Pursuing a B2B Innovation Strategy for the User’s Benefit


You know those people are out there, but how much time do you devote to thinking about the impact your product has on them? We took that approach when developing an innovation strategy workshop for a B2B manufacturer.

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Why You Don’t Want Brand Strategy and Execution from the Same Partner


He has moved to a new role leading marketing for an organization shifting from the B2C to B2B market. First and foremost, it was clear from our discussions that you need something that is on target strategically and not just interesting creatively. A potential client reached out to us.

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16 Creative Thinking Questions from the Most Innovative Companies


It’s always a wonderful inspiration for strategic and creative thinking questions (plus it’s exciting that we have a current client among the companies recognized). 16 Creative Thinking Questions from the Most Innovative Companies.

9 Areas to Tune-Up Your Brand Strategy for Peak Performance


Strategic Thinking Exercises – 5 Questions to Test Your Vision Statement Impact . Blog Topic Ideas – Social Media Content Strategy for a Large B2B Company . Strategic Thinking Exercises – Where Does Your Brand Live? .

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Strategic Planning Process Ideas –  9 Ways to Keep Things Fresh


Someone downloading the new 11 Ideas for Fun Strategic Planning eBook when we released it stated his biggest strategy challenge as coming up with fresh ways to do the same strategic planning exercises with the same executives every year.

3 Steps to Identifying Content Marketing Strategy Options with Multiple Brands


Brainzooming - All Posts Branding Communication Marketing Performance Strategic Thinking Strategy Tools brand strategy content marketing“Is there a way to decide how much content brands in a multi-brand family can share, and how much needs to be different among the brands?”.

Does Your Branding Strategy Include Employee Celebrities?


Talking with a B2B company about a day-long customer program, I suggested they invite employees to fill various roles at the event. These duties would give customers exposure to smart, strategic, and dynamic team members they might never typically know.

3 Ways to Stay Ahead of Disruptive Brands Screwing Up Your Customer Expectations


Yet, when we wanted to try to prove it for a B2B brand, we always wound up eliminating the necessary customer satisfaction survey questions to reduce survey time or research costs. In B2B, it may happen through some type of secret or mystery shopping.

14 Event Marketing Strategy Questions You NEED to Ask Early


Brainzooming - All Posts Collaboration Events Implementation Performance Strategic Thinking Tools event marketing marketing strategyI mentioned in an earlier article how the Gas Can event on June 24, 2016 was “half empty” at best.

Why Target Marketing Won’t Cripple Your Branding Strategy


I can understand why a brand owner may think that. Working with this example, here’s an alternative way to think about targeting markets and personas: Consider your strategic targeting moves as making strategic prioritization decisions for your brand.

Corporate Branding Decisions – You Gotta Get Physical


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7 Internal Branding Ideas from the “Hokey Pokey”


None other than B2B marketing expert Randall Rozin ! Brainzooming - All Posts Branding Collaboration Creativity Guest author Marketing Strategic Thinking Strategy Tools internal branding Randall Rozin

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What are your best excuses for innovation strategy shortfalls?


As another slide in the workshop states: Thinking about innovation isn’t easy, but it’s easier than doing something about it! Or think you have innovation all figured out? Mike is a frequent speaker on innovation, strategic thinking, and social media.

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Brand Strategy – 6 Ways to Freshen an Old Brand


Reintroduction – This strategic option involves updating the brand promise, elements, and experience to reflect current capabilities, knowledge, and market realities. They likely benefit, in fact, from smart, strategic combinations. Stimulate fresh thinking.

5 Questions to Move Creative Thinking into Action


Short Story: Look for specifics and things that people can actually do or perform to move creative thinking into action. How do you move from creative thinking into action? They also wanted a sense of when and why you should think creatively.