Content Marketing Strategy – 8 Reasons a B2B Company Should Engage in Social Media


He is now the C-level sales and marketing executive at a B2B service company. His big question about social media and content marketing strategy was, “Why would a B2B company engage in these areas?” 8 Reasons a B2B Company Should Engage in Social Media.

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Why B2B Marketers Were More Innovative 10 Years Ago


During a recent perusal through the archives, I noticed that in the B2B space, we were talking about, and doing, some very forward-looking things a decade ago — long before “digital transformation” came into vogue. Around 2009, I was asked for my top trends related to B2B marketing. I was also passionate about mobile video as a way to create impactful content, mobile-first approaches to customer journeys and gamification for engagement. Originally published in MediaPost.

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Who Owns Innovation?

Carla Johnson - Innovation

Business Change Management Employee Engagement Innovation B2B Marketing Carla Johnson Digital Business Employee Empowerment marketingFebruary 14, 2019 by Carla Johnson It’s not easy to create an innovation track record like Amazon or Google.

The Future of Talent?—?Selecting, Developing and Engaging High-Potentials in a Shifting Organizational Context

The Future Shapers

How are you giving your employees the opportunity to engage and collaborate on meaningful activity internally and external to the organization? . Engagement? —?New Engaging High-Potentials.

How to Improve Customer Experience in an Era of Choice

has provided that 64% of consumers (B2C) and 80% of business buyers (B2B) expect. What if you could engage and challenge your customers to provide and vote on ideas. EDF Energy is a great example of how engaging an employee base through ideation. employee engagement.

Qmarkets & Amer Sports – An Innovative Partnership that Created Unprecedented Employee Engagement


Amer Sports is a large, international, Nasdaq-Helsinki-listed sporting goods company with both B2B and B2C focus in 34 countries.

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My 5 S for future Innovation: Smart, Stacks, Scale, Storage, and Software

Paul Hobcraft

IoT (B2C) is well-ahead of IIoT (B2B). The application designs need to not just tackle Customer Engagement Apps , the current high growth area for Mindex but they need to tackle more robustly the Operational Efficiency Apps as highly needed in Industrial IoT.

Pairing Community Management with Paid Social Media


Whether you’re B2B or B2C, and regardless of the Paid Social Media program goals, don’t forget this one basic fact: the opinions of your customers matter more than yours. With strong community management in place to monitor the conversations on the content and across platforms, you can manage interactions by engaging with customers and providing solutions. Brand Engagement Social MediaYou’ve done all the work. You’ve created amazing, mobile first content.

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Why You Don’t Want Brand Strategy and Execution from the Same Partner


He was a client team member on a customer experience strategy engagement several years ago. He has moved to a new role leading marketing for an organization shifting from the B2C to B2B market. Find engaging topics your brand can credibly address via social-first content.

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Leveraging More Personal Experiences on Facebook


With new limitations in place for brands, and yet, new opportunities to engage customers in a meaningful way, there are two emerging platform opportunities that play upon the idea of more deeply connected experiences between brand and consumer. B2B companies (Martech Advisor) can also take advantage to humanize and provide live updates while connecting with consumers in a way new to the segment but natural to the consumer. Brand Engagement Featured Blog Show on Home Page

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Digital Innovation Units: Recommendations, Trends and Conclusions

Integrative Innovation

For deep tech programs in the B2B area , accelerators have to set themselves up even more purposefully – because the startups expect accordingly competent contacts, free space and resources.

Improve Your Social Media Presence By Making These Changes

The Human Factor

LinkedIn on the other hand caters much more to B2B companies, as it builds trust, engages audiences and establishes authority overall. Actively Engage. contriubuted post –.

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Customer Co-Creation: A Deeper Path to Empathic Understanding

Legacy Innovation Group

But to make the process work, there are several important considerations that have to be taken into account, primarily around the specific steps to be used in a B2B versus B2C scenario. Customer Co-Creation: A Deeper Path to Empathic Understanding. Oct 03, 2016 | Anthony Mills.

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4 Ways to Encourage Customers to Leave Reviews

Innovators Alliance

Businesses rely on a range of resources to engage with their target audience: product demos, sales rep interactions, landing pages, and drip campaigns. According to a recent poll from TrustRadius , as much as 76% of B2B buyers use reviews to discover new brands and technology products.

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Three Flavours of Open Innovation: breaking down institutional boundaries through the X-Factor, Speed Dating, and iOT


Additionally, the problem in question could be internal, within a corporate B2B relationship, or industry wide. By sponsoring a medium that engages and fosters a broad ecosystem that is drawn to the variety of business issues presented can render these functions as true brokers of change.

9 Areas to Tune-Up Your Brand Strategy for Peak Performance


Blog Topic Ideas – Social Media Content Strategy for a Large B2B Company . Find engaging topics your brand can credibly address via social-first content. I’m in Las Vegas this week, speaking at the Specialty Equipment Market Association show in Las Vegas.

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A Rising Star – Qmarkets Ranks Among Best Crowdsourcing Platforms on


The Qmarkets platform has received an outstanding appraisal on – a leading online resource for B2B and SaaS reviews. As a result, Qmarkets has gained two major accolades on the system – the 2019 Rising Star Award and the Great User Experience Award.

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Take Your Company to the Next Level in 2018 with the Power of Business-to-Business Networking!

Innovators Alliance

Start reaping the benefits of B2B peer networking now! Engage All Employees in Thinking Like Entrepreneurs. Is 2018 the year that you will take your business to next level? The power of your peers can help you get there!

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Is Innovation Just a Buzzword?


Everyone exchanges mission statements that begin with, “We’re making the world better by disrupting…” or, “We’re the Uber of…” Some of the lingo is helpful shorthand, like B2B and B2C. It included crowdsourcing , SaaS , cloud-based , B2B , ideate and the big one: INNOVATION.

Enhancing Lead Generation Through Telemarketing

The Human Factor

There are lots of obvious ways companies are engaging in lead generation in the current day and age. It is up to them whether they engage in the sales pitch or not. But, with telemarketing you have the capacity to engage those who may not have initially been interested.

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3 Steps to Identifying Content Marketing Strategy Options with Multiple Brands


“Is there a way to decide how much content brands in a multi-brand family can share, and how much needs to be different among the brands?”. I’ve been asked that question multiple times recently after delivering Brainzooming social-first content marketing strategy workshops. My answer?

Less snake oil, more thought leadership please!

The Future Shapers

Their findings clearly showed that “B2B decision makers are spending more time engaging with thought leadership content and that the impact of such content is growing across the entire B2B buying journey.” What do business leaders want?

16 Creative Thinking Questions from the Most Innovative Companies


How is our B2B brand dramatically changing individuals’ lives? Engage employees and customers with powerful questions to uncover great breakthrough ideas and innovative strategies that deliver results! The 2018 Fast Company Most Innovative Companies issue arrived Saturday.

14 Top Content Marketing Quotes – Social Media Strategies Summit


Content Marketing and Community Engagement. In the end, storytelling comes down to two things: connection and engagement.” – Ryan Mathews as shared by @RMMAGEDDON. “There are B2B opportunities in viral video because so few B2B companies have tried to do it.”

MinuteHack Interview – Wazoku CEO, Simon Hill


Wazoku is a B2B software company in the innovation sector. We sell one of those to companies all over the world to engage staff and customers in collaborative innovation.

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Corporate Branding Decisions – You Gotta Get Physical


I long ago learned an important lesson about corporate branding decisions : no matter how many intriguing, mentally-engaging brand strategy conversations you have among senior executives, those conversations NEVER lead to final decisions.

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Strategic Planning Process Ideas –  9 Ways to Keep Things Fresh


When we were developing the Brainzooming strategic planning process inside a Fortune 500 company, we used it to plan strategy across a whole portfolio of services and clients in a B2B setting.

6 Pressing External Innovation Questions Answered

Planview Spigit

On the other hand, sourcing opportunities from startups will require firm IP protection in order to engage in any meaningful interactions. Q: How effective are external challenges in B2B environment?

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What You Need to Know About Idea Software

Planview Spigit

Idea software is used to address many modern business challenges, for all types of organizations — including B2B and B2C companies, from brand new startups to established enterprises. Idea Software Solutions Make Employee Engagement Easy. What is idea software?

What You Need to Know About Idea Software

Planview Spigit

Idea software is used to address many modern business challenges, for all types of organizations — including B2B and B2C companies, from brand new startups to established enterprises. Idea Software Solutions Make Employee Engagement Easy. What is idea software?

3 Ways to Stay Ahead of Disruptive Brands Screwing Up Your Customer Expectations


Yet, when we wanted to try to prove it for a B2B brand, we always wound up eliminating the necessary customer satisfaction survey questions to reduce survey time or research costs. In B2B, it may happen through some type of secret or mystery shopping.

Top 5 Benefits of Chatbots for Your Business


Only 23% of B2B companies have a consumer-centric approach, according to Forrester. From this engagement, new business opportunities can emerge and, consequently, the better the results. At the Facebook Developer Conference, David Marcus, Vice President of Facebook Message Products, revealed that the number of active bots in Messenger has risen from 100,000 to 300,000 in just one year.

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Key Issues in Innovation Management – Revisited – Part 2

Tim Kastelle

Co-Innovation and startup engagement. Another way is to “outsource” exploration through external engagement with startups. The B2B marketplace has also been slow to catch on.

Does Your Branding Strategy Include Employee Celebrities?


Talking with a B2B company about a day-long customer program, I suggested they invite employees to fill various roles at the event. Are your employees celebrities within your branding strategy activities?

The Dwindling Shelf Life of Market Insights?—?And What To Do About It

New Market Advisors

including both B2B and B2C customers?—?are Sometimes it’s necessary to engage in costly, time-consuming research; other times, it’s not. The Dwindling Shelf Life of Market Insights?—?And And What To Do About It We often talk about how the world is changing faster than ever.

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4 inspiring ways the most innovative organisations use co-creation

They want shared innovation, shared development, and potentially even shared engagement and ownership of the outcome of the project.” B2B co-creation for B2C.

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A Fresh Take on Strategy Development


Depending on your business, this might be only procurement and sales in B2B, or sales and retail if you do not have direct customer distribution channels. If the process seems daunting, consider engaging a strong partner to help you – from planning through execution.

What You Need to Know About Idea Software

Planview Spigit

Idea software is used to address many modern business challenges, for all types of organizations — including B2B and B2C companies, from brand new startups to established enterprises. Idea Software Solutions Make Employee Engagement Easy. What is idea software?

Build Platforms Beyond Products and Services

The Inovo Group

Their similarities and differences can shed light on the ways companies, even companies fully embedded in the industrial, B2B, world of physical products, can build platforms that go beyond products and services. When you run a platform on scale, you have to make sure it’s truly open.

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How law firms can benefit from innovation management platform

Idea Drop

Companies that are engaged in these more up-to-date technological practices are in a far better position to stamp out their competitors. We are beginning to see more diversity in structure across the industry and this has brought innovation into the spotlight.

Digital Technology MoshPit

Gregg Fraley

The session is engaging, highly kinesthetic, intense, fun, demanding — and highly productive. GFi has worked with a diverse set of organizations, including: start-ups, Fortune 500 companies, non-profits, consumer goods, and B2B manufacturers.

Achieving Disruptive Innovation

The Human Factor

The more you know about their unsolved problems, the better your chances of coming up with revolutionary solutions, especially in B2B markets. “Disruptive innovation” seems to be one of the more popular buzzwords in today’s business lexicon. Many companies pursue it. Few actually achieve it.

Brand Strategy – 6 Ways to Freshen an Old Brand


If you have a long-standing brand needing a boost to reach its previous heights, what are your options for bringing it back to the market in a way that attracts attention, engages existing and new audiences, and delivers improved business results?