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Seven Innovation Fundamentals for Leaders

Gregg Fraley

You will fail with: Lean, Agile, Design Thinking, TRIZ, Stage-Gate, Osborn-Parnes CPS, KILN’s FuseTrail, or a homegrown/blended framework. Creativity, and creative ideas, are essential ingredients, and, without other fundamentals , like projects and implementation — great ideas are a waste of time. Someone needs a spark of superior inventive talent, or you won’t have the quality ideas you need to succeed. Innovation Fundamentals for Leaders.

Innovation Training Under Utilized

Gregg Fraley

94% of managers are unsatisfied with their companies innovation performance. When I step into a room to facilitate a strategy, innovation, or idea generation session I usually find a great deal of energy. Maybe that’s one reason why 94% of managers are unsatisfied with innovation performance? Training the teams, having a skilled facilitator in-house, and frequent practice of divergent thinking are essential to effective idea generation sessions.

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GFi Innovation Public Training Course

Gregg Fraley

It examines culture assessment, strategy, and on-going project management. It includes an overview of key frameworks ( Design Thinking, Agile, Lean, TRIZ, Synectics, Stage-Gate, CPS ) and their essential tools. In addition, it covers management mandates, project cycles, resourcing, idea management systems, idea generation, concept development, prototyping, and pitch presentations. Innovation Intensive .

GFi Innovation — Fall Training Course Schedule

Gregg Fraley

This essential training for leaders and project managers provides answers, and from an industry thought leader. If you don’t know the newer more advanced tools, and some neglected old technologies, including Agile, Lean, TRIZ, Synectics, Stage-Gate, Theory of Constraints, and CPS, you’re missing opportunities. All participants walk away with a shell framework and ideas they can put to immediate use. Streamlined management of innovation projects.

Eleven Innovation Bullets to Dodge

Gregg Fraley

Lack of Managment support will effectively kill any innovation program no matter how well conceived. Design Thinking alone will not guarantee success (or any other framework, Agile, Lean, etc.). Very few organization’s are any good at all at Brainstorming/Idea Generation. What You Should Be Learning in Innovation Training. But you probably are not! Eleven Innovation Bullets to Dodge, in no particular order.

Why do innovation programs fail


Studies show firms that treat innovation as a science and manage and measure it like any other business function are more successful. Takeaway: Choose an innovation process and continuously measure and manage it. Take the following innovation management process for example. You will need a rigid framework to efficiently manage each of these phases. Similarly, you will need a robust process to collect and evaluate ideas in the ideation phase. Programme manager.

The Challenges being Faced by Innovation Consultants

Paul Hobcraft

There also seems this perpetual dilemma of clients’ wishes that are hard to reconcile with operational realities to turn their organizations from being focused on effective and efficient into agile and adaptive ,required for innovation. Wherever possible consultants want to manage as much as possible internally to ‘keep’ the fees generated inside. Orchestration is increasingly playing its part to manage all the assets and knowledge coming into play.