Companies betting big on open innovation


This paradigm] assumes that firms can and should use external ideas as well as internal ideas, and internal and external paths to market, as they look to advance their technology.” ( Henry Chesbrough, 2006 ). The free flow, in and out, of ideas and IP promotes innovative ecosystems.

Four Steps for the successful Implementation of a holistic Innovation Management


We differentiate between Innovation Management Frameworks, Trend/Technology/Startup Management Frameworks and Roadmapping Frameworks. How do I plan and control my idea campaigns and how do I achieve a high level of participation by the relevant idea providers?

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Continuous Improvement: To employees and beyond!


Every change starts with an idea. From little ideas great oak trees can grow! Our capacity for big change is inhibited by the processes and mindsets of today. But such ideas are relatively rare, typically costly, often high risk and are impossible to do in any volume.

7 Habits of Highly Innovative Companies


Another big business, Daimler Financial Services , invested several million dollars to run a Startup Intelligence Center (SIC). This award is given to the team whose idea eventually failed but brought the business the most valuable takeaways. Innovation.