Will big data solve the innovation gap?

Jeffrey Phillips

Lately, with the advent of "big data", machine learning and other factors associated with data and more intelligent processes, the argument has been made that these capabilities will solve the innovation gap. This claim seems to suggest that big data and analytics and machine learning can do a better job in the front end generating new ideas that lead more rapidly to new products and services.

The Automotive Industry’s Big Data Challenge (Part 1)

Corporate Innovation

In this two-part series, we will discuss the big data challenge facing the automotive industry. The pieces are the result of my work in the industry helping corporations with their innovation and big data strategies. To be effective in the information business, automakers must change their perspective and start thinking about an overall process for big data in and around the car. Automakers must become serious about big data .

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The Automotive Industry’s Big Data Challenge (Part 1)

Corporate Innovation

In this two-part series, we will discuss the big data challenge facing the automotive industry. The pieces are the result of my work in the industry helping corporations with their innovation and big data strategies. To be effective in the information business, automakers must change their perspective and start thinking about an overall process for big data in and around the car. Automakers must become serious about big data .

The Automotive Industry’s Big Data Challenge (Part 1)

Corporate Innovation

In this two-part series, we will discuss the big data challenge facing the automotive industry. The pieces are the result of my work in the industry helping corporations with their innovation and big data strategies. To be effective in the information business, automakers must change their perspective and start thinking about an overall process for big data in and around the car. Automakers must become serious about big data .

Valuing digitization alongside innovation

Paul Hobcraft

We all see around us increasing disruption caused by digitalization. Much of our innovation work today is caught up in out-of-date information, poor and inadequate data, restricted research and limited market understanding. Each party is building up its own data.

I prefer the work-to-be-done for innovation.

Paul Hobcraft

In today’s global market, with its rapid technology diffusion, disruptive and constant change with a far greater emphasis on serving the ‘ work to be done ’ is more important than the ‘ work done’ and intangible assets are fundamental to this.

Top 10 CPG Industry Trends For 2020


With the rise in consumer awareness, CPG companies have broken out of conventional market strategies and adopted disruptive methods to capture business. Using Big Data and Advanced Analytics.

Smart Cities – Seeing the Invisible and Doing the Impossible

Daniel Burrus

Data analytics and technological innovations provide new levels of clarity when it comes to issues like sustainability, pollution, energy conservation, and crime, giving us greater insight into how the many different facets of our cities truly function.

The Industry 4.0 Advantage

Daniel Burrus

Big Data and Analytics. allows for streamlining, collecting and comprehending data from many different sources, including networked sensors, production equipment, and customer-management systems, improving real-time decision making. The ability for robots to interact with one another while accomplishing rhetorical tasks increases productivity and opens new job opportunities for employees willing to learn new things. Universal data-integration networks in Industry 4.0

Will Your City Be a Smart City Soon?

Daniel Burrus

Politicians are seeing the real benefits and cost savings that smart city initiatives can provide, and as citizens we need to get used to the idea of our towns collecting and making use of more and more data to reshape the world around us for the greater good.

Artificial Intelligence: A Question of Data

Daniel Burrus

and the vast quantity of data that China is capable of generating on a daily basis, has many wondering if the U.S. Data is the fuel that feeds A.I. The more data you have, the more A.I. can learn and adapt. Most feel it’s all about the quantity of data.

Data 77

A new value chain for next-generation mobility

Corporate Innovation

In my book, The Big Data Opportunity in Our Driverless Future , I make two arguments: 1) that societal and urban challenges are accelerating the adoption of on-demand mobility, and 2) technology advances, including big data and machine intelligence, are making Autonomous Connected and Electrified (ACE) vehicles a reality. Without making this shift, automakers run the risk of being disrupted. Data services provider.

Disaster: CEO’s Ignoring Digital Innovation

Gregg Fraley

And, introduces disruptive approaches to customer value. Analytics contribute to a spectrum of sophistication with advanced analytics, data visualization, machine learning, cognitive computing, artificial intelligence , etc.

5 Ways FinTech Will Disrupt Your Company

Planview Spigit

A thoroughly modern, hybrid fusion of Wall Street and Silicon Valley, FinTech – or financial technology – has often been hailed as the next big thing. Now, it promises to bring further disruption and fundamentally alter the way businesses grow, manage their finances and most importantly, meet the needs of their customers. Leveraging Big Data. The post 5 Ways FinTech Will Disrupt Your Company appeared first on Spigit.

The Evolution Of Project Management — Trends For 2018


EVM integrates cost, schedule and scope to create data points to be used to evaluate progress. Agility has disrupted traditional delivery methodologies, and companies are learning that they need to blend agile and waterfall to deliver results.

Is your company up for disruption? Possibly not

David Marks

Disruptive technologies and upstarts are wrecking havoc far and wide, they warned, and (unless you hire us) you will be the next to go. They now tweet, on mobile, collect big data and learn deeply (Current technology terms have an unwittingly infantile twang) Yet there is more to it.

The Business Case Alternative: How to Support Disruptive Innovation at a Large Company

The Inovo Group

There is not much written in this article that hasn’t been written about numerous times before, but it does provide a concise summary of many of the issues large companies face and some of the reasons they are not good at disruptive innovation.

What’s New In Corporate Innovation 26 January 2018


Digital transformation is a global phenomenon and a universal disruption, changing every industry and every sector. This article provides a great insight into how the advances in the IoT, Big Data, Cloud Computing, and AI can be linked to major innovative disruptions in our healthcare services, manufacturing, and oil and gas industries. Big changes have already begun rippling through the manufacturing and energy sectors – and that’s just the beginning.

Technology leads, innovation exploitation is lagging

Paul Hobcraft

It is highly reliant on manual systems with people often disconnected from the real innovation engagement making decisions on inadequate data or insights. This merging of cloud, big data, social, and the internet of things is becoming the new system of discovery according to some.

Intel Disrupted: Why large companies find it difficult to innovate, and what they can do about it

Steve Blank

In the 21 st century it’s harder for large corporations to create disruptive breakthroughs. Disruptive innovations are coming from startups – Telsa for automobiles, Uber for taxis, Airbnb for hotel rentals, Netflix for video rentals and Facebook for media. Lessons Learned.

How Should Your Business Find the Next Big Thing?


Disruptive or incremental innovation? The former is disruptive innovation and although rare, it can happen, while the latter is incremental innovation. And how do you balance the two to find the next big thing in your industry? Disruptive Innovation.

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The Perfect Conditions for Entering A New Innovation Era in 2017

Paul Hobcraft

As we learn the value and power of these tools we become more fluid, more flexible and agile but equally more influenced. The Business Model seems to have a reduced shelf life, we are witnessing more disruption and transformation of existing formats.

Key Issues in Innovation Management – Revisited – Part 2

Tim Kastelle

But incumbents would be willing to make changes if a new technology proves to be truly disruptive and the long-term benefits are worth it. Most companies will continue to favor a “safer” approach in the time ahead, even while facing disruption.

12 Technology Categories That Will Transform Careers

Daniel Burrus

The problem is, we live in an uncertain world, and because of the high levels of uncertainty we all face, people of all ages and careers are finding it difficult to know what new skills to learn, what courses to take, and what degrees to get that will provide them with the most opportunity going forward. Certainty, on the other hand, gives us the confidence to make a bold decision, to move forward with confidence, and to invest time and money to learn new things.

Key Innovation Issues for 2016 and Beyond

Integrative Innovation

Accelerating dynamics and pace of disruption in most industries, in particular triggered by the pervasion of new technologies, lead to decreasing life times of existing business models. Platform business models tend to affect – oftentimes disrupt – multiple industries over time.

B2B 77

So Where Is Innovation Heading?

Paul Hobcraft

Of course, this shift requires really big changes in strategy, operations, the organization and in each individuals orientation. The importance of big data, the speed of technology adoption, mobile products, digital design, and technology platforms are at the heart of innovation.

Sorting through our Innovation Management Tools

Paul Hobcraft

There are management tools that have become ‘enshrined’ in organizations and many of the executives become settled on the ones they have bothered to learn or seemingly do the job. Big Data for instance scores a 4.22 Disruptive Innovation Labs.

Tools 184

Jumping to a fresh cycle of innovation design

Paul Hobcraft

It adjusts and you learn. Learning to work and listen more with the outside of our organization. We have been steadily learning to adapt what we knew inside an organization with what we should increasingly listen to outside it.

Design 234

Industry 4.0: How to guide organizational change


transforms the way we communicate, learn, entertain and relate to each other, as well as how we understand ourselves as human beings. Create a medium-term plan to adopt disruptive technologies. Also check out our ebook: Business Analytics – The Data Age has already started.

Top Takeaways from the 2019 Innovation Trends Report


In the 2019 Innovation Trends Report , Stanford University Professor Bret Waters looked at disruptive innovation at some of the largest companies in the world and how their executive teams are driving it on. Learn more about this report and the top takeaways from it below.

The State of Innovation in the Financial Sector


Because the financial sector is ripe for disruption and investors want to make sure that they’re part of the financial future which is an industry that is estimated to make up 20% of a country’s gross domestic product. . Fintech funding is increasing.

Spotting Innovation Opportunities


Disruptive technologies or innovations boost new business models that change the game of existing industries like the space industry (SpaceX), the music industry (Spotify), the film industry (Netflix) or the banking sector (FinTechs), just to name a few. The role of big data and data mining.

The 2020 CIO: Predictions and Insights


The modern CIO is tasked with creating business value with technology, developing innovative solutions, driving implementation of new and emerging technologies, adopting AI, taking on cloud transitioning for the enterprise, addressing big-data challenges, and more.

5 Tips for Legacy Modernization Through Integration


Improve existing – Here, integrations and redesigning allow companies to improve upon the existing capabilities, without causing a lot of internal disruption to operations. Enterprises need to leverage APIs to rapidly implement innovations in mobile, IoT, social, and big data.

Tips 63

Applying the Three Horizon Thinking to a Fresh Perspective of Innovation Design

Paul Hobcraft

I would argue this fits within a constellation of partners all working towards delivering innovation that is highly valuable, radical, disruptive and distinctive. Systems that allow people to make their decisions based on the data they can access and predict a result.

Design 158

Capabilities and Leadership Close the Skills Gap in Manufacturing

Innovation 360 Group

As the manufacturing sector speeds into a world of futuristic tech and disruptive business models, creativity and innovation are becoming critical skills for figuring out how to unlock value strategically.

Interview #2: Innovation through Network Thinking™ (Daria Tataj)

Innovation Walk

Learn more about it in this exciting interview she granted us. “For me, it’s a learning process. I think we live in such a fast-changing world that innovating basically means learning , and you cannot learn in a vacuum. You learn in networks.

Digital Transformation: why be a data company


Developments that until recently seemed well consolidated are now modifying their performance in the market through data science. And see how to use the data that already exists within your company to create innovative business models! Digital Transformation and the new business data models. The value of data in a changing digital world. Now, we cannot talk about revolution and digital transformation without understanding the value of the data.

Data 40

The backdrop of digital transformation and its consequences

Paul Hobcraft

The report offered a selection of key visuals and overviews from 14 reports, which in turn were shortlisted from an original data set of 140 reports on the topic, ones published over the course of the last few years, that from my research, I found the most valuable.

Report 179


Innovation 360 Group

When disruption came for the taxi industry, the music industry, the retail industry, and others, there were usually four flashing lights that just about anyone could see. When disruption is barreling down on you, the worst place to stand is the middle of the road. At the same time, big box retailers started selling CDs at massive discounts to hold onto customers that were disappearing into ecommerce. Disruption is the new normal in the global, mobile, digital world.

Digital Transformation: The Why, What & How For Transformational Leaders…

The Future Shapers

Digital technologies are already disrupting the previously established rules of business by enabling new business models and levelling the playing field in unprecedented ways. The How, Part 1: Disrupt Or Die. All of the great innovators of today have embraced digital disruption.

Agile 82

Are You Deploying AI Strategically?

Innovation 360 Group

53% said their industry has already experienced significant disruption due to AI. By AI, these leaders are really referring to a collection of related technologies, including machine learning, decision support, process automation, natural language processing (NLP), virtual service agents, chatbots, deep learning, image analytics, big data visualizations, biometrics, cyberdefence and pattern recognition. .

Data 40

Defending Europe, including the Brits, on innovation

Paul Hobcraft

The history is there, waiting for you to learn lessons, to draw insights. The rapid shifts towards the new triggers of innovation based on the underlying technology of AI, Blockchain, cloud, and cognitive computing, data analytics and the prevalence of IoT is changing innovation dramatically.

System 189