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Digital Technology MoshPit

Gregg Fraley

The session is engaging, highly kinesthetic, intense, fun, demanding — and highly productive. Participants in MoshPit sessions do extensive preparation, including research and ideation, alone, before the group event. New Service Offering for Digital Technology Innovation.

Digital Innovation Units: Recommendations, Trends and Conclusions

Integrative Innovation

What is really important, however, is that the newly acquired skills also become an integral part of the corporation and penetrate into existing organizational structures through Lean Change experiments and viral infection.

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From product to business model innovation: TICK, the laundry on demand service from Migros.

The BMI Lab Blog

But Mibelle Group quickly understood that they needed to tackle this challenge, so they allocated some resources and started a business model innovation process with a clear goal: to engage with end-customers to actively prevent declining sales.

B2C 60

35 Ways to Use Idea Management Software to Drive Business Results

The Future Shapers

However, even more important than the ideas themselves is engaging everyone in the battle for survival. Working with them to identify and fix these kinds of inefficiencies will lead to huge increases in productivity, but also employee engagement.