Content Marketing Strategy – 8 Reasons a B2B Company Should Engage in Social Media


He’d been pointed in my direction to talk about content marketing strategy and social media and just happened to run into me in the hallway at O’Hare. He is now the C-level sales and marketing executive at a B2B service company.

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Why B2B Marketers Were More Innovative 10 Years Ago


During a recent perusal through the archives, I noticed that in the B2B space, we were talking about, and doing, some very forward-looking things a decade ago — long before “digital transformation” came into vogue. Around 2009, I was asked for my top trends related to B2B marketing. I was also passionate about mobile video as a way to create impactful content, mobile-first approaches to customer journeys and gamification for engagement.

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No Leaky Buckets: Automated CRM Solutions for B2B


The B2B space is a specific beast when it comes to improving marketing and sales strategy. When it comes to B2B companies, the sales cycle is often longer, driven by contact-based communications, lengthy demos and a focus on rationalization rather than emotion. For this reason, B2B companies and organizations are beginning to rely heavily on their CRM (customer relationship management) systems to improve marketing, sales and the customer experience.

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Who Owns Innovation?

Carla Johnson - Innovation

Business Change Management Employee Engagement Innovation B2B Marketing Carla Johnson Digital Business Employee Empowerment marketingFebruary 14, 2019 by Carla Johnson It’s not easy to create an innovation track record like Amazon or Google.

3 Steps to Identifying Content Marketing Strategy Options with Multiple Brands


I’ve been asked that question multiple times recently after delivering Brainzooming social-first content marketing strategy workshops. Return to the fundamentals we teach for building a content marketing strategy.

Podcasting and Content Marketing – Top Creative Clicks for the Week by the Gal Friday


When imagining your own pictures, you are engaged and probably emotionally committed. Which leads me to Content Marketing. In what ways are Podcasts the ultimate Content Marketing tactic? We, as listeners, fell victim to a B2B model. I am crazy for podcasts.

14 Top Content Marketing Quotes – Social Media Strategies Summit


These events are always treasure troves of great learning and networking with such varied and smart marketers from around the country. 14 Top Content Marketing Quotes from the Social Media Strategies Summit. Content Marketing and Community Engagement.

The Dwindling Shelf Life of Market Insights?—?And What To Do About It

New Markets Advisors

The Dwindling Shelf Life of Market Insights?—?And Unfortunately, companies have limited resources, and they can only refresh their market research on a relatively limited basis. including both B2B and B2C customers?—?are The Dwindling Shelf Life of Market Insights?—?And

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Qmarkets & Amer Sports – An Innovative Partnership that Created Unprecedented Employee Engagement


From mobile innovation solutions to analog internal marketing, gamification, and employee meeting spaces, read our case study to learn all about Amer Sports' approach to innovation today.

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My 5 S for future Innovation: Smart, Stacks, Scale, Storage, and Software

Paul Hobcraft

User interactions are increasing in their expectancies, wanting “greater connected experience” and demanding Enterprises are equally required to be very savvy about the markets they are in and wish to serve. IoT (B2C) is well-ahead of IIoT (B2B).

How do we measure success in our digital transformation? A journey of discovery

Paul Hobcraft

Of course, once we have our ways to measure we must calibrate this against others, in seeing the outcomes feeding back from our customers and markets but it is a journey that you can undertake as you have the best grasp of what is needed or required.

Why You Don’t Want Brand Strategy and Execution from the Same Partner


He was a client team member on a customer experience strategy engagement several years ago. He has moved to a new role leading marketing for an organization shifting from the B2C to B2B market. I saw that time and time again as a corporate marketing VP.

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Brand Strategy – 6 Ways to Freshen an Old Brand


What are basic brand strategy moves to quickly take an older brand into today’s market? We raised the question yesterday of how brands rekindle, dust off, improve, innovate upon, and reintroduce themselves to the market.

What Is Business Intelligence?

Collective Innovation

This can include information about the company internally, customer information, market information, sales velocity, competitive information and numerous other metrics. Business Intelligence turns your data into actionable information allowing you to make decisions that increase the likelihood of successful new products, sales programs and marketing efforts. This should include operational data, marketing information and sales revenue.

Corporate Branding Decisions – You Gotta Get Physical


I long ago learned an important lesson about corporate branding decisions : no matter how many intriguing, mentally-engaging brand strategy conversations you have among senior executives, those conversations NEVER lead to final decisions.

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Digital Innovation Units: Recommendations, Trends and Conclusions

Integrative Innovation

Company Builder : Units that develop digital business models using internal and external resources – from idea to successfully established young company in the market.

Customer Co-Creation: A Deeper Path to Empathic Understanding

Legacy Innovation Group

Each year businesses spend an aggregate of $40B on market research. But to make the process work, there are several important considerations that have to be taken into account, primarily around the specific steps to be used in a B2B versus B2C scenario.

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9 Areas to Tune-Up Your Brand Strategy for Peak Performance


I’m in Las Vegas this week, speaking at the Specialty Equipment Market Association show in Las Vegas. Blog Topic Ideas – Social Media Content Strategy for a Large B2B Company . Establishing a Clear Market Position.

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Three Flavours of Open Innovation: breaking down institutional boundaries through the X-Factor, Speed Dating, and iOT


Additionally, the problem in question could be internal, within a corporate B2B relationship, or industry wide. By sponsoring a medium that engages and fosters a broad ecosystem that is drawn to the variety of business issues presented can render these functions as true brokers of change.

16 Creative Thinking Questions from the Most Innovative Companies


How is our B2B brand dramatically changing individuals’ lives? What can we do to deliver innovations when they need to get to market vs. when we’re done tinkering? Branding and Marketing. The 2018 Fast Company Most Innovative Companies issue arrived Saturday.

Less snake oil, more thought leadership please!

The Future Shapers

It’s hardly surprising therefore that when Wiki-brands looked at the art of the keynote speech [3], ‘authentic thought leaders, out-of-the-box creative thinkers and market savvy futurists’ were seen as the preferred speaker archetypes. What do business leaders want?

MinuteHack Interview – Wazoku CEO, Simon Hill


Wazoku is a B2B software company in the innovation sector. We sell one of those to companies all over the world to engage staff and customers in collaborative innovation. It just felt like a huge gap in the market that we also feel really passionate about.

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Enhancing Lead Generation Through Telemarketing

The Human Factor

There are lots of obvious ways companies are engaging in lead generation in the current day and age. Online marketing is definitely one of them; from blogs, to search engine optimisation, to email marketing. It is up to them whether they engage in the sales pitch or not.

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3 Ways to Stay Ahead of Disruptive Brands Screwing Up Your Customer Expectations


Years ago, I attended a services marketing conference sponsored by a prominent university. Yet, when we wanted to try to prove it for a B2B brand, we always wound up eliminating the necessary customer satisfaction survey questions to reduce survey time or research costs.

A Rising Star – Qmarkets Ranks Among Best Crowdsourcing Platforms on


The Qmarkets platform has received an outstanding appraisal on – a leading online resource for B2B and SaaS reviews. The rising star award is a direct result of Qmarkets’ steadily growing market presence , advanced innovation management features , and renowned customers.

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Does Your Branding Strategy Include Employee Celebrities?


Talking with a B2B company about a day-long customer program, I suggested they invite employees to fill various roles at the event. Are you prepared to take better advantage of your brand’s customer and market insights to generate innovative product ideas?

A Fresh Take on Strategy Development


With top-down strategy development, a SWOT analysis is used to map company strengths against current or future market trends. The weak link in this approach – its strong focus on business drivers and market trends, rather than everyday customer needs.

Key Issues in Innovation Management – Revisited – Part 2

Tim Kastelle

Co-Innovation and startup engagement. Another way is to “outsource” exploration through external engagement with startups. The B2B marketplace has also been slow to catch on.

Top 5 Benefits of Chatbots for Your Business


Although surprising, the growth of this type of strategy is more than justified: chatbots bring a lot of benefits to organizations and the market has realized that. Many companies use the tool to generate leads, bringing inputs to the sales and marketing teams. Only 23% of B2B companies have a consumer-centric approach, according to Forrester. This experimentation, by itself, is already quite attractive and can strengthen the positioning of an organization in the market.

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Digital Technology MoshPit

Gregg Fraley

Chicago, IL, August 1, 2018 — The MoshPit Innovation Service is an innovation project discovery service marketed by GFi (Gregg Fraley Innovation). MoshPit has teams combine new technology with existing processes, products, IP, market insights, and services, in an exhaustive way.

How law firms can benefit from innovation management platform

Idea Drop

Companies that are engaged in these more up-to-date technological practices are in a far better position to stamp out their competitors. Law firms need to be marketing themselves as forward-thinking, innovative companies in order to reach new clients and retain existing ones.

Build Platforms Beyond Products and Services

The Inovo Group

In the 79 years since, the Dow polyethylene platform has grown to encompass six distinct product families selling over forty product categories into multiple markets across a wide variety of industries. When you run a platform on scale, you have to make sure it’s truly open.

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From product to business model innovation: TICK, the laundry on demand service from Migros.

The BMI Lab Blog

When we look for inspiring examples of business model innovations on the Internet, we usually find business cases like Netflix, Amazon, Uber or other giants that have successfully implemented new business models, and hence boosted their performance and market dominance.

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Achieving Disruptive Innovation

The Human Factor

But it doesn’t provide much of a competitive advantage, and rarely delivers enough value to put you in a position of market leadership. Most companies, especially highly successful ones, struggle to disrupt their markets because they’re set up for incremental innovation.

35 Ways to Use Idea Management Software to Drive Business Results

The Future Shapers

Ask your employees and you’re guaranteed to find new and creative ways for using what you already have to expand your business to new markets. Identifying new geographic markets to enter. However, entering new geographic markets is tough. Marketing is a very tough job.

The Future of Work Is Purpose Driven

Tullio Siragusa

Whether you are a B2B or B2C company is irrelevant because the customers are people. For example, by collapsing hierarchies you can respond to faster-paced markets and push decision making further and further down into the organization. This will create more learning, more expansion, more experience and more engagement, translating to more loyal employees. Co-managed teams can be treated as internal markets. The Future of Work Is Purpose Driven.

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How to Nail Your Most Valuable Metrics Using the Customer Journey

Moves the Needle

A marketing or sales funnel, by definition, filters people out. The intrigued marketing is inexorably linked to to the next two states. The behavior they exhibit depends on the channel and how they acquire the value (SaaS, retail, e-commerce, B2B sales, and so on.)

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The Top 5 Technology Trends That Will Drive Innovation in 2018


NASA 1960), market pull (e.g. For B2B companies, AI will help in lead generation and predictive account management and sales. The industrial IoT market is gathering power, and IoT devices will help in monitoring equipment/processes and streamline management strategies.

The Benefits of Pursuing Collaborative Innovation with Your Customer Advisory Board

Innovation Archetecture

The most compelling, worthwhile forms of engagement within this structure occur when board members and stakeholders from the sponsoring organization explore possibilities for helping one another realize their respective visions. Introduction.

Top 7 Business Innovation Trends for 2017


Plus, they can utilize suitable B2B software solutions such as CRM, project management, collaboration software etc. They offer great opportunities for businesses to create value for their customers and gain more revenue and market share.

5 Innovation Trends of 2018 that will Disrupt the Corporate Landscape in 2019


The conservative micro-adjustments to market changes and extensive research measures employed by large corporations has, in turn, meant that specialized startups are being increasingly sought after for their ‘predictive’ qualities. 2018 has very much been a year of “epic partnerships”.

Top 7 Business Innovation Trends for 2017


Plus, they can utilize suitable B2B software solutions such as CRM, project management, collaboration software etc. They offer great opportunities for businesses to create value for their customers and gain more revenue and market share.

Déjà vu all over again: Corporate innovation is stuck in a rut

The Future Shapers

I think that B2C provides more focus and discipline for innovators because of the proximity to end customers and the insights that proximity produces that many business to business (B2B) companies lack. This isn’t to say that B2B companies don’t innovate; rather they often lack visibility or insight into their customer’s customer and thus feel it is difficult to innovate beyond lower cost.

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