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A New Integrated Innovation Engagement System

Paul Hobcraft

I have written extensively, certainly over the past eighteen months, about our need to take innovation into a new era, designed for today and tomorrow’s “fit for purpose” Below you will see my view of how I see this sketched out, as my suggested concept outline. We have this compelling need to have a new cycle of innovation design. I wrote a piece “ Jumping to a fresh cycle of innovation design ” that stated much of what I saw as any design intent.

Selling Agile to Executives: 8 Ways to Get Buy-in

Planview Blog

Effectively selling Agile to executives is more than just getting the go-ahead for an Agile transformation. Because Agile includes a culture shift and a mindset change, as well as funding, you need executives to truly buy in to the approach. Form an Agile Leadership Team.

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Scaled Agile Framework: what is and how it works


SAFe is an agile framework for development that has been gaining a lot of prominence among developers and managers of software projects. Acronym of Scaled Agile Framework, SAFe is an agile development framework that provides a simple and lightweight experience for the team as it is divided into three segments: Time, Program, and Portfolio. One of the most difficult elements of agile philosophy is scaling. Want to understand more about agile practices? Agile

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Bringing User Centered Design to the Agile Environment

Boxes and Arrows

I built a team with a dedicated user researcher; information architect; interaction and visual designers and we even made a guerilla usability lab and had regular test sessions. I had worked with SCRUM before, done training with Ken Schwaber (author 1 and co-founder of the Agile Alliance) and knew a few things from experience about how to achieve some success integrating a design team within SCRUM. Where did Agile come from? Where does the designer fit into the frame?

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Designing for Harmony

Boxes and Arrows

By using these nascent user-centered design methods, they were able to meet the expanding needs of their user base and claim over 90% of the small business accounting software market. This expanded the offerings but created a fragmented company where each product had its own division with separate management, design, and–in some cases—offices. A noticeable lack of focus prevented them from innovating as a company; their user-centered design DNA was disappearing.

Your Future Lies in Occupying the Innovation Job and Using the Skills it Provides

Paul Hobcraft

We need to manage reskilling and upskilling to mitigate against both job losses and talent shortages but prepared the future workforce to be more nimble, agile and fluid. We need to understand how to become more intrapreneurial, agile, and adaptable, and continuously seek out a diverse set of collaboration spaces as places where we can be seen, appreciated, and valued. Look for your innovation to be distinctly different, empowering, motivating, and showing engagement.

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Network Operating Model: How To Design, Build & Embed An Agile Operating Platform Geared For Mounting Complexity & Rapid Change…

The Future Shapers

The thrust of the book focused on the creation of a Dual Operating System designed to handle today’s business-as-usual in a traditionally efficient (hierarchical) way, while at the same time operating a parallel highly agile and innovation-friendly structure wired to capitalise on tomorrows future opportunities. I will also do my level best to unpack the following Network Operating Model design thinking in a practical and accessible way. Setting The Scene.

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Connecting Innovation is the New Order of Play

Paul Hobcraft

A more opening out, forming more connections into customers, engaging with them. Our present poor performance in growth lies often within our existing innovation systems and their design. The search is on for a real lasting change that does transform and connect all the parts into a new innovative design, one that connects and orchestrates the ‘whole’. This is where understanding the power of platforms and ecosystem designs plays a vital role.

Increasing innovation focus on the end-user segments within the energy transition story

Paul Hobcraft

This “transformational mix” gives rise to different innovation dimensions to explore, be these enabling technologies, new business models, different market designs, and changes in the methods of system operation that make up a broader innovation ecosystem of solutions. Here, it is the combination of new system designs and ways to operate, combined with technological innovation. These designs are building the two-way flow where excess energy can be delivered back to the grid.

Swimming along a road in a flood of digital transformation

Paul Hobcraft

We need to create a digital transformation strategy, a clear roadmap and build the business case as it is going to be, well, umm…… transformational. The blurring of our lives, of the breaking down of the different old industry demarcations, the blending of government, corporate and social engagements is giving increasing voice to each of us as individuals, all happening due to this exponential set of connections.

Relating to the New Innovation Era

Paul Hobcraft

When you step back and recognize all the different advancements we have making in designing tools and frameworks, in understanding innovation, it holds promise. The sad part is that many of our existing consulting firms offer solutions that are unfit for todays need or ill-equipped for offering advice on tomorrow’s purpose and the designs necessary. Can we go that route in our organization design? So going a step further in my own design within this new innovation era.

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Mapping the customer journey is the top driver for digital transformation

Paul Hobcraft

Partly it seems executives don’t engage with their brand or business in the way that their customers do. With the increasing need to adapt to a digital world, the essential need for understanding customer behaviors of those wanting to engage with your business or brand becomes even more of a challenge if you have not mapped this out. Are you meeting your customer needs, do you fully understand their motivations, associated behaviors to design a better range of innovation solutions?

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Munich Re offers a real clarity to their innovating future

Paul Hobcraft

The mix of digital ingredients and having the approach to building a more agile, flexible and modular design approach gives a strong impression they are driving much innovation within the Insurance Industry. This is no finished roadmap but it does give investors and multiple stakeholders a really decent understanding of how Munich Re are managing their transformational journey.

Seven Innovation Fundamentals for Leaders

Gregg Fraley

Frameworks assume: engaged leadership, talent on the team, day to day creativity, curiosity, and domain knowledge. You will fail with: Lean, Agile, Design Thinking, TRIZ, Stage-Gate, Osborn-Parnes CPS, KILN’s FuseTrail, or a homegrown/blended framework. Design Thinking puts an emphasis on this exploration, it’s a fundamental built into their framework, excellent! Innovation Fundamentals for Leaders. First of Seven Blogs.

6 Creative Innovation Exercises for Online Whiteboards


In order to get your creative juices flowing it can be important to engage in creative thinking exercises and practice ways you can improve your innovation process. If you haven’t implemented design thinking or creative thinking exercises into your workspace, it’s time to start.

The Dos and Don’ts of Creating a Coaching Culture in the Office


In fact, it’s actually an agile practice that can be weaved into virtually any type of interaction. Better outcomes: When team members are engaged and performing well, this positively impacts the achievement of goals, key performance indicators, and OKRs.

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7 Strategies to Accelerate Through Uncertainty

Peer Insight

Getting crystal clear on what you need to learn will help you design alternative testing pathways. Design explorations are a favorite tool of ours for moving quickly. If your team is newly distributed, build new strategies and adopt new tools to stay connected and agile.

The Dwindling Shelf Life of Market Insights?—?And What To Do About It

New Markets Advisors

The other key reason to maintain stable Jobs research is that it allows teams to be more agile. With that Jobs platform to pull from, teams will be prepared to respond quickly as new challenges arise, new entrants attack, and old solutions pivot into alternative designs. Rather than offering insights that are only useful for Plan A, well-designed Jobs to be Done research gives you the resources you need even as you move on to Plan B or C.

Why Strategy Is Important to Your Business Success


By getting all leaders and management teams aligned with these goals, Hitachi can actively engage its teams in achieving short-term goals that support longer-term goals and strategies. Strategy Promotes Strategic Agility.

Unleash Your Visual Superpower!

Boxes and Arrows

From start-ups to banks, design has never been more central to business. Yet at conference after conference, I meet designers at firms talking about their struggle for influence. Why is that fabled “seat at the table” so hard to find, and how can designers get a chair? Designers yearn for a world where companies depend on their ideas but usually work in a world where design is just one voice. Agency designers can create great visions that fail to be executed.

Digital Transformation: The Why, What & How For Transformational Leaders…

The Future Shapers

They engaged, empowered, energised, excited and rallied their people behind a meaningful cause – and compelling story of the future. In the absence of agreeing your own digital terms of reference, you run the risk of it meaning something different to each and every person in your organisation – the CIO may view digital as a way to drive operational efficiency, while the CMO may see digital as the answer to boosting customer engagement – a true digital transformation requires both.

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Digital transformation – the need to transform our innovation approaches

Paul Hobcraft

I could outline countless ways to work through different examples, set about a strategic and operational digital transformation roadmap, to combine effective knowledge from people and excellence gained from what you need to do in IT and your technologies to get this going, but I will not here, as this is an opening primer, not a solution. The upside for achieving greater growth and revenue comes from the experience of greater customer engagement.

Future Trends 2021: Purpose & Co-creation


By pretty much every measure of employer and consumer brand health, we are more likely to be engaged , even try the online versions of in-person services, stay loyal, pay more and advocate for brands whose stories we know and remember, who broadens our perspectives and that genuinely do good.

Your Digital Future Begins Now


Design. At MSS, we boil them down to: Digital Strategy & Technology Roadmap. Vendors promise flexibility and agility that allow companies to scale and rapidly adopt new solutions while deep analytics with information at their fingertips will enable better, faster decision-making. Done correctly, a digital transformation can increase customer-centricity, breakdown functional silos, engage employees and drive transformational change to your organization.

Digital transformation – the need to transform our innovation approaches

Paul Hobcraft

I could outline countless ways to work through different examples, set about a strategic and operational digital transformation roadmap, to combine effective knowledge from people and excellence gained from what you need to do in IT and your technologies to get this going, but I will not here, as this is an opening primer, not a solution. The upside for achieving greater growth and revenue comes from the experience of greater customer engagement.

Capabilities and Leadership Close the Skills Gap in Manufacturing

Innovation 360 Group

The industry will need to add manufacturing software engineers, robotics specialists, machine learning specialists, automated systems engineers, cybersecurity specialists as well as designers, product engineers, developers, analysts, pricing strategists and procurement specialists, many of which are forecast to be in short supply in years ahead. Most importantly, they will need the right cultural matrix to support agile operations and flexible work.

How to setup an ‘innovation team’


This special team needs to be strategic, tactical, agile and fast. The strategy and the roadmap towards the desired innovation-driven mode are critical. This is the best way to inspire people and drive high-levels of engagement with the overall innovation initiative. They should drive initiatives such as the transition to agile engineering practices and modern product development techniques with focus on experimentation and data-driven decision making.

Corporate Vision: How To Translate Strategy Into Meaningful Execution

The Future Shapers

For more detailed information on vision-led organisation design, click on the following links: Next-Generation Target Operating Model Design. How To Design, Build & Embed An Agile Operating Platform. Acts as a high-level roadmap, articulating what the organisation wants to become – guiding transformational initiatives by articulating strategic intent and setting a defined clear and understandable direction. Setting The Scene.

What do you need to innovate?

David Marks

The company is famed for its high level of customer engagement. It is specifically designed to identify typical pitfalls such as lack of senior management involvement in innovation or blindly sticking to the current business model. Based on the assessments we provide clear recommendations and roadmaps for improving companies innovation credentials. Why are some companies more innovative than others?

Beyond Sage on the Stage Consulting

Idea Champions

We understand, of course, that your company's Senior Leaders need some kind of roadmap or blueprint to help them navigate their way forward. They are not about to embrace an "organic process" that does not frame out the strategies and tactics required to help their company become an agile, innovative, best-company-to-work for enterprise. We are engaging you in a dynamic, interactive, collaborative partnership to ensure that the effort made is genuine, robust, and sustainable.

Retail innovation: Trends, challenges and opportunities


Every innovation in retail is now about designing an experience that’s remarkable and creates value that keeps bringing the customer back. Engage in and understand deep consumer research. Most retailers now have an omnichannel strategy focused on more than just selling products and services; they want to engage the end buyers; they want to empower them; they want to create unforgettable experiences. Uniqlo’s HEATTECH design, AIRism line — Innovation in product design.