The Best Templates for Agile Methodology


Agile methodology is one of the most popular methods of software development and is a great way to organize and plan projects with your team. Best Templates for Agile Methodology. Here are some of the best templates that help make the agile methodology even more efficient.

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The Dynamics within Agility.

Paul Hobcraft

After working through a number the one that held my attention and has become central to my thinking to take organizational practices forward was provided by a recent report from McKinsey “ How to create an agile organization ”. This report has been part of a broader ‘agile’ series from them but this one specifically gave me my necessary anchor point, to move forward with my own design thinking for agility and innovation. Stable and Dynamic Practices of Agility.

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Making Agility Compatible For You

Paul Hobcraft

Is Agility compatible for many working in established businesses? “To To be agile” is often a badge of honor. Agility is today going far beyond just being responsive,it goes into constantly adjusting and being versatile, modifying to meet rapidly changing conditions. The challenge is to keep the stability but to build around it a more agile, dynamic set of capabilities. You crave for some agility, some freedom to do things differently.

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Selling Agile to Executives: 8 Ways to Get Buy-in

Planview Blog

Effectively selling Agile to executives is more than just getting the go-ahead for an Agile transformation. Because Agile includes a culture shift and a mindset change, as well as funding, you need executives to truly buy in to the approach. Form an Agile Leadership Team.

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Here’s Your Agile Track Recap from Accelerate

Planview Blog

On the jam-packed agenda were several presentations, customer stories, and roundtable discussions aimed at supporting Agile leaders at all levels of the organization. If you didn’t get to attend these engaging sessions, read on to get the scoop! Becoming Agile and Beyond.

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A New Integrated Innovation Engagement System

Paul Hobcraft

In my view I visualize a new integrated innovation engagement platform to be like this shown below. I’d love to engage on this to realize its potential. The real need is delivering a new integrated innovation engagement platform. We need not only a new innovation management system, we need a modern engagement platform. We need to be more agile, iterative , to be encouraged to be extracting, experimenting and exploring.

Integrating ‘Agile’ Approaches into ‘Waterfall’ Cultures

Agile” and “Waterfall” offer us very different approaches to project management. These processes can each guide us, depending upon our goals, knowledge, and values surrounding stakeholder engagement. Core Elements of Agile. Integrating Agile Approaches into Waterfall Cultures.

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9 Agile Transformation Metrics for Executives to Watch

Planview Blog

How do you know whether your Agile transformation is on the right track, or heading in the right direction? Understanding Agile transformation metrics for executives is key to proving the ROI of your Agile transformation. In Agile, the metrics themselves are not the goal.

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Cultivating Innovation Agility

Innovation Excellence

Outlining the benefits of adopting a business eco-system accelerates the innovation process, reduces the risks inherent in innovation, and engages the entire organization as “co-ideators” and broader ecosystem in the innovation effort. Continue reading → Creativity Culture & Values Innovation culture education innovation agility Innovation Management Innovation Mindset innovative thinking Leadership Open Innovation

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5 steps to have an agile HR in your company


In times of exponential change, the agile approach is dominating the market. Have you heard of agile HR? The term Agile is no longer used only in the area of ??Technology. Today, Agile Methods are transforming the way companies hire, develop and manage their employees.

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Don't break the rules - become flexible and agile

Jeffrey Phillips

Rather, what we should be working on is changing not "the rules" but how we think about business, how business operates, and how we best engage customers and their needs. Or, perhaps what we really need to do is to create organizations that are more nimble, more agile, much more dynamic and capable of evolving as new thinking evolves and as customers and markets evolve. Not rules but engagement Rules are restrictive and binding, they keep ideas, people and processes in line.

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The fear of business contagion requires different innovation response

Paul Hobcraft

The ability to pass on inflation or be agile in supply response to sudden shortages will need very different agility than ever before. Being agile and responsive becomes central to seeing opportunity gaps quicker and responding in socially aware ways.

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Four steps to apply a Scaled Agile Framework in your business


The Scaled Agile Framework is a methodology derived from agile methods, focusing on a project to disseminate agile thinking and practices in an organizational context, from management to teams. These are just some of the benefits of implementing a Scaled Agile Framework.

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Agile Project Management: what it is and how to apply it in your business


Keep reading to understand why agile project management provides numerous advantages over traditional forms of project management. What is agile project management? Agile practices can be incorporated into project management, adding numerous benefits. The main agile tools.

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Startup Engagement in Corporate Innovation

Integrative Innovation

More and more corporations seek to engage with startups by pursuing corresponding activities across dedicated ecosystems and incorporating them in exploration units along with internal ventures. We analyzed which vehicles today are most common among all parties: Engagement overall is very high – about 80% of startups and corporates have already collaborated or are collaborating. Startup engaged naturally most in those vehicles not requiring any kind of equity.

How To Help Agile Teams Create Products Customers Actually Want


Nowadays there is no escaping the Agile hype. Large organisations are “becoming Agile” one after the other, fuelled by hopes of higher employee engagement and more efficient product development. Innovation Thought Leadership

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Driving COVID-19 employee engagement with idea management


Communication and engagement with employees are an essential part of business at any time. The benefits of an engaged workforce include improved employee retention and loyalty, a happier and more motivated workforce and better general well-being.

Lessons from Silicon Valley on Innovation and Engagement


The era of the “data economy” is well and truly upon us, meaning that companies must be more agile than ever before. The current state of technology can tell us a lot about how effective innovation strategy can drive consumer (and employee) engagement. Simply put, employee engagement matters. That message can tend to get muddled in the shiny, attractive chaos of Silicon Valley, where software workflow structures like agile methodology often bleed into HR strategy.

The office of the future: how to enable an agile work environment

The Future Shapers

If well implemented, agile working can revolutionize the work-life attitudes and balance of the next generations. By engaging the workforce at all levels and empowering individuals to make choices, agile working has the power to spur creativity, favour communication, generate motivation and improve well-being. Agile working can be defined as a means to give people the freedom and autonomy to make choices, as long as they provide results.

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Positioning my innovating approach

Paul Hobcraft

It is the ability to seeing patterns, synergies and different connections that give us new avenues of convergence and value We need a distributed, interconnected and networked environment Agility Innovation.

How Viacom Uses Lean Startup & Agile to Engage Viewers

Innovation Leader

Kimberly Hicks of Viacom says in an arena where people’s media consumption and the devices change so quickly, the lean startup approach is extremely helpful

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Squads, Scrum, OKRs, Kanban and Design Sprint: how to combine agile practices and gain more efficiency


We all know that agile methodologies are not written in stone. The practice is very common within agile logic. We suggest reading our ebook “Design Thinking and Agile” so that you can go deeper into this subject and understand how these methodologies work together!

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Agile Mindset: How to Use Sprints to Streamline Projects


Keep reading to see how successful executives are achieving results in their everyday business through incorporating agile methodologies like SCRUM! The agile mindset. Before we get into the agile mindset, we need to remember that it is linked to Agile Philosophy. Agile Philosophy came from the Agile Manifesto, when a small group of people got together in 2001 to discuss their feelings about the traditional approach to project management for software development.

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System of Engagement

Information Playground

 Much of the record keeping in a system of record is a function of company size (how many employees worked for the company), product portfolio (how many products are being sold), and sales engagements (how many customers are involved in potential or actual sales orders). A system of engagement interacts with external endpoints that generate orders of magnitude more data. Delivery of security is evolutionary and agile.

The principles that you need to know about Agile Development


According to some of the principles, in order to obtain the best results, it is necessary to: Engage with corporate leaders, managers, and the user community; Have professionals who work well in teams and are committed to continually improving the quality and cost-effectiveness of projects; Set the essential elements to refactor and eliminate the technical gap of the chosen method; Among other factors. The Agile manifesto. Understanding Agile methods. Agile

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Agile Sprint: how it brings efficiency to your business


Agile practices transform business in multiple directions, providing powerful models of product and service creation, project management, and much more. In this article, you will understand what agile practices are, what benefits this approach offers to your company. You’ll also understand how Sprint’s approach, derived from Agile, can boost results. What are Agile Practices. More agility. Agile

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The Art of Agile


In this article, etventure’s Head of Product Gregor Ilg will take a closer look at the buzzword “Agile” – and de-mystify Agile in a business context. Agile development has been around since the 90s, and became popular shortly after the turn of the millennium, when the Manifesto for Agile Software Development was formulated and signed by Kent Beck and 16 fellow software developers. If it is not applied properly, agile development can easily turn into chaos!

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Scaled Agile Framework: what is and how it works


SAFe is an agile framework for development that has been gaining a lot of prominence among developers and managers of software projects. Acronym of Scaled Agile Framework, SAFe is an agile development framework that provides a simple and lightweight experience for the team as it is divided into three segments: Time, Program, and Portfolio. One of the most difficult elements of agile philosophy is scaling. Want to understand more about agile practices? Agile

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Engaging Customers – How do you know who you really want to work with?

Innovation Excellence

Love your customers, and your customers will love you back I like to work with customers who are willing to do the personal and professional transformation to become innovative and agile. Customers Design Innovation marketing Product Innovation agile business innovation designIf I look at my customer set, they’re usually between 32 and 55 years old. They already have work experience, but they either want.

3 Steps to Creating an Engaged Workforce

The Human Factor

Everyone wants an engaged workforce. When organizations do strive to increase employee engagement but fall short of the goal, it’s often because they overlook the first two steps of the process. Creating and maintaining an engaged workforce requires three steps that all work together to reinforce each other. Keeping employees inspired will support their sense of engagement and improve their performance on the job. Step 3: Engage. Engaging Your Millennials.

Innovation requires a more dynamic systematic approach

Paul Hobcraft

New needs of combining different stakeholders are pushing higher expectations to get winning products or services to market on time, which are exciting, new, engaging and often transformational. Innovation requires a more dynamic, systematic approach.

The Simple Approach to Employee Engagement

The Human Factor

Creating an engaged workforce where employees bring all their skill, talent, passion and energy to work every day isn’t rocket science. Which leads to the question, if employee engagement is so simple, why do so many companies struggle to get it? Employee engagement works like a light switch. My goal was to point out in a humorous way some of the things leaders and managers do and don’t do that turn the lights out on making employees feel wanted, appreciated and engaged.

Getting back to the Future about Innovation

Paul Hobcraft

We call this the engagement- alignment gap. Only an engaged, committed senior executive team can create the means to build a sustained innovation capability or disciplined approach by defining innovation’s role and contribution.

Customer Engagement Is More Important than Ever

The Human Factor

That’s why most companies spend a significant part of their budgets on marketing and advertising to develop customer engagement among repeat and new customers. But a recent Gallup survey suggests that developing customer engagement – which the company describes as “a customer’s emotional or psychological attachment to a brand, product, or company” – may offer a more effective growth strategy. Creating the Engaged Customer.

Linking sense of innovating purpose

Paul Hobcraft

Dynamic Capabilities – opening up your thinking to dynamic capabilities by spotting and resolving the tensions, gaps, building a greater fitness landscape model that builds agility on a new pathway , strengthening and defining all the different stocks and flows.

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Explore, engage and extrapolate to discover the pains, gains and jobs to be done of your customer

Innovation Excellence

Looping, one dimension of response-ability, has to do with your ability to explore, to engage, and to extrapolate what your customer tells. Customers Strategy agile business innovation designResponse-ability is all about your ability to intuitively anticipate the future and to know what your customer wants before your customer knows it. Intuitive anticipation is the main differentiator for successful, innovative companies.

Images and Metaphors - Finding the Right Agile Organization Design

Legacy Innovation Group

Images and Metaphors — Finding the Right Agile Organization Design. Mid–sized and larger organizations often struggle immensely with finding an organization design that allows them to grow and stay agile at the same time. Next to the understandable fear of interfering with an established system that has been in place and worked well for so long, there are also oftentimes misconceptions as to what agile really means. Engage an entire organization around that image.

A Simple Guide to Building an Engaged Team

Rmukesh Gupta

Premise: We don’t need tons of research to tell us the importance of having employees who are engaged in their work. The result of an engaged set of employees shows up when an employee goes beyond his call of duty to serve a customer or when a team gets formed organically to address some specific issue that has cropped up during the day. It is no surprise either when that having such an engaged workforce can and does become a true competitive advantage.

Innovation Roundtable Discussion: Agile organisation, Culture & Leadership for Innovation


At this year's Innovation Roundtable Summit in Copenhagen, I moderated a roundtable discussion on some of the challenges businesses face when trying to build a more agile organisation, grow a culture of innovation and navigate leadership and mindset. Do we all have a common goal to engage and involve everyone in innovation across our firms? The post Innovation Roundtable Discussion: Agile organisation, Culture & Leadership for Innovation appeared first on Wazoku.

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Knowing Your Innovation Pathway Curve – A methodology

Paul Hobcraft

At Agility Innovation we can help you to understand and be effective on your own innovation curve to understand all the different components of innovation that need to be in place and valued. The Pathway Curve Methodology.

Those that learn to frame the Strategic Innovation discussion are the big winners

Paul Hobcraft

Creating clear goals and linking/aligning innovation to those more agile strategies is a vital step before you get into the actual innovation concept stage.

Leadership Alignment Work Mat for making Innovation fully connected.

Paul Hobcraft

Often they lack the communicating medium to help clarify and shape the innovation story to tell, so as to provide the guidance necessary for achieving that essential engagement and encouragement they would like, to align organizational efforts required from innovation to the strategies envisioned.

Why we should focus on Innovation Governance

Paul Hobcraft

It encourages agility, adapting, being fluid and dynamic in the way to undergo innovation. I am working with Jeffrey Phillips , a long-term collaborator on “all things concerning innovation.”