The 10 Commandments of Effective Brainstorming

Gregg Fraley

The original guidelines of brainstorming (defer judgment, quantity of ideas, build on ideas, combine, etc.) Design of the session should include introvert-friendly tools (see #9). The Sins That Ruin Idea Generation. Redefine Brainstorming If You Want Results. .

Network Operating Model: How To Design, Build & Embed An Agile Operating Platform Geared For Mounting Complexity & Rapid Change…

The Future Shapers

The thrust of the book focused on the creation of a Dual Operating System designed to handle today’s business-as-usual in a traditionally efficient (hierarchical) way, while at the same time operating a parallel highly agile and innovation-friendly structure wired to capitalise on tomorrows future opportunities. I will also do my level best to unpack the following Network Operating Model design thinking in a practical and accessible way. Systems Thinking.

Agile 48

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The 5 Jobs to Address Uncertainty

Moves the Needle

They may be design thinkers, agile developers, or people who have worked in startups before. Some people call it agile. Some, design thinking, human centered design, or lean startup.

Be Innovative if You Want to Drive Innovation


An operations manager at a Fortune 500 hundred company recently asked me: “what are your thoughts on the best innovation ‘models’ to serve as guides for how individuals or teams can structure some of their thinking?”. This makes sense since innovation methodologies are often the result of extensive research and testing and provide important guidelines for implementation and operations.

Management 3.0: Why you should get to know this Model?


It’s a management format that draws from the same source as Lean and Agile. principles listed in his work — guidelines that contribute to the successful implementation of the model. to work so well in agile. and Agile: what’s the difference?

Agile 52

Digital Transformation: The Why, What & How For Transformational Leaders…

The Future Shapers

Furthermore, they understand that information technology is not the solution alone – instead, they think about the purpose, power and politics that go with the new technologies. Digital transformation requires a cultural change that involves a shift in leadership thinking to continually challenging the status quo, encouraging innovation (experiment often and get comfortable with failure), and the introduction of new business models. The Need To Think, Plan & Act Differently.

Agile 71

SCALING UP: From Corporate Startup to Innovation Impact

Integrative Innovation

We do not think that the root cause is a missing methodological foundation for conducting work in explorative units and the incubated corporate startups herein. On the contrary: Teams are working with Design Thinking, Lean Startup, Business Model Canvasses or by applying agile development techniques. Please send us a short message on LinkedIn ( Dr. Ralph-Christian Ohr or Frank Mattes ) if you want to be part of this thinking process.

5 Excuses of Companies that Don’t Innovate (And How to Overcome Them)

Moves the Needle

” Go ask some of your co-workers who they think is responsible for innovation. To start, they need to be closer to their customers, be more agile, act bolder. Form a monthly meetup (like a happy hour) for all employees interested in design thinking and lean startup ideas. ” Giving employees time to break from their daily routine work and think creatively can lead to positive outcomes. “We’re too big.” “We’re We’re not a startup.” “We’re


User experience: ROI and methods to measure your investment in UX


The Design Management Institute researched the size of companies’ competitive edge that they called design-centered – but you can see it there as design-driven, user-centric, or “user focus.” Design Thinking can help a lot in this mission.