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What Is the Best Agile Project Management Methodology? Kanban vs Waterfall vs Scrum vs Lean.


While the Agile methodology is really helpful for structuring teams and creating an efficient workspace, there are many different branches that each take their own approach to project management. All of these strategies fall under the Agile umbrella, and in this article, we will compare four of the most popular project management strategies.

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Design Thinking, Lean Startup, Agile? There is a Bigger Thing Happening


In this post, Alejandra shares her perspectives on when and how to incorporate lean, agile, and design thinking into your product lifecycle. I have been applying design-led strategies that combine agile and lean for almost 10 years, and while they work, they needed to provide more solid evidence for decision making.


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3 Strategies for Starting Your Lean Portfolio Management Journey


There are a number of benefits that come from following Lean Portfolio Management principles in your organization. That’s why over the last decade, it has become common for organizations to undertake Agile transformation initiatives to improve value delivery. 1: Obtain Business Leadership Support for Lean Portfolio Management.

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Five Unicorn Scaleup Strategies


He’s the author of numerous books and an expert on how lean principles can be used to drive innovation. I encourage you to get it and embrace these strategies, whether you’re running a startup or in a big company. Your subtitle refers to “lean” principles; I’m assuming they respond to these restraining forces?

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Here’s Your Agile Track Recap from Accelerate


On the jam-packed agenda were several presentations, customer stories, and roundtable discussions aimed at supporting Agile leaders at all levels of the organization. Becoming Agile and Beyond. The Agile track “Becoming Agile and Beyond” was focused on two main themes: Agile Program Management and Agile Transformation.

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L.I.V.E. (Lean Innovation, Validation & Execution): A new, more effective way to manage multiple innovation projects

Idea to Value

method could work for your team, click here to book a free strategy video call , or if you prefer email click here to contact him directly. This is why Agile is becoming so popular for teams which need to rapidly iterate, such as in software-development or design teams. Lean Innovation, Validation & Execution).

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What is Lean Innovation? Components and Examples

Moves the Needle

Lean Innovation Definition At Moves The Needle, we define lean innovation as “reducing waste in the discovery, creation, and delivering of new value to customers." We base Lean Innovation principles upon the 3 E’s of Lean Innovation : Empathy, Experiments and Evidence. Where design thinking ends, Lean Startup begins.

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