write is what I would categorize as “lean thinking,” so I’m wondering if organizational fitness is like human fitness in that you be “lean” but not necessarily “fit”? For me, fitness is everything.

LEAN 123

Scaling the post-normal: how investing in IT can accelerate recovery


The solution to reducing the crisis’s effects and returning to the same level of competitiveness as the past means increasing technology investment. At the end of this process, there is the democratization of technology, a moment when solutions reach consumers’ (digital) shelves for competitive prices. Technologies such as cloud computing, robotic automation , and machine learning offer economical alternatives with a high scalability degree. Business Agility.

Agile 40

Our inabilities to adapt needs changing.

Paul Hobcraft

Then it becomes a mad scramble to transform ourselves, often with damaging consequences of deteriorating performance, battling more competition that are sensing our weakness, never capable of returning to those previous highs. Unless we refocus our current management approaches to both be transformation and innovation, we will continue to face losing our competitive edge.

Change 196

The Roles of Risk and Luck in Innovation

Idea to Value

However, as we learned before, risk isn’t necessarily just a bad thing. On the other hand, if you don’t take risk and innovate, the competition will always eventually surpass you, which means that without investing in innovation, you have a 100% probability of going out of business.

The sharks that prey are arriving a lot earlier now

Paul Hobcraft

One that is characterized by sudden, even violent success or an event, some moments of brilliant dominance, followed by a dramatic change in conditions as others have spotted the same opportunity and you hit a rapid decline, the race to the bottom of competition constantly negating one another. Market are segmenting, the life cycle is shortening or having an even longer tail of dealing with slow decline and constant erosion of any competitive position.

Change 183