Strategic Thinking Exercise – A SWOT Analysis to Push Thinking


Yesterday’s post on using a new type of SWOT analysis to stimulate bolder strategic conversations in strategy meetings garnered quite a bit of attention. In this case, the letters in the SWOT analysis name still stand for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

Wrong Diagnosis means Wrong Remedy

Destination Innovation

There may have been a completely different reason why sales declined – like competition or seasonal factors. Yet they are generally not trained in problem analysis techniques. I teach problem analysis methods and the ones I find most helpful are Why, Why?

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How to Figure Out What Business Intelligence Tools Your Small Business Needs


Support for SMEs analytics business intelligence Competition data analysis personasToday, nearly every action taken by a consumer generates data, and the price point of data analytics technology is now within the budget range of most small-to-mid-sized firms.

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2018 Patent Analysis: Patent Quality and Utility Essential to Patent Owners


With the ability to integrate “big data” market analytics with internal portfolio analysis, IP organizations can be smarter about their patent strategies, better supporting the business while maintaining increased budget control. By Matt Troyer, Director of Patent Analytics at Anaqua.

Measuring Innovation Performance

competitive advantage or be a USP, is what drives every organization. domains such as automation, AI, AR/VR, blockchain, predictive analysis, and UI/UX. Measuring innovation performance Our innovation campaigns prove that there is a way to. measure innovation performance.

How to Refresh Your Innovation Strategy in 2018


IdeaScale competitive analysis innovation platform perspective review trendsEvery lightbulb needs changing. Refreshing your innovation strategy is likely on your to-do list for 2018. But you may also be stuck on how to get started.

How Big Data is Sure to Give Your Business a Competitive Edge


Data analysis specialists have projected that by the end of 2020, business enterprises will have data amounts equivalent to 44 zettabytes, or 44 trillion gigabytes. Just like oil became a valuable commodity in the 20th century, data is also proving to be priceless to companies and business organizations in the 21st century. Trend Alert

Advanced Analytics For Insurance Industry: 6 Major Use Cases


Since the underlying nature of business in the insurance industry involves risk, advanced analytics is used to conduct real-time risk analysis that enables organizations to be quick on their feet in a volatile risk environment. The insurance industry is a high-risk sector.

Boot Your Root (Cause)

Matthew May

Process improvers the world over rally around root cause analysis as if it were the Holy Grail of all things organizational. But the one critical place in business where root cause analysis has no real place is in strategy formulation. I’m sure I’ll be taken to task on this by the lean/kaizen/six sigma crowd, but bear with me, because I’ve witnessed repeated attempts to apply root cause analysis to strategy, only to be met with derailment and eventual failure.

Here’s What You Need To Know To Compete In An Ecosystem Driven World

Innovation Excellence

In 1980, a young Harvard Business School professor named Michael Porter published Competitive Strategy, which drove thinking on the subject for the next 30 years. In essence, he argued that you build sustainable competitive advantage by maximizing bargaining power throughout a value chain. Yet more recently, that kind of single firm level analysis has been.

4 Ways Agility Protects the Status Quo (And 5 Reasons Anticipation is Better)

Daniel Burrus

For example, one of Time magazine’s choices for great innovations was an adaptive device that, once connected to a stethoscope, automatically transfers data to a smartphone for ready analysis. Creating a competitive advantage over slower rivals.

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How Business Intelligence Software can Help you Increase Operational Efficiency


From inventory management, to accounting, to customer intelligence and beyond, there are many ways you can use BI software to inform your decision-making, increase operational efficiency, and gain a competitive edge. Business Intelligence software is an essential tool for analyzing your company's strengths and weaknesses.

16 Strategic Thinking Exercises Ready to Go for You Right Now!


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The Power of Pre Mortems

Daniel Burrus

Those are valuable issues, but consider: What competitive advantage could you secure if you had a system by which you could identify common post mortem problems before they had a chance to occur?

Moving from Static to Dynamic

Mike Shipulski

And a lower level, there’s customer change, competition change, technology change, coworker change, family change and personal change. For orientation, analysis and synthesis is required across many information sources to develop ways to deal with the unfamiliar and unforeseen. [1]

What Is Business Intelligence?

Collective Innovation

Business intelligence is the collection and analysis of data to support decisions at all levels of the organization. This can include information about the company internally, customer information, market information, sales velocity, competitive information and numerous other metrics. This is not possible without investing in the collection and making available metrics that can be used for internal analysis. Data Analysis.

Mapping the Future with Wardley Maps

Mike Shipulski

If recent patent filings are trivial enhancements that can be measured only with a large sample sizes and statistical analysis, the party is over. Fundementals How To Innovation Maps Competitiveness Creativity

Top 10 Posts from the 100%Open Blog.


Don’t Predict, Prototype! – A post outlining a process we have developed with various clients to avoid analysis paralysis when faced with longer term scenario planning and to create a simple method to classify and cluster what’s important and what’s urgent and what to do about it. We have published almost 500 blog posts on the 100%Open blog over the last decade.

Additive Manufacturing’s Holy Grail

Mike Shipulski

But it takes some non-trivial cost analysis to make the case. Additive Manufacturing Allocating Cost Cost Savings Fear How To Part Count Reduction Top Line Growth Competitiveness Engineering Mindset Manufacturing Competitveness no-to-yes Success

Solving Intractable Problems

Mike Shipulski

Today there are new materials, new analysis techniques, new understanding of physics, new measurement systems and new business models. Assumptions Clarity Fundementals Problems Seeing Things As They Are Technology Competitiveness Creativity Understanding Physics

The Quality Chronicles


Innovation is always factored by the ticking click, who gets the jump and the competitive advantage, when a cost center becomes a profit center. Information compounds on our desktops, the team with analysis paralysis most often loses to the nimble risk takers—but all this means is that in product development , the role of Quality Assurance (QA) has never been more critical. The recent “failed IPO” of BATS has to be a cautionary tale.

Creating a brand that lasts.

Mike Shipulski

Then they purposefully break the functions using various classes of failure types, run the analysis and review the potential causes. One of the best ways to improve your brand is to improve your products. The most common way is to provide more goodness for less cost – think miles per gallon.

The 5 Ways Chairman Lampert Destroyed Sears’ Value

Adam Hartung

Through case analysis the good professor taught us that leadership could make decisions that increased company valuation. Whatever chance Sears and Kmart had to grow the chain against intense competition it was lost by the Chairman’s need to micro-manage.

Nordstrom Unlocks Its Changing Rooms

Michael Roberto

Typically, managers conduct cost-benefit analysis when they make key decisions. Many managers would not go through with this decision because the cost-benefit analysis does not justify it. brand loyalty cost-benefit analysis customer satisfaction Nordstrom's

New Case Study: Planet Fitness

Michael Roberto

The Planet Fitness case study addresses issues of competitive strategy including the topics of industry analysis, competitive positioning, and the sustainability of competitive advantage as well as franchising vs. vertical integration.

PESTLED360: Iron Out Key Driving Forces in Your Current Environment and Anticipate Future Ones

Innovation 360 Group

It can be especially effective to conduct a PESTLED analysis on both a global level and a regional level, and to identify the key legal, political, and demographic drivers of each.

Understanding the innovation options in your business

Jeffrey Phillips

Which firms innovate and why Before we go deeply into the analysis, let me first say that most firms innovate, occasionally and sporadically, so to be fair, innovation is often happening in many organizations.

Real Management Applications of Big Data


Big Data has had a big impact on the competitive landscape. Wise management of time is very critical in staying ahead of the competition. Here is an analysis of some of the real management applications of Big Data: Strategies big data data analytics data trends FDA healthcare learning nanobots public sector innovation technological innovation

Strategic flexibility: understand the value of this transformation in times of uncertainty


Design Thinking manages to understand the individual through a deep analysis that draws a panorama of all these vectors. It keeps the corporation competitive in the market. . Your operations can become more competitive in times of crisis. The future has changed.

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Peeling away the layers of your innovation reality

Paul Hobcraft

Your preferred place after you have accessed the competitive situation and what needs to differentiate yourselves, by being realistic about your present operational performance and rigorous evaluation of how you can perform.

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Official Launch of the PESTLED360

Innovation 360 Group

It can be especially efficient to conduct a PESTLED analysis on both a global level and a regional level, especially to identify the key legal, political, and demographic drivers.

Setting yourself apart through Innovation

Paul Hobcraft

Breaking News : “ Over the past 15 years, a portfolio of stocks based on the Innovation Leaders analysis has repeatedly outperformed all major indexes. About the Innovation Leaders Analysis.

Case Study: Regional SME Development Project Brings Innovation Lift to Manufacturing Hub

Innovation 360 Group

Despite a strong history of innovation in the region, manufacturing firms face the same challenges as manufacturers around the world: increased competition, with digitization and environmental constraints applying pressure both internally and externally. Implementation and follow up analysis.

Finding the Meaning and Purpose of Digital Transformation

The Future Shapers

They failed to remain relevant and competitive in a fast-changing business environment and were easily phased out. The question I ask myself is why some companies survive the digital transition better than others and retain their competitiveness in this new business reality?

Key Essentials of Modern Business Intelligence


Leveraging data is no longer just a competitive advantage for businesses – it’s essential for survival. Primarily, having to depend on IT specialists for data analysis is becoming a huge challenge for the business users. . The Growing Importance of Data.

Your Need For Certainty Kills Innovation


Businesses that value certainty benefit the most from long drawn out analysis and processes because they believe in analyzing their way to the future. Ask yourself: how can we disrupt the competitive landscape of this industry by delivering an unexpected solution?

Turning Intuition into Science©


Understanding how your organization really functions and making decisions based on data that comes from this understanding, is critical to innovation, creativity, a competitive advantage and employee engagement. Diversity analysis (if demographic information is available).

How Benchmarking Against Market Leaders Can Drive Business Success


Look at your competitive set and determine which companies you want to compare yourself with. Segment your competition into different groups of companies depending on how you want to compare yourself. It is important to follow rules related to competitive intelligence gathering during this phase. Once you have gathered all the information you want from the competitors and organizations you have previously identified, conduct your analysis.

30 SME Grown-Ups signed up for a super-innovation program

Innovation 360 Group

million SEK worth development project financed by the European Union that has as a goal to generate sustainable growth and competitiveness for 30 companies in Vaggeryd, Jönköping and Nässjö. Five Levels of innovation assessment, analysis and development.

How Silicon Valley innovates by letting anyone access their tech

Idea to Value

In fact, in many data-heavy tasks which require such logic, such as scientific analysis, financial systems, logistics or weather predictions, these computers could be several orders of magnitude faster than today’s fastest chips.

What are the Best Functions of Business Intelligence Software?


It allows for quick and detailed data analysis along with easier eye-catching presentation that surpasses those long hours spent hashing out statistics and spreadsheets. Automation also allows for finding the source of a problem faster without spending an endless amount of time on analysis.

I would recommend applying the Innovation Value Proposition

Paul Hobcraft

Explores priority analysis (individual/grouped/clustering). Promotes developmental analysis (benchmarking and best practices). Then, I wanted to force the IVP thinking even more to explore the “differentiation” points of seeking competitive advantage.

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NASA Announces Winners of Open Innovation Robot Contest


The space agency launched an open innovation competition to design an arm for a space robot named Astrobee, and the first winners have just been revealed. The open innovation competition is accepting submissions up until September 30 for other challenges related to the arm.